Sapphire has a jewel in its RV570 crown

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We haven’t seen the scores as the driver is unready, but the card should get to sample stage by February time. It has a dual Crossfire internal connector, so you should be able to stitch two of these cards together… Go To Full Article

Today's LCD flat panels are already obsolete

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Every major manufacturer has introduced a 120Hz model, along with claimed improvements in contrast, colour reproduction, and noise reduction. Each of these innovations is striking, but when combined in one year they make for a dramatic change in the performance… Go To Full Article

Is this the dirtiest PC ever?

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"We acquired a CNC machine which was used for cutting MDF. I pulled the rack-mounted PC out thinking it may need some maintenance. It still fired up with Windows 95 and a warning that the anti-virus programme was 91 months… Go To Full Article

Blue laser breakthrough can write data faster

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JAPANESE website reports that boffins at Sanyo have made a blue laser diode which will speed up data access. Go To Full Article

Carmack Talks About Vista And DX10

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There were some clear wins going from Windows 95 to Windows XP for games, but there really aren’t any for Vista. They’re artificially doing that by tying DX10 so close it, which is really nothing about the OS. It’s a… Go To Full Article

DDD Creates Another 3D LCD Technology for Games, Movies

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Philips isn’t the only one showing off 3D LCD at CES. 3D software and content company DDD Group and Syntax-Brillian, maker of Olevia LCD TVs, is demonstrating 3D technology from video games to movies on a specially modified 32" Olevia… Go To Full Article

OCZ Hints at Radical Approach to Heatsink Design

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The design of the Flexpipe heatsink revolves around a heatpipe that transfers heat from the module to another heatsink one centimeter above the memory bank. Air can pass freely under and over the heatsink bank -- an approach that allows… Go To Full Article

Nintendo quietly flexes its muscles

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Nintendo is quietly putting together some great results on the back of its Wii console and DS handhelds. The DS has a dominant position in the worldwide handheld market, whereas the Sony PSP is barely making a dent. Go To Full Article

ATI Catalyst 7.1 is released

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As with most Catalyst® releases, performance has increased in various situations. In this release of Catalyst® Dark Messiah: Might and Magic performance improves as much as 12% on all ATI Radeon X1000 Series products. Catalyst 7.1 includes… Go To Full Article

Asustek May Follow Sapphire with Dual-GPU Radeon X1950 Pro Board

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Asustek Computer, the world’s largest producer of mainboards and graphics cards, is working on a dual-chip Radeon X1950 Pro board that would offer roughly the same performance as the recently announced Sapphire X1950 Pro Dual. Details of the product are… Go To Full Article

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