Poor Man's Flatness Test

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After recently discovering that I had poorly mounted my waterblock resulting in higher temperatures than should have been expected, I posted on some forums and got a very useful tip back.

New Microchips Shun Transistors

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Computers using the magnetic chips would boot up almost instantly. The magnetic chip's memory is nonvolatile, making it impervious to power interruptions, and it retains its data when the device is switched off.

Enhance Your Multi-Core Solutions with Intel® Software Tools

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Add extra value to your solutions based on Intel® Viiv™ technology and Intel Core-Duo processors: provide Intel software optimization tools, such as C++ and Fortran compilers, Intel VTune™ Performance Analyzers, Intel cluster tools, and Intel performance libraries, to enhance the…

Tagan EasyCon 580W Modular PSU

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Overall, the Tagan TG580-U15 is a decent power supply and it comes packed with feature. The power cables were completely sleeved and Tagan also took the extra initiative to shield the two PCI-E and HDD cables. The package was also…

Pentium D 805 tested in HK

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HKEPC has the first test of the cheapest dual core processor launched yet. The Smithfield core Pentium D 805 has only a 533MHz FSB and runs at 2.66GHz but it still has a 2MB cache and is build on a…

AMD's Socket AM2 to support DDR2 800 MHZ

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Now the migration to DDR 2 finally makes sense, as DDR 2 800 MHz can sure show sume difference compared with DDR 1 400 or even DDR 1 overclocked to 667. It will simply offer more bandwidth…

AMD to launch 5000+ and FX 62 at Computex

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OLD TAIPEI will be a grand place to launch a few of the new AMD marchitectures. We will see the Live® (Liver) platform launch, the socket AM2 launch. Last but certanly not least will be the dual core Athlon 5000+…

GeForce7900 GT Card Info Leaked

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We have seen the GeForce 7900 GT card already and we can say that the PCB layout is different from the current 7800GT card. The PWM area is slightly different too. The GeForce 7900 GT card comes with 256MB of…

How To Troubleshoot Any Networking Problem

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Tech author extraordinaire Mark Minasi shares a bit over two dozen "rules of network troubleshooting." This will be new for some, a good review for others, and a handy reference for all.

ATI R590 Makes an Appearance, as Radeon X1800 GTO

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We just received news that internal roadmaps from ATI have revealed more information about R590. R590 will launch at the beginning of March for $279 (depending on vendor). The R590 ASIC is effectively the Radeon X1900 core, but at a…

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