GeForce 9900 GTX Card Design Exposed

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We saw some mechanical designs on GT200 card leaked out on the internet and we can confirm it is not fake as we got the same file earlier last week from our reliable sources. The D10U card has a total… Go To Full Article

Pioneer to End Plasma Display Production

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The PDP TV sector has been hit in recent years by increasing competition from the rival LCD (liquid crystal display) technology. In the past PDP had a cost advantage at large screen sizes of around 42-inches and greater but the… Go To Full Article

How Intel did the overclock lock on LGA1160

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As we told you some time ago, Intel has put in what can only be called an overclocking lock in the upcoming LGA1160 processors which are currently going under the codenames of Lynnfield and Havendale. Until now,… Go To Full Article

More Nehalem details emerge

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Expreview has scored some more information about Intel's Nehalem processor and if the slide they've posted is indeed genuine, then it looks like triple-channel DDR3 will provide a 32GB/s memory bandwith, which isn't amazingly much better than the X48's 25.6GB/s… Go To Full Article

AMD RV770 GDDR5 to sample soon

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RV770PRO with GDDR3 has been sampled a few weeks ago and AMD is about to sample RV770XT cards with GDDR5 memory. As we said before, RV770XT will end up as the faster from two and it has… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA GeForce GT200 is 65nm or 55nm

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From what we know, Nvidia has placed orders for 65nm and 55nm versions of the GT200 chip and there is a big reason why. Nvidia is simply playing it safe and it doesn’t want any delays. Nvidia… Go To Full Article

TDK launches SSD

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TDK has launched its GBDisk RS1 range of industrial SSD drives with SATA interface. TDK might not be the first brand you think of when it comes to storage drives, but TDK is involved in the hard drive storage market. Go To Full Article

MemSet allows real-time tweaking of memory timings

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MemSet is a tweaker wich allow to change memory timings under Windows. You can read principal and secondary timings, and eventually change these timings values. Go To Full Article

ARCTIC COOLING has announced the new Accelero XTREME 9800

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Accelero XTREME 9800 Ultimate Cooling Weapon for Enthusiast-Grade Graphics Cards (Pfäffikon/Switzerland, 13 May 2008) Swiss cooling solutions provider ARCTIC COOLING today announced the launch of the Accelero XTREME 9800, a new exceptional cooler of… Go To Full Article

jDome 180°C Screen for $200

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emj writes to tell us project jDome has started actively soliciting consumer feedback and, of course, donations. They are currently promising to deliver their "180 degree FOV monitor" this year for a pricepoint of around $200. The videos and talk… Go To Full Article

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