FarCry 64-bit

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We’ve got the new 64-bit patch for FarCry and we take it for a spin in WinXP Pro x64 Edition on an AMD Athlon64 CPU. Read inside to find out what the AMD Athlon64 CPU can do when running a… Go To Full Article

Dual Core Processors - Why Now?

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The final topic is overclocking and once again, the problems with increasing the frequency. According to the speaker, overclocking on a dual core chip means that better cooling is not a choice but will be mandatory as current draw goes… Go To Full Article

AeroCool AeroPower 550watt Power Supply

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Are you having feelings of upgrading that old system of yours or building a new o*ne? Do you think you need that powerful processor, VGA card and all those drives? Perhaps you are simply tired of your system and want… Go To Full Article

Msi Nx6600gt-td128e

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MSI has put out a very good product with their NX6600GT. It looks good with the red PCB and the MSI standard gold heatsink. The cards performed flawlessly through a barrage of tests with absolutely no hiccups, and… Go To Full Article

Linksys Phone Adapter PAP2

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The New Linksys Phone Adapter, combined with a subscription to a specific VoIP service plan, turns your existing Internet connection into a high-quality phone line for placing and receiving phone calls. The phone adapter comes equipped with two standard phone… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Tenor desktop & home theatre computer case

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Well what do you think? We think another stunning computer case from Thermaltake is the Tenor. Ideally designed for both Home Theatre use it also makes a superb desktop PC case for those of us that do not want to… Go To Full Article

The Spy Kids Collection PC Game

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The original Spy Kids, Carmen and Juni are on a secret mission to find a new Spy Kid Recruit to join them in protecting the World. Find out if you're ready for the challenge with these two ''Spy Kids'' games! Go To Full Article & Muskhin discount action

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When you buy Mushkin memory @ Go To Full Article

AMD's Athlon64 X2 trumps Intel's Pentium D

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The review also examined the power consumption of the chips which revealed a more efficient AMD architecture. While the complete Intel system consumed more than 350 watts, the AMD platform topped out at a more acceptable 235 watts. … Go To Full Article

Further Details Revealed about ATI’s Multi-VPU Technology

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The source further revealed that ATI’s Multi-VPU technology would be superior to NVIDIA’s SLI, as it will not be limited to two of the same graphics adapters from the same manufacturer to ensure compatibility. ATI’s Multi-VPU technology will not be… Go To Full Article

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