The Difference in what to buy

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PC World Magazine - Top 15 Desktop PCs May not be your daily reading materials, but it is for the majority of educated high income PC consumers. Go To Full Article

Call It the PlayStation Porn-Able

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Don't laugh. If Sony truly wants UMD to become the standard in portable media storage, adult videos could be a big help. The videos, published by hmp and Glay'z (explicit adult content), will debut next month.… Go To Full Article

Microsoft releases European friendly XP

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AFTER A YEAR of bickering and dickering with the European Commission, which included both sides holding their breath until they turned blue, software giant Microsoft has finally issued its anti-trust friendly version of Windows XP. No, it doesn't have… Go To Full Article

AMD FX-57 overclocks to 3000+ MHz

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WE TOLD YOU about FX-57 and we are now ready to give you some more details especially about its overclockability. It's clocked at 2800MHz - no surprise there but it turns out that it's not that hard to… Go To Full Article

AMD readies 64-bit Sempron chips

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SOURCES CLAIMED AMD is close to releasing a whole set of cut down Sempron microprocessors which will include iAMD 64 bit support. That could be as early as the middle of July, according to people close to AMD's plans… Go To Full Article

MSI Geminium-VIII gemini Graphic card

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MSI, a worldwide leader and manufacturer of graphics cards, showed the MSI Geminium-VIII graphics card at Computex 2005. This graphics card comes in two interfaces, "PCI Express" and "AGP". The Geminium-VIII graphics card utilizes high performance… Go To Full Article

Vantec AeroFlow air cooler heatsink

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Straight off the bat we have to say that this Vantec AeroFlow does not have a noisy fan so you are not going to go deaf using your computer even with the fan running flat out and of course it… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake PurePower TWV500W

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One of the more recent trends in the power supply market is modular cabling systems. Simply put, a modular power supply allows its user to connect only the cables he or she needs to power up everything in a PC.… Go To Full Article


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When SLI was first announced the enthusiasm here in the Ninjalane Labs for the new technology was crazy. Everyone was running around trying to get their hands on something SLI enabled in hopes of making that big score and upgrade… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte I-RAM: more info

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I talked to the engineer who is involved with this product and he gave me the following information: • The I-RAM will work with almost any motherboard • If the PC is off but on an… Go To Full Article

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