Xigmatek HDT-S1283 CPU Cooler Review

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The Xigmatek HDT-S1283 has proven that more heatpipes and more weight is not needed, since from a performance point of view it has heralded in a new cooling era as it is simply in a league of its own. It… Go To Full Article

VelociRaptor Redux, now with final firmware

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Western Digital hatched its latest Raptor back in April, revealing a unique departure from more traditional designs. This leaner, meaner VelociRaptor VR150 is actually a 2.5" drive sitting inside a heatsink that slides nicely into standard 3.5" bays. But don't… Go To Full Article

Bfg Es-800 Psu

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The power supply is an odd component of sorts. In the same way our heart doesn't make us run faster or get better grades in school, a power supply won't give you a higher frame rate or make your CPU… Go To Full Article

OCZ OCZ600SXS 600W StealthXStream Power Supply Review

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I recently took a look at a Foxconn motherboard that I used for a recent system build, I also needed a reliable power supply for it as well and choose an OCZ 600Watt StealthXStream PSU. I choose this PSU for… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake ProWater 850i

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Getting ready to enter the world of watercooling? Not sure about which kit is right for you or even how to install it? We check out the ProWater 850i a cheap and well made kit and take you step by… Go To Full Article

MSI K9N2GM-FD/FIH with GeForce 8200 review

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Once again, AMD is ready with an integrated solution for chipset and graphicscard. The motherboard we’re reviewing is from MSI, called K9N2GM-FD/FIH. The chipset also goes by the name of 730a or GeForce 8200 chipset. We are… Go To Full Article

Aeneon XTune 2GB DDR3-1333 CL8 Memory Kit Review

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As part of the strategy, Aeneon exclusively uses Qimonda DRAM chips. This is similar to the use of Micron chips for the Micron owned Crucial brand. We all know that when it comes down to the performance memory market, the… Go To Full Article

Corsair TX750W Power Supply

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Where does the juice for your power rig come from? Is it reliable? Was it a pain to install? Are you letting money slip through your fingers each moment you use a poor efficiency power supply? Matt tests out the… Go To Full Article

Intel P45 Vs. X48 Crossfire Performance

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The other day the new GIGABYTE P45-DQ6 arrived and I was instantly intrigued by how cool it looks. The thing is, what also arrived that day was the HD 4850s. With my mind going in over drive, I thought this… Go To Full Article

Patriot PC3-15000U (1866 MHz) CL8-8-8-24

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Hardwareoverclock Austria has reviewed the 1866 MHz DDR-3 memories from Patriot, the PC3-15000U CL8-8-8-24. This kit is perfect for all overclocking systems, because the overclocking reserves of this bundle are not so bad. The magical 2000 MHz have been achieved.… Go To Full Article

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