Belkin Dual-Band Wireless A+G Networking

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Quote: "The alphabet soup of wireless has not gotten any less complicated since the first 802.11b product shipped so many years ago. Gone are the 1-2 Mbps speeds (if you can call them that) of the past. Now with… Go To Full Article

USBGeek Liquid Optical USB "Ducky" Mouse

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ABS Ultimate E2 Media Center PC First Look

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"The Ultimate E2 Media Center PC by ABS Computer Technologies is a home media computer powered by Microsoft Windows XP Media Center 2005. It is designed to fit into your home entertainment system, dropping the traditional desktop chassis in favor… Go To Full Article

Wintec AMP-X PC2-5400 DDR2 675

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With technology advancing at a rapid rate, Intel has moved to the DDR2 memory subsystem. It seems Intel views DDR2 as the upgrade path for the best performance gains in conjunction with their newest, current and future processors. O*n the… Go To Full Article

Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel

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Ok race fans, today is your day - we are having a look at one of the prime pieces of gaming hardware on the market. Racing wheels have almost become a necessity for the majority of realistic driving games. Highly… Go To Full Article

AC Ryan presents XTOR Tanky & XTOR APC

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March 2005 - AC Ryan's XTOR is the productline for protecting your precious data the right way. XTOR Xilencer, the first in the series, is enjoying tremendous success with its unique cooling AND silencing features. The XTOR family now expands… Go To Full Article

Adobe plans directory of digital photographers

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Adobe has teamed up with the American Society of Media Photographers to launch a directory of digital photographers, the software maker said on Tuesday. The listing will be accessible from within Adobe's professional products, the company… Go To Full Article

Latency Settings and their Impact on Memory Performance

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Straight from Corsair "Memory modules are currently available which support a wide variety of different speeds and latency settings. Speed is easy to understand - in general, faster is better. But what do the latency settings mean?… Go To Full Article

Irrational Building Number Causes Tragedy at Google

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Mountain View , CA – What once seemed a harmless, whimsical choice in building numbers, turned a simple call for help into a tragedy. Google numbered its building 0, 1, e and pi to satisfy the intellectual superiority that many… Go To Full Article

Microsoft favours AMD over Intel for Windows Server X64

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WHILE INTEL has only recently started implementing its 64-32 instructions in its Pentium 4 processors - even though they've always been there and just needed to be switched on - its Xeon processors have implemented EM64T for quite some months… Go To Full Article

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