Symantec Posts Fix To Vulnerability

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Just a few days after it was discovered, Symantec has posted a fix to a critical flaw with its Antivirus software." From the article: "The eEye digital security firm reported the problem initially, and discovered it was present in the…

Thermaltake Tide Water Plus - Dual VGA Water Cooling Kit

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I did not think of obtaining from also good result on the level of the temperatures with this system of cooling. I suspected well that there would be difference but not such an obvious. The other good point, it is…

FSP FX700-GLN 700W Power Supply Unit

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A long time ago we did not touch the subject of the sources of being able, component very subvalued in our equipment and by the others very important. As this week we are reviewing fat fish, we cannot less be,…

Arctic Cooling Silentium T2 Case

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Overall, I can't say I was impressed by the installation. Granted, at first I made it harder than it had to be, but in the end, it just wouldn't have been an easy install for anyone. Pulling off the front…

ECS C19-A Motherboard

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The ECS C19-A motherboard is great motherboard for those looking to build a new system without spending too much money. The performance compared to the 975X is slim, both Intel and nVidia flip flop between first place.…

Hard Drive Buyer Guide

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Data transfer rate is crucial to how well your computer performs for you. Apart from the connection types above, the performance of your hard drive depends on its spin rate, measured in RPM. Higher RPM generally means faster data transfer…

VIA EPIA EN12000E - most efficient CPU & board?

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VIA has always had a great idea with their extremely low power processors. Their latest EPIA motherboard is based on a 1.2 GHz processor with a 7.5W thermal envelope. It's 100% passive, updated to run with DDR2, and comes with…

AVC Z7U7414001 Athlon64 Socket AM2 / 939 Heatsink

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Want to know what heatsink AMD rely's on for its socket AM2 Athlon64 FX and Athlon64 X2 reference platforms? The AVC Z7U7414001 heatsink. While this cooler certainly lacks a catchy name, for an OEM heatsink it packs a big punch…

Project Tritium - the Foxconn C51XEM2AA nVidia nForce5 AM2 Motherboard

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There seems to have been a lot of speculation over the name ' Tritium' and its association with NVIDIA's spanking new nForce5 core logic... Here today, HEXUS can reveal that ' Tritium ' was the working project codename for Foxconn…

Mushkin Enhanced 650w Power Supply

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After battering this unit with maximum overclocks and heavy work loads only to have it laugh in my face it's clear to see this unit is the absolute best. The muts nuts. With sexy good looks and enough power to…

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