NZXT Nemesis Elite

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From the second the box arrived, I knew NZXT were serious about making a case for gamers....No rattles or wobbly panels, this case is well engineered and all its parts fit very well, a telling sign of a… Go To Full Article

Albatron K8SLI

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Albatron has put out a unique nForce 4 SLI board that those looking for a lower cost solution. While overclockers may want to steer clear with only an average feature set those looking to mod, or just wanting some more… Go To Full Article

Tuniq Tower 120 Cooler

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Does anyone actually remember back in the days when you could run a CPU without any cooling? If I recall correctly, the first 486SX PC I bought, an IBM PS1, did not have a fan on the CPU. I’m not… Go To Full Article

CrazyPC's Inferno Window Panel for Lian-Li

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What is truly unique about this panel is the integrated center fan mounting. Instead of a plain hole, the grill is cut into the panel itself. Looking closer at the center grill, I noticed the flames in each quarter section… Go To Full Article

Antec TX640B Mini-Tower Case

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Today we are going to take a closer look at the new Antec Mini tower case from their new 2005 line up. As most of you know Antec is very well known for their excellent cases and Power Supply units.… Go To Full Article

GeForce 7800GT Has 20 Pipes

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VR-Zone has learned that the upcoming GeForce 7800 GT will be 20 pipes instead of 24 pipes as intially reported. The vertex shader could probably stay at 8 and ROP at 16. The core clock for 7800GT is 400MHz instead… Go To Full Article

ATI to Retail and Launch R520 on the Same Day

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NVIDIA really took everyone by surprise when its 7800 GTX was in stock at various retailers on the launch date. After what NVIDIA and ATI had done with their last generation GPUs, no one really thought that NVIDIA could pull… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Golden Orb II

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After a long disappearance, it's back. Thermaltake reincarnates the Orb family with the Golden Orb II. The original Golden Orb was great for Socket 370, but can this one continue the original fame? Review URL: Go To Full Article

Raidmax X1 Gaming Case

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Computer cases have come along way since the beige box. Todays cases come in a variety of styles and features range from the mild to the wild. Today we take a look at a new computer case that's meets… Go To Full Article

Crucial Ballistix PC2-5300 2GB Dual Channel memory

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DDR2 RAM is pressing forward with each passing day. Prices have nearly become half since early this year, when DDR2 RAM was being introduced into the market, while performance and capabilities began to far exceed the capabilities of current motherboards… Go To Full Article

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