Intel last price cut is on 26th of August

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Intel will cut the prices one more time in almost one month from today. It will adjust the prices of three CPUs and it will introduce the new one. E2180 will show up on that date and will be available… Go To Full Article

Western Digital Announces New Eco-Friendly Hard Drives

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Western Digital today announced a new line of hard drives with greater emphasis on power saving – GreenPower. Western Digital has new GreenPower drives for desktop, enterprise, consumer electronics and external applications. The new GreenPower drives claim power consumption reductions… Go To Full Article

Intel Releases Early Details of Next-Generation Xeon Platforms

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Intel has released early details of its upcoming server and workstation platforms for Nehalem processors – Tylersburg. Tylersburg has three variants in the pipeline – EP for efficient performance servers, EN for entry servers and WS for workstations. Details of… Go To Full Article

Belgian ISP must filter P2P music; files appeal

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Belgium, known for mustache-wearing detective Hercule Poirot, excellent chocolate, and peeing statues, could soon have a new distinction: Europe's toughest copyright cops. As you may know, the Belgian Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers (SABAM) won a case in late… Go To Full Article

AMD vs. Intel: power efficiency in the server room rests on RAM

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Very generally speaking, all three reports found that, when idle, Opteron-based systems tend to consume around 40 percent less power than similarly equipped Woodcrest-based systems. When transaction processing and database workloads are run on the systems, the power gap between… Go To Full Article

CoolerMaster Vortex 752 CPU Cooler Review

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When it comes to CPU aircooling the current trend is all about heatpipes, and why not? Heatpipe coolers are in some instances better than the traditional block style heatsinks and only require a small amount of airflow to work. The… Go To Full Article

Foxconn GeForce 8600 GTS Video Card Review

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With DirectX 10 games emerging onto the gaming scene, gamers are finding themselves in need of a video card that can support the new technology. Not many of us want to break the bank just to be able to play… Go To Full Article

Zotac Passive GeForce 8600 GT ZONE Edition Review

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Zotac's new GeForce 8600 GT ZONE Edition is running without any form of active cooling. It also has an audio input which allows you to feed external audio into the HDMI stream which is output via DVI plus an adapter,… Go To Full Article

Asus Commando S775 Motherboard Review

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Another plate mother ASUS, but this time oriented to the Enthusiastic segment. Cradle in the Chipset P965, the ASUS Commando is the one in charge To command the Swarm of the Republic of Gamers Go To Full Article

The Real Problem With Alexa

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Alexa drives me nuts. It uses a broken methodology to measure the internet and is, for reasons unclear to anyone, regarded as somehow definitive simply because it allows you to compare two sites with a single simple number. Its sampling… Go To Full Article

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