AMD Board of Directors Elects Dirk Meyer President and CEO

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AMD Board of Directors Elects Dirk Meyer President and CEO − Hector Ruiz Named Executive Chairman of AMD – SUNNYVALE, Calif. — July 17, 2008 — AMD (NYSE:AMD) today announced that its… Go To Full Article

DIYer's Guide To Cheap Wireless Network Extension

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This piece is described in one of the comments on it as 'a little piece of genius'... and I have to agree! Although Peter Cochrane seems a bit of a crack pot, the ways that he comes up with to… Go To Full Article

PicoPC offers Windows XP embedded in home theater setting

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VidaBox, normally known for its media servers, is going small and compact with its freshly released PicoPC. This little HDTV add-on marries your flat panel with a Windows XP embedded accessory for enjoying your media files. The… Go To Full Article

Intel phases out most Clovertown and Woodcrest processors

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Intel expects to manufacture more 45 nm than 65 nm processors for the first time during the current quarter, so it only makes sense that the company is gradually removing 65 nm CPUs from its product list. According to a… Go To Full Article

PC shipments grew faster than expected in 2Q

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Computer shipments rose faster than expected in the second quarter, fueled by exceptional demand in emerging markets and a decline in prices in the U.S. and Western Europe, two research groups said Wednesday. Worldwide shipments increased 16… Go To Full Article

OCZ SSD 32GB Solid State Hard Disk Review

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While the OCZ SSD will most definitely leave most normal hard disks begging for mercy, Western Digital have been manufacturing a range of prehistoric beasts under the name of Raptor for quite some time. Their most recently released Velociraptor hard… Go To Full Article

Corsair XMS3 DHX 1600MHz 4GB Memory Kit

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Well before NVIDIA had any plans for DDR3, EPP or Extreme Performance Profile DDR2 memory was making its way into the mainstream. These modules were really designed to work with 680i chipsets, since any AMD solutions have the memory controller… Go To Full Article

Patriot PVS22G9200ELK 2GB DDR2 PC2-9200 memory kit review

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Today, we'll be taking a look at a 2GB DDR2 memory kit courtesy of Patriot that promises high performance and overclockability aplenty with support for both relatively high clock speeds and voltages. Thus, we'll be taking a look at just… Go To Full Article

ATI to re-brand Radeon 3x00 to 4x00

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Due to a delay of RV710 and RV730 mainstream chips, ATI is going to simply rename its existing Radeon HD 3000 series to match the OEM requests. There will be a new bios coming shortly that will… Go To Full Article

Intel Larrabee doesn't do DirectX ?

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One of the stranger things we were told about Larrabee from our source was that Intel doesn't have to use DirectX, instead they're planning on using direct mode. This sounds like a strange thing to do, but considering how different… Go To Full Article

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