[M] Coolermaster V8 CPU Cooler Tested

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Coolermaster's latest heatsink is inspired by the car industry no doubt, the V8 features 6 U formed heat pipes, 4 of them dissipate heat to a large tower-style fins collection, while the remaining two heat pipes are connected to two… Go To Full Article

IE8 is no speed demon, but is most secure browser available

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Today is a red letter day for browsers. Microsoft has unleashed the final version of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). Designed to counter its declining web usage share with the entire IE brand, IE8 doesn't bring any new features (since it… Go To Full Article

ATI Ramps Up Manufacturing of Graphics Processors

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ATI, graphics products group of Advanced Micro Devices, has reportedly boosted its orders to manufacturers of its graphics processors, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and United Microelectronics Corp. The increase of orders may mean that the company anticipates rising demand of… Go To Full Article

SSD versus Enterprise SAS and SATA disks

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The superiority of the Intel SSD drives is simply astonishing. Even eight of the fastest SAS drives are not enough to keep up with one (!) SLC SSD drive. The high seek time of our Western Digital (8.9 ms) also… Go To Full Article

Patriot 256Gb Warp v3 SSD Tested

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Depending on the test, we've not only reached the specified limits of 240 MB/s read speed (250 MB/s is the maximum that SATA can handle) and 160 MB/s write speed - we've surpassed them. The disk doesn't seem to care… Go To Full Article

Nvidia Pricing GTX 200M Series Aggressively

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The Geforce GTX 280M is priced at $430 and the GTX 260M is priced at $320 which is a big departure from the traditionally high prices for Nvidia's mGPUs. The SLI kits are priced at $700 & $500 respectively. For… Go To Full Article

NZXT has new LAN sized gaming case: PANZERBOX

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Panzerbox features the best airflow in its class, boasting two 190mm and one 120mm fans that churn out a combined 300 CFM. The Panzerbox's pure aluminum design makes it a light and luxurious option for travel and LAN parties and… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 4890 Shown Naked, Real Benchmarks Coming

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Pricing and launch dates are still being adjusted at this time. AMD recently tried to lower prices on its Radeon 4870 and 4850 cards, but its board partners believe that the performance of the Radeon 4870 is too good to… Go To Full Article

Mozilla's Mobile Browser Fennec Beta Release Tested

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Mozilla has announced the first official beta release of its mobile Firefox web browser, codenamed Fennec. The release includes significant performance improvements that speed up rendering and increase the responsiveness of the user interface. The Fennec project… Go To Full Article

DUH news of today: Intel "Pentium" still stronger brand name than "Core"

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We've learned from Intel's Marketing Director Mr. Zene Ball that the Core brand is still weaker compared to Pentium. Pentium is still much stronger than any brand, but Centrino is also doing really fine. Core 2 and Core i7 brands… Go To Full Article

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