Aspire X-Plorer ATX Case

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Quote: As we are winding up our "Case Round-Up" we wanted to include just a couple more cases before we crown a winner in our "Best… Go To Full Article

Samsung Yepp YP-MT6Z 1GB MP3 Player

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The Yepp YP-MT6Z goes for a remarkably affordable price compared to just a year or two ago, given its 1GB of internal flash memory. Furthermore, in a rare move of consumer friendly design, the Yepp YP-MT6Z is powered by a… Go To Full Article

ThermalRock Circle Full Tower

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I think it looks much better than some of the cases out there in terms of uniqueness. It will also be a conversation piece as most people will look at it and wonder what it is. ... … Go To Full Article

XG Sidewinder ATX Case

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Looking for a cool-looking case that's solidly built and comes with loads of accessories right out of the box? Then you should perhaps take a look at the XG Sidewinder ATX case! Join Goofy today as… Go To Full Article

Intel 840 – Duality Strikes

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We have all watched as Intel and now AMD bring out dual-core, single-die processors for the general consumer market. We have all marveled at the idea of having up to four process threads with the aid of hyper… Go To Full Article

FarCry 64-bit

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We’ve got the new 64-bit patch for FarCry and we take it for a spin in WinXP Pro x64 Edition on an AMD Athlon64 CPU. Read inside to find out what the AMD Athlon64 CPU can do when running a… Go To Full Article

Dual Core Processors - Why Now?

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The final topic is overclocking and once again, the problems with increasing the frequency. According to the speaker, overclocking on a dual core chip means that better cooling is not a choice but will be mandatory as current draw goes… Go To Full Article

AeroCool AeroPower 550watt Power Supply

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Are you having feelings of upgrading that old system of yours or building a new o*ne? Do you think you need that powerful processor, VGA card and all those drives? Perhaps you are simply tired of your system and want… Go To Full Article

Msi Nx6600gt-td128e

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MSI has put out a very good product with their NX6600GT. It looks good with the red PCB and the MSI standard gold heatsink. The cards performed flawlessly through a barrage of tests with absolutely no hiccups, and… Go To Full Article

Linksys Phone Adapter PAP2

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The New Linksys Phone Adapter, combined with a subscription to a specific VoIP service plan, turns your existing Internet connection into a high-quality phone line for placing and receiving phone calls. The phone adapter comes equipped with two standard phone… Go To Full Article

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