Nexus WaveAir - external cooling solution when internal space is insufficient

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Nexus WaveAir - external cooling solution when internal space is insufficient The Nexus WaveAir is very suitable to get some fresh air… Go To Full Article

VAIO P doesn't have nothin' on these other awesome pocket-friendly PCs

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[center] We can't decide what's more hilarious: these pictures, or Sony's attempt to convince us we can fit the VAIO P in a jeans (or Jimmy Fallon's… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295: Leading the Pack

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Now that we have some hardware in our hands and NVIDIA has formally launched the GeForce GTX 295, we are very interested in putting it to the test. NVIDIA's bid to reclaim the halo is quite an interesting one. If… Go To Full Article

HyperSpace instant-on OS pops up while Windows boots

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"We've all been there: we power up our laptops and then find something else to do for several minutes or more while our computers boot up." Phoenix's pitch for HyperSpace may be just slightly hyperbolic, but the idea behind the… Go To Full Article

Powering a Google search

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Quote: Not long ago, answering a query meant traveling to the reference desk of your local library. Today, search engines enable us to access… Go To Full Article

Scythe's first ATX case details leaked: Scythe Fenriswolf Revealed

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Scythe's first ATX case details leaked: Scythe Fenriswolf Revealed The approx price in Germany will be 119EUR MSRP incl. VAT, so that means around 100EUR MSRP excl. VAT. We have built in a hand full… Go To Full Article

CoD: World at War Gameplay Performance and IQ

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From a performance standpoint, the game runs smoothly on a wide gamut of video cards, though slightly more graphically demanding than its predecessor. At 2560x1600, your best value for Call of Duty: World at War is, without a doubt....… Go To Full Article

Next generation Atom is all integrated

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We've learned that the next step in Atom development, especially when it comes to netbooks, is still single-core, but with more integration. The IGP graphics part and the rest of the chipset will get together with Atom,… Go To Full Article

WD's mammoth 2TB drive to launch this week

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Western Digital will launch its 2TB hard drive later this week, and it should be available immediately. The Caviar Green 2000GB WD20EADS drive features 32MB of cache, an 8.9ms seek time and it runs either at 7200… Go To Full Article

DirectX 11 cards in late 2009

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DirectX 11 is a feature of Windows 7 and the cards might actually come a few months before this OS ships. Nvidia and ATI are working on their DirectX 11 cards and some smaller players such as S3 should also… Go To Full Article

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