Futuremark Announces - Patch 3.5.0 for 3DMark03

@ 2004/11/16
Ensures Objective Performance Measurements with Latest Hardware & drivers

Saratoga, California USA – November 16th, 2004 – Futuremark Corporation
announced today the immediate availability of a patch to the 3DMark03
benchmark suite. 3DMark03 is the worldwide standard tool for easily and
objectively measuring and comparing DirectX 3D performance of Windows
based PCs.

Available immediately, this free downloadable software patch provides
the only valid version (3.5.0) of 3DMark03. Only scores obtained through
the new version 3.5.0 and with approved drivers will be used in official
statistics, comparisons and services provided by Futuremark.

3DMark03 sets the standard for easily and objectively measuring and
comparing modern PCs' 3D graphics performance. It is the right tool for
Windows based PCs equipped with DirectX 8 or first generation DirectX 9
hardware. 3DMark03 features four different game scenes to determine the
overall 3D performance and individual tests and professional tools, such
as a 3D audio performance test, CPU performance test and image quality
test. 3DMark03 provides detailed benchmark information and is connected
to Futuremark's PC performance database of more than 10 million
benchmark results. This allows users to compare their own system
performance with virtually any other PC configuration.

Technical Details Associated with the New Patch:
* Patch changes the program's build number to 3.5.0;
* Benchmark scores do not change between the build 3.5.0 and build 3.4.0;
* Updated System Info module with support for the latest CPU and
graphics hardware;
* Updated version of the Entech library, which is used to detect the
clock frequency of the graphics chip core and memory;
* Fixes miscellaneous reported bugs

Futuremark's official mirrors carry both a 5.2MB patch download for
current 3DMark03 users and a full 178MB download of the patched 3DMark03
for new users. A list of official mirrors can be found at

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