OCZ Technology Pushes DDR to the Limits

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Leading maker of memory modules OCZ Technology has unveiled yet another high-performance set of DDR products with 533MHz speed-bin and pretty aggressive memory timings. “With the introduction of the latest round of memory-hungry 3D games and the… Go To Full Article

Industry Update - Q4-2004: AMD adds SSE3 Support, Intel's 925/915 not selling

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Every year I make at least one trip to Taipei, Taiwan, usually for the annual Computex show. The flight itself is usually grueling, traveling from the East Coast you're generally in the air for around 20 hours. Then there's getting… Go To Full Article

3DMark05 - Benchmark Review

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In the following article we will test 3DMark05 to find out exactly how the generated score depends on the main hardware components of the computer system. Go To Full Article

Modding your Single-Layer DVD to Dual-Layer

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Today we set out on a fun little project. We decided to test a mod that was floating around on the net making your single-layer burner turn into a Dual-Layer (DL) burner! Is this really a free upgrade? We will… Go To Full Article

Intel to add Wi-Fi to Pentium 4 chipsets - again

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Intel will integrate Wi-Fi into its next generation of desktop chipsets, the chip maker has revealed, two months after admitting it will not ship promised WLAN adaptors for its 'Grantsdale' and 'Alderwood' Pentium 4 chipsets. Speaking in… Go To Full Article


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Elitegroup Computer Systems (UK) Ltd announces the launch of the PF21 Extreme motherboard with Intel 925XE chipset and official support for a Front Side Bus (FSB) of 1066MHz, so ECS is all set to support the next version of Intel’s…

MSI 915P Neo2 Platinum

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"While Intel chooses to market the 915P as a mainstream part, based on our results today we can see MSI's 915P Neo2 Platinum is anything but ordinary. Out of the box, we had zero issues with the board… Go To Full Article

RaidMax RX-520XPW PSU Review

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Overall, the performance of this power supply is solid and my confidence in the build quality and the internal components justify the current high price of this product. If moneys not a problem, I recommend it for… Go To Full Article

Plextor PX-712UF External DVD Writer Review

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"We have analyzed several Plextor CD/RW/DVD/RW drives here at CoolTechZone recently. One thing that remains constant is quality. The smoothness of operation and attention to detail places these drives on top of the heap. One may wonder why these optical… Go To Full Article

mnpctech's Tsunami Ultra Quiet Custom Case

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"The mnpctech Tsunami that Bill sent had some killer airbrush work on it that is called "Silent and Deadly". I get it completely; a Tsunami is a giant wave (as in the style of case), this is the Ultra Quiet… Go To Full Article

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