Leadtek - dual 6600 on a single card

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In our graphics test machine today is the Leadtek Duo PX6600GT TDH Extreme graphics card (phew!) It sports dual 6600GT chips on a single board, clocked up above stock, and utilising Nvidia's SLI bridge on board. How does it compare… Go To Full Article

Sapphire X550 Passive PCI-E 256

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The RAM chips used are Hynix 256M-bit, 500MHz (DDR) chips. 4 on each side of the PCB gives 256MB of RAM. While these are rated for only 500MHz, the same series of RAM will run up to 700MHz when the… Go To Full Article

HIS X800GT IceQ II Turbo 256MB PCIe Video Card Video

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If you're looking for a PCIE video card but are not willing to pay $500+ for the latest & greatest video card then consider this product. It has three major pluses; it's affordable, offers great performance, and has the latest… Go To Full Article

Firefox beta 1.5 is out

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IT LOOKS LIKE FIREFOX 1.5 has reached beta one. The 'Browser Formerly Known As Deer Park' - sorry, the INQ font has no symbol for the Prince-esque symbol - is now an official release, kind of. You can… Go To Full Article

The Fastest Graphics Cards of Summer 2005

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X-bit labs undertakes another attempt to choose the best-among-the-best hardware for every buyer. Today we test a massive amount of graphics cards in unprecedented – 30 – number of benchmarks just to find out the best solutions at different price-points. Go To Full Article

Kingston 256MB MMC Mobile Review

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Currently most of the Nokia latest smart phones are using the MMC mobile card. Sooner or later more smart phones will use these type of low voltage MMC mobile card since it help the phone battery to last longer. It… Go To Full Article

Samsung SyncMaster 930BF 19" LCD Monitor

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Today we take a look at one of Samsungs new series of gaming LCD Monitors. The SyncMaster 930BF is a 19" LCD Monitor that uses Samsungs new RTA Technology. With RTA Technology the monitor will produce clear screen images Go To Full Article

The TechZone tells the history of Linux.

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As an operating system, MINIX was not a superb one. But it had the advantage that the source code was available. Anyone who happened to get the book 'Operating System' by Tanenbaum could get hold of the 12,000 lines of… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Aquabay M3

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Thermaltake's Aquabay M3 watercooling reservoir is mounted in one 5.25" drive bay. It has a water level indicator and comes with all accessories required for installation. It was designed to go with Thermaltake's watercooling, but works with other systems as… Go To Full Article

Unpatched Firefox flaw may expose users

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A new, unpatched flaw in that affects all versions of Firefox could let attackers surreptitiously run malicious code on users' PCs, a security researcher has warned. The problem lies in the way Firefox handles Web links… Go To Full Article

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