Logisys Red CCFL Review

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Quote: “Lights are one of the easiest modifications you can perform. You can use lights to add that special touch to the interior of your case. Yet, colors are not always as they appear. Let’s see if Logisys has the… Go To Full Article

Nikao Ogre Mid-Tower Gaming Case

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The best way to describe the aesthetic appeal of this case is CasEdge Diabolic Minotaur meets Alienware. There is a clear indication that design elements from both companies have been used in the design of the Ogre Mid Tower Gaming… Go To Full Article

Abit NF7-S2

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With Socket 939 motherboards and processors now available, less computer enthusiasts are focusing on Socket A (462) solutions for their computers. As with all new technologies, Socket 939 peripherals are quite pricy, so a large majority hasn’t yet abandoned Socket… Go To Full Article

Western Digital WDXF2500JB Dual-Option Media Center External Drive Review

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Is it possible to enhance the functionality of an external hard disk drive? And if yes – how? Western Digital came up with a new answer, introducing their new product – a combination of an external HDD with two interfaces,… Go To Full Article

ATI Technologies Readies New R430, RV410 Graphics Chips

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ATI Technologies is preparing two graphics processors to be made using 0.11 micron process technology at TSMC. The new chips are likely to deliver higher performance and lower cost compared to processors manufactured using 0.13 micron fabrication process. Go To Full Article

SilverStone SST-30NF 300W Fanless Power

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Two days ago we told you about Zalman's awesome Reserator 1 fanless water cooler. To put it simply, we LOVED it, giving it the coveted "I AM HARDCORE" award. Unfortunately, while it is a great step towards… Go To Full Article

First Abit Fatal1ty Motherboard Shots

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After doing some snooping around the Abit booth here at Quakecon, I came across a motherboard that I definitely didn't recognize. What I had was the first prototype of the Abit Fatal1ty motherboard Go To Full Article

Monthly Value Gaming System Buyer's Guide

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Summer is almost over, the huge back-to-school buying season is ready to jump into full gear. We've also seen the debut of DOOM 3, and Half-Life 2 is right around the corner, making this a doubly good time to investigate… Go To Full Article

Doom 3 Trent Reznor sound pack

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This is a pack of replacement sounds for Doom 3. These sounds were created by Trent Reznor when he was working on the sound for the game. This pack will replace sounds for players, monsters, and weapons in the game Go To Full Article

Head Gear Or Head Case?

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This is the first time I have ever seen modded headphones! If you are heading to QuakeCon…make up a bunch of these bad-mofos and you’ll always be able to find your clan mates Go To Full Article

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