Synology DiskStation DS411 4-Bay NAS Server Review @

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Summer has wound down yet again, and just like the last two years we have a new Synology product to review. Synology has also just finished up beta testing of a new DiskStation firmware (DS 3.2), and there are some… Go To Full Article

Amazon Kindle (2011) Review @

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Over a decade after the first ebook readers launched, and four years after Amazon debuted the original Kindle, we finally have a device that could conquer the mainstream. At just $79, the fourth-generation Amazon Kindle is the least expensive, lightest,… Go To Full Article

iOS 5 reviewed: Notifications, iMessages, and iCloud, oh my!

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iOS 5 is now available to the public after having been teased for months. Unlike the last major update to the operating system (iOS 4), we think iOS 5 could be the most significant update to the iDevice line since… Go To Full Article

Apple iPhone 4S Reviews Start to Roll In

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Apple's iPhone 4S was announced last Tuesday, pre-orders started up last Friday, and the smartphones should start arriving at retail stores (and customer doors for those that pre-ordered) by on Friday. Although some Apple fanatics, Apple critics, and industry-folk were… Go To Full Article

Unlock Your Record Setting AMD FX Series Processor Today

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AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS. — 12 Oct., 2011 — AMD (NYSE: AMD) today unleashed the AMD FX family of CPUs, delivering a fully unlocked and customizable experience for desktop PC users. The AMD FX series of desktop CPUs includes the first-ever… Go To Full Article

AMD FX-8150 Review @ OCC

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At 4940MHz (229x21.5 @ 1.435V), I was able to navigate through the OS and game for hours, though the system was not fully stable due to the thermal load. To get Prime95 stable, I had to drop the clock speeds… Go To Full Article

AMD FX-8150 Bulldozer 8 Core CPU Review @ TechwareLabs

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Today AMD announces the Bulldozer CPU, it's first major release of micro architecture since the AMD 64. We have the FX-8150 strapped in for some testing and with 8 cores of multi-processing power at 3.6GHz we show you why the… Go To Full Article

AMD FX-8150 Bulldozer Processor @ Benchmark Reviews

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The days when AMD processors ruled the performance roost are long gone, and most enthusiasts have forgotten they ever existed. But less than a decade ago, the Athlon X2 dual-core processor thoroughly spanked Intel's first crude dual-core efforts, which were… Go To Full Article

Shi**y Marketing Killed the Bulldozer Star @ TT

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AMD hasn't launched Bulldozer today; instead, they made the mistake of launching the FX-8150 and the FX-8150 only. This is where the problem lies with what AMD has done today with the launch of the new Bulldozer CPU. So, maybe… Go To Full Article

REVIEW: AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 @ PureOverclock

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AMD’s first eight core next generation CPU has officially launched. The hype has been heard from every blog, forum from every country throughout the world and finally, the day has arrived. Delays have been burdening to AMD fans but today… Go To Full Article

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