Sapphire Adds “Lower Cost” RADEON X800 XT into Lineup

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While the only premier product officially announced by graphics chip designer ATI Technologies is called the RADEON X800 XT Platinum Edition, some makers of graphics cards enter a slightly slower version of the SKU called RADEON X800 XT. Go To Full Article

Aerocool JetMaster Mid Tower Gaming Case

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With so many options out there these days it is becoming hard to choose a decorative case, whether it be a pre-modded chassis; they are mostly manufactured in that fashion. As side from price categories there are different themes as… Go To Full Article

PNY Verto GeForce 6800 Ultra

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The ownership of the high-end video card market has flipped back and forth between NVIDIA and ATI over the years, with the last major shift being the Radeon 9X00 line taking over top spot from the GeForce 4-based cards and… Go To Full Article

AMD PCI Express to arrive in Q1 2005

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CHIP FIRM AMD said that PCI Express for its Athlon64 family will arrive in the first quarter of next year. That requires support from other manufacturers. The firm wouldn’t say which chipset partners were designing for it,… Go To Full Article

Intel shows off dual core Pentium Ms

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WE HAD A FEELING Anand Chandrasekher would have something interesting to tell us and sure enough he did. The man running the mobile side of Intel said that a dual core chip, Yonah, using the Calistoga chipset, would be… Go To Full Article

No 512MB graphics cards in Q4

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NEITHER neither Nvidia nor ATI will move to the next memory milestone and introduce 512MB cards this year. If you want to do it right you have to introduce this marchitecture at the high end but… Go To Full Article

AMD starts shipping 90 nanometre chips

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CHIP FIRM AMD is telling investors who ask that it has started shipping 90 nanometre Athlon 64 microprocessors. Although it hasn't said which vendors have started shipping the chips, it said a few vendors are using the… Go To Full Article

Intel's 65 nanometre plans

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BECAUSE INTEL SCHEDULES key note speeches every day at IDF, you're bound to miss some of the more interesting ones because you're covering the ground. Intel had a huge range of presentations at this year's IDF and… Go To Full Article

If you have Windows XP, did you patch it up with Service Pack 2?

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The latest service pack for Microsoft's Windows XP operating system does a little more then just patch some security holes; With its build-in firewall & other restrictive settings it can cause quite a lot of problems. I…

Power Supply Roundup - Six PSU's fight to the death

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Today we put six PSU’s up against each other from OCZ, Thermaltake, Vantec and Coolermaster in varying sizes and features. We’ll check out the appearance and features of each PSU and then put them up against each other and measure… Go To Full Article

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