TDK Develops 200GB Blu-Ray Disc

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TDK Corp., a leading maker of recordable media, said Tuesday it was developing technologies that would leave behind its record of the last year and enable Blu-ray discs with 200GB of capacity.

AMD Plans anti-HT for next K10

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Conscious that K8 architecture could not compete with the next high-speed motorboat of INTEL, all its hopes are for the moment based on a new "revolutionary" technology (it is our opinion, not it his) on which AMD works in this…

Acer 17" LCD Computer Monitor

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I've watched movies, played many different PC games (driving, FPS, etc) and spent alot of time surfing and comparing image quality with the Samsung monitor hooked up right next to it. This monitor is just amazing. There is no ghosting…

Matrox Triplehead2Go

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The interesting thing is that, playing the game, there really is a competitive advantage to having three monitors. Rather than having to look around with the mouse to see to the side of you, you can just glance across at…

The business of Linux in China

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In 2000, we were working on a project on how to handle the Chinese language on the Linux desktop. Using Chinese on Linux is different to using English on Linux, as there are three Chinese character encodings, compared to the…

Shuttle launches a Viiv lunchbox PC

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SHUTTLE IS LAUNCHING a VIIV box called the SD46G5, basically their workhorse G5 line with the good chipsets removed and kickback generating VIIV components put in

Compaq Presario SR1719UK

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If there’s one thing the British love, it's a bargain. Even if it’s not really a bargain, they want to at least feel like they are getting one. This computer has specifications that not too long ago would…

Sapphire Radeon X1900XT Graphics Card

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No matter how well a manufacturer does in the past makes no difference when it comes to a new product to test out. Today's contestant is the Sapphire X1900XT graphics card. Using the newer ATI R580 chipset and fitted with…

Evesham FX-60 notebook

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AMD's Athlon 64 X2 processors are not renowned for their good power consumption and heat output, meaning that they're not ideally suited for mobile use. However, Evesham has managed to cram AMD's fastest dual core behemoth, a GeForce Go 7800…

Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo Edition Hard Disk Drive with 1TB Storage Capacity

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Today we would like to introduce to you an external storage solution from Maxtor with unprecedentedly large capacity of 1TB. It is the new member of the Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo Edition family built with two 3.5-inch HDDs that supports…

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