Thermalright XP-90C Heatsink

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Three or four degrees difference over the Zalman cooler may not seem like much, but to an enthusiast that may mean the difference in a decent overclock and a great overclock. Naturally when compared to the stock… Go To Full Article

For the environmental friendly

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HP "turning the world into a toxic trash bin" The environmentalists say they have seen commitments from companies such as Samsung, Sony and Sony Ericsson to eliminate brominated flame retardants and PVC plastic from some of… Go To Full Article

Nvidia ships 100 million desktop chips a year

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WE MANAGED to spend a minute with marchitectural brain of Nvidia Mr. David Kirk and he opened a new perspective on the graphics market. In an informal chat, David said Nvidia had sold around 100 million GPUs in… Go To Full Article

VGA Charts Summer 2005:PCI Express Graphics Cards

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In the newest edition of our VGA Charts, we compared 33 different PCI Express graphics cards. Included is Intel's GMA900 graphics processor. This device is built into Intel's i915G chipset as an integrated DirectX 9 graphics solution, which has also… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte G-Power Cooler Pro

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Even though they look alike, the G-Power Cooler Pro was indeed the better one when we compared it directly with XP-90. Priced at only $50, the G-Power Cooler Pro costs slightly more than a bare XP-90. Given that the performance… Go To Full Article

DOOM III v1.3 Patch

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- DOOM III v1.3 Patch and SDK - Auto Assault and City of Villains European Websites - Cenega Publishing E3 2005 Line-Up Screens/Movies Go To Full Article

3R system R900 case review

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Today the cases of very big size start to be done rare. Antec like Lian Li, still offer this type of solution making it possible to integrate a great number of peripherals. 3R System also launches out in this crenel… Go To Full Article

OCZ Platinum PC5000 DFI nF4 Special 1GB Dual Channel Kit

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OCZ surpasses themselves with their latest DDR entry. The Platinum PC5000 is the fastest rated memory and provides cutting edge performance. If you have the cash to spared, don't even think twice. But sadly, we're not all rich. Go To Full Article

AMD64 3200+ Venice S939

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AMD has had their share of new CPU releases lately, and more are coming. Recently, they released the Venice and San Diego chips, with a 90nm core, added SSE3 support, and has superb overclocking potential. They also use less power,… Go To Full Article

Micron Technology, Inc., Launches Family of Mobile DDR Devices

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Providing Low Standby Power and Improved Stackability BOISE, ID, May 23, 2005 -- Micron Technology, Inc., today launched a family of Mobile DDR devices, with product samples of multiple densities now available. Micron’s Mobile DDR product… Go To Full Article

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