The Possible Doom of PC Gaming

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After Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo unveiled their next generation of gaming consoles, people wondered whether the supposedly digital hubs of the future would be doomful to the PCs. You can’t blame them for making such an assumption after… Go To Full Article

External Hard Disk Drive from Maxtor: 100GB OneTouch II

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We reviewed a solution belonging to the second generation of the Maxtor OneTouch HDD family: the 100GB model supporting USB 2.0 interface. If you are looking for a good and reliable external solution you might want to take a look… Go To Full Article

Mushkin XP4000 Redline

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Mushkin Enhanced Memory Systems is a name familiar to most enthusiasts, one that holds great reputation for performance and quality. Today I will be reviewing the Mushkin XP4000 Redline memory kit. The Extreme Performance series (XP) is… Go To Full Article

Nvidia graphics chip to debut at game bash

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Hard-core game enthusiasts descending on San Francisco next week will get first crack at buying Nvidia's long-awaited GeForce 7800 graphics cards. Nvidia confirmed with CNET that it will begin selling the next-generation graphics processors at… Go To Full Article

AMD's X2 4800+ Dual Core

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AMD has certainly been on top of its came with the Athlon64 line and in doing so has beat its rival, Intel, in many benchmarks and industry firsts which have garnered AMD praises everywhere. That said, it’s no surprise to… Go To Full Article

Beginners Guides: Overclocking the Videocard

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Videocard overclocking can hold many benefits for the gamer or benchmarking enthusiast. As with processors and system memory, the faster the videocard's graphics processor and video memory can process information, the better. Smoother frame rates and higher benchmarks might be… Go To Full Article

Shuttle ST20G5: A64 Bare Bone with ATI Xpress

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The ST20G5 is Shuttle’s latest Athlon64-based bare bones system that uses the ATI Radeon Xpress chipset. How well does this system stack up to the rest of the Athlon64 crowd in terms of stability and performance? Go To Full Article

Intel news: a DDR3 prototype, and a big processor name decoder chart

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The EET is reporting that Intel has gotten a working DDR3 prototype chip from Infineon. Details on the device are scarce, but it is known that it's not fully compliant with the JEDEC DDR3 spec. This announcement of a working… Go To Full Article

Three SATA-II Hard Drives Reviewed

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What was previously dubbed "SATA-II" has been redefined to include a variety of technologies. For example, most people only think of SATA-II as offering a 3Gbps (gigabits per second) serial pipe for data. In reality, that 3Gbps is only one… Go To Full Article

Geforce 7800 GTX pictured

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You may have seen this card (below) several times before but you haven’t seen the girl - 'til now. Go To Full Article

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