Palit GeForce 7600 GT Sonic Graphics Card: Extreme Voltmodding Guide

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Today we are going to introduce to you an excellent solution for the buck – the new GeForce 7600 GT from Palit. It boasts unique design different from the reference and with a little effort can be modified to hit…

OCZ Tempest CPU Cooler

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Today, we will take a look at OCZ's latest attempt at CPU cooling. The OCZ Tempest is aimed at all platforms with a universal mounting mechanism. OCZ sounded pretty sure of themselves when they said I would be…

Thermaltake Armor Case

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A quick glance over the website and I was excited—11 drive bays, a 25 cm fan, tool-less installation, great ventilation, great design—in other words, this case has it all. However, most people know that what appears to…

Bigfoot Networks Killer NIC

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By now, we're all familiar with Creative Labs’ Audigy and X-Fi audio processors. A startup known as AISeek is working on an Artificial Intelligence accelerator for the PC. Ageia's PhysX processor is already on store shelves, and the product we'll…

HighSpeed PC Top Deck Tech Station

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Testing and evaluating a system and its components before you spend the time and effort installing everything in a case is definitely the way to go. Piling ESD-sensitive parts on top of boxes with $500+ video cards loose

Monitor calibration guide

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Although the great majority of the people would say that the graphical quality of our PC is determined by the VGA who we have, has to remember that the monitor plays the most important roll in the interaction with our…

OCZ EvoStream 600w Modular PSU

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It is easily the best looking unit I have seen in person to date. The reflection that the EvoStream gives off is amazing. But, like anything that is shiny, it picks up dirt and especially fingerprints very easily. I was…

eVGA 7600GT PCIe Video Card

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The GeForce 7600 GT is based on the G73 core and is essentially half of Nvidia's flagship single core product, the 7900 GTX; it has half the pixel pipelines (more recently referred to as ALUs), half the raster operators, and…

Internet Explorer 7 to Ship Tomorrow

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Microsoft plans to push out Internet Explorer 7 as a 'high priority update' when it ships security patches tomorrow, according to's Security Fix blog. That means anyone who has Windows configured to download and install patches automagically from Redmond…

PCI Express 2.0 nears completion

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A two-month clock has begun ticking for the release of PCI Express 2.0, an update designed to help the ubiquitous computer communication technology with virtualization, power management and high-end graphics cards

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