3R System Bad Guy R700

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With more computer enthusiasts constructing their own HTPCs (Home Theatre PCs) to watch TVs and play movies, 3R System has taken a step forward and has designed a case for one specific purpose; HTPCs. Direct Link: Go To Full Article

Knight Rider 2 Demo + whole lot more

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- Knight Rider 2 Demo - Project Joe Demo - Half-Life 2 Goes GOLD Go To Full Article

Raidmax Cobra 822 ATX Case

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The Raidmax Cobra 822 is a great bargain for a gaming case. Its paint job is superb and it has a striking appearance that is sure to stand out at any LAN party. For those who like the… Go To Full Article

VisionTek 1GB Go Drive

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Always on the go? Do you need to store a CD and a half worth of stuff and have it at your side at all times? Well, either way you can benefit from having a USB flash drive with you.… Go To Full Article

RalliSport Challenge 2

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Tired of racing simulations that drag you in, take over your life, require at least an hour of playing at a time, only to leave you dazed and confused when you finish them? I am too, which is… Go To Full Article

A Cooling Mystery Solved

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CPU Cooling solutions can be maddening sometimes, a good case, plenty of airflow, and yet things don't go right. A recent addition of an AthlonXP 3200 to my system gave me reason for some detective work to find… Go To Full Article

Xfx 6800gt

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In terms of price tag, this GeForce 6800GT is a best buy than the GeForce 6800Ultra. Keeping the same characteristics of top like the 6800Ultra but with a downclock speed, the 6800Gt has a performance very near to 6800Ultra. Go To Full Article

COOLMAX 3.5" X-Treme

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Having previously looked at the 2.5" X-TREME Files, I was pondering which one would someone choose, and for what reasons. I think you should take a look at this one, and decide. I'll of course link to the 2.5" review,… Go To Full Article

AMD Athlon64 - 64-bit vs. 32-bit, A Head On Comparison

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A new era of 64-bit computing is coming though, and it got us to thinking... what does 64-bit, specifically the 64-bit support built into AMD's Athlon 64 and AthlonFX processors, have to offer the gamer and enthusiast markets? In this… Go To Full Article

OCZ PC4000EL Gold Edition

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In this review, OCModShop is testing OCZ’s Gold Edition PC4000EL DDR Dual channel kit. This 1GB of total memory consists of two 512MB modules and is specifically paired to use a dual channel motherboard. The OCZ PC4000EL DDR is rated… Go To Full Article

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