8 hours on an Xbox 360

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Let it never be said that Microsoft can’t throw a good party. Tuesday they flew me and 9 other gamers from various forums up to New York City, gave us a stay in a wonderful 400 dollar per night hotel… Go To Full Article

John Romero Interview

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Gamecloud - Doom 3 was released over a year ago. Have you played the game at all and if so what was your reaction to the "remaking" of the game that put you and id Software on the map?… Go To Full Article

Logitech MediaPlay Cordless Mouse

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"Just when you think something as basic as a mouse couldn’t possibly go a step further with innovation, Logitech and others are right there to prove everyone wrong. A basic, yet necessary, peripheral is approaching new heights with innovation. Take… Go To Full Article

Seagate Momentus 7200.1 SATA Notebook Drive Review

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Ballistix Tracer (with LEDs) high-performance 1GB kit (512MBx2) PC4000

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Mashie Design MDVA

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Quote: “Modding products, where did they go? It seems like we never see any new case mods at all. Well if you’re into case modding at… Go To Full Article

Transcend T-Sonic 610 Mp3/Fm Player

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We have taken a look at several MP3 players on the site and each one that comes along seems to be better than the last. The Transcend T-Sonic 610 is a new tiny flash based player that includes a FM… Go To Full Article

Serious Sam 2 Demo #2

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Mindless fragging this way please - Serious Sam 2 Demo #2 Go To Full Article

Zalman NCPS7700-Cu Cooler

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Just how big is the CNPS7700-Cu? Try 5.5-inch in diameter! It's also 2.6-inch tall and weighs in at, hold on to your hat, 918 grams! This exceeds the maximum weight for an Intel P4 cooler over 100%! Special care should… Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 Rev.3 *7800 Series* Compatible

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I’m going to get right to the point here. The Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 Rev.3 costs around £15 from UK Vendors. For me it’s a no brainer. If you are lucky enough to own a 7800 you owe it… Go To Full Article

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