Microsoft warns of IE flaw, turns PC into public file server

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Microsoft has issued Security Advisory (980088) to address a publicly disclosed vulnerability in Internet Explorer that may allow information disclosure for Windows XP users or for users who have disabled Internet Explorer Protected Mode. The advisory explains that content can… Go To Full Article

Graphene transistors promise 100GHz speeds

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. The leading candidate to replace silicon being pursued by, well, pretty much everyone, is graphene. Graphene, single sheets of graphitic carbon, is exciting because it is a single atom thick and has remarkably high electron mobilities (100 times greater… Go To Full Article

Clarkdale’s Second Half: Intel HD Graphics Review

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Although Intel decided not to use the familiar GMA abbreviation for its name, Intel HD Graphics core integrated into Westmere processors doesn’t actually have anything revolutionary about itself. Namely, Intel HD Graphics is none other but a common evolutionary refresh… Go To Full Article

Thermalright Venomous X CPU Cooler Review

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I think it would be difficult to accuse Thermalright Inc. of being slow to the market with new cooling solutions. Strange as it might seem, but we should actually blame their competitors, who only last year managed to introduce products… Go To Full Article

Make IE6 Crash Instantly

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Type this in the address bar: ms-its:%F0:

Intel announces Core vPro processors

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There’s actually no such thing as a Core vPro processor, instead we’re talking about Intel’s Core i5 and Core i7 processors here, paired up with Intel’s business oriented Q57 chipset. The system is also required to use Intel’s 82577LM or… Go To Full Article

AMD Thuban 6-Core CPU UnOfficial Named Confirmed: Phenom II X6

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Motherboard maker Biostar has posted some preview information on one of its coming motherboards for AMD's Socket AM3 platform. This preview not only reveals a lot of information on the new chipset, AMD 890GX, but also confirms the name of… Go To Full Article

AZZA Solano 1000R Full-Tower Computer Case

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AZZA have taken a few steps away from what is considered conventional with the Solano 1000R (model: CSAZ-1000R) and gave it an extreme bright red interior. The AZZA Solano also boasts "maximum thermal management with fans installed everywhere" to keep… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Element V

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The Thermaltake Element V, with flash and features for the gamer crowd, offers some considerable space for higher-end gear. Can it fit a behemoth Radeon 5970? Yes. Does it have a 2.5" SSD bracket? Yes. But to truly suit the… Go To Full Article

PowerColor Radeon HD 5750 Review

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Performance at stock was right about where it should be, there weren't any surprises. The 1GB of memory helped out in some games at 2560x1600 while others the card was just too weak. Once the big overclock set in though,… Go To Full Article

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