Hide Data in a Secret Text File Compartment

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Ever since Windows 2000, the NTFS file system in Windows has supported Alternate Data Streams, which allow you to store data "behind" a filename with the use of a stream name. It's not detectable while browsing the file system, or… Go To Full Article

Intel P55: What we know so far

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Lynnfield and Havendale don’t have their name right now, but Intel’s Ibex Peak have just got its name “P55″ from Intel’s new roadmap. Of course, P55 shows up in the roadmap doesn’t mean P45 becoming outdated. In November there will… Go To Full Article

Netbooks conquering Europe

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Some of you are perhaps getting tired of the flow of netbook news, both here at NordicHardware and other hardware sites, but there is a reason there is such great interest for the netbook market. More or less every PC… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA GT216 first 40nm GPU from NVIDIA?

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NVIDIA has at least three high-end chips in development right now. You have all heard about the GT206, also known as GT200b in the press. As we predicted back in May, this would be a part of the Fall/Winter refresh… Go To Full Article

The Business of Tech: AMD & Intel Q3’08

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Getting down to the numbers, as predicted for some time by AMD this quarter has been another loss. But it’s a loss that was anything but expected. For the quarter AMD lost a paltry $67 million on revenues of $1.78… Go To Full Article

MSI X58 Motherboard Line-Up for 2008 Leaked

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[M] NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway

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In cooperation with NZXT we are able to give an enthusiast and/or gamer out there an upgrade of his PC rodent. The NZXT Avatar has 2600 DPI Optical Sensor which provides maximum sensitivity and responsiveness which yields unparalleled gaming accuracy.… Go To Full Article

Aeneon Xtune DDR3-1866 (PC3-15000) 4GB DDR3 Kit

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Low voltage and high performance is the name of the game with Aeneon's latest Xtune DDR3 kit. Go To Full Article

PR: MSI Eclipse series for upcoming Intel Platform - Behold the future of computing

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MSI Eclipse is designed with in mind to overshadow all other mainboards. The MSI Eclipse mainboard is based on the upcoming new Intel chipset and supports the new Intel Nehalem architecture CPU. The new colour scheme of the MSI Eclipse… Go To Full Article

Gskill PI series 6400 DDR2

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With DDR3 memory becoming cheaper and getting more and more popular, it's good to see memory manufacture's like G.skill still improving DDR2 memory modules. They are making them perform better using less voltage, while also improving the cooling of DDR2… Go To Full Article

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