Dangerous Waters v1.2 Demo

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- Dangerous Waters v1.2 Demo - Vietcong 2 Movie/Screens #2 - Auto Assault Screens #13 - Barry Hatter Announced… Go To Full Article

Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse

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The overall feel of the mouse does take some getting used to, the rubber grips on the side protrude out a bit too far in my opinion. The mouse itself is very lightweight, and moves with little resistance across my… Go To Full Article

Steel Sound 5H-USB Professional Gaming Headset

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The new Steel Sound 5H-USB professional gaming headset looks just like any other gaming headset. But looks are deceptive for this headset boasts of unique features like a specially-tweaked USB sound card, a retractable microphone as well as the ability… Go To Full Article

Shuttle P2500G SFF System

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The P2500g (also known as the SN25P) was the first small form factor computer to offer HyperTransport and PCI Express. The XPC SN25P uses the new P chassis, a member of Shuttle's fifth generation XPC chassis family. The P makes… Go To Full Article

HIS X800GTO IceQ II Turbo 256MB PCIe Video Card

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This product is fully featured and packed with the latest technologies for excellent performance in today's demanding games. It's based on the R480 chip and comes with 12 pixel pipelines, a core speed of 500MHz, and 256MB of GDDR3 1GHz… Go To Full Article

Centon Advanced A2X512S4400HB 1GB Dual Channel Kit

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Centon has really made some impressive releases through their Advanced line. Their Advanced PC4400 part uses the highly overclockable TCCD ICs and comes with great overclocking headroom. Review URL: Go To Full Article

Antec True Control 2.0 550W PSU

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Building a mid to high end system is one thing, having the ability to control the newly built system is another. Today we take a look at a dominant power supply unit from Antec with their Truecontrol 2.0 550W that… Go To Full Article

AOpen to launch mini PC in November

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Motherboard maker AOpen will launch its AOpen mini PC on November 1, with volume shipments of the Intel mobile CPU-based desktop system to follow in mid-November, according to market sources. Resembling the Apple Mac mini, the AOpen… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Rhythm - Watercooling for the HTPC

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Although I think that they could have compromised and installed a digital pump flow and fan speed controller for the massive overclocking market out there, saying that I suppose the unit could be modified if you simply must have these… Go To Full Article

Battle of the Titans: Super Coolers from Scythe, Thermaltake and Zalman Face to Face

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We would like to offer you a detailed roundup of five today‚Äôs best CPU coolers with heatpipe technology. This ultimate test session will help you make the best choice the health of your system depends on. Table… Go To Full Article

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