Intel Core i5-760 CPU Review

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Intel decided to disturb the calm summer days by slightly raising the clock frequencies of their LGA1156 processors. The most interesting product among the newcomers is Core i5-760 - a quad-core processor that on the one hand - belongs to… Go To Full Article

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Hands-On

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We've hit you with a lot of information here, but at the end of the day our main question remains: do we need to continue to download Chrome or Firefox every time we get a new PC? Our answer: it's… Go To Full Article

AMD ''Barts'' GPU Detailed Specifications Surface

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Barely a week after pictures of AMD's "Barts" prototype surfaced, it wasn't long before a specifications sheet followed. The all-important slide from AMD's presentation to its add-in board partners made it to sections of the Chinese media. "Barts" is a… Go To Full Article

Race Pits Pigeons Against Poor UK Rural Broadband

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Rural internet access in the United Kingdom, like many other countries around the world, is slow. So slow in fact that Trefor Davies, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at business ISP Timico, has decided to pit a typical rural broadband… Go To Full Article

Intel's 22nm Microprocessors Are Already in Production.

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Chief executive officer of Intel Corp. said that the company's forthcoming microprocessors are already in sample production. The world's largest maker of chips is on track to start their volume production using 22nm fabrication process in late 2011. "We… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Rolled Out First Public Beta of Internet Explorer 9

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Microsoft released the first public beta of its sceptically-anticipated web-browser, the Windows Internet Explorer 9 (or IE9). Sceptical, because the previous two versions did not really shine compared to other web-browsers in performance, and anticipated, because it promised revolutionary changes… Go To Full Article

Scythe Introduces Slim Stream 120 PWM High-RPM Fan

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Japanese Cooling expert Scythe is announcing the availability of a new High RPM version of the popular Slip Stream PWM fan series. Slip Stream 120 PWM High-RPM is equipped with PWM feature which allows the mainboard to automatically control the… Go To Full Article

Intel Sandy Bridge CPU Overclocked to 4.9Ghz, Air Cooled

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As for the limit for chipset integrated clocking,Intel Sandy Bridge processor can’t improve clocking.For the overclocking players,it is really regretful.And therefore,Intel is going to launch K-series Sandy Bridge. In the IDF 2010,Intel displays a set of system which adopts K-series… Go To Full Article

Browser Wars: IE 9 Beta 1 versus Firefox 4 Beta 6

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It appears that Firefox 4 has pulled away from Internet Explorer 9 slightly in speed. Despite this, it should be noted that IE 9 is much closer to FF 4 in speed than IE 8 was to FF 3. Basically,… Go To Full Article

Must have feature for all voice-enabled multiplayer games: auto mute. Halo has it!

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Those playing Halo: Reach had better mind their mouth or the new system which we have dubbed “auto mute” will deal with them. This new technology from Bungie is on the lookout for players that are always being muted; and… Go To Full Article

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