sli on a non sli board (nf4 ultra)

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Alright , folks, X'mas gift here SLI what? have you thought NF4 ultra also can do SLI ? How? Here is the deal! Don't know if other brand can do this BUT MSI NF4 Ultra does!… Go To Full Article

Intel's Mobile Computing + an exclusive interview

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In the near future, Intel is planning to launch the Alviso chipset, which will bring PCIe technology to the mobile market. Along with a powerful graphics solution and 533MHz FSB, we will certainly see a significant improvment in performance. Additionally,… Go To Full Article

ATake Laser LED

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It seems everybody is trying to add a little extra flash to their case. This is usually done by adding cold cathode light tubes, and fans with LEDs. These tend to light up the entire case very well.… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Forums Launched

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Nvidia has launched a forum! Go To Full Article

Afro-Li PC-69DD case

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The hot trendy new thing in the PC scene is all Aluminium cases. Despite Aluminium being one of the most abundant metals on earth, Lian-Li somehow manages to get people to pay over $225 per case. You could get 2… Go To Full Article

Comparative of Laing Water Pumps

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One thus will test 2 specific pumps manufactured by the firm Laing Thermotech, namely Dangerden Dd12v-d4 (alias Laing D4) and the any news that nobody has yet, Laing DDC . Comparative on various points will be carried out with Eheim… Go To Full Article

CaseBuy USB Vacuum Cleaner

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Heat is not the only enemy of PCs, especially hi-performance PCs built for gaming, but so is dust and dirt. Dust and dirt is bad for your hardware, and bad for you. Keeping your rig and work area free of… Go To Full Article

Casebuy EZ Power Supply Tester

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Whether it’s your average PC for reading E-Mail and surfing the Web, or a top-of-the-line game rig packed with the best (and most expensive) go-fast goodies money can buy, built to demolish the toughest benchmarks and run the most demanding… Go To Full Article

Kingston HyperX 1 GB KHX3200UL DDR

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Are you in the market for some blazing fast DDR?? Is your gaming rig craving that low latency performance?? Are you sick of flashy LEDs and marketing gimicks?? Then read on, because believe me, we have found just what you… Go To Full Article

A.C. Ryan Mod Roundup

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All of these products reviewed from AC Ryan are definitely competitive products to Vantec. Modding is becoming more and more popular and sleeving, lights, and fans are usually the first items that are upgraded. Sleeving works great… Go To Full Article

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