Arctic Cooling Silencer 64 Ultra CPU Cooler

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The growing popularity of socket 939 means that more coolers are being made for the K8 platform than ever before. The focus has shifted away from sockets 478 and A and now all the new products are moving to the… Go To Full Article

ATI R520 Delayed?

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“This range has been adjusted down from the preliminary guidance announced on June 6, 2005, due to a more conservative expectation on the ramp of new products in the fourth quarter,” ATI said. The company said on a conference call… Go To Full Article

Google not taking on PayPal (for now)

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Google has confirmed its plans for an online payment system of sorts, but the company has also disavowed much of the speculation as to the system's features. Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt told the AP that the company will not… Go To Full Article

MSN to can spam with Sender ID

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In an effort to achieve Bill Gates' promise to end spam by 2006, Microsoft sent a message to several large ISPs saying that any e-mails sent to its Hotmail and MSN services without a Sender ID would automatically be marked… Go To Full Article

Wife sells big-mouth hubby's Lotus on eBay for 50p

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A BIRMINGHAM DJ got more than he bargained for after he told curvy model Jody March he'd happily leave his wife and kids to be with her. Tim Shaw's wife Hayley was listening to the interview on Kerrang! 105.2… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Shows "The Way It’s Meant to Be Launched"

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NVIDIA Corp. unveiled Wednesday its latest graphics processor GeForce 7800 GTX, the fastest visual processing unit ever built so far. The company said graphics cards featuring the chip would be available at the day of the launch, which is something… Go To Full Article

ASUS Cancels Dual-Chip GeForce 6800 Graphics Cards

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ASUSTeK Computer has decided not to launch its dual-chip graphics cards featuring two GeForce 6800-series chips in the light of NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX launch, the company’s representatives told X-bit labs. During the launch of… Go To Full Article

Shuttle SD31P : Pentium Dual Core Ready

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We just received the first Pentium D compatible based on i945G / ICH7-R Shuttle XPC : SD31P. We took some pics and spotted some interesting details as the outside Clear CMOS, S-ATA port in back panel, fanless northbridge and southbridge… Go To Full Article

Introduction to Case Modding

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Go back just a few short years and the appearances of pretty much all computers were slight variations of the same theme. Boring beige boxes dominated the industry, and people looking to express their individuality with the style of their… Go To Full Article

64-bit Sempron now selling!

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We heard that 64-bit AMD Sempron were coming but little did we know that they were already in store. Today, one of's best friends was lucky enough to catch one and to print out all the necessary copies to… Go To Full Article

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