Cambridge Soundworks Oontz XL and Ultra hands-on

@ 2013/01/08
That slick-looking piece of hardware we know you looked at while clicking in here is Cambridge Soundworks' Bluetooth Oontz XL. Also on display was its bigger brother -- at least as far as price and battery is concerned -- the Oontz Ultra. The Oontz XL rings in at $149 and has been battery tested to run for 10 hours. The Oontz Ultra lacks the garish orange swath of branding but picks up an extra 6-hours of battery life, speakerphone functionality and the requisite price bump bringing it up to $199. Both of the Oontz portable speakers sounded good even in a room filled with constant aural distraction, heck, the fact we could hear them at all was a bit of a surprise. The housing is soft touch plastic with a metal grill up front, power, Bluetooth and volume buttons up top and DC in, AUX in and a USB port on the back. No word on when these'll hit retail but we'll update should we find out more.

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