DDR2 Picking up Momentum

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A recent conversation with a source confirmed that DDR2 is in fact picking up momentum in the market. Although motherboard sales supporting the aforementioned memory standard aren’t off the charts, DDR2 is gaining an appreciation in the industry. Go To Full Article

Your Entire CD Collection In Your Pants Pocket

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Removing the top cover of the case reveals Hitachi's tried-and-true technology, in the shape of a 4 GB Microdrive. In Archos' case, the HMS360404D5CF00 model is used. It has a 1" platter spinning at 3600 RPM. The Hitachi drives' temporary… Go To Full Article

The Dual-Core War: Is Intel in Trouble?

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After years of anticipation, dual-core microprocessors are finally a reality. Both Intel and AMD were touting dual-core microprocessors as the inevitable future, and something that would certainly take computing to the next level. At numerous tradeshows and computing… Go To Full Article

Razer eXactMat Mouse Pad

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The aluminum trim isn't purely aesthetic. It helps prevent scratches and the eventual deterioration of the mouse pad's border, something that's all too common these days. You'll also find 4 rubber feet on each corner of the eXactMat to prevent… Go To Full Article

Sunbeam Samurai Case

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Overall, Sunbeam's Samurai case is a well designed low-budget project. If you are looking for cheap yet fancy case, you should give Samurai a try. Although a power supply is not included in this unit, you are free to choose… Go To Full Article

Albatron TC6200Q TurboCache

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The TC6200Q is right in between the performance of the 915G and the PCX5750. It does beat the PCX5750 in our Splinter Cell tests, but in everything else it has a good margin in both directions. It is… Go To Full Article

How-To: Painting Peripherals

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So your most recent case mod is all done, and it’s an *** kicking work of art. What’s with the plain Jane peripherals? Are those STOCK? Kidding aside, nothing detracts from your efforts on a well executed case mod then… Go To Full Article

ATI to Launch "SLI" at Computex

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Ever since NVIDIA introduced its SLI to the market, everyone immediately thought about ATI and the company’s possible reply to its rival’s Scalable Link Interface technology. Soon after NVIDIA’s launch, speculations flooded numerous publications, which stated that ATI was also… Go To Full Article

File Management For The Disorganized Packrat

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All they really consist of are magnetic representations of 1's and 0's. They exist only in an ephemeral way, yet more and more people rely on them for their work, relaxation, and entertainment. They're all the same in many ways,… Go To Full Article

Ulti-mat Mousepad

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What makes the Ulti-Mat different from other mouse pads on the market is its Teflon coating. The pad itself is a 1.25mm steel plate which is coated on its top with Dupont's Teflon material. This coating makes the pad slick,… Go To Full Article

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