Cooler Master Aquagate raises swimming pool question

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THIS IS A REVIEW of Cooler Master's Aquagate Mini, a product which can make your computer both quieter and faster, but first, I want to talk about swimming pools. Why are swimming pools so cold? I mean, you jump in… Go To Full Article

Linux vs. Linux: The Battle for the Desktop

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So, you have mastered every aspect of computing (or maybe not), and you are bored with the Internet. What can you do to bring back the thrill that you had the first time you fired up the latest Windows operating… Go To Full Article

Intel Dual Core: Pentium EE 840 Arrives

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Today Intel is letting Legit Reviews show off one of the first Dual Core Intel desktop processors. The Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 840 is rated at 3.2GHz and boasts four threads. Dual core, four threads, EMT64 support, and a… Go To Full Article

A-Top Technology Gladiator ATX Case

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Overall, I really like A-Top\'s Gladiator. The aluminum shield with the cold cathodes behind it really makes the Gladiator stand out from the crowd and the use of mesh to replace the typical plexiglas or acrylic window borders on being… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Shark Aluminum PC Case

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Thermaltake has completely reinvented how they design cases with The Shark. The design is striking and will certainly draw some stares at your next LAN event... Review Link - Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling NV 6 and ATI 1 VGA Silencer

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Overall, I am very impressed with the cooling power of the VGA Silencer from Arctic-Cooling. The Arctic-Cooling VGA Silencer is performing very well during the testing. The design of this VGA Cooler is very stylish and nice.… Go To Full Article

Ultra X-Connect 500W Titanium PSU

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Ultra's been around for a long time. Starting out as the white box division for Midwest Micro, Ultra is now largly an enthusiast component company, manufacturing all sorts of niche components with that little tweak to it that makes them… Go To Full Article


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EPoX put together a very nice motherboard based on the 925XE chipset. While you need to own the incredibly expensive 1066FSB Extreme Edition CPUs to get the most out of it, we see little reason to pickup a… Go To Full Article

Pentium Dual Core Preview

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A preview of the Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 840. We give you some thoughts, impressions, and feedback on working with Intel's first dual core processor and what it brings to the table. Go To Full Article

Magnetic heat exchanger will cool down your CPU

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A JAPANESE COMPANY has developed a way of exchanging heat that will use a magnetic fluid and will be used to cool down your microprocessor without needing electricity. According to the Nikkei Business Daily, Da Vinci's device, developed together… Go To Full Article

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