First Intel 965 vs 975 tests (Gigabyte vs. Asus)

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Despite the fact that benchmarks showed a mixed bag in terms of performance, coming up with a conclusion for the Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 turned out to be surprisingly simple. It is the most user friendly and feature packed (and I mean…

4 cores in 1,Conroe E6600 8Mb Cache,Kensfield result@MSI 975X

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First overclocking and performance tests by Coolaler at Xtremesystems; impressive results.

ATI R600 taped out - On schedule for Q4 2006

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WE JUST learned that ATI managed to tape out its next big chip. R600 is taped out and it works well, we're told. When we say big, it will be physically big, very fast and very marchitecturally advanced. It is…

Intel Life After "Conroe"

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No one would doubt that Intel's Core 2 Duo is perhaps one of the most hyped and anticipated processor launches since the K8. The processor, expected to start shipping on July 23, 2006, is Intel's first major transition in desktop…

Cooler Master Media 260 HTPC Case: One Step Away from Perfection

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If you need a compact system case that allows using standard hardware components and features clever design and ergonomics, then this review is for you. The solution we are going to talk about today is almost a perfect choice in…

Matrox Graphics Releases Multi-Monitor Tech for Thin Clients

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Matrox Graphics, a company that is mainly oriented on niche graphics solutions for professional usage, unveiled Tuesday its Epica solution package, which enables multi-monitor capability on thin clients, a feature, which was never be available earlier.

LanWar 2006 8 Best Case Mods

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There are always a few major events every year that become the modders deadlines where they slave away for hours with a Dremel in hand attempting to finish up their case by the upcoming LAN. On the east coast that…

LG V1-WCUP4 Core Duo Notebook

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LG recently unveiled a new notebook PC based on Intel’s Core Duo microprocessor with a 15” display with Fine Bright LCD, which is said to be 35 percent brighter than traditional LCD displays. The notebook also features ATI Radeon Xpress…

2.5 Inch Laptop Drive used on the Desktop

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With the transition to solid-state, totally silent, desktop drives still a long way off enthusiasts are always looking for better storage options for silent/power efficient computers. This article is going to examine the use of a 2.5" notebook hard drive…

Shuttle XPC SD36G5M VIIV Ready Small Form Factor PC

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Shuttle's got a new VIIV ready XPC system, and we had the chance to take a look at it and test it out. Featuring a VFD display, will this little toaster be all flash or worth the cash? Come and…

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