ASRock Core 100HT-BD HTPC (Intel Core i3)

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The ASRock systems we looked at last year made use of Intel Atom technology, undoubtly the most talked about CPU of 2009, but fast forward and ASRock has decided to put the Atom to rest for now with this generation… Go To Full Article

G.SKILL Phoenix Pro 240 GB SSD

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G.SKILL's Phoenix Pro 240 GB offers a huge amount of extremely fast solid-state storage that goes well beyond 'boot drive'. It also features the latest Sandforce SF-1222 controller in a tweaked version that allows up to 50,000 IOPS which is… Go To Full Article

CoolIt Systems Vantage Advanced Liquid Cooler Review

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Have you ever wondered how much heat your CPU cooler is actually diverting? Have you ever wondered if that temperature sensor on your motherboard for your CPU is functioning properly? Have you ever wanted an affordable liquid cooler for your… Go To Full Article

AMD's Fusion Processors Are Designed to Be as Fast as Discrete GPUs

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A high-ranking executive of Advanced Micro Devices said Friday that while the so-called accelerated processing units (APU), which combine x86 cores, memory controller and graphics processor on the same piece of silicon, will tangibly rise the bar for performance of… Go To Full Article

PC Hardware Outsells Consoles

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Among the key findings: Annual shipment volumes for the PC Gaming hardware market in 2009 were over two times larger than the combined Wii™, PlayStation® 2, PlayStation® 3 and Xbox 360® console units shipped in the same period. This trend… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA's New Entry-Level GF108 GPU Pictured

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Barely a day after the first pictures emerged of NVIDIA's GF106 GPU that will serve as the foundation of various mainstream SKUs, its even smaller sibling, the GF108, has come to light. Available to NVIDIA partners as qualification sample, the… Go To Full Article

New Intel Core i7 990X Extreme coming in September

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During our forced hiatus, we learned of several very interesting news concerning the future of Intel desktop and notebook line-up. First up is the Core i7 990X. The processor is set to debut in just a few… Go To Full Article

Asus' Sabertooth X58 board gets official

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ASUS HAS ANNOUNCED its second board in the TUF series, the Sabertooth X58 which according to the press release is an extra reliable board that can handle heavy duty tasks. We won't read too much into that, but the previous… Go To Full Article

France Plans Spyware for Three Strikes

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French Internet users could soon be asked to install spyware on their PCs that tracks their surfing habits and analyzes the applications installed on their machines in order to prevent file sharing piracy. Plans for this type of surveillance surfaced… Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling Accelero XTREME 5970 VGA Cooler Review

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The Arctic Cooling Accelero XTREME 5970 proves to be many times quieter and much more effective than the reference cooling system of the dual-processor ATI Radeon HD 5970 graphics card. The Accelero XTREME 5970 is not taken aback by the… Go To Full Article

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