RaBiT - Radeon ATI BIOS Tuner

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RaBiT (Radeon ATI BIOS Tuner) is a BIOS Info/Editor utility designed for all ATI Radeon Graphic Cards. This Tool is designed to give you as much details as possible about an ATI BIOS. As it is know, the ATI Radeon… Go To Full Article

NiBiTor - nVidia BIOS Editor

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NiBiTor (nVidia BIOS Editor) is a BIOS Info/Editor utility designed for all nVidia GeForce Graphic Cards. The tool has been designed to check the initial clock speeds of the nVidia BIOSes and also allows some modification of those. So with… Go To Full Article

AMD setting itself up for a fall

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AMD HAS DONE so well for itself over the last two years that it could almost be forgiven for thinking that the main battle is over. It has what is generally considered the fastest desktop processor on the market in… Go To Full Article

Nvidia fails WHQL tests but Catalyst certified

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An Nvidia WHQL FUD document against Catalyst claimed that after Catalyst 4.8 driver, ATI will need to remove their optimisations or it will lose its WHQL stamp. The Catalyst 4.9 driver is out and ATI still has WHQL, meaning that… Go To Full Article

R500 to be ready at end of Q1 2005

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THE NEXT GENERATION Xbox chip will be ready as soon as the end of the first quarter of next year. This chip comes as a derivatove of the R520 chip better known under its code name Fudo and… Go To Full Article

First 3DMark05 Results spotted?

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I was browsing the Futuremark forums and these numbers were posted from a German Hardware Magazine, while I was reading through the thread it was deleted.. here's what I had in my clipboard, have no systems specs or anything...…

Albatron K8X800 Pro II Version 2.0 Motherboard

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The Albatron K8X800 Pro II v2 has working multiplier settings, 1.9 max vcore, 2.9 max DIMM voltage but still lacks working AGP and PCI dividers. The Albatron K8X800 Pro II v2 motherboard is a solid piece of hardware. Bundling so… Go To Full Article

ATI readies 'Radeon Xpress' Athlon 64 chipset

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ATI will ship its first PCI Express chipsets next month, initially targeting AMD processors, followed by Intel-oriented versions in November. And the new chipsets will ship under a new brand, Radeon Xpress. So claims… Go To Full Article

Water & Air cooling misconceptions

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* Does aluminium dissipate better heat in the air than copper? * In which direction to put the elements? If I put the radiator before the waterbloc I will damage my pump? * Does the flow in a… Go To Full Article

Intel's Laptop Art - Extreme Modding!

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We take a look at art projects from students in Amsterdam, based around Centrino notebooks. Go To Full Article

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