AMD's Socket AM3 Phenom II processors

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Fortunately, although the change is no small accomplishment for AMD, it is relatively simple in the grand scheme of things. The Phenom II's memory controller has been modified to add support for DDR3 memory, mainly. Another happy consequence of the… Go To Full Article

320Gb Laptop 2.5" HDD Roundup

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We managed to get our hands on six HDD models in 2.5-inch form-factor with 320GB storage capacity. This capacity is not record-breaking, but definitely one of the most demanded, so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to check out the highs… Go To Full Article

Intel to Bundle Solid State Drives with Core i7 CPUs

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In a bid to popularize sales of solid-state drives, Intel Corp. has reportedly started to bundle its SSDs with its latest Intel Core i7 central processing units. Since both products are targeted at performance-demanding enthusiasts, such bundles make a great… Go To Full Article

Nvidia demos Tegra running Android

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NVIDIA'S TEGRA HAS gone paranoid Android at MWC. The firm was earlier seen showing off its Tegra system on chip (SoC), running Google's Android OS and boasting about the firm's new Tegra 600 series platform which purportedly enables a $99,… Go To Full Article

Samsung's 7Gb/s GDDR5 in 50nm Mass Production, Targets 40nm GPUs

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Korean DRAM giant Samsung has been making a lot of technology announcements recently. It touted its high density 4Gb DDR3 chips last month, and showed off its advanced 40nm process for producing 2Gb DDR3 that it plans to introduce by… Go To Full Article

Galaxy Introduces GeForce GTX260+ With Xtreme Tuner

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Today Galaxy unveils GeForce GTX260+ 216SP Graphics Card cooled by Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo VGA cooler. Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo cooler features 4 heatpipes and dual fan, which has proved to deliver great cooling performance. Besides, Galaxy non-reference GTX260+ will… Go To Full Article

Mobile GPU battle heating up

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AMD has already announced their Mobility Radeon HD 4000 line-up last month, but availability is still scarce. The MSI GT725 notebook is already listed at Amazon (here & here) for pre-order and according to Amazon, the notebook will be in-stock… Go To Full Article

AMD Phenom X4 pushed to 6.6Ghz by Sampsa, SF3D and Macci

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The so far most impressive result is with 3DMark06 where the processor was pushed up to close 6GHz and despite vaguely overclocked graphics cards managed to score 34,255 points. Only 1,000 points from the world record set with Intel's Core… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 4890 Pricing and Specifications Detailed

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The specifications listed in the table are for the standard version of Radeon HD 4890 and not the OC version of the card. The overclocked version, HD 4890 OC, will offer 25-30% higher performance and will certainly need higher clock… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Geforce GTS 240 will get higher clockspeeds than 9800 GT

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The 9800 GT runs at 600MHz with 1500MHz shaders and 900MHz GDDR3 memory by default. When the card is reborn as the GeForce GTS 240, Expreview says it will have a 675MHz GPU speed, 1688MHz shader speed, and 1100MHz memory… Go To Full Article

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