ABIT Unveils CPU Accelerator Technology on AA8XE series, AA8-DuraMAX and AG8

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November 9, 2004 – As the pioneer of overclocking, ABIT has introduced countless features that allow users to get the most out of their systems. From SoftMenu™, the world’s first jumperless BIOS, to OTES™ cooling and OC strips, ABIT hardware… Go To Full Article

Abit Av8

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With the recent release of the new 90nm core of the A64 socket 939 chip, and the hopes of higher overclocks with the new, we will likely see a rush of people who have been waiting to change platforms finally… Go To Full Article

ATI Proprietary Linux Driver 3.14.6

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HyperTransport™ Consortium Announces New HyperTransport Expansion Interface

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HTX™ Creates Low-latency, High-performance I/O Slot for High-Performance Systems SUNNYVALE, Calif., November 9, 2004 -- HyperTransport™ Technology Consortium, the nonprofit industry organization that manages and promotes low-latency HyperTransport technology, announced today that is has approved HTX™,… Go To Full Article

Official NVIDIA ForceWare 66.93 WHQL

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NVIDIA has now released their newest set of drivers, with the 66.93 WHQL Forceware drivers for Windows XP/2000! Dated November 9, 2004. WHQL Certified for GeForce 256 through GeForce 6 series. Release… Go To Full Article

Chartered Aims to Make AMD64 Microprocessors

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AMD and Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing on Tuesday announced they have entered into sourcing and manufacturing technology agreements whereby Chartered will implement under license portions of AMD’s Automated Precision Manufacturing (APM) software suite and become an additional manufacturing source of AMD64… Go To Full Article

Bluetooth Boosts Its Transfer Rates

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The Bluetooth Special Interest Group announced the adoption of Bluetooth Core Specification Version 2.0 + Enhanced Data Rate, which brings up transfer speed, lowers power consumption and increases durability of the technology with multiple connections. The main… Go To Full Article

Paradigit Enjoy Y165 Media Center

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This Media Center is based on an Aopen XC Cube EX65-II Case with a big button on the front, which gives a blue light when the PC is running. Together with the rest of the metal perforated… Go To Full Article

Ninjalane WAN Party Nov 12-13

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Ninjalane is having an online get-together in the form of a WAN party this weekend. (LAN Party over the internet) The sudo rules and party times can be found in the Ninjalane Message Forum. Go To Full Article

ACRyan - Backy, Xneon Sata Cable, Blackfire4 Fan, and MORF Sleeving kit

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We have two new articles quickly covering 4 products from ACRyan including their Backy External Power Kit, Xneon SATA Cable, Blackfire4 120mm UV LED Fan, and their MORF UV PSU Sleeving Kit. Xneon SATA and Backy Review… Go To Full Article

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