GeForce 7600GT CO Superclocked VS Palit GeForce 6800GS 512 Mo O/C

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We just published our comparative review between the eVGA 7600GT CO SuperClocked and the Palit GeForce 6800GS 512 Mo which is O/Ced too. Which one will win ?

Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth II

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The first Battle for Middle Earth was also a decent game, but it also had the feel of an RTS light. The limitations when building your base were terrible, and the game quickly faded from my memory. I had hoped… Go To Full Article

Abit AT8: µGuru comes to the RD480

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Abit has a long and storied history as a top manufacturer of enthusiast level boards that catered to the overclocking community. Abit found itself in trouble over the past couple of years and for all intents and purposes, it was…

Crucial Ballistix Tracers DDR 500 (PC4000) 2GB Memory Kit

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Color me impressed. Not only will these sticks ensure a smooth computing experience in RAM intensive applications, but they've proven to be very flexible as well. It's no small 'feat' for a 2GB kit to fill the shoes of tight…

4-WAY Video Card Water Block Comparison

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The waterblock from Dangerden is for me that which reflects the best completion as well on the level of the block as of fixing. There shows almost as powerful as the best but remains unfortunately difficult to find on our…

Scythe Katana Cu CPU Cooler

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The PC air cooling market is getting some stiff competition from liquid cooling products.. Liquid cooling products are becoming more and more inexpensive while shrinking in size, which is giving air coolers a run for their money. The heatsink…

Antec Sonata II Silent PC Case

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The popular piano black case is equipped with Antec’s unique advanced chassis air duct for increased cooling of the latest CPUs and graphics cards. The air duct is rear-vented to help improve silence, and can be adjusted in three directions…

Thermaltake Rhythm External Liquid Cooling System

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As home theater PC's become more and more popular, there comes a need to find ways to make them more silent. Who wants to hear a fan whining in the background while watching a movie? Not me... Thermaltake has come…

Thermalright V-1 Ultra VGA Heatsink

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After many years of producing some of the top-performing CPU heatsinks in the world, Thermalright has entered the video card cooling arena. The manufacturer has previously released the V1 and V1-Ultra, designed to handle the latest pixel-crunchers form nVidia and…

Quake III on 24 Monitors!

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It's amazing how much more fun games are when you can play them on really large, high-resolution screens. Our lab also has a 24 monitor display wall, and as you can see from the pictures below, I got Quake 3…

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