Thermaltake DH-202 HTPC (Media PC) Chassis Review

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In this day and age, technology and computers consume our lives. Its only natural that with time, people will realize that the puny, limited DVR (digital video recorder) that the Cable Company makes you pay for is a waste of… Go To Full Article

ThermalTake Element G, T chassis

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Thermaltake has been making chassis for years now. Their products were known to be a go between. They where not quite the worst, but not quite the best. At least up until last year. Thermaltake has been changing this standing… Go To Full Article

Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme CPU Cooler Review (FR)

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A few years ago, unveiled its Tuniq Tower 120, an excellent heatpipe tower CPU format, which has yet to crack down on some processors. Today we offer test the new version of the Tower 120, which switches Extreme. It offers… Go To Full Article

eVGA goes extreme, P55 Classified features onboard voltmeter

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The EVGA P55 Classified 200 motherboard is designed for the ultra enthusiast. With such features as a 10 Phase Digital PWM, 2x8pin CPU connectors that can provide up to 600w of power to the CPU, a 300% increase in socket… Go To Full Article

Why play a plastic guitar when you can have a real one?

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While kids can get instant gratification from grabbing a plastic Strat and fondly imagine they're really playing, they're missing out on the genuine enjoyment that learning to play a real instrument will bring them over the rest of their lives. Go To Full Article

2010 could be the last year for IPv4 as we know it

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We've known we would run out of IPv4 addresses since 1981, when the Internet Protocol was standardized. The numbers dictate that there will never be more than 4,294,967,296 different IPv4 addresses. (4 billion and change being the number of combinations… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte goes P55 loco with 11 LGA 1156 motherboards

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If you thought that Asus' P55 offer was pretty beefy then think again as Gigabyte is releasing 11 (eleven) motherboards supporting LGA 1156 processors. In all, Gigabyte will be delivering nine 'standard' ATX P55 boards - the GA-P55-UD6, GA-P55-UD5, GA-P55-UD4P,… Go To Full Article

DDR2 and DDR3 prices going up

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PRICES for 1Gb DDR2 and 1Gb DDR3 have continued to increase. A Gb of DDR2 will set you back $1.53 and a Gb of DDR3 costs $1.66. According to the beancounters at DRAMeXchange these represent price increases of 8.5 per… Go To Full Article

Athlon II X4 620 Review

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AMD officially launched Athlon II series processors based on 45nm process back early June.The first three dual-core Athlon II X2 gives major consumers deep impression and becomes the hot sale of DIY market. When Athlon II X2… Go To Full Article

The forgotten, beloved 60GB PS3: why it's still so popular

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The PlayStation 3 launched on November 17, 2006, and the 60GB models were sold for the scandalous price of $600. Sony had set expectations so high that a backlash was almost inevitable. Now you can get a newly redesigned PlayStation… Go To Full Article

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