Asus K8N-E with the nForce 250gb Ultra Chipset

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This is the first A64 board I have reviewed and it started out pretty well. Taking time off and then suddenly jumping into the AMD A64 world is pretty interesting. Motherboard manufacturers have been able to produce some great boards… Go To Full Article

Crucial Radeon X800 PRO 256MB

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It's safe to say that any card, and I mean any card, based on the R420 GPU will be a good one. Greater rendering parallelism and higher core and memory speeds ensure that benchmark performance will be… Go To Full Article

YeongYang YY-5601BK Mid-Tower Case

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Today YeongYang was nice enough to send over one of their new mid-tower cases for us to review. The YY-5601BK features good looks, front mounted USB2.0/Audio/IEEE1394 ports, and a well designed cooling system. Direct… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Tsunami Dream Case w/Window

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If it weren't for the lights it would be difficult to know the case was on. Yes, that is how silent it is. What more could you want? Looks, performance, and silence... errr ugh grrr ugh uhhhh....Trying . . .… Go To Full Article

Corsair 1GByte DDR2 Twin2X Matched Memory Pair

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DDR2 memory is here to stay. Intel has decided that future scalability is more important than immediate performance. Corsair's 1GBye DDR2 Twin2X pack debuts in at a blistering DDR533 speed. Just in case it sounds slow, that's… Go To Full Article

Silverstone Temjin 5 SST-TJ05-B Case

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Today 3DXtreme is presenting a refresher to an earlier review we had posted. Recently we posted a review of the SilverStone Temjin TJ-05 ATX Case. We ran into a few issues with the Case and SilverStonetek quickly provided another one,… Go To Full Article

ATI Talks R5xx

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Following the release of the Mercury Market share figures, ATI held an Analyst conference last week in which numerous point of ATI's business were discussed. Reports indicate that following the meeting Goldman Sachs have come back with numerous impressions of… Go To Full Article

Top 11 Reasons to Vote

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11. To escape the "get out the vote" phone calls, mailings and door-to-door volunteers on election day. 10. Perfect opportunity to check if your e-vote hack is in place. 9. Because if you don’t vote, the… Go To Full Article

How to make Half Life 2 perform with cheap kit

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THE BIGGEST gaming event of the year is only two weeks away and many people are fretting. Half-Life 2 promises to be as good as the original, at least if the many early reviews are to be trusted, and just… Go To Full Article

ATI takes on Via, Nvidia on chipsets

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WE HAVE some more information about ATI's future chipsets. These are ATI's response to the move to PCI Express, and will compete with Nforce 4 standard and Ultra and Via's K8T890 chipset. Radeon Xpress 200 G and non… Go To Full Article

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