Thermaltake Eclipse DV V6000

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I have to applaud Thermaltake here. They have once again innovated and not just released ‘another’ case. The integrated slim optical drive in the front is really cool, and makes for a great media case, if you have the room.…

Intel shows off its quad core

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Just as the bragging rights for dual-core chip supremacy are dying down, Intel gave the first glimpse of a quad-core chip coming next year. Clovertown, a four-core processor, will start shipping to computer manufacturers late this…

True 3D Display Technology Demonstrated in Japan

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The Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) announced an exciting breakthrough in optoelectronics -- a working three dimensional display. The display does not rely on any sort of optical illusion or disorientation. Instead, infrared lasers are…

ATI fanbois pursue Nvidia's maths

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NVIDIA released its latest sales material showing its GTX 512 card is beating the X1900XTX. That is what Nvidia wants its customers to believe, but we can tell you that XTX tops Nvidia's performance in most of the…

HDD Lifespan: How Much Left?

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Sad, but true is that computer components do not last forever. Even though a burnt down central processing unit (CPU) or graphics card is always an unpleasant thing to happen, nothing could compare to a broken hard disk drive (HDD).…

Intel’s Woodcrest to Reach 2.93GHz by Year End

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Intel Corp.’s forthcoming micro-architecture promises to be tailored for both high frequencies and increased performance per clock, which will be the reason why the flagship server microprocessor Woodcrest will come out with up to 2.93GHz clock-speed, not much lower compared…

Nvidia’s Multi-GPU Tech Set to Reach Laptops

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Nvidia Corp. along with its partners among the makers of laptops may be gearing up to release portable computers featuring two graphics processing units (GPUs) working in multi-GPU tandem to achieve unbelievable performance. The introduction of such machines will allow…

Logisys Silver Case-51W ATX Case

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Budget enclosures are a dime a dozen, and it’s hard to find one that stands out in the crowd. One case that caught my attention recently is Logisys’s popular Case-51W. This mid-tower case has plenty of room for tons of…

Display problem affecting some Intel iMacs

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Apple Computer said Friday that it is looking into reports that a video problem with the new Intel-based iMac is preventing some graphics from displaying properly. The issue, which has been the subject of a number…

BIOS Optimization Guide Rev. 8.8.1

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This will bring the FREE BIOS Optimization Guide Rev. 8.8.1 to more than 330 BIOS features! This release features these 3 new BIOS features :- - MCLK Spread Spectrum - USB Flash Disk…

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