AMD Athlon64 3200+ Winchester Processor

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Xbox 2 to debute May 12th on MTV

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Microsoft's Xbox 2 gaming console is set to debut May 12th on a 30-minute MTV special. Microsoft spent $14 million on media to launch the original Xbox, so it's anyone's guess what they'll be forking over this time: Go To Full Article

How much does an Nvidia card cost to produce?

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WE HAVE SEEN AN INTERESTING document containing prices of some older Nvidia cards, component by component - the so-called bill of materials (BOM). It was interesting to see how much Nvidia had to spend in order to make one of… Go To Full Article

Valve Half Life 2 plot thickens: Expansion pack Details

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NEW DETAILS have emerged about Valve's plans for the continuance of the Half-Life 2 plot saga. Those who have completed the game will know that it's left wide open for a follow-up expansion pack. PC Gamer magazine, an… Go To Full Article

Intel scrambles to catch up with AMD

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A REPORT claimed Intel will bring forward the release of its Prescott based dual core chips to this month, rather than next - as had been expected. That follows information leaked earlier that AMD will introduce a number of… Go To Full Article

Intel dual-core 840 CPU and 955X chipset due this month

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Intel will move up the launch date of its dual-core series Pentium Extreme Edition 840 CPU and 955X chipset to the middle of this month, according to Taiwan motherboard makers. The dual-core products, which are aimed at the high-end segment,… Go To Full Article

HIS X800XL IceQ II 256mb Turbo PCI-E Video Card

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Quote: "The name H.I.S. has only been around for a short time, just in a few short years it is becoming a household name amongst computer enthusiasts. That is a darn good accomplishment for graphic cards. From entry level to… Go To Full Article

Ultra Produts Month long give away at CaseModGod

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Summary: is giving away a 3 item prize package everyday throughout the month of April! Thanks to Ultra Products we have enough prizes to give away that your chances of winning are so easy that I really can't go… Go To Full Article

Windows XP Tweaking Companion Version 1.05

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The latest version of the Windows XP Tweaking Companion (XPTC) has been released at, bringing this complete Windows XP and System Optimization guide up to Version 1.05. The changes include a new chapter on CCleaner, correction of some dead… Go To Full Article

Corsair XMS Xpert 1GB PC3200 (TWINXP1024-3200XL)

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Thanks to Samsung's TCCD memory chips, there are many companies offering high-performance, low latency memory modules. This means that these companies have to differentiate their 'ultra low latency' products in other ways, such as improved heat spreaders, appearance and price.… Go To Full Article

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