Sapphire Pure 1250W Power Supply Review

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The build quality is excellent and the white LED lighting on the large chrome cooling fan will I'm sure, appeal to some enthusiasts with a liking for case lighting. The Sapphire Pure 1250W with its six 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors… Go To Full Article

NZXT M59 Mid-Tower Steel Case Review

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The M59 has been my first experience with an NZXT case and overall I was happy with it. While the looks are rather polarizing, the case was easy to work in and install aside from screwing in the… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Makes "Signature PCs" Without Bloatware

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One thing we hate about buying a new Windows-based computer is all the "bloatware" that comes with it. PC makers lower the cost of their computers by including trialware software from software makers, most likely security software and productivity software.… Go To Full Article

Corsair® Powers the ‘Dream PC’

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Corsair® Powers the ‘Dream PC’ - Corsair Obsidian Series™ 800D, Dominator™ GT and Extreme Series SSDs power this year’s winner of the coveted Custom PC Dream PC competition - Corsair, a worldwide… Go To Full Article

How to install Windows Vista or Windows 7 from a USB drive

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Those of you who no longer believe optical drives are essential or own a netbook or similar device without a CD/DVD drive might be left wondering how they would go about installing Windows without one. Relax, as all you need… Go To Full Article

FIRST LOOK - USB 3.0 in the Labs (ASUS U3S6)

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USB 3.0 comes via a new PCI Express x4 drop in card called the ASUS U3S6. It features two USB 3.0 ports powered by the NEC D720200F1 USB 3.0 host controller, a PLX Technology PEX8613-BA50BC PCI-E bridge chip and two… Go To Full Article

Silverstone Grandia Series GD04 HTPC Case review

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Just a few weeks back we reviewed the Silverstone GD03 HTPC case and despite some flaws, we liked it. Since then the Silverstone has already come up with a new model - GD04. It obviously sits in the same… Go To Full Article

AMD Sempron 140 2.70 GHz

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AMD's Sempron 140 is here to seal the deal in the entry level market for $39. It offers all the features of the K10.5 architecture, but comes with only a single core at 2.70 GHz. Despite its single core it… Go To Full Article

Kingston SSDNow V Series 40GB Boot Drive Desktop Upgrade Bundle

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Kingston has just announced a new SSD drive, while that in itself isn’t that exciting as SSDs have been around for a while, the purpose of this particular drive though is different than others. The Kingston SSDNow V Series 40gb… Go To Full Article

Zalman ZM-MFC3 fan controller

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Fan controllers have been around for ages it seems. These are products intended for true PC hardware enthusiasts who enjoy optimizing their systems to the max. Zalman was one of the pioneers in this sector with its famous ZM-MFC1, a… Go To Full Article

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