nForce 790i Ultra chipset costs US$115

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If you've wondered why the nForce 790i based motherboards are so expensive, we can tell you that it's all down to the chipset, as Nvidia is kind enough to charge its so called motherboard partners the neat sum of US$115… Go To Full Article

Ultra products hits head, sues PSU manufacturers

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Sometimes one has to wonder if there are companies out there that are just up to nothing else but getting patents for every kind of commonly used technology; and in this case it seems like Ultra products has scored a… Go To Full Article

VIA and SiS to not participate in Computex 2008

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After evaluating the balance between benefits and costs, chipset makers VIA Technologies and Silicon Integrated System (SiS) have decided not to participate in Computex 2008, according to sources at the two makers. In addition to previously reported personnel adjustments, SiS… Go To Full Article

AMD Tri core B3 Phenoms Prices Listed

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You can always count on some retailers / etailers to jump the gun when it comes to new stuff, and has a healthy habit of giving us something to write about. The German retail chain has… Go To Full Article

Beyond Crysis: Crytek Talks CryENGINE 2's Future

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Take the engine that powered last year's dazzling (and resource heavy) Crysis and put it in the hands of other developers and what do you get? That's the question that Crytek is looking to answer as it pushes into the… Go To Full Article

Japanese-Style Keyboards Look Almost Too Good for Typing

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These traditional Japanese-style keyboards are a class apart from the grey or white boringness of the average keyboard. As well as looking different, and neat these devices are even handmade for that extra "creative" touch. The gold one's damn attractive… Go To Full Article

AMD M88 is Mobility Radeon 3870

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ATI plans a lot of mobile cards for the midyear notebook refresh. There will be two major platform launches, Cantiga GM45 from Intel and Puma from AMD. Both of them will happen around Computex (June 2008) or should I say… Go To Full Article

Intel G45 DX10 to play World in Conflict

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G45 is Intel's new and much faster chipset and we've learned that this one will finally get a DirectX 10 driver. Again, I am about to laugh. Well let's be serious for a moment as Intel has… Go To Full Article

Intel Dual core Atom aims for Q3 2008

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Single core Atom integrated solutions are just around the corner and most of the launch platforms will go in ultra low cost notebooks such as MSI's Wind PC and Asus Eee PC 900. The desktop parts will… Go To Full Article

Asus officially announces HD 3850 Trinity

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Asus has officially announced its Trinity HD 3850, or triple RV670 graphics card branded EAH 3850 TRINITY/3DHTI/1.5G. This card is actually three RV670 MXM modules strapped onto a single PCB and cooled by a water-cooling solution. The… Go To Full Article

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