Athlon 64 4000+, FX-55 to arrive October

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AMD WILL LAUNCH The Athlon64 4000+ and FX-55 on October 11th. Both appear to be 130 nanometre parts. The 3000+ and 3200+ are available now Go To Full Article

XP SP2 Can Slow Down Business Apps

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Mobile PC magazine installed XP SP2 on a bunch of notebooks and benchmarked them, finding that SP2 caused a 9-percent performance reduction in business productivity apps. While a couple of notebooks performed better, the majority took a 3- to 22-percent… Go To Full Article

PQI Turbo 1GB Ultra Low Latency PC3200

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Recently, some high performance memory manufacturers have revisited good old DDR400 memory, and spruced it up for use with even today's fastest systems. The memory we're looking at today, PQI's Turbo 1GB Ultra Low Latency PC3200, is a perfect example… Go To Full Article

OKGear Multi-Function Enclosure Terminator

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Looking for a more convenient way to transfer files from work to home, yet a flash drive is not enough space? Try out OKGear’s Multi-Function Enclosure Terminator. With seductive looks and easy installation, you’ll be sure to give the Terminator… Go To Full Article

Buffalo Firestix PC4000

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Buffalo memory has been around for a while. I am not talking a few years, I mean for over a decade they have had their hands in memory module production. The interesting part is that just recently, within the past… Go To Full Article

OCZ PC3500EB Platinum

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OCZ's recently released PC3500EB Platinum Dual Channel Memory kit consists of two 512MB sticks, and comes from the familiar family of OCZ's Enhanced Bandwidth line of memory products. The timings of these two 512MB PC3500EB Platinum DIMM's are not the… Go To Full Article

Swiftech H20-120 Series Water Cooling Kit

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The Swiftech H20-120 Series Water Cooling Kit is a basic kit which includes one CPU Waterblock & a Radiator. However, additional waterblocks & even an extra radiator can be added. The pump in this kit is an industrial model so… Go To Full Article

Evercool SCPA Fan Controller and ECS Review

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Given the upsurge in LAN gaming events where we all like to show off our PC's like miniature hot-rods, it's not uncommon for the once utilitarian fan controller to be sporting a billion blinking LEDs of every imaginable colour. The… Go To Full Article

In search of stupidity

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Why are people so stupid? By "people", here, I don't mean the great mass of folk who, unlike us, lack perfect knowledge of all important things. Like what CAS latency is, and how low to aim for… Go To Full Article

Miniature Car PC MOD

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But what impresses me most was how much he spent to produce this masterpiece. Jun claims the cost for making this mod was a mere $50 dollars. Ok, just to clarify how cheap that is… You… Go To Full Article

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