EVGA GTX 295 1792MB GDDR3 Video Card Review

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I know that there are many of you are thinking right now: "what, another new graphics card from Nvidia?" yup, you got it guys, Nvidia is on a mission to recapture the performance crown from the HD 4870 X2 and… Go To Full Article

Patriot Viper PC3-12800 6GB Tri-Channel Memory Review

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However, when the Patriot Viper PC3-12800 6GB Triple Channel Memory is pushed to its full potential, there's a huge amount of memory bandwidth available which the I7 can use with things like audio and video formatting. It's actually quite surprising… Go To Full Article

XFX nForce 750i SLI Motherboard Review

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XFX has a very interesting product with the nForce 750i SLI board. It overclocks very well with the 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo hitting over 3.2GHz on air cooling. That is a pretty impressive feat considering how generally un-overclocker friendly the… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Spedo Advance Package Review

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I have come away from my experience with the Spedo Advance Package with a great appreciation for all the Spedo has to offer. Bold styling along with some useful features makes the Spedo Advance Package worthy of anyone's Go To Full Article

New Intel Classmate PC convertible tablet pictured

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Fresh from the show floor, we have a first look at the next-generation of Intel's Classmate PC, the chip giant's alternative to the OLPC for use in educational settings in developing nations. The new Classmate design is a convertible tablet… Go To Full Article

More phenomenal AMD marketing?

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You have to give it to AMD, there is only one aspect of marketing they mastered throughout the years and that is picking really catchy product and code names. The AMD Athlon, which is ancient Greek for 'champion of the… Go To Full Article

Akasa Nero AK-967 Heatsink Review

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Akasa's Nero AK-967 heatsink is based on the popular "heatpipe direct touch" technique, and like so many CPU coolers, for today's class of heatspreader capped processors it's the only way to go! The Akasa Nero AK-967 heatsink FrostyTech is reviewing… Go To Full Article

CES: Future of Blu-ray optimistic, analysts say

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) each year has a handful of different technologies that stand out to attendees, and Blu-ray has been one of those technologies for two years now. The struggling format has had an up and down battle… Go To Full Article

1 TB 2.5" SSD from PureSilicon Is the Dream Drive

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pureSilicon has created what seems to be the first 1 TB, 2.5" SSD. One terabyte, dudes. 2 and a half inches. Wrap your brain around that. The drive, named the Nitro (because it's as fast as nitrogen?… Go To Full Article

AMD Plans 1,000-GPU Supercomputer For Games, Cloud

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AMD is planning to use over 1,000 Radeon HD 4870 GPUs to create a supercomputer capable of processing one petaflop, which the company says will make 'cloud' computing a reality. When it's built later this year, the Fusion Render Cloud… Go To Full Article

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