Intel Sets the Prices for 64-bit Pentium 4 Processors

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Intel had set the prices for its Pentium 4 processors with enabled Extended Memory 64 Technology, X-bit labs has learnt. Apparently, the chips will not be more expensive compared to the products with no 64-bit capability. Starting…

Alienware announces dual PCI-Express graphics subsystem

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Alienware is known for building top-of-the-line, enthusiast friendly computers aimed at gamers with really good jobs or really large trust funds. In recent years, the company has gone from being a kind of novel specialty builder to being a potential… Go To Full Article

Nvidia Lowers GeForce 6800 Power Requirements

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An Nvidia Corp. representative confirmed Wednesday that the company has lowered its estimated power requirements for its GeForce 6800 Ultra GPU to the point where only a single power connector is required. When the chip launched last month,… Go To Full Article

E3 2004 Half-Life 2 Video

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Half-Life 2 E3 2004 Trailer Brand spankin' new high-res footage. You must see this. Just go there NOW!! Go To Full Article

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Footage Premieres

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Today, gamers will get to feel the force of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords for the first time--or see it in action, anyway. Premiering exclusively on GameSpot, the official KOTOR… Go To Full Article

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Screenshots

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Several new screenshots are now on the official website. GTA: San Andreas will be released for Playstation 2 this October Go To Full Article

Intel Makes 1 Million 90nm Processors per Week

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Intel said Wednesday that shipments of its 90nm Pentium 4 chips had increased 1 million units per week by late April, which is on-track with the company’s expectations to ramp up volume production of its 90nm products in shortest time… Go To Full Article

Lapping a P4 IHS: any good?

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Thermaltake Power Supply TWV 480 with TWV (Total Watt Viewer) 5.25" Bay

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May 2004 - Taipei, Taiwan – Thermaltake is proud to launch the industry’s first Power Supply Watt Viewer, TWV (Total Watt Viewer). TWV is a 5.25” Bay Drive Display Panel that allows the users to see exactly how much power… Go To Full Article

No 6800 Ultra extreme, Nvidia says

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NVIDIA SAID THAT all Geforce 6800 Ultra will remain clocked at 400MHz, the same speed that they where introduced at in San Francisno and Geneva last month. Sources close to Nvidia confirmed that the 6800 Ultra cards will… Go To Full Article

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