Massman & Petit break 3DMark06 world record with Geforce GTX 260 in SLI

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The previous world record held by Dinos22 from Australia was 31081, Massman & Petit were able to beat this score during the benchmark Gigabyte Overclocking ChampionShip in Prague. With 25 minutes left in that competition they are currently ranked first… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i5 CPU specs and prices reported

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Delayed until October or not, the Lynnfield (Core i5) are closing in which means more details about them are also popping up. Manufactured using the mature 45nm process, Intel's first Socket 1156 processors are said to be the 2.66, 2.8… Go To Full Article

The Pirate Bay Verdict : Guilty

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The four men connected with The Pirate Bay were found guilty of being accessories to copyright infringement by a Swedish court on Friday, delivering a symbolic victory in the entertainment industry’s efforts to put a stop to the sharing of… Go To Full Article

Belgium gets 1st place in SuperPi 8M at Gigabyte Overclocking Contest 2009

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1 down, 2 to go; couldn't wish for a better start!

[M] at Gigabyte EU Overclocking Finals, Live Coverage!

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Follow our Belgian Team at the EU Finals of the Gigabyte Overclocking ChampionShip! They were the winners of the previous round. The final EU round is held in Prague; Check out the live video feed! Go To Full Article

Scythe Kabuto Cooler Review

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Well, frankly speaking, Scythe Kabuto is no conjuror, but it performs just as well as one of the best top-coolers – Thermalright SI-128 SE. the latter gets a little bit ahead at high fan rotation speed because of higher heatsink… Go To Full Article

22-Inch PVA: NEC MultiSync P221W Monitor Review

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It is not exactly true that LCD monitors with matrixes other than TN+Film are dying out. They just live a strange sort of life. Although almost unavailable from retailers, new models are announced from time to time. And each time… Go To Full Article

Galaxy makes own keychain of GPUs...

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Intel says no to 28nm, focuses on 22nm: Ivy Bridge/Haswell & Larrabee

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With the release of 28nm toolkits to members of IBM Technology Alliance, the attention turned to Intel and how Intel plans to counter the future 28nm chips from AMD/ATI [manufactured by GlobalFoundries] and other competitors. We spoke… Go To Full Article

Samsung claims first self-encrypting SSDs

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These new self-encrypting SSDs are purportedly the first of their kind in the industry, and they're launching in 256GB, 128GB, and 64GB variants with 2.5" and 1.8" form factors. (Incidentally, Samsung says the 1.8" drives are also the first self-encrypted… Go To Full Article

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