S3's OmniChrome S4 + S3's response and further insight

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Snip: "Overall, S3 still need to do some serious work with OmniChrome to bring it up to scratch. If you can suffer the downsides, great; it's cheap and does the basic TV-tuning-with-good-softwre-and-remote job fine. But those downsides are pretty dire… Go To Full Article

Virtual Memory Optimization Guide

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"Even today, virtual memory is still very important component of the operating system. No matter how much memory you have, there is always a need for virtual memory. Therefore, its performance is of great importance. Optimizing the virtual memory system… Go To Full Article

Silverstone TJ06 Case

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Let's face it: Every computer has to have a case, and cases aren't anything new. From case to case, they are all pretty much a rework of the same basic design. Every now and then, however, there is a product… Go To Full Article

ATI HDTV Wonder - Remote Control Edition

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snip: "High Definition Television (HDTV) continues to gain in popularity and market share. ATI is bringing this technology to the desktop with the introduction of the HDTV Wonder. At the heart of the HDTV Wonder Remote Control Edition is a… Go To Full Article

Mushkin 1GB PC2-4200 DDR-2 Memory

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"In this review, PCStats will be testing a set of new 512MB Mushkin PC2-4200 DDR-2 RAM modules, for a total of 1GB. These green single-sided DIMMs are wrapped in black aluminum heatspreaders, and fall into the PC4200 class. They are… Go To Full Article

OCZ PC3700 Platinum Review

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I would highly recommend the OCZ PC-3700 Platinum DDR memory to anyone seeking above and beyond what the product advertises. This enhanced latency memory is specified to run at DDR 466MHz. Does it really reach latencies as low as CL… Go To Full Article

YY-5603 Mars Case review

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“YYCase has been on the market for a while, but it wasn’t until quite recently that they introduced a gaming case. The YY-5603, also known as the Mars, is a steep improvement from the earlier members of their… Go To Full Article

Doom 3: Project Mars Case Update

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Looking good! Go To Full Article

Saitek PZ09A - Notebook Subwoofer

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Sometimes very odd and unexpected products turn up in our offices here at TrustedReviews and the Saitek PZ09A notebook subwoofer is one of those products. But just because you don’t expect something, doesn’t mean that it’s not a good or… Go To Full Article

OCZ Memtest86 v1.00

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Built onto the core of newly released Memtest86+ v1.27 package, the OCZ Memtest86 v1.0 package contains the following additional functionality: * Timing adjustment support for nVidia nForce2, Intel i865/i875, Intel i915/i925 chipsets, and the AMD Athlon64… Go To Full Article

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