Laptop or Desktop? Which Should You Choose?

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Traditionally, laptop computers were bought by people who had to be able to take their computer with them when they left the office, such as the salesman visiting a customer. It always used to be the case that buying portability…

Quake 4 1.05 beta 2 patch dual core performance

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We continue our testing of the Quake 4 dual core support with the latest patch version 1.05 beta 2 that is the follow up to the last dual core patch. We have had some input from id Software and are…

MSI RD480 motherboard

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MSI is one of those companies that has and will always have a place in the gaming and enthusiast’s community. Time and time again they have released a great product, whether it is a motherboard or a video card. Today,…

Polywell MiniBox 939NP Media Center PC

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Pre-built systems can ease your pain in several ways. To begin with, they all come with warranties, so if something fails, you can just get it fixed. Everything has been pre-tested, so there's no guess work into trying to make…

ThermalTake Eclipse DV VC6000 case

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DV Hardware has taken a look at the Eclipse DV VC6000 mid-tower case from ThermalTake. The special things about this cases are the integrated DVD combo drive and the LED sound indicator. Both are integrated into the front bezel, making…

Antec Neo HE 550W

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The Neo HE we have here for testing for example is rated for 550W peak output at 50C ambient temperature. If the air surrounding it is cooler, it is able to provide more power than 550W. Or if you like,…

Cooler Master Contest @ Overclockers Online

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Our grand prize for the month is a Centurion Micro ATX 541 chassis. We also have 9 other prizes to give away! In order to enter you must simply fill out a ballot by the end of the…

MSI P4N Diamond

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MSI has built a feature rich motherboard in the P4N Diamond that is a worthy competitor. If you are an Intel fan, it should be on your short list of possibilities for your next build. And given the deep feature…

Club3D: the only company to partner with all four graphic players

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That makes Club 3D a rather unique company. It is working the way it's meant to be worked. I can remember the times when Asus had to pack its first Athlon motherboards in white as it was terrified of the…

Intel Macs May Boot Windows XP After All

@ 2006/01/16 read/post comments(2)
While we'll have to wait till someone actually tries it to get absolute confirmation, news coming from Intel in Australia, reported here by Dan Warne in the Australian Personal Computer magazine, is that the new Intel-based Macs may be able…

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