Albatron AGP6800GS: Exciting Price/Performance, AGP based VGA card

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Albatron Technology recently announced the new AGP6800GS VGA card featuring an NVIDIA®GeForceTM 6 series GPU for AGP based mainboards. Albatron has come out with this high-performer, which will match the capabilities of similar high-performance cards but will launch with a…

Panoramic DOOM 3, Quake 4 ...

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Panogames has brand new 360 views of DOOM 3 posted today for your viewing pleasure. If you have never been to Panogames before, they take high resolution images from today’s most popular games and basically map them to the inside… Go To Full Article

Investigations into Athlon X2 Overclocking

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We started our recent look at overclocking platforms with the Venice 3000+ and 3200+ processors. Using a $130-$180 processor, we showed that it was possible to come near the performance offered by the extremely fast and extremely expensive FX-57. Actually,… Go To Full Article

Men like their HDTVs big, while women prefer them smaller, says new survey

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Guys like their big screens while women prefer more modest HDTVs. Not surprisingly, 70% of men were interested in purchasing an HDTV with a screen size of at least 37". Women on the other hand prefer HDTVs smaller than 37".… Go To Full Article

ATI prepares new chipset for Intel

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NVIDIA IS super jealous with ATI for striking the Intel chipset deal. Making chipsets for Intel means quantities, means millions of both chips and dollars and Nvidia would like to get a chunk of it. Intel… Go To Full Article

AMD rises, Intel falters and Google surges

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CHIP GIANT Intel saw its share price wobble to close at $25.81 today, while little underling AMD's share price gained $1.10 to close at $29.22. Newly floated AMD protege Spansion (tick: SPSN) did little but float in the doldrums.… Go To Full Article

Windows Vista December 2005 CTP (Build 5270) Review

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In the first part of my exhaustive Windows Vista December 2005 CTP (Build 5270) review, I examine the improved setup routine, new Start button and Start menu, and improved user interfaces features! I think people are going… Go To Full Article

Windows Vista 5270 (December CTP) Uxtheme Patched

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This patched Uxtheme is for the build of Vista dubbed 'December CTP' that was released yesterday. As I stated before in other posts, a patched Uxtheme does not enable you to magically port themes over to Vista. The target audience… Go To Full Article

Liquid Metal as Thermal Interface Material

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I was shocked when I pulled the cap off the syringe and saw that the needle was still there. I had no idea how the thermal interface material could get through an opening that small until I pressed the plunger… Go To Full Article

CoolJag JFK-1 Heatsink

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Review link: Go To Full Article

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