NZXT Trinity Case

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The bezel is made of a thick molded polystyrene (the stuff model cars are made of, but much thicker). The "bolts" are molded into the bezel and have a chrome finish. The LCD display is a temp monitor. As you… Go To Full Article

Apple may use Intel chips: report

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Apple may use Intel chips: report By MarketWatch Last Update: 11:38 AM ET May 23, 2005 SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) - Apple Computer Inc. is considering using chips made by Intel Corp.… Go To Full Article

E3 2005 - Fatal1ty Shootout, and he was :)

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when Laurens Pluijmaekers (pictured above) stepped up for his shot against Fatal1ty. Laurens scored a quick first kill and the crowd cheered. The he scored a second kill, then a third, and a fourth. When the score got to 10-0,… Go To Full Article

A64 X2 4800+ @ 3 GHz & PCMark04: 8548

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Switched to DFI LP nF4 SLI-DR and just ran spi1m @ 3,1 GHz (27,5 sec) and PCMark04 @ 3040 MHz score is 8987 Looks like I need better cooling than Vapochill LS and better PSU than Antec… Go To Full Article

AMD intros 500MHz, one watt desktop Geode device

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CHIP FIRM AMD said it has introduced a Geode microprocessor which needs less than one watt of power and supports Windows XP and X86 architecture. We reported AMD was readying new Geodes in January this year, codenamed Castle, Snowmass… Go To Full Article

RaidMax Samurai gaming computer case

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This RaidMax Samurai gaming computer case certainly has stunning style and difference all of its own. But not only that is setting it apart it is also well made. Has some unique features and represents a great gaming box.… Go To Full Article

An Understanding of SDRAM, DDR, and DDR2

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In this article I will start with the basics of how computer memory works (don’t worry you won’t need to be an electrical engineer to understand it), what kinds of computer memory is available, and some general recommendations on how… Go To Full Article

Sapphire Radeon X850 XT PE VIVO AGP

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Enthusiasts who are reluctant to or not in a hurry to upgrade to a PCI Express platform must have rejoiced when the latest high-end ATI AGP cards starting arriving on store shelves. If you really love ATI and your AGP… Go To Full Article

MSI K8N Neo Platinum

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After taking a look at seven socket 754 boards late last month, we have established the fact that the 754 platform is the budget system to be had. Though its life span is limited to the point where AMD will… Go To Full Article

Download your brain onto a computer

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A LEADING British futurologist believes that it will be possible to download your brain into a supercomputer, in about 50 years. Ian Pearson, head of the futurology at BT told the Observer that such technology will be possible for… Go To Full Article

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