Anisotropic nano Carbon Fiber heatsinks

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There is a really good presentation on the potentials and limitations of Anisotropic nano Carbon Fiber heatsinks (thermal conductivity of 650 W/mK) right here at The company has developed an "Oblique Angle Anisotropic Carbon Fiber Heatsink" that looks rather… Go To Full Article

AMD's Spansion sets IPO offer range

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Flash-memory arm seeks to raise $835 million By Matt Andrejczak, MarketWatch Last Update: 2:46 PM ET Nov 4, 2005 SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- The flash-memory unit of Advanced Micro Devices Inc.… Go To Full Article

Moore's Law lives

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"My intellect tells me that it will end at sometime," said Leonard Kleinrock, professor of computer science at UCLA and creator of the basic principle of packet switching. "The size of an atom, the size of my fingers, and the… Go To Full Article

Low-cost PCs around the world

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The Mobilis desktop is powered by Intel's XScale PXA255 200/400MHz processor and has 128MB of SDRAM. It comes with a carrying case that hides a full-size, roll-up keyboard and opens up as a desktop stand. Its price tag is 10,000… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon X1800 XT Evaluation

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We take an in-depth look at how the new Radeon X1800 XT compares to the competition in eight games including Quake 4 and F.E.A.R. We tell you which card provides the best gaming experience. We also scrutinize the heat and… Go To Full Article

Gamers Hell Updates - Week End Edition

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- Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Movie #4 - Boxy Goxy v1.2 Released and Demo - TrackMania Sunrise eXtreme Demo… Go To Full Article

Mindware Studios Cold War

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Originally anticipated to be released nearly a month ago, Mindware Studios has finally released a Linux demo of its Cold War game. Playing this game, it follows the path of a freelance journalist (Matthew Carter) who is… Go To Full Article

Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide Rev. 9.4

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Covering over 240 desktop graphics cards, this comprehensive comparison allows you to easily compare 15 different specifications for each and every card! If you need to find out about the specification of any card, just come over and check out… Go To Full Article

OCZ PC4000 Dual Channel Gold VX DDR Memory

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OCZ's VX memory stands Voltage eXtreme technology, and this review will be covering their PC4000 Gold VX Dual Channel memory. OCZ's Gold VX product line is 100% hand-tested and optimized for Athlon64 motherboards. The modules are rated to handle up… Go To Full Article

Samsung SyncMaster 930BF

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Today we will take a closer look at one of Samsung's latest contributions to the monitor market, SyncMaster 930BF. Those of you who haven't heard of it before we're talking about a gaming monitor. It focuses a lot… Go To Full Article

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