MSI K8N Neo Platinum

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After taking a look at seven socket 754 boards late last month, we have established the fact that the 754 platform is the budget system to be had. Though its life span is limited to the point where AMD will… Go To Full Article

Download your brain onto a computer

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A LEADING British futurologist believes that it will be possible to download your brain into a supercomputer, in about 50 years. Ian Pearson, head of the futurology at BT told the Observer that such technology will be possible for… Go To Full Article

Samsung ready to release 16GB solid state hard drives

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SOUTH KOREAN electronics giant Samsung said it has made the first solid state disk (SSD) using NAND flash memory. It can make SSDs to support capacities of up to 16GB, it said, suitable for notebook and tablet PCs, and… Go To Full Article

Tank passif WACC P/A

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We begin our file on test the kits cooling passive by the test of tank WACC P/A one height meter ... Then is this sufficient to hold with the expenses our configuration of tests, you will discover it… Go To Full Article

FSP Group FSP400--60GNL PSU

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We just got done reviewing FSP Group's FSP400-60GLN - 400 watt power supply which is code named "GreenPower" due to the fact that is so efficient to operated. Yet the thing that surprised us the most was the unit’s ability… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Real Power 550W

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Cooler Master continues the Real Power series with a beefier 550W power supply. It comes with 3 independent 12v rails, a PCI-E connector, a wattage meter display, and a bright blue 120mm blue LED fan. Review URL: Go To Full Article

PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool 510 SLI Power Supply

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you have been following the power supply market lately it seems that focus has completely shifted to two categories- modular and silent. While these are both pretty exciting and have a lot of offer consumers, they are not what I… Go To Full Article

Athlon 64 Quiet Coolers Roundup

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Thermaltake SilentTower Thermaltake Tower112 Thermaltake Fanless103 Thermaltake SonicTower Thermaltake Big Typhoon Zalman 7000Cu & 7000AlCu Zalman 7700Cu & 7700AlCu Arctic-Cooling Freezer 64 Athlon 64 3500+ Box Cooler Go To Full Article

UV Acrylic @ Raptor-Mods

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Today we take a look at a product that will allow a true modder to show his/her most creative side. As today most true modders such as my self are sick of the pre modded cases being pushed… Go To Full Article

Giga-Byte G-Power Pro Universal Cooler

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CPU coolers are perhaps the biggest and fastest adapting category of aftermarket computer products today. As new CPUs operate hotter and hotter, more and more computer users start to realize the importance of keeping CPU temperatures down.… Go To Full Article

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