MSI removes coldbug from GD80/Trinergy/Fuzion Motherboards : Remove A Resistor

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Just today, MSI released the modifications to remove the coldbug issue from three of their P55 mainboards: the GD80, Trinergy and Fuzion. Although I just returned from a 16h+ trip, HWBOT tested this out before making frontpage news and the… Go To Full Article

EVGA Precision v1.9.1: Added workaround for overclocking bug of ForceWare 196.21

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Added workaround for overclocking bug of ForceWare 196.21. Please take a note that the workaround is applied only to 196.00 - 196.21 driver versions range in order to ensure compatibility with future fixed NVIDIA drivers. Go To Full Article

PhotoFast unveils 160Mb/s Write SSD: G-Monster2 SFV1

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The G-Monster2 SFV1 a 2.5-inch solution comes in 50GB, 100GB, 200GB and 400GB capacities, has MLC (multi-level cell) NAND memory, a SATA 3.0 Gbps interface, a MTBF (mean time before failure) of over 1 million hours and maximum read and… Go To Full Article

[M] Vidabox Premium Wireless ACC-KBLTB Keyboard Review

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To start off this is a totally new experience to me. Yes even at my age I am still in for some learning action. Being used to review motherboards, CPUs and GPUs and cooling equipment, I had no idea how… Go To Full Article

Intel Pentium G6950 vs AMD Athlon II X3 425

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Of course as the industry giant ,Intel would not wish this situation long time maintained, so at January 8, Intel officially launched new LGA1156 Clarckdale i3/Pentium series dual-core processor . Obviously, the new product retains Pentium brands , after all… Go To Full Article

ASRock Develops ''Turbo 100'' Overclocking Mode for Pentium G6950 on H55M Pro

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ASRock has updated the BIOS of its H55M Pro socket LGA1156 motherboard to include a "Turbo 100" feature. The feature is designed to run with the entry-level Pentium Dual-Core G6950 processor, which overclocks it from 2.80 GHz to 4.20 GHz,… Go To Full Article

Firefox 3.6 goes gold

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Here's a list of features and improvements Firefox 3.6 brings over previous releases, in Mozilla's words: # Available in more than 70 languages - get your local version. # Support for a new type of theme called… Go To Full Article

AMD Reports Q4 09 results – Intel to the rescue?

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The net favorable impact is naturally, a direct result of the settlement that AMD had received from Intel. So, if you subtract the net favorable impact from the operating income… you’re only left with a real operating income of $64… Go To Full Article

Viking Modular Solutions to release SandForce-powered SSDs

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California-based Viking Modular Solutions has announced that it too is partnering up with SandForce and will use the company's controllers for its future enterprise class and industrial grade solid state drives. Viking Modular will be entering the SSD market with… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i3 530 Review: Great for Overclockers & Gamers

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Priced at $113 (and selling for about $125 on the street) the 530 runs at 2.93GHz and features no turbo modes. It’ll run at 1.33GHz at its lowest frequency, and no faster than 2.93GHz at full load. The missing turbo… Go To Full Article

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