Windows 7 RC 32-bit vs Windows Vista SP1 32-Bit

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The overall takeaway sounds like a mixed message: Windows 7 RC1 consistently beat Vista in raw benchmarks by a small margin, and lagged slightly behind Vista in some very real world measures. Go To Full Article

Sapphire prepping Radeon HD 4890 with 1Ghz GPU

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Sapphire has three iterations of custom card-cooling, encompassing the Vapor-X (non-overclocked), Toxic (pre-overclocked), and Atomic (crème de la crème, pre-overclocked). The Atomic usually ships with the swanky cooler and bundle - aluminium case, anyone? - and increases clock-speeds on all… Go To Full Article

MSI and ASUS turned their backs on NVIDIA's ION

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According to our info, two big players in the netbook and nettop industry, Asus and MSI chose to skip Nvidia's ION party. We guess that Intel is just a better friend than Nvidia in these tough times and as we… Go To Full Article

Microsoft discusses XP Mode in detail

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As part of the upcoming Windows 7 Release Candidate milestone, Microsoft will release a beta version of Windows XP Mode, which allows users of Windows 7 Professional and above to launch many older Windows XP productivity applications directly from their… Go To Full Article

GPU-Z 0.3.4 released, adds voltage reading for HD 4890

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* Fixed RV740 Bugs: ROP count, shader count, real-time core clock, BIOS dump size * Fixed number of transistors on RV790 * Fixed BIOS reading on RV790 * NVIDIA driver version is returned correctly on Windows 7 Go To Full Article

Intel sponsored Overclocking Movie on Youtube!

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Asus first with factory overclocked HD 4770 Video Card

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The Radeon HD 4890 card aside, AMD isn't very fond of partners overclocking its graphics card from factory. This is also why we haven't seen any factory overclocked version of Radeon HD 4770 yet. ASUS intends to change this as… Go To Full Article

ATI HD 4770 Review

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The Radeon HD 4850, I think we can agree, is a pretty good graphics card. Since its arrival, the 4850 has set the tempo for much of the graphics card market by delivering strong performance for the price, along with… Go To Full Article

Microsoft: Pirated Windows 7 Will Still Get Updates

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Microsoft earlier this week clarified that all versions of Windows, both legitimate and illegitimate, receive security updates – and that policy will carry over to Windows 7. “There seems to be a myth that Microsoft limits security updates to… Go To Full Article

ATI HD 4770 512Mb (€89) beats 8800 GTS 640Mb (€300 once upon a time)

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_C2D E8400oc @ 4Ghz -4X1Go de DDR2 PC8500 "G.Skill" _CM P5K/EPU _DD WD 640Go _Samsung SyncMaster 245B Go To Full Article

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