Mr. Intel, Ms. AMD, where's my performance?

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So despite all of the new technologies such as Serial-Ata, HyperThreading and 64-bit instruction sets that were introduced over the past two years, the net result is only a slight increase in performance. Full article: Go To Full Article

Akasa PaxPower

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With the latest computer systems consuming more power than ever before, especially due to x16 PCI Express placing a strain on the power supply, a low-grade PSU will simply fail. In this article, we are going to be testing the… Go To Full Article

Steelpad S&S Mousepad

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could immediately tell the difference the mousepad made. Small movements were so much more accurate it was incredible. I made several kills that I probably wouldn't have made using my previous setup (no mousepad), as the mousepad made me much… Go To Full Article

Latest Bios updates

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We have the latest bios updates listed by brand: - ASUS has 18 new bios updates, - ABIT has 10 new bios updates, - EPOX has 13 new bios updates and … Go To Full Article

Imation 1GB USB 2.0 Swivel Flash Drive

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If you have a USB flash drive, you probably have a little cap you have to keep track of when you use the device. Imation has a solution for this hassle and risk (we all lose little things, after all)… Go To Full Article

10 Tips To Safe Online Shopping

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The internet has changed our buying habits. Many people have found the convenience of online shopping to be a great experience. You can easily click and see the product. You have a fun time shopping, browsing, reading and getting informed… Go To Full Article

DFI LANPArty 925X-T2

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DFI® has built a leadership in the global market that spans 23 years.With this experience DFI has reached milestones that have proven track records of success by spearheading the development of leading edge standards. To augment… Go To Full Article

Chenming ATX-602 Aluminium Case Review Rev. 1.1

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What makes a good case? Build quality? Accessibility? Space? The enthusiast would probably choose all of those criteria. Of course, it should also be reasonably priced, for those of us not blessed with deep pockets! This brings… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Tsunami vs. Shark

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Nach langer Zeit gibts auf mal wieder etwas Neues. Wir haben uns mehrere Gehäuse mit 120mm Lüftern angesehen. Die ersten beiden Kandidaten sind zwei Gehäuse von Thermaltake: das Tsunami Dream Case und das Shark Case. Zwei Aluminum Midi Go To Full Article

HKC 775CA 17in Flat CRT Monitor

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The monitor itself has a unique look, two shades of matte black mix with matte and chrome silver for interesting styling. The monitor’s swivel mount was slightly difficult to clip on at first, and I was reminded as… Go To Full Article

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