EVGA Showcases P55 Boards

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We paid a visit to EVGA hideout at Grand Hyatt Taipei and checked out some of the upcoming boards based on the Intel P55 chipset. This board could be named EVGA 655 SLI FTW edition when the time comes supporting… Go To Full Article

Intel Ultra-Thin Mobile Platform Preview

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We had the opportunity to attend Intel’s global webcast for the launch of the Montevina Plus mobile platform today live from Computex 2009. The host of the event was Nick Knupffer, Intel’s Global Communications Manager and Uday Marty, Director of… Go To Full Article

ECS Has Geforce GTS 250 with 815Mhz GPU Factory Overclocked

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The company hopes to turn heads like the Black series of custom, factory overclocked graphics cads. Seen below are two upcoming models, the 1 and 2GB Black GTX 250, which obviously aren't 'GTX' material but tweaked GTS 250s. Go To Full Article

OLEDs integrated in eyeglasses bring HUD to everyday life

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or car designers, secret agents in the movies and jet fighter pilots, data eyeglasses – also called head-mounted displays, or HMDs for short – are everyday objects. They transport the wearer into virtual worlds or provide the user with data… Go To Full Article

Microsoft CEO to Obama: Drop Tax Break Cuts or We'll Send Jobs Overseas

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It takes an incredibly powerful company to threaten the U.S. government in hopes of impacting a significant decision, but that's precisely what Microsoft is doing. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made headlines when he publicly attacked President Barack Obama's plan to… Go To Full Article

Intel denies Core i7 920 will be discontinued and Lynnfield won't be called Core i5

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Having breakfast while ogling over the prohibitively expensive and ludicrously fast Core i7 975 this morning, we nailed down some details about the supposed demise of Intel's Core i7 920 and future naming of its Lynnfield CPUs. … Go To Full Article

NEC shows off curved 43" LCD with 2880x900 Resolution

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All 43-inches of this curved NEC monitor with 2880x900 pixel resolution can be yours in July. Ok, it'll cost you $7,999 but it's, well, it's curved! The CRV43, first spotted at CES in January 2008 and again on video in… Go To Full Article

Windows 7 RTM To Come In July 2009

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According to Steve, "Microsoft will deliver Release To Manufacturing [RTM] code to its partners in the second half of July". Steve was prime with confidence, citing that "With that in mind, we're excited to say that there will be a… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 275 Overclocked Performance Scaling

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When it comes to overclocking, NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 275 is a capable part. Other people out there have gotten higher core speeds than we did but we achieved a very high shader clock. Our memory speed was also decent. And… Go To Full Article

XFX Radeon HD 4770 512MB video card review

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Its design and cooler may be customised compared to the other Radeon HD 4770 designs we've seen in retail thus far, but XFX's offering otherwise sticks to the standard clock speeds, featuring the usual 750MHz core and 800MHz GGDR5 memory… Go To Full Article

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