Ultra UV X-Connect 500Watt ATX PSU

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Back in the day the old street racing term was “If it don’t go chrome it!” we would say that about cars that never really had the edge. Make it look good and show it off instead, if it wasn’t… Go To Full Article

Tech-Mods Memory Giveaway II

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Well and Corsair are at it again, we would like to give you a chance at winning 1 full Gbyte of XMS4400C2.5PT (2x512mbs) Matched set. Review URL: Go To Full Article

Unreal Tournament 2004 Patch 3355 Released, Republic Dawn: & More

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- Unreal Tournament 2004 Patch 3355 Released - Namco Ships Ace Combat Advance and Klonoa 2 - Republic Dawn: The Chronicles of the Seven Announced Go To Full Article

SkyHawk IMC6375 865G SFF Platform.

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The small form factor (SFF) PC market is very popular and extremely competitive these days. Sky Hawk traditionally is known for their PC cases, however they do manufacturer other computer products, one of which is SFF PCs. The IMC6375 chassis… Go To Full Article

The Current State of nVidia SLI - SLI Part 3

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But for now were stuck asking many questions, to the only ones who know the answers, nVidia: In the future do you plan on releasing more products with issues like these? Will newer drivers… Go To Full Article

Next ATI card will have 512MB memory

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WE EXPECT that ATI will be making an announcement, maybe as early this weekend, about a 512MB version of its X850 card. The evidence? Here's the rundown... Go To Full Article

Intel Unveils 64-bit Pentium 4 for the Masses

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As expected, Intel Corp. revealed Monday its new family of Intel Pentium 4 processors that sport 64-bit capability in addition to power-saving technology and large cache on-die cache memory pool. The new chips drive 64-bit computing into the masses, about… Go To Full Article

CHAINTECH VNF4 ULTRA Zenith VE Available in stores

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Straight from ( Go To Full Article


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DFI latest socket 939 offering pairs the power of the nForce4 chipset with PCI-Express based SLI. Read on to see how well this board does against the rest of the nForce4 SLI crowd. Go To Full Article

HIS Radeon X800XL PCIe

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What is the next best option after the RADEON X800 PRO which has 12 pipelines? If you are willing to fork up to S$750, the HIS RADEON X800 XL is a noteworthy choice. The HIS RADEON… Go To Full Article

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