Setting up PS/2 to USB in SLI for Extra USB ports on your motherboard

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Again, ask for assistance from the program DH Motherboard PS / 2 Modder.NET, but only to its latest version, namely v.1.04 beta2. As the author explains the tools, he was able to find a loophole in the controller, PS /… Go To Full Article

[M] Mushkin Does Liquid Cooling! eXtreme Performance Liquid Tested

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This week I received an unexpected delivery. The parcel was send by Mushkin Europe... I expected some new rams or a power supply, seemed I was in for a nice surprise. The package contained three white 1 liter cans. There… Go To Full Article

Ethernet Cable Fashion Show Looks Like A Data Center Disaster

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DUH! News of today: GTX 275 will be rebranded GTX 260 or GTX 280, not a brand new

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The official specs are 240 'cores', and clocks are at 633/1404/1134MHz for GPU, processor and memory respectively. Yawn. GDDR3 of course, no GDDR5 now or until the GT300 cores, the GT200 can't do it, but that is old news. Things… Go To Full Article

New AMD platform for cheap desktops to come before September?

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Over the past few months, we've heard rumors about AMD launching dual-core, Phenom II X4-based chips in the second quarter and following up with proper, 45nm dual-core Athlons in June. Today, DigiTimes writes that AMD has a new entry-level platform… Go To Full Article

New Intel LGA1366 CPU Cooler spotted with Heat pipes!

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This 1U CPU Cooler for the Xeon Nehalem processors from Intel comes with heat pipes to handle the 130W TDP rating. Impressive looking for sure! It is sold separately under the name Intel Thermal Solution STS100C

Beans spilled on ATI Radeon HD 4770

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THe HD 4770 is destined to become the new mid-range performance champ, at 40nm it promises reduced power usage compared to the HD 4850 while still keeping performance up. Better than the current lower end HD 4670 and priced lower… Go To Full Article

[M] OCZ Gladiator MAX CPU Cooler Tested

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OCZ has been aggressively pushing forward their CPU Cooler line-up, the Gladiator MAX is the latest addition and promises some excellent performance with its included 120mm fan and direct heatpipe touch design. This is relatively light-weight high… Go To Full Article

OCZ 600W ModX Stream-Pro PSU Review (DE)

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The OCZ 600W ModX Stream-Pro arrived Technic3D. See you in the following Review from Technic3D the next modular PSU with two +12V rails, 135mm Fan (Thermal fan control), 6x SATA hard disk connectors, 1x PCI-e 6-Pin and 1x PCI-e 6+2… Go To Full Article

Silverstone Raven RV01 Case

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For years, Silverstone has been releasing must have enclosures into the market. The latest contender to step into the ring comes from their new Raven gaming line and it is a head turner. Named the Raven RV01, this case goes… Go To Full Article

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