Icemat Siberia Headphones @ Bjorn3D

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With all the talk about surround sound, 5.1 speaker systems and 7.1 speaker systems, it is sometimes easy to forget that in some cases a pair of good headphones is to be preferred or even a necessity. I, for instance,… Go To Full Article

Leadtek PX6600GT TDH PCI-E Video Card Review @

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The Leadtek was absolutely a blast. I started out by moderately overclocking the core and memory; I bumped the core up 20MHz and the memory up 20 MHz. This was of course, no great feat but I must say I… Go To Full Article Give Away: A Case Full of Mods

@ 2005/03/28 read/post comments(0) is sponsoring another give-away as we approach our second birthday online (April 1st)... One winner will receive a Sunbeamtech Transformer case complete with 12 (or more) additional items. Items guaranteed to be included: … Go To Full Article

bit-news CeBIT 2005 Part 1

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Coverage from our adventures in Hannover! In our first part, today, we are looking at the weird, wonderful and wacky cases that were on show! Go To Full Article

LICS M-I CPU Water Block Review @ PCModdingMy

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The water block was made of high quality and solidity. The installation was pretty clear-cut and the SpeedChannel proved to be working best on M-I. Even though we it may not be as appealing as the WaterChill, the polished brass… Go To Full Article

Albatron PX925XE Pro-R Motherboard @

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At the tip of the current chipset ice berg is the Intel 925XE, and motherboards like the Albatron PX925XE Pro-R which are built upon its foundations. The 925XE chipset is a fickle one, supporting only Socket 775 Pentium 4 processors… Go To Full Article

Intel desktop crib sheet guide arrives

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Inquirer has a list containing all current and future Prescott chip numbers. If you like numbers you will love the chart. Go To Full Article

PSP News

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Sony Launches Mobile PlayStation Portable March 28, 2005 06:47 AM ET By MATT SLAGLE With hype and fanfare usually reserved for a movie premiere, die hard… Go To Full Article

Blogging For Managers & CEOs

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The newest computer can merely compound, at speed, the oldest problem in the relations between human beings, and in the end the communicator will be confronted with the old problem, of what to say and how to say it --… Go To Full Article

Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD

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Both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs enable HDTV reproduction because of their massive storage capacities. Using dual-layer techniques, HD-DVD can store as much as 30 gigabytes of data while a Blu-Ray disc can pack in a whopping 50 gigabytes. In the… Go To Full Article

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