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"NZXT always had us used to cases that are innovative, practical and different from most of the competition. Ttheir cases always were made with care, good quality components and were very promising to the users. They o*nly recently expanded their… Go To Full Article

[H] Holiday System Guide - 2005

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It’s not officially the holiday season until we gauge how much buying power a dollar will buy at Our last guide included systems from both AMD and Intel and we aren’t leaving either camp out in the cold for… Go To Full Article

ATI and Nvidia to battle for 90nm PCIe GPU market by 1Q 2006

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New 90nm graphics processor units (GPUs) from ATI Technologies and Nvidia, with ATI’s flagship R580 chip and two 7xxx series from Nvidia, are expected to enter mass shipments by the end of the first quarter of 2006, according to Taiwan-based… Go To Full Article

Star Wars: Battlefront II

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The sequel has a lot to live up to though. What the first Battlefront DIDN'T do is pretty obvious. The game had very little going for it as a single player experience, the bots were dumb, and the missions were… Go To Full Article

AMD FX-60 official launch date emerges

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A WHILE BACK we told you about the FX-60 and that it was going to launch in early January. We can now narrow it down a bit, it is not just early January, but January 10th. Save up your pennies… Go To Full Article

The Xbox faces off against the PC

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Today we're bringing back the FiringSquad Face Off. Our topic for today is to figure out whether the original Xbox was a good or bad thing for PC gamers. Joining me for this Face Off is Ben Escoto, a FiringSquad… Go To Full Article

Nvidia 6800GS AGP arrives next week

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NVIDIA is fulfilling its promises and will start shipping its Geforce 6800 GS AGP cards next week. We already reported that Nvidia has a massive shortage of AGP chips and that it can not print enough 6600 based chips and… Go To Full Article

DirectX 10...and so it ends!

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There are troubled times ahead. Through one bold move, Microsoft has decided that it will not support, the already too “old” DirectX 9, not to mention DirectX 8 or any of the previous versions. But... it appears to be some… Go To Full Article

Compatibility issues with Maxtor DiamondMax 9/10 and nForce4

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It seems that there is a serious compatibility issue between some of the Maxtor DiamondMax 9/10 SATA series with an early firmware revision and some nForce4 based motherboards. Some of the effected motherboards are the ASUS A8N series, the DFI… Go To Full Article

Seagate to Speed Up Performance of Tiny Hard Drives

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Seagate Technology, a maker of hard disk drives, announced on Tuesday its Cybercapture technology that maximizes performance of tiny hard disk drives, such as those in 1” form-factor, used in consumer applications like digital cameras and digital music players.… Go To Full Article

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