Asustek Computer Rolls Out Eee Box Desktop

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Asustek Computer, a leading maker of computer components and notebooks, has unveiled a new incarnation of Asus Eee PC, a small form-factor desktop system. The new Eee Box will compete against entry-level products by other makers, but will offer not… Go To Full Article

ASRock to push Intel P43-based motherboards

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Despite that most motherboard makers are currently pushing Intel P45 motherboards, second-tier motherboard maker ASRock has launched 7-8 P43 chipset models for different markets, according to sources in the channel. Due to the fact most motherboard makers are still carrying… Go To Full Article

Panasonic to unveil Atom-based Toughbook

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Panasonic will later this week add a rugged mini tablet PC to its Toughbook line of products. The machine is based on Intel's Centrino Atom platform and prototype versions have a touch-sensitive 5.6-inch screen under which is a compact QWERTY… Go To Full Article

[NL] PriorWeb behaalt ISO 9001:2000 certificaat

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Wij zijn verheugd u te melden dat PriorWeb in juni 2008 door SGS Belgium voor ISO 9001:2000 gecertificeerd werd. ISO 9001:2000 is een internationaal erkende norm voor het kwaliteitssysteem van een organisatie. PriorWeb werd gecertificeerd voor het uitvoeren van… Go To Full Article

Radeon 4870 to sell for €229

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Gigabyte's Radeon 4870 is already listed to sell for €229. We still don’t know when it should be available but we know that the official launchdate is Wednesday 25th of June. The American price for this card in etail is… Go To Full Article

Asus jumps the gun, announces HD 4870

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It appears as if Asus was in too much of a hurry to announce its Radeon HD 4870 cards, as AMD hasn't given the go-ahead quite yet. Asus will offer two different bundles, but both will come with the same… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon 4850/4870 mix and match with Radeon 3850/3870

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If everything goes according to plan, we will see AMD’s new Radeon GPU launch this week. But there is more news to this announcement and we are thinking about one special item you are unlikely to hear about: During AMD's… Go To Full Article

BenQ launches 16:9 LCDs

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The new displays will be offered in 21.5” (2200 sequence number) and 24” (2400 sequence number) sizes, both offering a native 1920x1080p resolution, which matches the resolution offered by today’s 1080p TVs. BenQ will offer these sizes in the regular… Go To Full Article

News that developers prefer XP, Linux not all bad for Vista

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Only 8 percent of developers are targeting Windows Vista according to a new report from analysts Evans Data Corporation. 49 percent of developers are developing for Vista's soon-to-be-discontinued predecessor, Windows XP, and even Linux is beating Vista, with some 13… Go To Full Article

Leadtek PX9800 GTX GeForce 9800 GTX

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After AMD's successful launch of the HD 4850 Series, NVIDIA decided to drop the price point of the GeForce 9800 GTX to only $199. At this price the card becomes a very affordable product that offers all the performance you… Go To Full Article

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