Hynix Ramps Up DDR2 Offerings for Servers, Workstations, Notebooks

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Hynix Semiconductor, one of the world’s largest makers of memory chips, announced this week memory chips for the yet-to-be-announced DDR2 SDRAM platforms intended for servers, workstations and notebooks. The newly released 4GB registered DIMM modules for servers… Go To Full Article

Intel i925X & i915P/G Chipsets

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The most disappointing aspect about these chipsets has to be the performance of the i925X chipset versus the i915P/G. Intel claims performance enhancements for the i925X over i915P/G such as an advanced memory controller that is capable of offering more… Go To Full Article

Packed Mini-PC

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We've received a really impressive entry into the PC Database today. The_Snarf has managed to squeeze watercooling and no less than 4 HDD's, totalling 640GB of storage, into a Shuttle SFF mini-PC! Go To Full Article

Western Digital Raptor 74GB SATA

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The main barrier that hard drives face is that as opposed to other computer hardware they are still mechanical. Motors, platters, actuator arms and other components, all packed together in a small housing and asked to work in perfect harmony.… Go To Full Article

AOpen CDRW (CRW5232) & Combo (COM5232) Internal Drives

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The AOpen CDRW (CRW5232) & Combo (COM5232) offer excellent features with fast worry free writing of data at a bargain. Both drives come with 2MB of data buffer memory, two extra faceplates & useful software. The CRW5232 is a 52X… Go To Full Article

Vantec EZ-Grip Molex Connectors

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I inserted the molex removal tool provided in the kit. Let me just say that this tool easily cuts the time of the job in half. When I put the cable sleeving kit on originally, I found that removing molex… Go To Full Article

NZXT Guardian ATX Mid-Tower Case

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At that price this case would fall into the budget category however the uniqueness of this case and pre-modded look really adds to the attraction. The other features including screw-less drive and PCI card installation, side intake fan, dual 80MM… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Polo 735 3-in-1 Cooler

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This cooler is designed to meet the needs of those who own a P4, AthlonXP or Athlon64 processor. This cooler has many features which appear to make it a solid winner as a cooling solution for all the most popular… Go To Full Article

Cheap and Reliable RAID 5 Storage Compared

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It is worth mentioning that the controllers from HighPoint and Promise showed no notable weaknesses in comparison with the three well known brands, despite their considerably lower price. Their performance was a good average. Only in the Winbench application benchmark… Go To Full Article

Intel Celeron D CPU: Budget Processors from Intel Acquire Prescott Core

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The transition of Intel’s budget processors to the new 90nm Prescott core is a very important event for the CPU market. New Celeron D CPUs acquired larger L2 cache, SSE3 instructions support and faster 533MHz bus. Will these innovations be… Go To Full Article

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