Icemat Audio Siberia Multi Headset

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Notice the ear cushions above are very soft. I wear glasses and did not notice any discomfort at all, even in prolonged use. The back of the earphones were also curved to allow more room at the back… Go To Full Article

Linux Is It’s Own Enemy

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If you have ever visited a Linux support forum, the very first thing you will notice are the massive number of threads with questions similar to, "What Linux distribution should I use?" or "What is the best distribution for me?"… Go To Full Article

THE MATRIX: PATH OF NEO Details & Screens

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THE MATRIX: PATH OF NEO will follow the story of the blockbuster motion picture trilogy THE MATRIX, THE MATRIX RELOADED and THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS and… Go To Full Article

Athlon 64: Lots of bugs in E3 stepping Venice

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we've released a new article about AMDs latest revision guide, which discovers some bugs in Athlon 64 E3 stepping Venice core and could be the reason, why AMD released a new E6 stepping after only a few weeks: Go To Full Article

Xtreme Resources "Pimp my case" Contest

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Xtreme Resources and NZXT would like to introduce you to the "Pimp my case" contest. Participants are required to post their heinous looking case with a note denoting the case picture was taken for the purpose of entering the contest… Go To Full Article

Evercool NW11F Pentium 4 Heatsink

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The Evercool NW11F-CLB825CA/LD2 is a socket 478 Pentium 4 heatsink based on a fairly standard design principle. Its clear plastic fan glows a nice bright blue thanks to three carefully placed LEDs, and noise levels are generally moderate. The extruded… Go To Full Article

Engraving tutorial

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If you are engraving plexi to use in a case mod project, it is common practice to use LEDs to add some light to your design, bringing it to life. A useful trick is to engrave to different depths to… Go To Full Article

Weekend Gamers Hell Update

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- Review - Guild Wars Review - Review - Batman Begins Xbox Review - Heroes of the Pacific Release Date Go To Full Article

Maxtor DiamondMax 10 300GB SATA150

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Overall, the Maxtor DiamondMax 10 300GB SATA II hard drive offers excellent performance and reliability. Although we did not have a pair of hard drives to test the RAID performance, I’m guessing that the 16MB buffer would boost the overall… Go To Full Article

Intel Pentium 4 670

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With the recent dual-core drum-beating going on at both the Intel and AMD camps, it's easy to forget that single-core processors are still in existence and still a major player in the computer market. AMD has their Athlon 64 FX… Go To Full Article

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