Rio Rancho, New Mexico to Be One of the Largest Wi-Fi Hotspots in the World to Date

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City of Rio Rancho, in Collaboration With Intel and Usurf Communications, to Establish Historic Technological Precedent - High Speed Wireless Service Will Cover 103 Square Miles RIO RANCHO, N.M., Jun 16, 2004 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ --… Go To Full Article

OCZ PC3200 ECC/REG for AthlonFX systems

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Today I’m taking a look at the OCZ memory aimed at the Athlon FX and Opteron Socket 940 based systems. The product is OCZ PC-3200 ECC Registered Dual Channel DDR and for this review it will be in 2x512mb configuration.… Go To Full Article

Colin McRae Rally 04 Patch 1.01

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This upgrade features: * Improved the ghost car tracking system, to improve the visibility over LAN/Internet. Controller calibration is now smoother and less hard to control. * The gear box testing sections… Go To Full Article

Toshiba Portege M100 Notebook: More Than Just a “Type-Writer”

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The market of portable computers is constantly expanding, revealing variegated models and configurations. The Portege M100 notebook from Toshiba perfectly meets the requirements of today’s notebook users. It appears to be an optimal solution for people who spend much time… Go To Full Article

Gearing Up For 64bit: Beta Graphics Driver Comparison

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With the recent introduction of ATI's beta driver for the beta version of 64bit Windows XP, both major graphics vendors have shown that they are making headway towards the goal of having a usable 64bit platform. How far along are… Go To Full Article

Getting Ready for BTX

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Thus far, motherboards have remained pretty stable in terms of size, shape, and the location of cable connectors and such. Long ago, the AT standard morphed into ATX, the current day standard which outlines exactly where components are located on… Go To Full Article

Windows XP Performance Tweaking Guide

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Windows XP Performance Tweaking Guide Updated "This guide has seen MANY revisions since it's original posting more than 3 years ago. Even after all this time I continue to add to this guide and revise it as needed. Please read… Go To Full Article

10 page Watercooling Guide

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Page 1 Introduction: Is water cooling for you? Page 2 Choosing The Correct Parts: Pump and Waterblock. Page 3 Choosing The Correct Parts: Radiator and Hosing. Page 4 Choosing The Correct Parts: Clamps, Water, and… Go To Full Article

VIA EPIA CL6000E Motherboard

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The fairly small (by modern standards) passive aluminium heatsink used to cool the Eden processor. When I took it off, it had a small smear of white thermal grease underneath. It's held on with two push-pins, and is very similar… Go To Full Article

HIS Excalibur All in Wonder 9600XT Turbo and All in Wonder 9600 Review

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The ATi All in wonders are the Swiss Army Knives of the graphics card world, and today we have a couple in the labs for you, both from HIS; the Excalibur All in wonder 9600XT Turbo, and the Excalibur All… Go To Full Article

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