Is Outsourcing Tech Support Overseas a Good Idea?

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When manufacturing left the United States, the tech sector was supposed to be the new frontier. Americans rushed out to be retrained. Students set their sites on computer engineering. Our tech sector was so good, it created… Go To Full Article

Innovation Lab Blue Tango Classic

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Blue Tango Classic cordlessly connects any laptop or PC to an audio system in their home wirelessly. Without the hassle of wires, the person can play music on their laptop and broadcast it to an audio system in the backyard… Go To Full Article

Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Review

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AMD released their Athlon 64 X2 and it was good. The enthusiast community clamored for more. They wanted a lower speed grade X2 that would still pack a punch, and go head to head with Intel's lower priced dual CPU… Go To Full Article

Zalman CNPS7700-Cu Cooler

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With time comes change. With new, faster and hotter CPUs comes new heatsinks. We have seen over the years how heatsinks have evolved from a very simple concept to some of the most complex pieces of computer hardware. Before there… Go To Full Article

Five Ways To Block SPAM

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Spam is one of those things that nobody wants, but probably has plenty of. If there happens to be anyone out there unfamiliar with spam, we are not talking about the luncheon meat, but the unsolicited, junk e-mail that clogs… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte Radeon X800 XL 256MB PCI-E GV-RX80L256V

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ATI's Radeon X800 XL GPU is considered to be one of the best price/performance gaming solutions available. Gigabyte's offering provides stellar silence and hip looks as well as a nice bundle. Review URL: Go To Full Article

Sapphire X800XL Ultimate Edition

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The Sapphire bundle is really becoming sub-par. They have certainly kept up with cooling needs and pay great attention to that side of the business. The inclusion of the Component output even shows that they have a lot of care… Go To Full Article

Logisys Dual CCFL Fan & 15" CCFL Tube

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With the gaming/modding community, it’s almost as much about flash as it is about function. Otherwise, we sure wouldn’t have nearly as many websites out there selling almost every kind of light imaginable for our rigs! Last week, Logisys Computer… Go To Full Article

Sapphire PURE PI-A9RX480 - ATI's Chipset for the AMD Enthusiast

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The Sapphire PURE Innovation PI-A9RX480 is the first production Radeon Xpress 200 board that is clearly targeted at the AMD enthusiast, but there are other ATI Radeon Xpress 200 chipset boards on the way from Asus, MSI, DFI, ECS, Abit,… Go To Full Article

COOL Water-Cooling System from Corsair and Not a Word about Memory

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High-performance and complete water-cooling solutions are becoming available and affordable for common users, not only for PC enthusiasts. The COOL system we have tested today boasts really excellent performance. Thanks to its clever design and the use of high-quality components… Go To Full Article

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