Xigmatek XP-S964 Copper Heatpipe 92mm CPU Cooler Review

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Ideally every CPU cooler should perform well, which most do. But in the age of advertising and marketing, consumers are easily mislead into believing a product will perform well just because of the company branding it. I have reviewed some… Go To Full Article

ASUS BC-1205PT Blu-ray ROM Drive

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I’m not going to lie to you – I’m a complete and utter Blu-ray fan boy, “down with HD DVD!!”; so when word came that the ASUS BC-1205PT Blu-ray ROM samples were ready to be shipped out it pretty much… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Armor Extreme Edition Quad FX Case Review

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Being constructed of 100% aluminum, it's easy to get a whole bunch of fingerprints on it and also has an abundance of working parts. The motherboard tray is non-removable, and covers the whole width and length of the interior case.… Go To Full Article

CoolerMaster CM690 Case Review

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CoolerMaster has always been one of the leaders in case design and each year they seem to push themselves to come up with even better designs than before. The CM690 is a perfect example of this. The elegant lines and… Go To Full Article

eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Update

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We have updated our calculator with latest video cards from NVIDIA and AMD (ATI); latest CPUs from Intel and AMD, including Barcelona and Tigerton. Added new features such, FB DIMMs and ability to select… Go To Full Article

SLI Under The Microscope: Vista vs. XP

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We thought it might be interesting to see what the numbers looked like for the extreme performance junkies in our midst, running dual-graphics SLI setups with high-end DX10 capable GeForce 8800 graphics cards. Is SLI mode on Vista still two… Go To Full Article

Quickly Deploy Software with Win-Get

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Imagine downloading and installing Firefox, AVG Antivirus, Ad-Aware and Spybot by typing only four commands in DOS. If you know the basics of BAT scripting you can make it so all you have to do is press a… Go To Full Article

Sun Solaris Express Developer 9/07

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The quarterly release of Solaris Express Developer Edition is now available for download. Among the new features in Solaris Express Developer Edition 9/07 is a new Solaris installer, a GUI utility for DTrace with Sun Studio 12,… Go To Full Article

Antec Fusion Black 430

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In the past we have had the opportunity to review many of Antec’s products, including their computer enclosures and power supplies. Generally we have been extremely happy with the performance of these products, and today we will be reviewing one… Go To Full Article

Nanoxia FX Fan Series Review

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The Nanoxia FX Fan Series arrived Technic3D. The Fans in a black/green Design for quiet running and long-life? See you the following Review. Go To Full Article

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