How to use an Xbox Controller as a USB PC Gamepad

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Just like I am an obsessed casemodder I also love to play games, I usually play FPS games but now and then I like to play something else. When I bought Tony Hawk Underground 2 the game simply wasn’t playable… Go To Full Article Review: Doom III

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This is a classic case of developer believing their own hype and going for style over content with an outdated idea of what drives the market. Sadder still, I can see various reviewers falling for the hype… Go To Full Article

Motorola V220 @ Bytesector

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Motorola is a well known name in the mobile phone industry. We see their products in stores, we use their products when we are accessing our broadband internet connections and yet, do we really know much about them? Go To Full Article

ThermalTake TR2 M13 SE @ Bytesector

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All of these coolers are great at what they do and come feature packed, but they also come with a price tag higher than most people want to pay. So what is the solution? It is simply to… Go To Full Article

ASUS AX800Pro X800 Pro Graphics Card Review @

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ASUS is a relatively new ATI board partner. They only hopped onto the ATI bandwagon with the debut of the ASUS Radeon 9800 Pro range of cards. Despite their late entry into the ATI graphics card market, ASUS' motherboard manufacturing… Go To Full Article

Ultra 8 in 1 MP3 Player @ Raptor-Mods

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MP3 Players are quickly becoming the new "must have" gadget, with good reason they are cheap, capacity and sound quality and features are constantly increasing. Today I am taking a look at Ultra's newest 8 in 1 MP3 unit.… Go To Full Article

OCZ EL DDR PC-4200 Dual Channel Platinum

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OCZ's reputation has slowly grown in the enthusiast community as a brand which can deliver some of the top speeds without demanding the top price. OCZ has a firm resolve to try to stay true to their overclocking roots and… Go To Full Article

Swiftech MCX6400-V

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When AMD announced their K8 CPUs, everyone, including myself, searched long and hard for better thermal solutions. Swiftech was quick with their release of the MCX64-V and MCX6400-V. The MCX64-V was aimed for the mainstream enthusiast. It met AMD's thermal… Go To Full Article

Enermax Multi-function Panel Review

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The device arrived in an attractive, retail-shelf package. Nice graphics and details listing the box contents. The Enermax Multi-function Control Panel is complete with everything needed for installation and is packed well enough to stand up to severe handling during…

Xtrac Mad Wax Review

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You get a small bottle with maybe a couple ounces of this lotion-reminiscent substance. In short, it's a mix of carnauba wax and teflon. The wax is what holds the teflon in place. For a normal-sized mouse pad, you only…

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