Socket 939 Buyer's Guide

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If you are looking into building a new system for yourself socket 939 a great choice. It offers serious performance advantages over last generation's socket A and 478 while being more affordable than most 775 setups. If you are upgrading… Go To Full Article

Techsolo TMK-220 - Keybord + mouse

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During the couple recent years, computer keyboards didn't change much. Honestly, what can be done with a keyboard... add a few extra keys and call it "multimedial", add a wheel and call it "internet", or bend it making it "ergonomic"...… Go To Full Article

SilverStone ZEUS ST65ZF SLI PSU Shootout

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Up to date, NVIDIA has given out "SLI Ready" certification to only two power supply manufacturers mainly PC Power & Cooling and SilverStone. We all know that SilverStone makes amazingly high quality PC cases but little did we know, they… Go To Full Article

Enabling Temperature Monitoring on the Nvidia 6600 GT

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Recently, I reviewed the Apollo nVidia 6600GT. During the research for that review, I found out that the chipset on all 6600GT's has an onboard temperature sensor, but many card manufacturers opted not to enable temp monitoring on their particular… Go To Full Article

Why can't you pay attention anymore?

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All of that data flying at you by e-mail, instant message, cell phone, voice mail and BlackBerry--it could actually be making you dumber. Dr. Edward Hallowell, a psychiatrist who's studied attention deficit disorder for more than… Go To Full Article

Apple to launch gPod - the biggest hit of the year?

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News has reached DV Hardware that Apple is going to launch a new stunning media device called the gPod. This new portable media player from Apple has two major features: games and movies. The device is a bit bigger as… Go To Full Article

Obsolete Is A Dirty Word (Intel Pentium 64 Bit Microchip)

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Get ready everyone, home computers are about to set new LAN speed records! The Intel 64-bit microchip will soon be powering the new line of Pentium 4 computers. This long awaited sizzling fast release will be heading to store shelves… Go To Full Article

Really Cool and Quiet Power Supplies?

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In an era when CPUs routinely consume 100 watts by themselves, PCs impose growing demands on power supplies. The watts graphics cards require don't lag much behind CPUs, while bleeding edge, dual graphics card SLI configurations need even more power,… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Aquires =(

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As of this moment, the controlling interest in has been aquired by Microsoft® Canada. Link: Go To Full Article

Samsung SyncMaster 243T 24-inch LCD Display

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In this review, PCSTATS will be testing out one of it's latest TFT-LCD models, the 24-inch Samsung SyncMaster 243T. This lovely piece of LCD technology sports some impressive specs including a 1920x1200 native resolution, a 500:1 contrast ratio, 170 degree… Go To Full Article

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