Corsair claims its modules are super duper

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MEMORY FIRM Corsair dropped us a line to say it's introduced XMS 3200 1GB modules which support CAS-2 latencies. It said that the products are the same speed and desnsity as its PC3200 CAS-3 DIMMs, but the… Go To Full Article


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Although Just Link wasn't present, the buffer under run protection worked well. While burning files on to a CD at 52x, I defragged the folder it was copying from, and ran a virus scan on that drive. The… Go To Full Article

Xtrac Mad Wax

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Today I have had a chance to look at a type of product I've never looked at before. This is the Xtrac Mad Wax from Xtrac Pads; its goal is to improve their already great mouse pads by making them… Go To Full Article

CenDyne 4x DVD±RW External Drive (USB 2.0/Firewire)

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The construction and appearance of the Cendyne 4x DVD±RW External Drive are top notch, and the testing shows that the performance is just as solid. Installation is nearly foolproof, and one can be up and running burning DVDs… Go To Full Article

Critical review of Doom 3

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I scream. You scream. We all scream for Doom 3. Ah yes, Doom 3. The game toting the name that made it a smash hit before anyone laid eyes on a single screen shot. John C. and company knew they… Go To Full Article

Plextor PX-712A Review @

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Plextors’ 712-A is a dual format drive, meaning that it can read and write in both the plus and minus format. Early adopters of dvd burning technology are at a loss compared to what is available today. While single format… Go To Full Article

How To Setup A Wireless Home Entertainment Center

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Despite the fact that more than 14 million households have implemented wireless networks, we still have a half-hearted home network – wires strung along baseboards connecting everything. Our rationale was that we would wait for wireless to really be PnP.… Go To Full Article

nPowerTek TTIC NPH-101 Pentium4 Heatsink

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The large heatpipe (aka heat column) stands 100mm tall, and comes in direct contact with the processor core for optimal thermal efficiency. The hollow copper heatpipe or "heat column," works because of a chemically coated interior surface. The heat column… Go To Full Article

Crucial PC4200 DDR-2 Memory Review

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As you can imagine, the choices can be confusing with new technologies, and that is why today we are going to be testing out a pair of Crucial PC4200 DDR-2 DIMM's which have just rolled off the production line. Each… Go To Full Article

Nanotherm PCM+ Thermal Compound

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XYZ has just posted its review of Nanotherm's PCM+ thermal compound. This is the second revision of the industry's first aqueous thermal interface material. This innovation is coupled with a unique phase-changing characteristic. We tested it against Arctic Silver 5… Go To Full Article

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