A4Tech Battery-Free Wireless Optical Mouse

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There are many wireless mice on the market that use either RF or bluetooth to communicate with your PC. However, all these mice require one thing that can be quite costly over time...batteries. If the input device is cordless, it… Go To Full Article

LTB True 5.1 6 Channel Surround Sound Headphones

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The market for high-end, 5.1 surround headphones keeps getting complicated as new manufacturers enter the realm. The choice becomes even more complicated when high-quality headphones sound better even from the unknown manufacturers; at least unknown to the majority of users… Go To Full Article

Matrix Orbital MX212

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I am sure that many of you already own or have seen PC LCD displays before. There is nothing like a bright multi-line display spewing a plethora of information from the front panel of a modded case. Thus, I was… Go To Full Article


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TITAN COMPUTER CO., LTD. was established in Taiwan by a group of progressive and experienced engineers in their respective fields. Since their establishment with over 14 years of manufacturing experience with high quality cooling devices for various kinds of PCs,… Go To Full Article

HighSpeedPC Tech Station

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HighSpeedPC's Tech Station is a product for system builders and chronic tinkerer's alike. It is an open-air computer workshop that gives the user full access to each of their system's components, allowing for unprecedented ease in installing,… Go To Full Article

Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu Ultra Silent CPU Cooler

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With CPU speeds climbing higher and higher; so too is the amount of heat they put out. This is reason that it is a golden age for after market CPU coolers. More and more users are finding out… Go To Full Article

Transcend JetFlash 2A 256MB

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Compared against other USB 2.0 Flash drives, the JetFlash 2A holds it's own very well. The speed was not quite up to Transcend's specifications, but those numbers are theoretical maximums. Compared to the Mushkin, the Transcend drive… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA's SLI - 6600 GT Performance and Conclusion

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If you've been following our SLI article series, you'll have seen the intro and 6800 Ultra performance, and 6800 GT performance articles. That leaves one loose end to tie up in terms of SLI performance; 6600 GT. Today's article will… Go To Full Article

1A-Cooling SET-5Z280V1 Water Cooling Kit

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We’re going to be looking at a water cooling solution from a German company that I haven’t heard of before. The company is called 1A-Cooling and the system we are looking at is their dual 5 ¼ drive bay radiator… Go To Full Article

Asetek Vapochill LS @

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Today we review the ultimate cooling system, the VapoChill LighSpeed cooling unid, nicely built, and great performance, as you can check in our overclock to the 2.4c / 3.0 / 3500+ CPU's. Go To Full Article

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