Logitech V500 Cordless Notebook Mouse

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Logitech, a well known leader in the realm of computer devices, has expanded their already large line of wireless notebook mice to include the high-class V500. The V500 comes packed full of new features like an expandable chassis, a touch-sensitive… Go To Full Article

World Wide Memory: A Tour of Kingston Taiwan

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Headquartered in Fountain Valley, California, Kingston is by far the world's largest independent memory manufacturer. From its beginnings in 1987, Kingston has grown to a 27% market share in 2004 and almost $2.5 Billion in sales - which is more… Go To Full Article

Intel Tukwila to sport integrated memory controller?

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OUR OLE MUCKER Nico Ernst, over at says Intel has plans to integrate memory controllers onto its server chips by 2007. Nico heard the tale from SGI Chief Technology Officer Lim Goh. Goh told… Go To Full Article

Windows XP64 is a non standard OS, Canon says

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A MAJOR MANUFACTURER of what we IT trade types call "peripherals" has described the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows as not being a standard operating system. An INQ reader wisely asked whether Canon could supply the beautiful in theory… Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling CopperLite HSF

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And carefully insert the other side of the clip on the three tabs on the tall side of the cpu base. Since the clip does not work by a "spring action", this may take a little time. After properly positioning… Go To Full Article

How-To: Splinter Cell Portable HDD Enclosure

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So you played through the latest game in a single sitting, went online and wupped *** like a big dog. Now the box the game came in is on the shelf gathering dust. In this mod, we show you how… Go To Full Article

Windows to Run on Intel Processors

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Redmond , WA - Microsoft announced today at a press gathering that Windows XP will be ported to work on the Intel range of x86 processors. Microsoft denies that this has anything to do with recent announcement from…

Geforce 7800GTX, G70 to be available at launch

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We asked around among partners and distributors and it turns out that some very special Nvidia customers might have some cards for sale at the day of the launch. This will be a welcome change for… Go To Full Article

Get a cheapo gaming PC from Newegg

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LOOKING TO BUY a relatively cheap gamers system? Check newegg and you won't regret it. They consistently have very high scores at resellerratings and other consumer-based rating sites. Below are some deals from them that will help you build a… Go To Full Article

[Digital-info]nVidia 7800GTX 3DMark @ XS

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