AMD Athlon FX60

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With that said, with the exception of one multi-tasking scenario, the Athlon 64 FX-60 is the fastest all-round processor on the planet. The Pentium Extreme Edition 955 may be attractive to someone who often finds themselves wanting to do more… Go To Full Article

Analyst claims AMD will outgrow Intel in 2006

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INTEL WILL FACE further challenges from AMD during 2006, financial analyst Eric Ross predicted. He said on the CNBC financial TV channel that AMD’s technology will continue to challenge Intel during this year, and that while the… Go To Full Article

Dell Quad SLI described as a publicity stunt

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ONE OF THE more glitzy announcements at the recent CES show was the release of Quad SLI, currently a Dell exclusive brought to you by, er the good folks at Dell. While any rig that consumes more power than a… Go To Full Article

Intel confirms 1333MHz bus for Woodcrest

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CHIP GIANT Intel has told its OEM partners that it will launch the Woodcrest server processor with a 1333MHz front side bus in the third quarter of this year. However, there are indications Intel will try and pull this launch… Go To Full Article

Dousing Your Athlon FX-55 With Eight Gallons Of Cooking Oil?

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Common sense dictates that submerging your high-end PC in cooking oil is not a good idea. But, of course, engineering feats and science breakthroughs were made possible by those who dared to explore the realms of the non-conventional. Members of… Go To Full Article

First Notebooks with Blu-Ray, HD DVD Drives Unveiled.

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Mobile computers capable of next-generation DVD playback were formally unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show. Toshiba naturally demonstrated HD DVD-supporting Qosmio notebook, whereas HP decided to take both sides following reject of its proposal by Blu-ray development group and aim… Go To Full Article

OCZ PC2-4200 1GB Gold GX XTC

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Intel Pentium XE955 @ 6.6GHz

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We just posted a news article about Robert "Crotale" Kihlberg, Swedish Overclocking Champion, latest attempt with overclocking Intel's latest Pentium Extreme Edition 955. With liquid nitrogen he managed to bring the processor up to 6609MHz(!). A round… Go To Full Article

Zalman Fatal1ty FS-V7 Graphics Card Cooler

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Thermaltake Bach Media LAB HTPC Case

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Do you have a HTPC? If you are reading this review you probably do and are considering upgrading, or maybe you are thinking about building a HTPC. Either way, this case will satisfy most who are interested in using standard… Go To Full Article

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