Thermalrock Eclipse Silver Case W/ Side Window - photo show

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ThermalRock Incorporation was established by a group of multinational Research & Design, and Marketing elites. We specialize in the design and manufacture of aluminum, copper and metallic alloy products that raise industry standards, while remaining cost effective. Our expertise in… Go To Full Article

Matrix Orbital MX6 Series PLED Kit

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After spending some time with Matrix Orbital's MX4 series of Character LCD kits, I nearly leaped out of my socks when word came that their new MX6 series was nearly ready for primetime. Promising higher contrast, lightning response times, and… Go To Full Article

OCZ May Ready Water-Cooling Solutions

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Continuing with our coverage of Insider Reports regarding OCZ today, another insider confirmed that OCZ might have plans to introduce a water-cooling solution sometime in the future to not only compete against the cooling manufacturers, but to also take a… Go To Full Article

Ergodex DX1 Input System

@ 2005/08/23 read/post comments(0) EXCERPT: "Enter the Ergodex Corporation and their DX1 Input System. The DX1 targets both gamers and task-oriented professionals as the alternative input device that alleviates many woes associated with the standard keyboard,…

OCZ Preps 750W PSU for Enthusiasts

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Remember the time when nearly every manufacturer went haywire with NVIDIA’s SLI launch. NVIDIA claimed users would need far superior systems (in terms of power) to successfully run graphics cards in SLI. It was the era of high-powered power supplies,… Go To Full Article

Aopen Pentium M Media Center board

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Once you get it working how you want it to and providing you don't intend to overclock, fiddle with the heatsink, multitask or use the motherboards' onboard smart fan controller, it will prove to be an excellent Media Center solution.… Go To Full Article

MGE Magnum 500 PSU

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The unit contains a temperature controlled fan, but even in the 85°F testing environment, the supply was still barley audible over the test systems other fans and drives. The unit feels very sturdy and sports a flashy metallic textured paint… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte X700 Pro Graphics Card

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The interesting thing about Gigabyte is that it offers graphics adapters from NVIDIA and ATI in two separate product lines. Some manufacturers feel that doing this would create competition within its own products, thereby yielding average financial results in the… Go To Full Article

Sharkoon Swift-Case external HDD case series

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four models for all current drives / refined aluminum chrome design / suggested retail price from 17.90€ Sharkoon presents an elegant new series of external USB HDD cases for mobile data transport. Whether for a… Go To Full Article

First Look at Zalman CNPS9500 LED: the Power of Air, the Efficiency of Water

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We would like to introduce to you a real masterpiece of the air cooling art designed by Zalman. This new baby, which was first showcased at the Computex 2005 has now reached our lab and simply impressed us with its… Go To Full Article

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