Crucial Ballistix 3200 and Ultra 3200XL memory kits

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If you ask any PC enthusiast what type of memory they have in their PC the likely response would be Corsair or OCZ. Both manufacturers make great performance memory and have done for some time. Recently though more manufacturers are… Go To Full Article

A.C.Ryan Xneon Lighted SATA cables

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A.C.Ryan has come out with a very good design and stylish SATA cables which is the Xneon Lighted SATA cables. The Xneon Lighted SATA cables is available in a few color and different length to support your needs. Go To Full Article

Thermalright XP-90C "Copper" Heat Sink

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This XP-90C from Thermalright is a good performance CPU heat sink. This CPU heat sink is an ideal choice for those users who wish for the stylish look and extreme cooling performance. Not only that, the performance of Go To Full Article

Speeze Laptop cooler

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A few days ago we took a look at the Chillmax CPU from Speeze and came away pretty impressed by its looks, noise levels and performance. Its not just CPU coolers that Speeze are manufacturing though, as we noted in… Go To Full Article

ACER FERRARI 4000 AMD Turion 64 Notebook

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Acer is well known for its commitment to promote AMD processors and, since the very first AMD Athlon 64 mobile, the firm has always been leading the pack.Today, Acer, is striking again with another very desirable product from the world… Go To Full Article

AMD Athlon64 3800+ Venice

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AMD has released a new revision of their Athlon64 S939, the code name is Venice. Venice is produced in 90nm, has 512KB Cache and is clocked betwen 1.8 GHz and 2.4 GHz. We test it against the Winchster and two… Go To Full Article

Xbox 360 compatibility not yet decided

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Mark this one for the "what the...?" bin. While most gamers were buzzing yesterday after the MTV Xbox 360 launch/dance party/infomercial with green lasers, a few of us were rather disappointed that the launch didn't detail whether or not the… Go To Full Article

Far Cry Moves To 64 bit

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A lot of time has passed since the debut of 64 bit games - more than you might think. In fact, the buzz about everything to do with 64 bit gaming first started back in 1996, when Nintendo launched the… Go To Full Article

Firefox Gets Big Win with Big Blue

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Firefox has taken off greatly among enthusiasts and the general public, but hasn't been widely embraced by corporations. That is about to change as IBM is endorsing Firefox and will make the browser available for download from its internal servers… Go To Full Article

Intel accused of halving CPU prices to cut out AMD

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A JAPANESE web site which claims to have talked to sources close to the Fair Trade Commission (FTC), said the chip giant halved the prices of CPUs to keep OEMs in its camp. The FTC has recently completed an… Go To Full Article

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