Sony's BWU-200S Blu-ray burner reaches 4x speeds

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We know, 4x still isn't all that speedy in the grand scheme of things, but the BWU-200S can still toast BD-R discs twice as fast as last year's BWU-100A. Aside from filling a 50GB BD-R in around 45 minutes, the… Go To Full Article

ATI Catalyst 7.10 Drivers to Improve FPS Performance

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* Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Crossfire performance improves as much as 23% on ATI Radeon™ 1000 series products and single card performance improves as much as 23% on both ATI Radeon HD 2000 and ATI Radeon 1000 series products <br>

GeForce 8800 GT to be launched end of the month

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Nvidia is bringing forward the launch date of its upcoming GeForce 8800 GT (G92) GPU to October 29 from the original November 12, targeting AMD's new Radeon HD 2950PRO (RV670) as the major competitor, according to sources at graphics card… Go To Full Article

Hard drive technology wins the 2007 Nobel Prize for physics

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Albert Fert of the Université Paris-Sud in Orsay, France, and Peter Grünberg of the Forschungszentrum in Jülich, Germany, have been awarded the 2007 Nobel Prize in physics for their discovery of the phenomenon known as giant magnetoresistance (GMR). The two… Go To Full Article

Intel Skeptic About AMD’s Plans to Release Microprocessors with Three Cores

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The rather unique triple-core microprocessor by Advanced Micro Devices due in early 2008 is nothing else but a way to increase the amount of working processors based on the new micro-architecture and featuring so-called “native” quad-core implementation, claims chief technology… Go To Full Article

PowerColor HD 2600 Pro 512MB DDR2 Graphics Card Review

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The standard amount of onboard graphics memory for ARI Radeon HD 2600 Pro equals 256MB, but today we are going to tell you about a solution offered by PowerColor Company that features 512MB of memory onboard. Will it be able… Go To Full Article

Asustek Releases External Audio Solution for Notebooks

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Asustek Computer has announced its third audio solution for personal computers (PCs) this year. The novelty is aimed at mobile and small form-factor systems and can offer improved audio quality for games, movies and music. The new… Go To Full Article

Intel Launches X38 Express chipset: Reviews Inside

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Back in May, Intel launched the P35 Express chipset, a replacement for its popular 965P. Classified as a mid-range product, the P35 added official support for front-side bus speeds up to 1333MHz, came bundled with a new ICH9R south bridge… Go To Full Article

NZXT Precise Power 1200W Modular Power Supply Review

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NZXT is really not known for power supplies. They have made some of the best cases we have seen recently in the Lexa Blackline and the Adamas both of which received our Editor's Choice Award. So we have never tested… Go To Full Article

Tagan CS-Monolith Mid Tower ATX Case

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Everyone acquainted with high-end power supplies has probably heard of the Tagan brand. Trying to build on that reputation with an expanded product line, Tagan has submitted for review their take on high-end computer cases. The Tagan CS-Monolith Mid Tower… Go To Full Article

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