Intel Core i7 875 K Performance and Overclocking

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Affordable Intel CPUs with a free multiplyer, that was something you were looking for in vain until now but with the K-series Intel now offers a very overclocking friendly processors which comes at a reasonable price. For… Go To Full Article

Intel X25-V SSD 40Gb – QUAD Raid 0 performance

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This week has been an ‘SSD-fest’ on KitGuru and today we are going to take another look at the excellent Intel X25-V SSD 40GB units which we reviewed last month in both single and dual Raid 0 configurations. Go To Full Article

MSI Big Bang XPower Motherboard

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The XPower is the newest member of the MSI Big Bang series of products, touting support for the latest generation of Intel processors as well as SATA 6G and USB 3.0 devices. With the amount of quality and features MSI… Go To Full Article

Photo Tampering Throughout History

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Photography lost its innocence many years ago. Only a few decades after Niepce created the first photograph in 1814, photographs were already being manipulated. With the advent of high-resolution digital cameras, powerful personal computers and sophisticated photo-editing software, the manipulation… Go To Full Article

The Android invasion's accelerating around the world

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Last quarter we reported on some pretty stellar growth numbers for Android in the global smartphone marketplace. Back then, Google's OS had a 9.6 percent slice of the pie, but today that's ballooned to a robust 17.2 percent, meaning that… Go To Full Article

Seagate and Samsung to Jointly Develop SSD Tech

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Storage has changed a lot over the last few years with the SSD going mainstream and replacing the traditional HDD in some markets. The enterprise market is one where SSDs are being embraced due to their increased performance and energy… Go To Full Article

IPhone Owners Have More Sex Than Android Owners

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Yes, in a deep and sonorous study by the dating site OkCupid, there seems to be no doubt: iPhone owners have more sex than BlackBerry owners and a lot more sex than the worthy, solemn, dedicated purchasers of Android phones.… Go To Full Article

Export and Backup Your Data From Google Wave

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Would you like to save all of your conversations and more from Google Wave before it is shut down? Here’s some ways you can export your Waves today so your team can switch to other collaboration platforms. … Go To Full Article

Observers Expect Hybrid Processors to Command Notebook PC Market

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Even though the market of discrete graphics processing units (GPUs) for notebooks recently started to come back rapidly, analysts from iSuppli believe that eventually microprocessors with built-in graphics engines will take over the notebook PC market. Such chips, which AMD… Go To Full Article

ECS introduces Black Series P55H-AK motherboard for hardcore gamers

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With innovative products that span multiple target markets under its belt, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the world's leading motherboard, graphics card, barebone system, and notebook manufacturer, announces the latest product, the ECS Black Series P55H-AK motherboard, which has powerful specifications… Go To Full Article

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