Swedish Police Seized File-Sharing Server With 64TB Disk Storage

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Police have made a major crackdown on illegal file-sharing by seizing a giant computer server during an apartment raid in a Stockholm suburb, an official said Saturday. Henrik Ponten, a spokesman at the Swedish Anti-Piracy Bureau, said… Go To Full Article

Windows 7 lets you enable/disable features easily

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The theme of “choice and control” has been applied in many aspects of how we have designed Windows 7. We’ve certainly received lots of positive feedback about the theme and about the choices we’ve made in the design, and we’ve… Go To Full Article

Western Digital, Seagate and Samsung 640Gb HDDs Compared

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Dual-platter HDDs have always had an ambiguous standing. They are not remembered as “the world’s first to achieve the capacity of so many gigabytes” but still enjoy well-deserved popularity. It is dual-platter drives that used to have the lowest data… Go To Full Article

Intel Gulftown 32nm 6-core CPU could work on X58 Motherboards

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We can now confirm that the X58 platform is here to stay. Intel plans to release a new six-core 32nm CPU next year, and the good news is that this chip will continue to support its X58 chipset. Go To Full Article

QPI Unlocked on recent Intel Core i7 920 and 940 CPUs

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One other known fact is that you cannot set the Turbo Mode ratios on the 940 and 920. OK fine. But what else is different? Intel told us as recently as two months ago that the QPI was locked at… Go To Full Article

New P2P Client Adds Darknet for File Sharing

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The new version of P2P client LimeWire—now at version 5.1.1—has been in the news lately for a feature that makes it simple for even the newbiest newb to create a "darknet." Nothing here is technically ground-breaking, but LimeWire's massive install… Go To Full Article

Taiwan to overhaul memory chip industry

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Taiwan named a chip industry veteran to head a state-backed company that will merge six memory chipmakers, following pleas from domestic companies desperate for financial aid. Previous reports had cited an approval for loans, but on Thursday… Go To Full Article

Test your browser with SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark

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Can you do better? RESULTS (means and 95% confidence intervals) -------------------------------------------- Total: 1317.8ms +/- 0.7% Go To Full Article

Web Browser Speed and Features 9-Way Shootout

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Counting public betas and release candidates, there are a whopping nine different web browsers out today with enough market share to be considered mainstream. Maximum PC explains the differences between the browsers, future and present, so that you can make… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Spedo Advanced Package Case Review

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Thermaltake did a great job with the Spedo case, with plenty of drive expansion, an ATC and CRM to handle the thermals of the case and the cable management, packaged in a full-tower ATX case that fits the needs of… Go To Full Article

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