NV Silencer & ATI Silencer Preview

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Hardcore gamers and overclockers often own high end graphics cards. These high end graphic cards usually run at high temperatures. Proper VGA cooling is a must to cool down these hot graphic cards, with noise level, performance and cost in… Go To Full Article

BFG Tech GeForce 6800 GT OC

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Today Bjorn3D looks at what will be probably NVIDIA's best selling GPU for the rest of the year. And the card that it sits on is a BFG Tech GeForce 6800 GT OC. Snip: … Go To Full Article

AMD Athlon 64 3200+, Upgrader's Perspective

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We take an A64 and compare it to an AXP at the same clock speed to see if it's worthwhile or not in a 32-bit environment. "As a short term fix, the Socket 754 still has some… Go To Full Article

ATI's Richard Huddy talks about Get In The Game

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"Richard is a veteran of the 3D graphics industry. Having previously held positions, amongst others, at Rendermorphics (a British company bought by Microsoft due to its impressive 3D graphics technology, and who's staff at the time helped integrate 3D into… Go To Full Article

Swiftech MCW5000P Review

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Swiftech proved why it is claimed as one of the best in the cooling world. The design of this waterblock is very eye-catching and the technology behind it surely will surprise you Go To Full Article

Aerocool VM-101 vs. VGA-Silencer vs. Zalman ZM80C-HP

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On that hot contested VGA Kuehlermarkt could the two companies Arctic Cooling and Zalman in each case despite two completely different products a leading position fight for. Arctic Cooling sets with the VGA Silencer , from which in the meantime… Go To Full Article

Important update of the CPU Thermal-Throttling and Clock Throttle BIOS features

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I found a major mistake in the CPU Thermal-Throttling and Clock Throttle BIOS features. So much for relying on motherboard documentation! Go To Full Article

Cool-Matic FX for NVIDIA 5900 Series

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By now most of you have heard of Innovatek and the products they manufacture and sell on the open market. If you haven't well, then read on as you will get a glimps of what german engineering and the average… Go To Full Article

Danger Den DD12V-D4 - 12v Water Pump

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Today we have a real treat for all you watercoolers. We have DangerDen’s best offering in the pump department: the DD12v-D4. This is a fairly new contender in the market, but at first glance seems to have the right stuff… Go To Full Article

All in Oneder Helmet Project - Part 2

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"For those of you keeping track, I still have to fit a knick-knack drawer into the helmet, a router, a fan, and a grill. I haven't even showed you how the LED tester and the extension cord all fit into… Go To Full Article

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