DDR2 is overstretched beyond its Gigahertz limits

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Now, in the famous press kit that Nvidia sent to the journalists on the Nforce 680i a month ago, for the first time, another new speed grade was mentioned - an 'upcoming version' of Corsair Dominator overclocker's memory, running at… Go To Full Article

AMD socket 939 CPUs to die this year

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IF YOU like, have or want a socket 939 CPU you'd better get one for Xmas. AMD will stop taking orders for that one by the end of the quarter. Only you are a very important customer might you have… Go To Full Article

Intel Kentsfield trounces AMD Quad FX

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Test scores reveal that Quad FX manages to achieve equal performance to Core 2 Extreme QX6700 in SiSoft Sandra 2007 and PCMark05 and narrowly edged it in memory tests: both L1, L2 and system memory latency are better on QuadFX… Go To Full Article

In-Win Power Supply Units Roundup

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In-Win Company occupies a popular niche of inexpensive, good-quality system cases (and power supplies because In-Win manufactures them on its own), so today we are going to see if the quality of the PSUs is up to the customers’ expectations.… Go To Full Article

Quad-Core from AMD: Quad FX Platform

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At this time AMD doesn’t have the technological possibility to announce a quad-core processor. But the company doesn’t give in and bravely responds to Intel’s Kentsfield with a dual-socket platform for dual-core processors. But how good is this alternative? Let’s… Go To Full Article

ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon X1900 Videocard

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"This card, much like its older brothers, is an excellent all around card for a user needing an multimedia card that can also be used for gaming. To boil it down, this card has it all. It is too bad… Go To Full Article

Logitech VX Revolution Wireless Notebook Mouse

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When is a mouse not a mouse? When it's Logitech's VX Revolution. Offering a host of high-end features normally reserved for desktop mice, the VX aims to render your touchpad useless. Will the Revolution live up to… Go To Full Article

QNAP Turbo Station TS-101 9-in-1 Network Attached Storage Server

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Network storage servers have really made huge leaps in performance and features this year, and the QNAP’s TS-101 Turbo Station is no exception. This server can be used to download torrents, host web pages, create photo albums, and even back… Go To Full Article

AMD QuadFX Platform & FX-70 Series Processors

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Today’s the day AMD officially unveils their QuadFX platform, formerly codenamed “4x4”. We took a look as a fully loaded QuadFX-based system powered by all three new FX-70 dual-processor kits, the 3.0GHz FX-74, 2.8GHz, FX-72, and 2.6GHz FX-70, and compare… Go To Full Article

Athlon 64 Quad FX74 First Look

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With the release of Intel's quad core pulled up early AMD had to make a move to counter. The move was 4X4, quad father, or as it is now called Quad FX. Basically they are taking the Opteron 1207, getting… Go To Full Article

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