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I am a modder...It is a sickness, I realize that now, the need to try and make a mod better and better; adding more and more; modding it til it bleeds... Project Lament: HELLRAISER Cenobite is finished and I am… Go To Full Article

Ultimate Idiot's Guide to RAM

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Memory: What is it? How does it work? What kinds are there? We try to answer almost everything you can possibly think of, and maybe bring up a few things you didn't think mattered! Go To Full Article

Apple switches, adopts the Intel x86 architecture

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For decades Apple has been bad mouthing the x86 architecture until they announced this week they'll be using Intel's x86 processors in their upcoming products. Surprised? We take a closer look. Go To Full Article

Antec TX1050B

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Antec's original Performance Series helped catalyze the "build-your-own" high-performance computing revolution in 1999. Performance TX is the third generation of this industry classic line of cases, redesigned to meet Intel's Thermally Advantaged Chassis (TAC) design guide and upgraded with ATX12V… Go To Full Article

Lapworks Laptop Legs

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Today we are going to be looking at a cool little product that can help you type better, and more comfortably on your laptop. For some this product may seem strange or weird, but for people with laptops it may… Go To Full Article

Giveaway: Flash memory fun time

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We're giving away a Corsair 512MB Flash Voyager and a Transcend 128MB Jetflash that doubles as a digital camera. All are welcomed to participate in the fun. Direct Link: Go To Full Article

Modding Modular Power Cables

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So you got one of those uber cool Ultra X Connect modular power supplies and are living the Life Less Ordinary. Your system is benefiting from the rounded UV cables, and there isn’t an unused power cable to be found—but… Go To Full Article

ESI Juli@ PCI Sound Card

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The ESI Juli@ PCI soundcard is simply a fantastic product specially built for dedicated high-fidelity fans out there. Installation was very simple and straightforward. The soundcard itself is unique in many ways including the white coloured PCB and most interestingly… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte GA-8I915P Duo Pro

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german: english: Go To Full Article

Xbox 360 + ATI interview

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But actually I do think Nvidia will have a unified shader architecture by the time WGF2 comes around. This time around, they don’t have the architecture and we do, so they have to knock it and say it isn’t worthwhile. Go To Full Article

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