Blu-ray discs too expensive to make?

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Blu-ray and HD DVD players will both be available in the next couple of months. Blu-ray will launch with a mere handful of titles, with production to slowly ramp up through the rest of the year. (HD DVD will launch…

Sony decides against downsampling on analog HDTV

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With the imminent war over which format will be the successor to the much-loved DVD about to get underway, Sony is throwing a bone to owners of some older HDTVs. At a technical briefing last week, Sony said that it…

Essential USB Memory Drive Projects & Tips

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The USB memory key appears well on its way to replacing the floppy drive completely; as flash memory prices have dropped, these devices have become cheap enough that anyone can afford them. This, coupled with the easy support of such…

Motherboard maker Epox under investigation for alleged fraud

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Second-tier motherboard maker Epox Computer was under investigation for alleged involvement in fraudulent transactions and embezzlement of the company‚Äôs funds, according to sources at the Prosecutors Office in Panchiao City, northern Taiwan. Officials of the Prosecutors Office…

Dremel Introduces 'Stylus' For Precision Modding

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PC modders and other craftsmen gained a new toy this week -- the Dremel Stylus, a miniature version of the popular rotary tool designed for fine detail work. Although the company's web site indicates that the…

NVIDIA 7900GX2 Spotted One Week Before Launch

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A few weeks ago we alluded to a single slot, quad-SLI ready GeForce 7900 adaptor. According to several manufacturers, the card is ready. The 7900GX2 is expected to be a dual slot, dual GeForce 7900GTX card with 1024MB of DDR3…

Build a Quiet Gaming System

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Killer gaming rigs are one thing, but we're getting a little weary of the noise a lot of these high-end systems make. So we set out to build a high-performance, but quiet, gaming system. Before we dive into particulars, let's…

Thermaltake Matrix VX Case

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The Matrix VX is a new budget case from Thermaltake with a great amount of features borrowed from high-end cases. It is specifically designed for LAN party users with full aluminum, screwless drive installation, two 120mm fans for case ventilation,…

3-Way GeForce 7900 GTX Roundup

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The ASUS card was the best overclocker of the bunch, as we were able to get it running stabilly at 706/1770MHz without any tearing or deficiencies, while MSI's NX7800GTX-T2D512E overclocked to 679/1706MHz without any issue. On the other hand, the…

Unitek AV-999 5.1 Surround Speaker Set

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The powerful Subwoofer possesses like the entire set a very noble Design. Completely freely of processing traces Unitek can convince us here of the quality. The Subwoofer possesses announcements for the present/immediate operating mode of e.g. 2,1, 5,1 or Ac-3…

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