Desktop Graphics Card Comparison

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Adrian’s Rojak Pot has updated its Desktop Graphics Card Comparison bringing it up to version 7.1. There are a two new cards added (Radeon XT700XT & X700Pro) the guide and a number of features and corrections added as well. Go To Full Article

AMD vs Intel: A Linux Bout

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AnandTech puts the latest and greatest AMD and Intel CPUs, including 32-bit and 64-bit versions, to the test in their first ever "Linux Desktop CPU Roundup" to see which performs the best in various Linux applications including database, compiling, rendering,… Go To Full Article

Albatron Trinity Geforce 6800GT 256Mb

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The Crucible has just posted a review of Albatron's Trinity 6800GT Geforce 6800 GT video card. They run it up the flag pole and see who looks. Seems like a pretty good card for the price. … Go To Full Article

Valve vs. Vivendi = Half-Life 2 Delay?

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According to Gamespot, Half-Life 2 could be delayed thanks to a legal fight over the Steam digital distribution scheme that Valve is using to bypass Vivendi Universal Games distribution over the net. Maybe we will only have HL2 when this… Go To Full Article

Windows XP SP2 Opens Door For Everyone

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As soon as you install SP2 on a Windows XP PC with a certain configuration, your file and printer sharing data are visible worldwide, despite an activated Firewall. This also applies to all other services. The PC only has to… Go To Full Article

Intel's Dual-Core Demonstration – Real, Says Intel

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Intel Corporation said Monday it had demonstrated a real dual-core microprocessor at Intel Developer Forum Fall 2004 in San Francisco, California, earlier this month, in a respond to an analyst who expressed doubts about feasibility of such demonstration by the… Go To Full Article

Radeon X600XT PCI-E Roundup

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What does mainstream PCI-Express have to offer? We round up three X600XT VPU based video cards from ABIT, MSI, and Sapphire and face off against a MSI GeForce PCX 5750. Go To Full Article

4GHz Intel Prescott on target for Q1

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THE 4GHz Prescott processor using an LGA 775 pinout and with 1MB of L2 cache is on target for the first quarter of next year, according to the latest Intel roadmaps. Go To Full Article

AMD intros 90 nano thin/light Athlon 64

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CHIP FIRM AMD said it has introduced the mobile 3000+ Athlon 64 and said Acer will use it in its "Ferrari" branded range of notebooks. The 3000+ will appear in the Acer 3400 during September in Europe, and worldwide… Go To Full Article

Driver Cleaner 3.3

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Cleaner 3.3 is for uninstalling nVidia, ATI, Creative, Turtle Beach, SIS Graphics and 3Dfx. It will remove anything that is left by the drivers after uninstall. Go To Full Article

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