PalmOne Tungsten E2 PDA

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PalmOne has been a strong leader in developing Personal Digital Assistants or PDAs for the business class for quite some time. The company, rather obviously, is a global leader in PDAs and provides almost all accessories to support their products.… Go To Full Article

MSI P4N Diamond: Extreme in Performance, More User-Friendly

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MSI P4N Diamond Extreme Increase in Performance and Even More User-Friendly SLI(tm) Solution MSI, the leading computer motherboard manufacturer, continues to provide cutting-edge technology with the P4N Diamond. The nForce… Go To Full Article

LCD prices set to crash

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PC PRICES could be set for another tumble following predictions of a precipitous fall in LCD manufacturing costs. Market research firm Displaysearch says that the cost of making LCD panels will drop by up to 62 per cent over… Go To Full Article

Samsung SyncMaster 915N

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I have looked at many Samsung monitors over the last year and a half and they all have performed well for what they where designed for. The one thing they all lacked was a <25ms response time that a more… Go To Full Article

PowerColor Bravo X700 announced

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(April 15, 2005 --Taipei, Taiwan) PowerColor is proud to announce the launch of its most unique and dazzling Bravo X700, which specs and performance exceed the competing models in the current marketplace

Survey Shows Admins Avoiding SP2

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Tom's Hardware Guide is running an article about Windows XP Service Pack 2 and its limited acceptance by IT administrators. AssetMetrix is cited in the article as reporting that fewer than 24% of over 136,000 Windows XP PCs in 251… Go To Full Article

AMD Extends Lineup of AMD64 Chips for Full-Size Notebooks

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Advanced Micro Devices introduced Thursday its new Mobile AMD Athlon 64 processor aimed at full-size notebooks, which is proclaimed today’s fastest processor for laptop computers. “We have again raised the bar for 64-bit mobile performance with the… Go To Full Article

Sempron 3300+ Paris Core Test

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Back in June of 2004 AMD announced the Sempron line of budget CPUs meant to replace the Duron. When launched the high end model was the Sempron 3100+ running at 1.8GHz with a 256MB L2 cache and using the Socket… Go To Full Article

A Reasonable Motherboard for Tweakers: EPoX 9NPA+ Ultra

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There is no shortage of nForce 4 motherboards on the market these days, and most of them have similar features. You can count on almost all nForce 4 Ultra boards having four SATA-II ports with support for many types of… Go To Full Article

AOpen Pentium M Desktop Board Relaunched

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In case you missed it, motherboard maker AOpen plans to launch its second desktop motherboard -- again -- incorporating Intel's mobile Pentium M processor on Monday. The AOpen i915GMm-HFS was previously disclosed on AOpen's web site… Go To Full Article

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