Killer 7

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The Killer 7 are a group of international super assassins led by a man named Harman in a world without use of nuclear arms and a generation unknowing of terrorism. Or so your character thinks. In fact after playing this… Go To Full Article

Thermalright XP-90 and XP-90C

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When the name Thermalright is heard, the company which produces some of the best CPU coolers since a time that now seems ages ago comes into mind. Thermalright built their reputation by focusing o*n building CPU coolers and CPU coolers… Go To Full Article

Western Digital increases warranty period on hard drives

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WESTERN DIGITAL said it is increasing the warranty period on certain of its hard drives. The company will do this by standardising WD enterprise drives to a five year warranty, while WD desktop and notebook drives will be standardised at… Go To Full Article

Firefox 1.5 delayed to September release date

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VERSION 1.1 OF Firefox will not be out in July after all, according to ZDNet. Or ever, technically. The eagerly anticipated release originally planned for this month in the Firefox Roadmap was changed this Wednesday by engineer Ben… Go To Full Article

Some retailers may keep 'Grand Theft' off shelves

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Some video game retailers said Thursday that they might not restock the popular video game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" even if sexually suggestive content was removed. On Wednesday, several retailers, including Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target… Go To Full Article

Matrix-style ‘bullet-time’ in multiplayer gaming

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In a strange example of the cyber-world imitating Hollywood imitating the cyber-world, Finnish researchers have developed a way to achieve the “bullet-time” effect of the movie The Matrix in real-time multiplayer games. The effect combines slow… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Unveils Official Name for “Longhorn”: Vista

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REDMOND, Wash., July 22, 2005 — Today Microsoft Corp. announced the official name of its next-generation Windows® client operating system, formerly code-named “Longhorn.” Video of the name announcement can be seen via the link below. Press release:… Go To Full Article

Corsair "COOL"

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If you are an overclocker, you are constantly keeping an eye on your temps. Heat is the enemy of overclocking, and as an overclocker, we do anything and everything that we can to dissipate heat. Some go to… Go To Full Article

AMD FX-57 dry ice cooled running at 3666MHz

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One of the benchmarking team members at Hardware Asylum has broken the AMD PiFast world record. This was obtained with an AMD FX-57 dry ice cooled running at 3666MHz. This is the highest PiFast score on an AMD based system… Go To Full Article

Func sUrface 1030 MBA Limited Edition

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Wow, card readers now it's mouse pads. I think if someone here has problems with their roof we might be able to fix it using mouse pads. On with the show… Today I have a mouse pad that already garnishes… Go To Full Article

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