SCSI HDD Roundup

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This article concludes our comparison of professional Ultra320 SCSI hard drives of the 2004-2005 generation. Now is the perfect time to do it – to look back and overview the recent past on the threshold of the advance of professional…

SLi Working On Non-NVIDIA Chipset?

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Spotted this story at [H]:"According to the Chinese website HKEPC, the ULi M1697 chipset supports SLi. There are a handful of tests that pit the ULi chipset against a nForce4 SLi board and the results are fairly surprising. You’ll need…

3DMark06 / FutureMark Interview

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3DMark 2006 has been launched 15 days ago. This new version supports full Shader Model 3.0 as HDR (High Dynamic Range) and is able to show how powerful a dual core CPU can be in 3D scenes thanks to a…

HIS Radeon X1900 CrossFire Tested

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With the launch of the Radeon X1900XT and X1900XTX last month, CrossFire cards of this new Radeon series have already popped up at a few places but aren’t in full swing as most people would like. Today thanks to our…

Gigabyte 8N-SLI Royal, the other SLI alternative

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Recently we took a look at the 8N-SLI Quad Royal from Gigabyte, the flagship of the nForce 4 Intel SLI line with four PCI Express x16 ports for Quad SLI. While this does look and sound interesting, it’s not really…

Matrix Orbital MX610

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When it comes to character VFD’s and LCD’s there are not many names that come to mind, but the one that does is Matrix Orbital. Since 1995 Matrix Orbital has been making LCD solutions. Today we will be looking at…

Laptop Gamers & LAN Parties Go Hand In Hand

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With today's high power mobile processors and video cards, laptops are every bit as powerful as their bigger desktop brothers. The appeal of a gaming laptop, especially as it pertains to LAN parties, is overwhelming. With a gaming laptop, you…

Silverstone LC17 HTPC Case

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Emerging from another well-known case manufacturer a few years ago, SilverStone Technology has really taken off with much success in the aftermarket computer component industry. By specializing in high-quality enclosures, SilverStone has shown that they know what they are doing.…

Plextor Releases 18X Dual Format DVD Burner

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Plextor's newest can do 18X on single layer DVDR media, 10X on DVD+R DL If four minute DVD-R burn times were not fast enough for you, Plextor just announced the E-IDE PX-760A DVD recorder. The drive is…

NVIDIA Launches GoForce 5500 - GFX for your Phone

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NVIDIA today has announced a new addition to its GoForce family of mobility GPUs called the GoForce 5500. Aimed squarely at gamers on the move, the GoForce 5500 brings advanced features that were previously unavailable to the handheld market. Besting…

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