Colorvision Spyder2PRO™ Studio Monitor Calibration Solution

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The need for calibration devices to tie all your device color profiles together is becoming very crucial. No one wants to spend hours working on a photo, just to find that it prints out looking different. Does the Spyder2Pro save… Go To Full Article

Sunbeam 20-in-1 Superior Panel

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Sunbeam’s 20-in-1 Superior Panel is exactly that! A brilliantly devised and constructed panel to put everything any PC user would need at their finger tips. There are many other panels that could be purchased for your PC, but why go… Go To Full Article

Overclockulator 1.3.6b online!

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The download is completely free; no site registration required! Official page for the overclockulator // Download and info page // Go To Full Article

FrozenCPU DIY PSU Modulation Kit

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I don't think there is any retail site on the web that carries as many computer modding supplies and equipment as FrozenCPU does. They have the gear for just about any mod or add-on you could imagine. A popular modification… Go To Full Article

Albatron GeForce TC6200Q (Turbo Cache)

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The Albatron 6200 Turbo Cache will not blow your mind but you won’t have to sacrifice your gaming experience to upgrade to PCI-Express on a budget. The 6200 Turbo Cache uses innovative technology to establish harmony between cost and performance... Go To Full Article

System Mechanic essential software review

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For us this is a vital item of software we use all the time to keep our computers running as efficiently as possible especially if you are using Windows XP software. We use System Mechanic once a week as we… Go To Full Article

DDR2 Picking up Momentum

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A recent conversation with a source confirmed that DDR2 is in fact picking up momentum in the market. Although motherboard sales supporting the aforementioned memory standard aren’t off the charts, DDR2 is gaining an appreciation in the industry. Go To Full Article

Your Entire CD Collection In Your Pants Pocket

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Removing the top cover of the case reveals Hitachi's tried-and-true technology, in the shape of a 4 GB Microdrive. In Archos' case, the HMS360404D5CF00 model is used. It has a 1" platter spinning at 3600 RPM. The Hitachi drives' temporary… Go To Full Article

The Dual-Core War: Is Intel in Trouble?

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After years of anticipation, dual-core microprocessors are finally a reality. Both Intel and AMD were touting dual-core microprocessors as the inevitable future, and something that would certainly take computing to the next level. At numerous tradeshows and computing… Go To Full Article

Razer eXactMat Mouse Pad

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The aluminum trim isn't purely aesthetic. It helps prevent scratches and the eventual deterioration of the mouse pad's border, something that's all too common these days. You'll also find 4 rubber feet on each corner of the eXactMat to prevent… Go To Full Article

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