Kingston HyperX DDR3-2000 CL8 KHX2000C8D3T1K3/6GX 6GB Memory Kit

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The HyperX line-up of memory hasn’t always been the first choice by enthusiasts; not to say that the memory is poor in anyway, it’s just that the likes of Corsair, OCZ and G.Skill usually push their memory modules faster and… Go To Full Article

Lian Li PC-P50 Armorsuit

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With the PC-P50 Lian Li presents an aluminium midi tower which comes with practical features as well as a slightly revised design. Wether the final product is able to convince or not, that's what you can find… Go To Full Article

Asus HD 5970 Voltage Tweak Edition

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With each new generation of GPU we see better designs capable of cranking out more FPS and handling new levels of DirectX. The 58xx series from ATI/AMD is no exception. The first GPU's we saw in that line were the… Go To Full Article

Sapphire Radeon HD 5970 2GB Overclock Edition review

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A reference Radeon HD 5970 finds itself clocked lower in terms of both core and memory speeds than the Radeon HD 5870 despite otherwise making use of two full Cypress cores with all of their Stream Processors, texture units, ROPs… Go To Full Article

New Pogoplug multimedia sharing device introduced

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Cloud Engines recently introduced the second version of its Pogoplug multimedia sharing device, offering users the ability to connect multiple USB HDDs to the Internet. Once connected to the Pogoplug, users have access to file sharing and… Go To Full Article

xb elegant edition casemod: the xbox 360 gets boxy

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Designed by Sweden’s Industri Repro, the XBEE (XB Elegant Edition) offers a complete retrofit for the look of the Xbox 360, putting its guts inside a streamlined rectangular box that would look great in any media room equipment rack alongside… Go To Full Article

GeForce 310 = GeForce 210

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Two new GeForce cards have just appeared on NVIDIA’s site, the GeForce 310 and 205. Reserved (in theory) for OEMs, the labelling of these two cards is, to say the least, surprising, the GeForce 310, first in the 300 series,… Go To Full Article

Windows 7 vs Gaming: XP vs 7, 32-bit vs 64-Bit, More than 800 results

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After looking at all the figures, it seems clear that Windows 7 won't have too many problems on the gaming front, giving equal or even better performance than the earlier operating systems. Gamers won’t have any qualms about transferring over.… Go To Full Article

Noctua NH-D14 vs Thermalright IFX-14 - Tested on S1366 Core i7 920

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As you will see, the new Noctua flagship solution is one step ahead of Thermalright IFX-14 in all test modes. In quiet mode with one 140 mm fan NH-D14 is 3°C more efficient than the competitor, and in almost all… Go To Full Article

ASUS Intros Three 760G Micro-ATX Value Motherboards

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Taiwanese heavyweight Asus has recently added to its board lineup no less than three new microATX products powered by AMD's 760G chipset, the AM2-ready M4A78L-M LE, M4A78L-M and the AM3-packing M4A78LT-M LE. All these models feature an EPU (Energy Processing… Go To Full Article

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