Google shuts down desktop search flaw

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SEARCH ENGINE OUTFIT Google has shut down a particularly nasty flaw in its desktop search software that gives hackers access to all a computer's files. Go To Full Article

Sun Starts Shipping Multi-Threaded 10Gbit Ethernet Adapters

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This week Sun Microsystems announced that it has become the world's first major vendor of 10gigabit Ethernet network cards. Sun had been working on a project called Neptune for the majority of 2006, which was to introduce 10GbE devices to… Go To Full Article

Vista Security — Too Little Too Late

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Thomas Greene of The Register has a fairly comprehensive review of Vista and IE7 user security measures. The verdict is: better but not adequate, and mostly an attempt to shift blame onto the user when things go wrong. (src: Slashdot) Go To Full Article

Rydermark video download

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Today we got a copy of a video of it in action. In fact it's the first video of a DirectX 10 benchmark we know of. Go To Full Article

DirectX 10, sub-$100 graphics cards take shape

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Nvidia's first affordable DirectX 10 card, the G86 is almost done. Production is scheduled for March time but it may yet slip into April. We are talking about volume production, as a limited number samples are already done. ATI expects… Go To Full Article

Intel G33 Express-based Motherboards Sampling

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Motherboards based on Intel’s G33 Express will support upcoming Yorkfield and Wolfdale 45nm processors. Processors with front-side buses up to 1333 MHz are supported with G33 Express based motherboards. As with the Intel P35 Express, the G33 Express supports either… Go To Full Article

ATI’s R600 to Be Delayed Till Second Quarter

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ATI, the graphics product group of Advanced Micro Devices, will delay the release of the long-awaited code-named R600 graphics processing unit (GPU), sources said on late Tuesday. The delay is likely to impact sales of the company’s graphics cards during… Go To Full Article

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+: Competing with Aggressive Pricing

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Anandtech does an in depth performance comparison of the latest AMD chip, but they forgot to take price into account in their conclusion, MAD to the rescue: <center><img src= ></center> "The Core 2 Duo… Go To Full Article

CORSAIR Flash Voyager 8 GB USB 2.0 Drive

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How do you carry up to 3 DVD's, or 2000 MP3 songs, or 2500 JPGS in a shock and water resistant device along with your keys and your wallet. In the same pocket no less! According to CORSAIR, it's pretty… Go To Full Article

Antec SOLO Case

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In a world of gratuitously flashy enthusiast PC cases, Antec sets itself apart by focusing on elegant design and a superb user experience. Their new SOLO case embodies these two ideals, offering a blend of style and substance as well… Go To Full Article

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