Crucial Ballistix PC4000

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As I sit here typing away and running my rig on the new Crucial Ballistix PC4000 ram, I have to wonder “why in the heck did I spend $320+ on 1GB of OCZ PC3500EB”? The new Crucial Ballistix series ram… Go To Full Article

A Whole Lots from Gamers Hell

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- Midway Acquires Paradox Development - Freedom Force vs The Third Reich Website/Screens - Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Xbox Live Support/Weapons Info Go To Full Article

Chill Innovation CP-510A 510W Power Supply

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The Chill Innovation CP-510A Power Supply has 510 watts and all the leads are sleeved. While this Power Supply certainly has ample wattage, the performance is a little low for this class of product. Also note, a 20-24 pin adapter… Go To Full Article

ASUS WL-330 Pocket Access Point

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In this article, we'll be looking at the ASUS WL-330 Pocket Access point. This nifty little gadget's main purpose is as a massively portable 802.11b wireless access point; hook it into any wired Internet source and you have an instant… Go To Full Article

Logitech MX900 Bluetooth Mouse

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What the MX900 does bring to the table over the MX700 is it'll transform your computer into a Bluetooth control center. Bluetooth is finally starting to have some useful applications and more and more products are starting to use them.… Go To Full Article

Microsoft is giving away $32.6 Billion

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SAN FRANCISCO (CBSMW) -- Even investors who don't own Microsoft shares may benefit from the $32.6 billion cash dividend the company paid to its shareholders Thursday. That's because recipients of the dividend payout -- the largest of… Go To Full Article

More processors in a car than in Space Ship One

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He told Instat/MDR that adding everything up, and including comms radios which have DSPs or microprocessors, there are around 13 or so in the ship. The main avionics suite runs using two Pentium III 800MHz CPUs. Go To Full Article

AMD Releases Socket 666 Athlon 64 CPUs

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Sunnyvale, CA - AMD announced the release of the pentagram-shaped Socket 666 Athlon 64processor. The Athlon 64 first debuted in the Socket 754 format then AMD followed with the socket 939 form factor. Go To Full Article

Half Life 2: Multiplayer Benchmarks, Screenshots, and Analysis

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Half Life 2 remains to be the hot game this holiday season, and it just got better. We have already looked at graphics benchmarks, CPU scaling, and the hidden multiplayer mode. Well now Valve has enabled the actual Half Life… Go To Full Article

In-House: Sunbeamtech CCFL Fan Grill & Fan Combo Review

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So you made a hole your case: a nice cut out in side panel and painted it all in florescent colors; a successful case mod requires one common product to "high-light" the creation, which is lighting. SunbeamTech offers a line… Go To Full Article

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