Sytrin Nextherm ICS 8200 Air-Conditioned PC Chassis

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Hence our site's slogan, we always try to bring you product reviews that are typically out of the norm. The product I'll be looking at today certainly does fit this bill. The folks over at Sytrin Corporation have been working… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Aquagate Mini R120

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Reward of water-cooling a CPU is apparent; high cooling performance with very low noise. Equally apparent is the risk involved. If something goes wrong during the installation your computer turns into a high voltage aquarium. While most… Go To Full Article

A-Top Technology XPlode ATX Case

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For less than $60, you can get a case that comes with more items included than a lot of $80 cases. The XPlode may not have all the lates features, but what it lacks in features it more than makes… Go To Full Article

Arctic Silver ArctiClean

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Whether you are moving your processor to a new motherboard or want to try out a new fan/heatsink, you’re going to have to remove the old Thermal Interface Material—or TIM to use a new thermal pad or layer of thermal… Go To Full Article

Tom's Hardware Guide CPU Charts

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It's finally here - a true performance comparison between AMD and Intel processors. This will allow ambitious users as well as OEM partners and especially dealers to compare their systems with our reference values. What's special about this is a… Go To Full Article

IBM to cut thousands of jobs after mainframe slump

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DISAPPOINTING RESULTS from Big Blue are likely to result in many thousands of jobs being lost in Western Europe, according to the Wall Street Journal. That follows results which show that sales of IBM mainframes fell by 16 per… Go To Full Article

TBCS Custom Test Rig

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Paul Capello is at it again. This time it is not one of his world class case, it's a custom test rig for benchmarking and reviews. What is this you may ask? is sort of like a… Go To Full Article

Free Stuffs

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What they are saying about the Amazing Ultra Products Give away at "That day one prize pack is like an entire contest at most sites. Hats off guys"! We are just giving… Go To Full Article

Songbank Digital Audio Jukebox

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For a long time now I have wanted to get a MP3 player. Unfortunately in the past no one player I have seen met all of my needs. Some didn't have enough capacity, some lacked a FM tuner,… Go To Full Article

A64 S939 Venice Price

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Well, they have the pricing now; taking presale orders at Monarch. ADA3000BPBOX $164 ADA3200BPBOX $209 ADA3500BPBOX $287 ADA3700BPBOX $344 ADA3800BPBOX $389 Go To Full Article

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