OCZ PC2-8800 2x1GB DDR2 Memory Kit

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The OCZ PC2-8800 2GB Gold XTC Dual Channel Memory may be the equivalent of OCZ's VX2, and Platinum modules. The memory is definitely equipped to reach the 1100Mhz rating and being that it has quality memory modules also operates at…

Seasonic Power Angel - Power Usage Meter

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Gadgets. Any geek worth his salt lives to surround himself with them. Some are useful while some are decorative while others are just...well, odd. Today we take a look at a useful gadget that just might answer some questions the…

Plextor PX-755SA Dual Layer SATA DVD Burner

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The old IDE interface is slowly but surely dying! While Serial ATA hard disk drives have been on the market for some time, Serial ATA burners are relatively new to arrive. The Plextor PX-755SA burner supports dual layer media, buffer…

Silverstone Strider 600w Modular PSU

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After recently reviewing Silverstone’s high-end enthusiast PSU, the ST50EF, I now have in my hands the mid-range extreme gamer unit. Capable of supporting 600w of PC parts, the Strider is pretty much future proof

Gigabyte S-Series Motherboards - Value Boards for Core 2 Duo

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One of the biggest criticisms of building an Intel system from scratch is the fact that their motherboards are almost always more expensive than competing AMD boards. The same could be said for CPU prices and memory prices, until the…

Gigabyte 3D Galaxy II Watercooling Kit

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Gigabyte seems to persevere in the medium of cooling, the firm is not more with one first attempt in this medium, as well for CPU GPU. After G-Power for the air-cooling and the kit 3d Galaxy for Watercooling, Gigabyte proposes…

Benchmarking on Trial - Part 2

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A graphics benchmark is only good if it can show the performance a graphics card in graphically limited situations. But a relevant graphics benchmark achieves that goal and still have more than enough relevance to gameplay - particularly at the…

AOpen Mini PC Compatible with Core 2 Duo Merom

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AOpen has announced its current mobile on desktop (MoDT) systems and motherboards fully support Intel’s recently announced Core 2 Duo Merom for notebook systems. All of AOpen’s Core Duo compatible systems and motherboards will accept Intel’s Core 2 Duo Merom…

Fall Game Guide

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Finally! While there were a few bright spots this summer for new games (Prey, Titan Quest, and Dead Rising), the first full week of September is when things kick into high gear for game publishers and developers as the fall/holiday… Go To Full Article

SLI vs. Crossfire: High Resolution Comparison

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We're primarily concerned with extreme hi-res gaming here, so we're going to benchmark these cards at two resolutions: 1600x1200 and 2560x1600. We'll test them both raw, and then again with 4x anti-aliasing and 8x anisotropic filtering enabled. …

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