VIA AM2 mobos make a showing

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LOOKS LIKE VIA scored a bunch of design wins for AM2 socket mobos. Here are two Asus mobos and a third unnamed one. Note the dual PCIe slots on the tan Asus board.

ATI Radeon X1600PRO price drops to $109

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ATI IS PREPARING to slash the prices of its entire range of cards as the firm takes off the gloves in its scrap with bitter rival Nvidia. We hear that the Radeon X1600X will see its price drop…

Asus KFN4-DR Dual Socket F mobo snapped

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THERE WAS ONE naked Socket F motherboard, aka S1207, out in the open today at the messe, and it was a beauty. This one is a dual Socket F board called the KFN4-DRE, and the spec sheet has…

New "Hairy Lobster" Crustacean Discovered and Classified

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It's a MADSHRIMP! Or not quite... "American-led divers discovered a new type of Crustacean, that resembles a lobster but has it's claws covered in 'sinuous, hair-like strands'. This species is so different, from other Crustacean's that it was classified with…

Samsung SyncMaster 940T LCD Monitor

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Today we take a look at Samsung's new SyncMaster 940T LCD monitor. The SyncMaster 940T is a sleek looking unit that not only has a 19" screen, it features a screen that can be rotated 178' degrees.

Samsung 770P 17' LCD

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As a web developer and graphic designer, having a high-end LCD monitor (or two) is critical to producing professional products for my clients. Whether it’s something small like web banners or larger projects like entire company brands, having a high…

Akasa PowerPlus 650W Power Supply

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Akasa is well known for a wide variety of PC accessories such as cases, coolers, cables, control panels, lights, and power supplies. This review will be taking a look at the server class Akasa PowerPlus 650W model. This power supply…

Radeon X1800 and Xpress 3200 might allow Crossfire without Master Card

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There seems to be a strategy to extend the value to those people that have shelled out for X1800 parts, by allowing Crossfire to work without master hardware, but only on Radeon Xpress 3200 -based mainboards. It's…

Windows Vista set to swallow 800MB of RAM

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A CHAP who managed to sneak a peek at the Vole's internal beta version 2 of Windows 53xx informed us that, even while idling, Vista eats as much as 800Mb of system memory. Also Vista occupies roughly three times more…

Geforce 7800 GTX 512 is just a NV47 after all

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So, the codenamed G71 in that case is nothing more than NV47 die, shrink-made for Sony's Playstation 3 and the relabelled as the GeForces 7900 GTX and GT. A tad more evolutionary than revolutionary, we suggest.

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