Seagate Barracuda LP 2TB hard drive

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Western Digital's Caviar Green line popularized power-efficient hard drives, and now Seagate has joined the party with a Barracuda LP that packs two terabytes. We take a closer look at how this 5,900-RPM 'cuda compares with its Caviar rival.… Go To Full Article

Cogage True Spirit CPU Cooler Review

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The Cogage True Spirit CPU Heatsink arrived Technic3D. See you in the following Review the "Thermalright" from Cogage compared with many other Cooler on a Intel Core i7 920. The True Spirit better than a Thermalright Ultra-120? Go To Full Article

Crucial Ballistix Tracer 4GB Kit DDR3-1333/PC3-10600 BL2KIT25664TA1336 Memory Review

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In this Review the performance and the overclocking of a Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC3-10600 CL6 4GB DDR3 kit are tested and compared with 16 Dual Channel kits of previous reviews. Since current AMD processors supports DDR3 memory modules,… Go To Full Article

OCZ Agility 30GB SSD

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OCZ is a well known brand for most of the computer peripherals such as computer memory, power supply, SSD, flash drive and so on. Today we are not going to talk about OCZ primary product; memory but their SSD. Let… Go To Full Article

GIGABYTE Radeon HD 5850 Video Card in CrossFire

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When it came to testing our second HD 5850, we had a clear plan; CrossFire the two bad boys and see what kind of performance we can get. For many the second top model is always the one to get.… Go To Full Article

His Hd5870 1 Gb

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The hottest video card at the moment of course is the new AMD HD5870. As seen in our article, AMD’s latest GPU offers lots of performance and at the time of writing is the fastest single-GPU card available even reaching… Go To Full Article

Sapphire's ATI Radeon HD 5770

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Is AMD's expansion of it's DirectX 11 line accelerating its domination? Find out with our look at the Juniper architecture and review of Sapphire's HD5770. Go To Full Article

ATI HD 5870 X2 (HD 5970 ?) Pictured

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Requires 1x8-pin and 1x6-pin:

ATI Radeon 5970 = HD 5870 X2.

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Radeon HD 5970 confirmed as Hemlock, the second driver string is most likely Radeon HD 5950 shipping later on. We speculated it correctly for once Go To Full Article

$1.5M Russian SUV Features Diamonds, Whale Penis Leather

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Whale penis leather interior. That's all you really need to know about the $1.5 million Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition. Yes, the diamond-encrusted white gold gauges and gold-plated bulletproof windows are impressive, but seriously, whale penis leather interior.… Go To Full Article

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