Microsoft's Portable Ploy

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By Alyce Lomax (TMF Lomax) Portable media is about to go to the next level, with (Nasdaq: AMZN) today announcing that it's taking pre-orders for Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) Portable Media Centers. These gadgets, which will begin… Go To Full Article

Will Intel Kill x86-64 By Supporting It?

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If AMD has x86-64 technology and Intel doesn’t, all the discussions about x86-64 are going to focus on AMD. All the x86-64 products advertised are going to discuss one company’s product—AMD’s. All the price-performance comparisons, all the compatibility discussions, and… Go To Full Article

OCZ PowerStream 420W PSU

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OCZ Technology is a familiar name to many PC enthusiasts. Their memory products have been among the best performers available, especially for overclockers, for quite a while now. When Ryan Petersen of OCZ told me thet OCZ was going to… Go To Full Article

Mini CoolShroud

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Designed to fit PC liquid cooling radiators that accept 120mm fans including radiators made by: Hardware Labs©, ThermoChill© and Innovatek© Dimensions- 5.10 inches by 5.10 inches Plenum depth 1.0 inches w/ neoprene gasket Tapered… Go To Full Article

Raidmax Storm Gaming Case

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"Raidmax Storm ATX Mid-Tower case from CRAZYPC. Good things come in small packages, in the case of the Storm case from Raidmax, all arguments can be held true. I've never been a big fan of mid tower cases, "Go big… Go To Full Article

Vantec Slot Protector Kit

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Dust and lint are two things that can really cause you a problem inside your computer, especially if they take up residence in your PCI or memory slots and you are having a hard time getting either accessories cards or… Go To Full Article

Is DDR2 Ready To Replace DDR1???

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To get a better understanding of DDR2 memory we need to go back to when it all began! It was back in October of 2002 that things started looking good for DDR2 memory and that it would actually become the… Go To Full Article

DDR2 Roundup: Reaching for 667 and Beyond

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Each time we had approached the launch date for Intel's new 925X/915 chipsets, we ran into delays. The rumors seemed to be consistent that there were still issues with DDR2 memory for the new platform, and almost everyone with whom… Go To Full Article

Lian Li PC-6277B computer case

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At a glance, the PC-6227B (the B, as usual in Lian Li product codes, is for "black"; there's a silver no-B PC-6277 as well) looks like yet another of Lian Li's mainstream case products based on the PC-60. That case… Go To Full Article

ATI Technologies Readies New R430, RV410 Graphics Chips

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ATI Sticks to 0.11 Micron Fabrication Process by Anton Shilov 07/08/2004 | 03:28 AM ATI Technologies is preparing two graphics processors to be made using 0.11 micron process technology at TSMC. The new chips… Go To Full Article

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