Availability of AMD Processors to Improve in March

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Advanced Micro Devices not only increased its market share significantly in the last quarter of 2005, but also found itself unable to supply enough its processors to clients. According to Ingram Micro, the world’s largest distributor of AMD processors, the… Go To Full Article

ECS PF5 Extreme

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From a feature perspective ECS offers a very well rounded board with the PF5 Extreme. Having one Gigabit and one Fast Ethernet port is exactly the combination which I think is a good compromise between speed and price. Getting six…

The Year of the HTPC

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If this year's Consumer Electronics Show showed me anything about computers, it was that this is going to be the year of the home theater PC (HTPC). With over 2500 exhibitors and a few million square feet of floor space,…

Maxx Fan Controller

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If you have more than 4 fans (or have some obnoxiously loud fans), then most likely a fan controler could do you some good. Fan controllers are available in many different sizes and shapes, and feature different lights and goodies.…

Asus EN7800GT Top Silent

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Rather than going down the Zalman route - a design that a lot of other manufacturers have copied with varying results - and run the heatpipes from the GPU to the back of the graphics card, Asus has…

Vantec Vortex 2 HDD Cooler

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Keeping your hard drive at a healthy temperature is essential in prolonging it's life, and in keeping your data safe. We are taking a look at another Vantec HDD cooler called the Vortex 2, and we have high hopes for…

AMD's Socket M pixellated

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WE WON'T tell you too much about AMD's new socket but you have to know that it will accommodate future socket M CPUs. It is scheduled for a Q2 2006 launch. These CPUs will support dual Channel DDR 2 memory.

Seagate 7200.9 160GB: The Highest Platter Density to Date!

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Performance-wise, the 160GB 7200.9 is not a top performer when it comes to game level loading and File Zip and Unzip operations, but it's still far from the bottom of the barrel. Seagate's newest platter design, at 160GB, proves to…

Intel D975XBX: Intel brings their Bad-Axe to Market

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The Intel D975XBX is an interesting solution for the Intel Enthusiast at this time. The performance of the board was average or below in all testing phases while stability was superb. In fact, unless we were overclocking the board past…

ATI's New Leader in Graphics Performance: The Radeon X1900 Series

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The numbers really do speak for themselves: the X1900XTX is an incredible part. In the end, the difference in performance between the X1900XT and XTX versions was so small that it's hard for us to see how anyone could justify…

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