ATI CrossFire first look

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One of the most obvious physical differences between SLi and CrossFire, is the method of connection between the two cards. With SLi a small bridge is employed between the two cards that links them internally, while CrossFire… Go To Full Article

Abit to sell all of its factories

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TAIWANESE PC hardware manufacturer, Abit, is looking to sell its main production facilities in China and outsource all manufacturing in future, a spokesman said. Abit has been through some troubled times over the past year. Several slaps on the… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon X850 XT CrossFire Review

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ATI fights back against NVIDIA with their dual card solution known as CrossFire. Although CrossFire improves performance, do the limitations that exist in ATI’s current dual card implementation make CrossFire a wise investment? Go To Full Article

SLI and socket 754 combined

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EPOX JUST FILLED one of the biggest gaps in computing with the new EP-8NPA SLI motherboard. It is the first S754 SLI board out there, and packs one heck of an upgrade punch for those with older 754 boards.… Go To Full Article

Radeon X1300, RV515 goes AGP

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HOW ABOUT $100 for a low end board with 512MB? At the same time the board is AGP or PCIe and will have support for HDR and Shader model 3.0? There will be solution for you. It's called RV515 and… Go To Full Article

Dell 3400MP Projector

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Where the diminutive LP120 offers 1,000 ANSI lumens to go with its native resolution of 1,024 x 768, the diminutive Dell boasts 1,500 lumens of brightness with its 156w P-VIP bulb, making the InFocus seem positively dull… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop v3.0

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So where does this keyboard and mouse combo stand in comparison to some of the others that I have used in my mere 13 years of computing? It's really close to the top, but unfortunately, it's not all that I… Go To Full Article

Logitech G7 cordless 2000dpi Laser Mouse

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The G7 design is very similar to that of the MX518, but oddly enough some features have been removed. But let’s start at the beginning - the new laser sensor. The G7 has a 2000dpi sensor, that’s 400dpi… Go To Full Article

Biostar NF4SIE-A7 nForce4 SLI IE Motherboard Review

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For years, NVIDIA fans and general enthusiasts wondered if NVIDIA would ever release an Intel chipset. The nForce chipsets made quite an impact over the years on the AMD side of things, so it only made sense that NVIDIA would… Go To Full Article

DH Preview: ATI's Crossfire tested ....

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Considering how fast paced the PC industry moves you would have thought that a delay of over a year since SLI was introduced would have given Nvidia such a massive market segment share that it would be unbeatable. Go To Full Article

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