TV Wonder™ 600 USB and TV Wonder™ 650 PCIe Review

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With the external plug-and-play ATI TV Wonder™ 600 USB, a desktop or notebook PC easily becomes a feature-rich DVR for HDTVs. The easy to install TV Wonder 650 Combo PCIe is a combo tuner that can capture both locally-available over-the-air… Go To Full Article

Intel does 10 Gbit without TOEs

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Intel Corp. has rolled out its first 10 Gbit/second Ethernet controller to support its I/O Acceleration Technology and PCI Express. The chip sidestepped some of the advanced Ethernet features becoming popular in the industry, but Intel will take a step-wise… Go To Full Article

Coke Zero pictured with Coolermaster Cosmos

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We just published our first impressions and detailled pics about Cosmos 1000 E-ATX case from Cooler Master. This one is just a huge high end product for enthusiasts, who like silence 'cause of its isophonic structure, and lots of 120mm… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte's New Odin GT 800W Power Supply

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Gigabyte is more commonly known for their mainboards and graphics cards. That they also offer power supplies is a new development worth investigating. The Odin series was first announced last year, and people have been waiting since then to see… Go To Full Article

MSI pushes value 945GC chipset to 1333Mhz FSB

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MSI LOOKS TO have pulled of a bit of a coup with their latest 945GC board, the 945GCM5 v2, it runs at 1333FSB. If you think about how old this chipset is and when it came out, that is an… Go To Full Article

OCZ announces 8GB DDR2 for AM2

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OCZ has released a new addition to its DDR2 Titanium AM2 special kits, and this time memory kit goes up to 8GB. We wrote about the 4GB DDR2 kit back in May. The new Quad kit is rated to work… Go To Full Article

ViewSonic VX2255wmh 22" LCD Monitor Review

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Our sample is the piano-key white edition, the VX2255wmh, while there's also a piano black edition with the 'wmb' model suffix. If anything we prefer a black finish, but glossy white isn't without its appeal and Apple… Go To Full Article

Crysis runs on 8700M powered DX10 notebook

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WE'VE EXPRESSED plenty of doubts about the suitability of current-gen DX10 hardware to deliver a solid gaming experience in the upcoming wave of PC games. Plenty of benchmark tests on titles like Lost Planet and Colin McRae seem to suggest… Go To Full Article

AMD to use TSMC to fab 45 nano Fusions

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DIGITIMES said, based on rumours from a JP Morgan report, that AMD could use TSMC to fab up 45 nanometre Fusion CPUs. We dunno how far ahead TSMC is on the 45 nanometre curve, but we suspect it's quite a… Go To Full Article

Kingston crowned king of DRAM makers

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KINGSTON TECHNOLOGY has been ranked top by chip counters at Isuppli, who reckon it haulks in the most revenue of all DRAM suppliers. Isupply estimates Kingston’s total DRAM module sales exceeded $2.2 billion in 2006, nearly $800 million more than… Go To Full Article

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