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Its finally that time, the dawn of PCI Express, with AGP reaching its peak it was only a matter of time before we had a faster standard, and here we have it. PCI express with speeds in excess of a… Go To Full Article

Point of view ships Geforce 6800 GT

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THIS COMING WEEK you should be able to get the 6800 GT in the European retail market. This €399 card will be in shop a close to you that deals Point of View cards, the company claims. Go To Full Article

FIC Ice Cube HU61 Review

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AMDZone posted a review of the FIC Ice Cube HU61 Athlon 64 small form factor. It is socket 754 and is based on the nForce 3 150 chipset. Go To Full Article

Intel 3.40EE & 560 Processors

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MBReview has ended their leave of absence with a review of Intel's new high-end LGA775 processors, the 3.40GHz Extreme Edition, and the 3.60GHz "E", now known as the 560. They've covered some of the questions about pin frailty of the… Go To Full Article

Chaintech Zenith ZNF3-250

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There's nothing much intrinsically wrong with the Zenith ZNF3-250. Great audio. FireWire, external boxes and a mouth-watering bundle are definite plusses. We, however, would recommend a revision B board with more of the nForce3 250's on-chip goodness, possibly a Gb… Go To Full Article

Intel 915x, 925x: LGA, DDR2, PCI-E Solution

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We were lucky to manage to get our hands on all of the avaliable products to fully evaluate the new Intel solution. 15 CPUs (Including 6 LGA Solutions), All of NVIDIAs PCI-E lineup, some Love from ATis, and also the… Go To Full Article

DDR vs DDR2 testing

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What would happen if you were to set the most aggressive timings on your DDR and DDR2 and benchmark it ? Our finding is that the difference is not that great as latency on DDR2 is hindering it. Thus if… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte 8GPNXP DUO i915P Express Mainboard (Intel Socket T)

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Today Gigabyte introduces its flagship product, GA-8GPNXP Duo runs the new series of Prescott processors based on the Socket T specification. It also comes with PCI-E slot for higher bandwidth. As its name implies, Duo indicates Dual Memory support. What… Go To Full Article

New LCD Monitors from Samsung

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Today we would like to continue talking about the latest LCD monitors from Samsung. WE will introduce to you the new SyncMaster 173T and 174T models, make a lot of things clear about the already reviewed SyncMaster 172X, and take… Go To Full Article

Windows XP SP2 RC2 #2149 - UXTheme Patch

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UXTheme Patcher allows you to use any 3rd party theme on Windows XP/SP2 (with Themes enabled) by patching the uxtheme.dll (dynamic link library). The process can be reversed but it should be noted that patching the themes service will break… Go To Full Article

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