Corsair XMS2 DDR2 PC5400 memory

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Computer technology continues it’s steady march into the future. Random Access Memory (RAM) has not been spared from these advancements, and today we will be looking at one of Corsair's offerings in its "performance" line up, the XMS2 DDR2 675Mhz… Go To Full Article

OCZ ModStream 520W PSU

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PC enthusiasts sometimes talk that their “rails” are low and that they need a new power supply. First off, the “rails” that they are referring to are the 3.3V, 5V, and 12V lines that come off the power supply. The… Go To Full Article

Sunbeam Samurai ATX Case

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The look of the Samurai case is striking, and what you think of it is down to personal taste. The front door and bezel are intended to resemble the mask of a Japanese Samurai, hence the name. … Go To Full Article

PCI-E and AGP at the same time!

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I’m in Taiwan at VIA’s head office running some tests on some new chipsets that will come out next year in Jan/Feb. I was testing it and I thought what the hell, lets see what happens when… Go To Full Article

Mac mini Price Significantly Less than DIY PC

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Regardless, to appease those that only look at hardware, I ran the figures both ways. The Apple hardware comes out less in both scenarios. The price comparison reiterates that Apple doesn't charge the supposed "premium" that is often equated with… Go To Full Article

Shuttle to make SLI barebone system

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WHEN IT COMES to barebones systems all eyes are always pointed to Shuttle. These guys are clearly leaders in this market, even though some other companies are making it fight for its money. We saw the first Nforce… Go To Full Article

Benq has 6ms LCD monitor in wings

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TAIWANESE MANUFACTURER Benq appears to be readying a six ms 19-inch LCD monitor. The FP91V has a resolution of 1280 x 1024, a display area of 376.3 by 301.1mm, and a power consumption of 60W. The power supply is… Go To Full Article

EPoX 9NPA+ (Nvidia nForce4 Ultra) Motherboard

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The Crucible has a crack at the nForce4 Ultra based EPoX EP-9NPA+ motherboard. The performance was pretty good, about on par with the older nForce3 systems. It is the overclocking that really makes this board worth looking at! … Go To Full Article

Catalyst 5.1 Driver Comparison

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ATi releases almost every month a new version of their Catalyst drivers. Often they fix bugs and improve the compability and sometimes they also increase the performance in different applications. In this comparison we don't want to test the improvements… Go To Full Article

Catalyst 5.1 Available Windows | Linux

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ATI released the set for Windows and for Linux. Windows: Linux: Go To Full Article

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