Seagate 7200.10 750GB Hard Drive

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First, and foremost, how did Seagate increase the volume of their drives so radically? To answer that question we must first understand areal density. To paraphrase Webopedia's definition: Areal Density also called bit density is the amount of data that…

Sapphire ATI Radeon X1900XTX

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As ATI's current top videocard, the X1900XTX through testing and benchmarking can easily be seen as an extremely fast videocard and indeed the fastest we have ever tested here on With all its advanced features and shader capabilities, purchasing…

Thermaltake Symphony Mini - External Water Cooling Kit

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The Thermaltake mini is a watercooling system with an interesting new design. The external radiator looks like a speaker and is 80 cm tall, two pumps are integrated there as well. As we know from Thermaltake installation is exceptionally easy.…

Conroe E6700 @ 2.4Ghz beats AMD AM2 FX-62 @ 3Ghz

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Coolaler reports back with some benchmark numbers, pitting an AMD AM2 FX-62 against a Conroe E6700 clocked at only 2.4Ghz. His findings are that while AMD K8 took the performance crown from Intel, the Core 2 Duo aka Conroe seems…

Data Transfer Rate between the Cores in Dual-Core Processors

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None of the processors with separate caches tested in this review can perform fast data transfers between the cores. Intel’s Core Duo (Yonah) and Conroe, each with a shared L2 cache, are the only processors that ensure fast processing of…

Dutch gamer finds unwelcome fame with "jihad" Battlefield 2 movie

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THE HAGUE (Reuters) - The Dutch creator of a video game-based movie, which the U.S. government says is being used as a recruitment tool by Muslim militants, says that his home-made creation was nothing more than a bit of fun.… Go To Full Article

Flying Mouse Unveiled by Researchers in Taiwan

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The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has unveiled a wireless "flying" mouse, which is a 3D device that is able to move and rotate in the air. The device is mounted on your wrist while games will be able to…

Intel Confirms Two Upcoming Core 2 Extreme CPUs

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The Core 2 Extreme processor (Conroe based) will ship at 2.93GHz at Core 2 Duo launch. We will also have a 3.2GHz version by end of the year. And as you know, the Quad Core enthusiast SKU, Kentsfield, is planned…

Google: No Google browser needed, users have good choices already

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During a conference call with investors and analysts, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that despite all of the interest expressed by users, Google has no plans to develop its own web browser. Instead, the company will continue to pursue deals…

CrossFire Xpress 3200: RD580 for AM2

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ATI made it clear at the launch of their CrossFire Xpress 3200 in March that it would be more than just a Socket 939 chipset. The new ATI dual X16 chipset would be launched for Socket 939, but it was…

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