Interview with Female Modder JessAlba452

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Every now and then someone comes along into the modding community that really makes you do a double take. Someone that is a breath of fresh air in the dark, dank corners that we build our rigs in. Someone who… Go To Full Article

Your site can be modified by hackers... and Google

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This article talks about the soon to come Google Autolinks feature which has been very controversial in the webmaster world and will explain why it is a serious issue, and perhaps even illegal. Link: Go To Full Article

nTrensound 128mb MP3 Wrist Watch

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We have been wearing watches on our wrists for quite some time now; we almost take them for granted. Knowing at just a quick glance to see if we are on schedule or not. Many of us have also become… Go To Full Article

Ultra 80 & 120mm Titanium Finish Fans

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Ultra 80 & 120mm Titanium Finish Fans Video Review #537: "The Ultra 80 & 120mm Titanium Finish Fans are stunning & will unquestionably add new life to any case. Not only do they have the looks, but they have… Go To Full Article

Razer eXactMat Mouse Pad Review

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The eXactMat is the first and only mouse pad from Razer. It delivers good performance for users especially for gamers in terms of speed and control since this pad comes with two different pad surfaces. Price around USD35, the eXactMat… Go To Full Article

Ulti-mat Mousepad Review

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I just received a mousepad from Ulti-mat, words say its covered with three layers of Teflon? I could'nt wait to give a test run. I'm still amazed of the smootness of the Ulti-mat in combonation with the gliding strips.… Go To Full Article

VGA Cooler Roundup at Arctic Squad

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Arctic Squad had a look at four VGA coolers. Three of the were equipped with a fan and one of them was passive. Which one finished best, which one had much to improve? You'll find answers in the… Go To Full Article

Handy Recovery 2.0 Undeletion and Data Recovery Software

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"In PCstats critically important guide to data recovery, we walked through several freeware applications that you can use to restore your data in case of disaster. Today we're going to take a quick walk through the features and tools of… Go To Full Article

XGBox Viper case review

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" Welcome back to my second half of my look into two gamer computer cases by XG and I saved the best for last. Let me introduce you to the Viper. The Viper is easily the single most impressive OEM… Go To Full Article

Backups To Disk: Four Tape Alternatives Put To The Test

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The continuing trend towards higher capacity hard drives with lower prices is causing more and more decision-makers to ask themselves whether tape drives really make sense for backup. Streaming tape drives, also called "streamers," have some disadvantages. Handling is relatively… Go To Full Article

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