Zalman CNPS 9900LED

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With a name like Zalman has with us, overclockers and modders alike, we expect the best from such a great company. Zalman is one of the companies that mixes beauty and performance at a level that only they can do. Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Storm Scout Mid-Tower Case Review

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The Cooler Master Storm has to be the coolest case I’ve played with in months. There’s something about it that can only really be classified as cool. It’s all black, it’s got a handle on it, it’s… sturdy. OK, that… Go To Full Article

Raidmax MONSTER PC Case Review

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This looks incredibly aggressive. The Raidmax Monster is a aluminum ATX mid-tower chassis with a mesh faceplate, and a aluminum motherboard tray. The design is really amazing and its well thought out. In the front, you get four 5.25 inch… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA selling defective G98 chips as keychains

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If you want a piece of NVIDIA technology, NVIDIA's chip keychain is your answer. With a genuine NVIDIA G98 chip inside a 1.5" square clear lucite key tag you not only get a real GPU, but also a key chain.… Go To Full Article

Asetek gets OEM deal with Dell for Liquid Cooling Kit

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Dell today extended its more exotic cooling options to the XPS 625 and XPS 630. The two now have the option of replacing their fan-based cooling with an Asetek liquid cooling system that reduces the noise of the system while… Go To Full Article

Packard Bell DOT S and DOT M models to be released soon

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Acer-owned Packard Bell is taking Acer's latest and greatest netbooks and rebadging them for the European market. The 10.1-inch DOT S swipes most of its specs from the Acer Aspire One D250, while the DOT M (pictured) goes for the… Go To Full Article

Netbook Battery Life Comparison

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So far, we’ve tested a pretty decent range of netbooks available on the market not only for performance but also for battery life and we’ve found a considerable range of run times from the supplied batteries from as little as… Go To Full Article

UMC Begins to Ship 40n Chips

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The products were manufactured with excellent cycle time and yields for the large die-size programmable logic chips, which leveraged the foundry's triple-gate oxide, 12 metal layers and copper/low-k technology to enable 65% reduced power consumption and more than twice the… Go To Full Article

Call of Duty 6 - Modern Warfare 2 Teaser Released

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Modern Warfare 2 GDC 09: Debut Teaser HD Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Release Date: November 10, 2009 Go To Full Article

AMD Phenom II overclocked to 6680Mhz on LN2

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AMD has come such a long way considering how bad the cold bug was the last time I benched FX-62. I'm really impressed as this rig has… Go To Full Article

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