AMD 785G Update - Multi-Channel LPCM is not Available

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Let’s just rip the Band-Aid off quickly here. We have touted, as have many others, that the 785G chipset provides multi-channel LPCM audio output. We went over it in our press briefings from AMD and in previous conversations with them… Go To Full Article

In-Game Ads Nearly Double Load Times

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In-game advertisements recently added to Wipeout HD are nearly doubling the load times of some races, Shacknews can confirm. The video ads, served by advertising firm Double Fusion, occasionally play in a window as a race loads.… Go To Full Article

Planned Hybrid Car Engine Combines Gas and Diesel for Maximum Efficiency

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Diesel and gasoline are both great fuels from a chemical standpoint, each with its own unique advantages. Diesel burns more completely, lubricates the engine better, produces less carbon monoxide, and is safer as it does not produce as much flammable… Go To Full Article

Intel LGA1156 Core i7 870 and Core i5 750 Performance Benchmarks

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Intel S775 Low Profile Heatsink Roundup

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Stock heatsink/fans that shipped with desktop processors were among the key catalysts that brought SPCR into existence. Their loud, nasty sounding fans were easily the biggest noise complaint among PC owners, at least until graphics cards became so powerful that… Go To Full Article

[M] The Age Of The Roundup

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This article is unusual as it does not cover the technical aspects of hardware but rather looks at the business perspective. It explores the potential effects roundups have on hardware companies and how they can be useful to those firms.… Go To Full Article

AMD RV870 also has its X2 Gemini brother

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We've got a confirmation that RV870, first of the performance DirectX 11 card, simply codenamed Evergreen, will end up with a dual chip brother.The dual chip card is in the works and we know that it should be coming roughly… Go To Full Article

Super speed: a brief history of USB 3.0, 2007-2018

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USB 3.0 is coming, and the hour approaches when the computer and electronics industries can sink their collective teeth into a new, faster USB interface for the first time in ten years. USB 2.0, with 480Mbps High speed, launched in… Go To Full Article

AMD's 785G Chipset - Revolutionary or Evolutionary?

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No one looking to build a PC capable of light or casual gaming will be disappointed either. While we would still like to see better performance out of all integrated graphics chipsets, the 785G is competitive with the rest of… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Drops Windows 7 E Editions

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A week after Microsoft agreed to include a browser ballot screen in Windows 7 systems sold in Europe, then announced that those systems would initially include no browser at all — specifically, no Internet Explorer — Microsoft has changed its… Go To Full Article

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