Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse

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Are you a hardcore gamer that still uses the basic, bland mouse? Are you looking to add improvements to your gameplay, so you don't look like a noob online? Logitech's MX510 Series of mice are great, but they looked to… Go To Full Article

XGI Technology Shows Off Volari 8300

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XGI Technology, a designer of graphics processors who is based in Taipei, Taiwan, showcased at CeBIT 2005 its latest technology – the code-named XG47 graphics processor which is expected to be marketed under Volari 8300 brand-name. The chip is designed… Go To Full Article

AMD Dual Core Processor Plans

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At the recent Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, AMD had a suite at a hotel across the street. In it they met with the press to discuss their plans for the dual core transition that is coming to the… Go To Full Article

Intel Desktop Roadmaps D is for Different sort of Desktop

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WHEN INTEL introduces its 840 PPXE dual core processor in the second quarter of this year, it will charge its original equipment manufacturers $999, according to the latest roadmaps seen by the INQ Go To Full Article

Abit and Epox confirm Nforce 3/4 problem

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EPOX AND ABIT confirmed our previous news where we reported that Nforce 3 and 4 have some problems with Athlon revision E CPUs. These companies also confirmed that it can be fixed at the BIOS level so it won't be… Go To Full Article

Intel dual core may play games slower

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CURRENT GAMES don't care much about multithreading and dual core processing. That's the biggest problem that Intel has to face now at the dawn of its dual core CPU generation. Intel's soon to be announced Smithfield is going… Go To Full Article

Socket Manufacturer Makes Socket 775 Sturdier

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Intel’s original Socket 775 for the latest breed of Pentium and Celeron series processors received numerous blames from mainboard makers as well as end-users for certain problems. But a maker of sockets from Taiwan believes it had tackled all the… Go To Full Article

[M] Scheduled Downtime from 1AM 19/03 (GMT+1)

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Our webhosting will be performing some service upgrades to our [MAD] webserver ( Go To Full Article

TDK outlines 50GB Blu-ray disk plans

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STORAGE GIANT TDK is developing a double layer Blu-ray disk which will store 50GB of data, the Nikkei Business Daily reports. And it has also developed a Blu-ray recordable disk which uses silicon and copper alloy which is ready… Go To Full Article

ThrottleWatch™ 2.2: CPU Throttling Detection

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ThrottleWatch™ 2.02 is released. The VID (Voltage ID) information for P4 and Xeon processors now has a higher degree of accuracy. Also, the false detection of TM1 capabilities in certain Athlon64 processors has been fixed. Go To Full Article

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