NVIDIA Geforce GTX 280 listed at €575

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The first retailer has listed Nvidia's new GTX 280 and thanks to this early bird we now have a general idea about GTX 280 pricing. Unfortunately, the retailer wasn't kind enough to show some specs or even the picture of… Go To Full Article

Lian Li PC-V2110

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For the V-series of cases, most of the revisions are centered on functionality rather than radical changes in aesthetics. The clean look that is synonymous with Lian Li remains intact. Internal graphics card holders, hard drive cages, and intake fans… Go To Full Article

Powercolor is now a mobo company

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POWERCOLOR HAD A lot of toys out in force at Computex including a few that no one else did. They also are jumping into the mobo game as well, welcome to the fight guys. The first thing… Go To Full Article

[M] MSI Contest Second Round Half-Time Update

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1st Jip : 47797 (9??/11??) 2nd Massman&Blind : 46123 (904/1134) 3rd OneyeDK's : 42880 (837/1107) Go To Full Article

Corsair Voyager Mini Introduced

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Unfortunately, due to its smaller size, it will only come in a 4GB capacity option. Unlike its larger Voyager brothers, the new Voyager Mini will use a cap-free retractable connector design. The Voyager Mini is going to use a rubberized… Go To Full Article

A History of Copy Protection

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With bandwidth expanding and more and more games publishers exploring digital distribution, there's little doubt that we're entering a new phase in the history of copy protection and those who would defeat it. What's more, the demand for games as… Go To Full Article

Star Trek HoloDeck 1.0 - HoloVizio 3D Makes Its Debut

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Star Trek: The Next Generation's holodeck allowed crewmembers to walk through their childhood home, re-enact famous historical events or watch performances of famous plays. It was also a consistent source of story lines for Star Trek writers who had nothing… Go To Full Article

MSI P45 Diamond

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Today. we take a look on MSI’s upcoming P45 Diamond motherboard that is equipped with Intel latest EagleLake chipset aka P45. The new chipset brings official support for 1333MHz FSB along with the option to use DDR3-1333MHz. We say option… Go To Full Article

Samsung F1 750GB & 1TB Drives: Fast... and Silent?

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Samsung F1s are the top performing 7200RPM desktop drives of the day. We put the 750G and 1TB models through their paces in SPCR's acoustics chamber to find out whether they can take the low noise crown. Go To Full Article

MSI RX3870-T2D512E OC Videocard Review

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With both AMD and Nvidia readying a new arsenal of videocards, the real battle for GPU supremacy won't be fought until later this summer. In the meantime, gamers are enjoying attractive price points nearly across the board, and unlike days… Go To Full Article

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