HTPCnews Holiday Giveaways

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Anyways, we've teamed up with multiple companies to give away a nice HTPC starter kit that includes: SageTV PVR Software Hauppauge PVR500 (Dual Tuner (hardware encoding)) Streamzap Remote And we've got another… Go To Full Article

ABIT Fatal1ty Time Trials™ @ CPL Winter 2004 Championships

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Over $8,000 in sponsored prizes up for grabs ABIT Computer Corp, along with Fatal1ty, Creative Labs, Zalman, Kingston, LG Electronics and Auravision invite you for an ultimate gaming experience at the ABIT… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake 350w PurePower Fanless PSU

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As you should know by now if you have read other articles by me I love a quiet system. Computer noise today in my opinion is unnecessary. While you can go out and buy the biggest baddest fan for your… Go To Full Article

Gamers Hell to start your weekend

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I of the Enemy v2.21 Demo - Elite Warriors: Vietnam Announced - Nintendo Boosts Shipments in US - Mario… Go To Full Article

Half-Life 2 Enhancer 1.0

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A nice tool for Half-Life 2 with the following features: - Special scripts and fixes - Apply Bullettime mode with "t" key - Apply elevator fix with "v" key - Disable… Go To Full Article

AeroCool GateWatch Fan Controller

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Fan controllers are nothing new. We’ve seen many variations on the theme... some fairly interesting for sure. But I have to say that from the moment I saw that AeroCool GateWatch, I was curious to set one… Go To Full Article

Micron Rev5B "C" Memory Module

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Since the advent of the Winbond BH5 chips about two years ago, no other memory chip has as large a claim to fame as the BH5. Those chips could run at 250MHz (500MHz DDR) at the tightest timings possible -… Go To Full Article

Five Large P4 Coolers

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CPU core temperatures were recorded by MBM. It's well known now that the reported on-die CPU temperature should be taken with a large grain of salt as it can vary from motherboard to motherboard. However for the purposes of our… Go To Full Article

VisionTek XTASY X800 XT

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PCI-Express continues to gain ground over AGP and will even more so once new Athlon64 chipsets (like nForce4) hit the shelves, but PCI-Express is still only really appealing to people who are getting the latest motherboards. Otherwise, there is no… Go To Full Article

Ultra 500W Titanium ATX PSU

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The Ultra 500W Titanium ATX Power Supply may not have a modular cabling system, or flashy fans or windows, or even sleeved cabling for the most part, but it does have an excellent titanium mirror finish and good Go To Full Article

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