NVIDIA GeForce 8200 IGP

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Back in March we had looked at the Radeon HD 3200 graphics found on AMD 780G motherboards. With the Catalyst Linux driver the Radeon HD 3200 had performed about the same speed as the discrete Radeon HD 2400PRO graphics card,… Go To Full Article

Kingwin Revolution RVT-9225 CPU Cooler Review

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On the review block today I've got the Kingwin Revolution RVT-9225 CPU Cooler, it utilizes what Kingwin calls H.D.T, or Heat Pipe-Direct Touch cooling technology. H.D.T is just a fancy term really, the cooler does not have a base as… Go To Full Article

OCZ EliteXStream 800W Power Supply report

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Well guys, here we go again -- another close-look-at-power-supply-hardware report. Last week, we took apart the Seasonic M12II 500W power supply. As usual, because we don't have the necessary professional equipment to do the simulated load testing, measuring the quality… Go To Full Article

VisionTek Radeon HD 3870 X2 Overclocked Edition Review

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When most manufacturers design an enhanced specification graphics card they tend to increase the core and memory speed, others might do this and add a fancy cooler. Visiontek have on the other hand gone above and beyond this by doing… Go To Full Article

Tagan A+ Black Pearl Case Review

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A+ Black Pearl is an all-aluminum full tower case from Tagan featuring seven 5 ¼" bays (one comes with a 3 ½" adaptor for installing a floppy disk drive) and eight internal 3 ½" bays, a panel for controlling the… Go To Full Article

Mtron Reveals Next Generation 260MB/S SSD Controller Technology

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Mtron Storage Technology Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ:046320), a manufacturer of Solid State Drive (SSD) in South Korea, announced today that they were going to reveal new 260MB/s SSD controller technology at 'World IT Show 2008' and OECD Ministerial Meeting on the… Go To Full Article

Building a refrigerator for your laptop

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Researchers from Purdue University claim they are getting closer to develop a much more efficient cooling system that the traditional heatsink-fan design used in many computers today. Suresh Garimella and Eckhard Groll say they can miniaturize traditional refrigerator designs to… Go To Full Article

Fusion io - the power of 1000 hard drives in the palm of your hand

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A new flash storage card from Fusion io could make huge storage area networks go the way of the dinosaur and DoDo bird. The company’s upcoming ‘ioDrive’ combines hundreds of gigabytes of flash storage onto a small computer card and… Go To Full Article

XFX plans on 9800GTX Black Edition: GTX+ Performance & Price NOW!

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Unlocked, Overclocked and already out there - XFX 9800 GTX XXX and Black edition….…..Why wait? The news about the reviewed price position of 9800GTX and the upcoming 9800GTX+ is fantastic, but why wait until mid July to…

Supercomputing Power Hits the Desktop, Minus the Software

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Nvidia's new GeForce GTX 280 graphics cards can be used in tandem, yielding boatloads of massively parallel computing power. Here, three graphics cards are installed on one motherboard. Image: NVIDIA Corporation The PC industry's two largest… Go To Full Article

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