Power Supplies Get Smarter

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The Power One power supply from Sky Hawk features a unique function, which goes by the name of Audio Standby. The three other power supplies from Coolermaster, Thermaltake and Sirtec display the power output in real time. Read on to… Go To Full Article

Socket 478 Head-To-Head

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I'm not quite sure if the recent surge in CPU coolers is due to some kind of upsurge in air cooling or if it's just one of those unexplainable coincidences that we have to put down to some strange, latent… Go To Full Article

Intel panics and announces Merom

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INTEL HAS FINALLY let the cat out of the bag and announced the Merom clan. I say finally because it is pretty much an open secret that they are coming. Intel was forced into this by a lack of current… Go To Full Article

Nvidia Intel SLI not performing

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BACK IN THE MISTS of time, at CEBIT, we were present at Nvidia's official announcement of Nforce 4 SLI for Intel. Nvidia told us back then to expect boards within a few weeks from that announcement. Yeah right.… Go To Full Article

Titan Vanessa L-Type Heatpipe CPU Cooler

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Here is the Vanessa L-Type, it is a built around a 25mm heatpipe. It uses what I would call a "tree" design, as it has a central supporting pole and pieces which go out from there. The heat is transfered… Go To Full Article

3 Heatsink reviews from

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Surprisingly the lightest and quietest offering, Gigabyte's G-Power, performed significantly better than both of Cooler Master's heatsinks. The G-Power comes with an inline resistor to reduce its fan speed by 15%, it wasn't found to make much difference the final… Go To Full Article

Jetart ThermoEye DT2000 Thermometer

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The key to maintaining a healthy PC system, especially an overclocked one, is to keep it in the ideal state. And this includes the operating temperature. Jetart has one such product to monitor your system temperatures… Go To Full Article

Spire DigiPanel Multifunction Panel

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From the list of features it is clear that despite the DigiPanel featuring only one knob on the front panel, it is capable of monitoring three temperatures and monitoring/controlling three cooling fans. The knob doubles as a button, and tapping… Go To Full Article

Mutant Mods Lava Lamp LED Cable

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Today I bring out some bling bling courtesy of StarTech with their Mutant Mods line up. Let me thank StarTech for the opportunity to review this cool product. I have for you the Mutant Mods 6' Lava Lamp LED USB… Go To Full Article

Soltek EQ3501-300P SFF

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Overall, we found the Soltek EQ3501-300P a solid system with a few flaws, both minor and major depending on what you're looking for in a SFF PC. The system itself is suitable as a full sized system replacement,… Go To Full Article

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