Off to Cebit

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Four MAD Shrimps will be at Cebit this year, Massman, Geoffrey, Piotke and Me will be lurking around the different Halls for 3 days; We'll return on Friday, hopefully, with lots of news to report. Have a…

[M] Coolermaster Cosmos S ATX Case Review

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It did not take Coolermaster long to update their high end chassis, the Cosmos S is based on the Cosmos, but made from aluminum, more cooling options, comes with a massive 200mm fan and has a very unique I/O panel.… Go To Full Article

Cebit Opening Speech by Steve Ballmer

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Chancellor Merkel ,President Sarkozy, President Barroso, Prime Minister Wulf, Professor Scheer, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen - It is truly an honor to be invited to speak here. CeBIT is one of the world's most important technology events. Every year,… Go To Full Article

Silverthorne Gets a Name: Meet Intel Atom and Intel Centrino Atom

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The Intel Atom processor refers to anything Silverthorne derived, that’s Silverthorne for ultra mobile devices and Diamondville for desktop and cheap notebooks (e.g. ASUS EeePC style laptops). Both of these processors are now called the Intel Atom. … Go To Full Article

Futuremark Trying to Trademark "Pwnage"

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On February 26, 2008, Finnish software development company Futuremark filed to protect the trademark Pwnage in relation to “computer game software and computer game programs enabling users to play games with mobile phones and personal digital assistants” and “online computer… Go To Full Article

Real Temp new DTS sensor program using simple Ia32 driver

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Here's a direct link to the 1st Post describing and instructions how to download and install all required files for RealTemp The quote below is the first paragraph from the thread...… Go To Full Article

AMD 8 series chipset supports DDR3

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AMD is about to launch its RS780 chipset that will bring Hybrid Crossfire to life. After 790FX and 780G chipsets it will be the time to go for 8 series of AMD chipsets. Don’t worry this won't… Go To Full Article

45nm Core 2 quad, where are you?

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Waiting for affordable 45nm quad-cores in Q1 2008 is futile. Intel has serious shortages, production limitations, and even 45nm dual core E8x00 series is very tough to find. However, the situation is much better for dual core 45nm, as they… Go To Full Article

Powercolor awards those with lowest 3Dmark03 score

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Powercolor has launched a new competition called "Pimp my Rig", where it will award the slowest computer, or to be more precise, the one with the lowest 3DMark 2003 score. Go To Full Article

Ramblings of a colorblind gamer

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You may or may not know that I am red-green colorblind. Money looks grey to me, pink looks white, brown looks green. No big thing. Since I was born colorblind, I have no frame of reference for how the world… Go To Full Article

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