ATI Announces Theater 650 Pro

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ATI just announced a new hardware MPEG2 encoder chip after much success and praise of the previous ATI Theater 550 Pro. The new Theater 650 Pro is the first encoder capable of decoding analog and digital TV signals—ATSC and DVB-T.…

Turn Your nForce 570 into nForce 570 SLI

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Our regular readers may remember that by closing the bridges on the chipset North Bridge we could make nForce4 chipset support SLI and SATA-300 turning it into an analog to more expensive solutions. Keeping in mind that the new nForce…

AMD won't buy ATI - Confirmed?

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WE CANNOT name names but a few important people from both camps have confirmed that AMD won't buy ATI. Two companies are hardly compatible and a chap confirmed that if anyone is out to get ATI it is definitely not…

GeForce 7900 GT and GTX mini-roundup: eVGA and XFX

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We haven't managed to round up every last offering from all vendors (as much as I'd love to evaluate 30 GeForces!), but to kick off our quest for that particular truth we've nabbed boards from XFX and eVGA to see…

PCs play key role in HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray war

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PCs are emerging as a battleground in the budding war between two technologies vying to be the standard for high-capacity DVDs--and take the lucrative mantle of next benchmark in optical storage. The stakes are huge for one group led by…

Real-life vs Crysis in-game - can you tell the difference?

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Crysis seems set to be the best looking game ever released, can you tell the difference between game and reality?

ThermoHawk 200 Thermal Sensor

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My impression is that it is a well-made little device that functions just as it should. It is very versatile; the uses for it are practically endless. The fact that it is small, as well as the added features of…

Thermalright shows off passive VGA cooling and TEC Water Chiller

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At Computex Thermalright has a prototype of a TEC waterchiller. Regular coolers can be seen too, but it's mainly sized up versions of existing heatsinks. New is a memory cooler and a video card cooler. Also there is a concept…

Cooler Master iGreen Power 430W PSU Giveaway

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In this months giveaway, Cooler Master and 3dGameMan team up to bring you Giveaway/Contest Cooler Master iGreen Power 430W PSU.

Zalman has improved HTPC case with touchscreen

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Zalman had an awesome HTPC on display. It comes with an integrated 7" touchscreen TFT. The display has a native resolution of 1024x768 which makes everything crystal clear. A more affordable version of that case comes without LCD screen but…

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