Opteron 165 Toledo Core Overclocking With High End Air

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During the Summer the Athlon 64 Venice and San Diego cores were the overclocking rage, and we tested several with excellent results. Now Fall is upon us, and something strange has happened. An Opteron has started taking all the overclocking… Go To Full Article

Cooljag JZC811C Heatsink

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Heatsinks are something that you can't do without. It's so insignificant compared to the rest of the computer. It's the one thing you really don't think about when doing a PC build. You order a processor, it comes with a… Go To Full Article

Five Chances to Win a 1GB Memory Card

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We've got a new competition open to all our readers in the European Union were Sandisk is giving five people the chance to win a 1GB memory card of their choice. A link to the competition in your forums or… Go To Full Article

Evercool H.D.D Air Condition

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The Evercool HDAC is a very straight forward hard drive cooler that mounts in an open 5.25" drive bay. The aluminum body is solid and does a good job drawing heat out of the hard drive and the… Go To Full Article

Antec Minuet II Micro ATX Case

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The Not long ago I got a Biostar Micro ATX motherboard combo from for review, after the review was done I kinda said, 'Ok, now what do I do with a Micro ATX motherboard, considering I don't really have… Go To Full Article

Seventeam ST-550EAG 550W Power Supply

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Seventeam ST-550EAG has a total power output of up to 550W. It has two 12V rails deliver up to 18A each, to pump maximum of 432W just for your 12V devices. It is compliant with SSI EPS specification, with dual… Go To Full Article

Latest ASUS X1K Graphics Card Incorporated Ultra-Threaded Core Architecture

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Unique ASUS Technologies Enable Recording and Sharing of Gaming Action Online ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), a leading provider of high-performance graphics solutions, today introduced the EAX1800XL/2DHTV/256M graphics card, the first member of the long-awaited X1K generation. Supporting… Go To Full Article

Asus Provides Fast PCI Express Video Architecture for Mainstream Segment

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EAX1300PRO/TD/256M with Innovative Technology Enables Recording and Sharing of Gaming Action Online ASUSTeK Computer Inc (ASUS), a leading provider of graphics solutions, today introduced the EAX1300PRO/TD/256M graphics card, which incorporated the powerful ATI® Radeon® X1300PRO VPU (video… Go To Full Article

Intel to restart production of entry-level 865GV chipset in 4Q

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Intel is scheduled to restart production its entry-level 865GV chipset in the fourth quarter, as the chip giant has observed huge demand from the channel market, according to sources at Taiwan motherboard makers. In addition, the launch of Intel’s high-end… Go To Full Article

Mobo makers review launch of AMD Socket-M2 processors

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) plans to launch a series of 940-pin Socket M2 CPUs – a dual-core processor codenamed Windsor and the single-core Orleans and Manila processors – in the second quarter of 2006, according to unspecified motherboard makers that… Go To Full Article

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