ATI R520 scores 10K+ in 3Dmark05

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We got some numbers from this card and it turns out that R520 scores more than 10000 in 3Dmark05. We still don't know its clock speeds but we know the score. For what we know Nvidia can not mach this… Go To Full Article

EPoX® High-End AMD Motherboard Series wins Award

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In 2005 there were 11 winners for various product packaging types, and EPoX Computer, won for a series of its mainboard packaging designs. This award states further the position of EPoX Computer’s packaging designs and their massive outward suitability for… Go To Full Article

Flashy Waterblocks: Some Precision Work

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Battlepad Sortie Mouse Mat

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Another thing I said, I was skeptical about was the size and being able to keep the mouse on the pad. Using this pad, your movements track very well so your not rolling over a huge surface, movement is well… Go To Full Article

OCZ PC5000 DFI edition

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The modules are rated at an astonishing PC5000, which is roughly 313MHz (626MHz DDR) in laymans terms. OCZ guarantee the memory to run at 3.0-4-4-10 at those speeds, and we suspect that you will be able to achieve more than… Go To Full Article

Samsung SyncMaster 243T

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With the prices of TFTs tumbling, it won't be long before some of the high end panels will be within the reach of the "prosumer". Additionally, many of these panels are now labelled as "cinema screens", with a widescreen aspect… Go To Full Article

AMD; Down On It's Luck Again with Apple

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Those of us aware of AMD’s tremendous potential as a chipmaker have to be disappointed by Apple’s recent news that it has chosen Intel as the sole chip provider for its Macintosh computers. In addition to the Apple news, AMD… Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling Ati Silencer 5- rev 2

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The design of the fan is like a turbine (but lets hope without the noise) but forces the air over the block and out of the rear. This of coarse means this cooler takes up 2 pci slots, the backing… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Big Typhoon Silent CPU Cooler

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Good heatsinks are a little hard to come by these days as CPUs get hotter and hotter. We either get good performers at high noise levels or "ok" performers at low noise levels. Today, we look at ThermalTake's Big Typhoon,… Go To Full Article

ATI's Mobility(tm) Radeon® X800 XT Unleashes the Ultimate Mobile Gaming Experience

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Mobility(tm) Radeon® X800 XT sets the performance gold standard for today's cutting-edge DirectX® 9 games MARKHAM, ON/ Munich, Germany - June 6, 2005 - ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ:ATYT), the industry leader in notebook…

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