Fujitsu claims to increase HDD capacity by 500%

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HARD DRIVE maker Fujitsu is claiming it's made a breakthrough on tech which will boost capacity by as much as 500 per cent, reports. How does it do this? The report says that Fujitsu has developed tech to read… Go To Full Article

OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 Reaper HPC Edition

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Overclocker memory makers surprise us not only by the record-breaking frequencies of their DDR2 SDRAM, but also by the originally designed cooling solutions for their memory products. OCZ has already introduced liquid-cooling for its top-of-the-line products, now the time of… Go To Full Article

Why You Should AVOID Core 2 Duo Engineering Samples

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All in all, it is generally not a good idea to buy an Intel Core 2 Duo engineering sample. Obviously, it is cheaper than an OEM processor, and certainly much cheaper than a retail-packed processor. Even with the recent price… Go To Full Article

Nvidia manages to boost profit by 44% in Q1 2007

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For the first quarter, Nvidia made $132 million on revenues of $844 million. That's pretty impressive, given that Q1 in 2006 saw the firm make $92m on $681m in revenue. Doing the maths, that's a 44 per cent increase in… Go To Full Article

ATI 65nm RV630 (HD 2600XT) is not ready yet

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YOUR CORRESPONDENT HAD an exciting weekend, taking a plane from Zagreb to *somewhere*, enjoying some haute cuisine and picking up one interesting board, to be known to the market as Radeon HD 2600XT. This board is based on a 65nm… Go To Full Article

AMD - The Road Ahead

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A quiet AMD isn't a good AMD, but unfortunately it's the AMD we've been left with ever since Intel started becoming more competitive. In fact, the more Intel changed for the better, the more it seemed AMD changed for the… Go To Full Article

Tagan 900W and 1100W Power Supplies

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Tagan strikes very extremely with this two top-of-the-range food dedicated to the hardcore-gamers, and signs with a brilliance two nearly perfect food if it is not the look which some will not like and the cables which are neither modular,… Go To Full Article

Scythe Andy Samurai Master

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Scythe have been making some of the best coolers around for a couple of years now and they have always been rather large and excessive; but very effective. Today I have with me something that is again, rather excessive and… Go To Full Article

Sunbeam Quarterback Case

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The Sunbeam Quarterback is a midtower ATX case with tool-less drive bays and PCI slots, Core Fan system, VGA vent and a side window. The front bezel adds a door that makes the case look as muscular as a quarterback,… Go To Full Article

Zaward Super Thermal Grease HSC-G

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As you can see, this is the worst heatpaste that we have reviewed. While there is only a minor difference of 4 degrees between this and Arctic Silver 5, the gap between this and Jetart’s Nano-Diamond invention is huge.… Go To Full Article

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