ATI HD4870X2 4-Way Crossfire Possible (8 GPUs!)

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Quote: You can use upto four HD4870 X2 accelerators in tandem for an 8-GPU, 9.6 TFLOP, 8 GB graphics crunching monster. You need a… Go To Full Article

Geforce GTX 280 GT200b spotted in store?

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suspicious new model of the flagship GeForce GTX 280 made by Leadtek going by the name ‘GeForce GTX 280 Extreme’ is put on pre-order on the popular British computer component online store Overclockers UK (OCUK). It can be found here.… Go To Full Article

Shielding Devices From Big Zaps

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ALTHOUGH summer has just begun, the weather in many parts of the country has been unduly hot, accompanied by thunderstorms, lightning and power failures. Fluctuations in electrical service, whether because appliances cycle on and off or because of a lightning… Go To Full Article

Crysis Warhead maximum IQ with DX9 and more details

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This month's PC Gamer brought out the first details on Crytek's upcoming sci-fi FPS Crysis Warhead, an alternative take on the original game's story as seen from another point of view. <br> <br> * Begins when the original…

HD 4870X2 R700 launch on Aug 12th

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Quote: Recently AMD/ATI, NVIDIA were intense in the desk-top indicator's flames of war, by the present sales situation, even if ATI Radeon HD 4850,… Go To Full Article

Seven Real-Life Robots

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Scientists say they can now build near-perfect replications of a human being, and that they finally have the technology to bring the inanimate to life. Scientists are liars. Here are seven robots that reached for "life-like," and came up with… Go To Full Article

Rumors of AMD CEO departure gain traction

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It is earnings season again and we are expecting both Intel and AMD to publish their second quarter results. Neither company released an unusual heads-up before the release, which leads us to believe that both companies will stay at least… Go To Full Article

Crucial Ballistix Tracer Red DDR2-800 4GB Dual Channel Memory Kit Review

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Yes, DDR2 is still a viable platform, and still suits well over half of the enthusiast community just fine. But to put it bluntly, in the past, the PC industry has had no problem creating a new technology, and making… Go To Full Article

Visiontek Radeon HD 4850 Videocard Review

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Today we are taking a look at a ATI HD 4850 videocard from Visiontek. This card is a middle class card but I have seen stats that show this card should perform as well as many other high end cards… Go To Full Article

ATEN CS1782 Dual DVI KVM(P) Switch Review

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Most KVM’s are still the older PS/2 and VGA style, a year ago there were less than a handful of DVI/USB KVM switches. Now most companies offer at least one, and some are adding more features. It has been a… Go To Full Article

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