Mushkin adds High Performance DDR2 to line-up - HP2-4200

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Mushkin is proud to announce a new addition to our High Performance DDR2 lineup with the HP2-4200 memory modules rated at 3-3-3-9. Please read the attached press release and contact your personal Mushkin representative to place an order today!

Speech Recognition - Ready for Prime Time?

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There are plenty of seemingly valid concerns, and change can be a difficult process. However, think back for a moment to the first time you saw Microsoft's new wheel mouse. I don't know how other people reacted, but the first…

Pirates in China faked NEC Company and Copied their products

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Pirates in China didn't just copy NEC's products, they faked the entire company. "Evidence seized in raids on 18 factories and warehouses in China and Taiwan over the past year showed that counterfeiters had set up what amounted to a…

How to dump Windows piracy 'spyware'

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The annoying pop-up (WgaTray.exe) can easily be removed in following steps: 1. run > regedit, search and delete all references to WgaTray.exe 2. start in safemode and remove the infection by deleting the file…

ATI X1800XT reaches End Of Life

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The company is completely moving its high-end to the R580 and is about to launch the Radeon X1900 GT to take on Nvidia's Geforce 7900 GT.

ATI X1900 GT to cost $350

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The X1900 GTO was supposed to sport the chip firm's R580 chip but it won't, as this is delayed, so instead it will use the RV570 chip. We might have assumed that the X1900 GTO would be…

Corsair Nautilus500 Water Cooling System

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Liquid cooling has evolved into something that is longer out of reach of the average consumer. With so many choices for your cooling needs how are you going to decide which one is right for you? With all the choices…

Thecus YES N2100 Box External Storage System

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Are you looking for a reliable storage solution for your home? Do you want to grant all your family members easy access to their favorite music and pictures? Simplify your life with a new external solution from Thecus.

AMD’s Production Plans - Germanium Processors to Arrive in 2007

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So, by mid 2007 AMD is planning on increasing their 0.065micron product share to its maximum. According to our Japanese colleagues, by Q3 2007 all AMD processors will be manufactured with 0.065micron technological process. This will be the company’s fastest…

Prey Video Game Set to be Released in July

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Prey is slated to be released on July 10, 2006, according to 2K representatives. Prey is a video game that tells the story of Tommy, a Cherokee mechanic that is abducted to an alien ship orbiting Earth, which leads him… Go To Full Article

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