NVIDIA recalls GeForce 8800 GTX batch

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Some GeForce 8800 GTX boards that were built through our contract manufacturer had a simple BOM error - wrong resistor value. GeForce 8800 GTS boards are not effected by this. These GeForce 8800 GTX boards were shipped…

Art. Lebedev Optimus Mini Three

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Art.Lebedev Optimus Mini Three is a very innovative little keyboard product. While the large price tag will make it appealing only to a limited number of customers, the price reflects a designer product. It offers a lot of functionality, but…

We take a close look at an AMD 4x4 box

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I GOT A CLOSE look at a running 4x4 system in Austin last week, and it was quite an interesting beast. There was nothing new in the spec department, but there are a lot of details I wasn't aware of,…

NVIDIA Speeding Up Production To Beat ATi?

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While ATI prepares to roll out five 80nm grahics processor units (GPUs) in November, Nvidia plans to speed up its 80nm-production schedule of by rolling out revised versions of its G72 and G73 chips to compete with the rival, according…

VIA Planning New AMD Chipset?

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According to a friend from main board manufacturing market, VIA has scheduled its next-generation unified chipset for AMD platform in 2H07. As a unified chipset, the new model would help VIA to fight in the value market more effective by…

CoolIt Systems Freezone Peltier CPU Cooler

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At first glance, the Freezone CPU Cooler appears to be a compact, self-contained, pre-assembled water-cooling system; complete with a waterblock, pump, radiator, and fan. In reality, the Freezone is a water-chilling system

Sam and Max - Culture Shock Review

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We've talked a lot about episodic gaming here on the site, considering both the good and the bad. The concerns of users, and the words of gaming commentators, focus on the limitations of the format. "Don't break up a game… Go To Full Article

Intel 975 Chipset Mobo Roundup

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Back in January Intel introduced the world to the D975XBX motherboard which was the first retail board based on the 975X chipset. Since then motherboard manufacturers have been releasing their own boards based on the same chipset. Two of the…

ATI Radeon X1950 Pro against Nvidia GeForce 7900 GS

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Just recently ATI and Nvidia rolled out their Radeon X1950 Pro and GeForce 7900 GS solutions into the mass market. Today we will do our best to find out which one of them will be a better choice for users…

Silverstone ST40EF (efficient) 400watt PSU

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I think I can safely say that the SilverStone ST40EF passed that particular test with flying colours. No power rail deviated any amount really worth mentioning considering what the pc was doing. I don’t know what the actual specs are…

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