Look at Flock Developer 0.49 Build

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There's a new browser in town, and it has great potential if you use RSS feeds and other social networking sites regularly. Based on the Firefox browser, it should prove just as secure. Let's check it out, and see if… Go To Full Article

RaidMax X-1 Gaming Case

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The exterior of the steel case is finished in black high gloss paint, with an aluminum door. You also have the option to purchase the case in gloss white and the aluminum door. The black power button is almost hidden,… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Golden Orb II CPU Cooler

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For its Golden Orb II,Thermaltake decided to go the route of the slow-spinning, large-diameter fan. This makes it ideal for people looking to limit the extra noise coming from their PC. The fan also includes a blue LED to add… Go To Full Article

Samsung SyncMaster 242MP 24" Monitor

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When it comes to monitors, Samsung has proven dominant in the market. In the past, they have released several multi-purpose monitors which were not up to snuff in the past, either due to low response times or poor integration of… Go To Full Article

Samsung SP-R4212 Plasma EDTV

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Samsung's SP-R4212 has certainly been able to change my experience in watching movies and playing video games. While it's not truly HDTV, for the price you pay, it certainly gives you a great bang for the buck. Those… Go To Full Article

Lite-On SHW-1635S 16x DVD+-RW 8x Double Layer Writer

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Lite-on has finally released a new DVD drive set to compete with a variety of other next generation high-speed double layer drives on the market. The new SHW-1635S now offers faster 8x DVD+R DL writing and 4x support for DVD-R… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte GeForce 7800 GT Video Card

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The GT model is quite similar to the 7 series flagship model, known as the 7800GTX, having 1 less vertex shader and 4 less pixel pipelines. The GT also has slower stock clock speeds of 400MHz core and 500MHz memory… Go To Full Article

Doom: a movie review

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The graphics in Doom are great, which is to be expected. The scene with Pinky 2.0 is really crazy and the BFG does the hilarious "honey, I melted the neighborhood" damage that you'd think it would. There is never an… Go To Full Article

Intel “Paxville” Dual Core Xeon and the Asus PVL-D Intel E7520

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When Intel's Xeon and AMD's Opteron lineup first started doing battle for the workstation and server markets, both chips had their unique advantages and niche markets they could fill. The Xeon processor had a massive install base to work off… Go To Full Article

AMD readies price breaks on Opterons, Semprons

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WE REPORTED from Dresden over a week ago that AMD was dropping prices on some of its Opterons at the end of the month, but it will also drop prices on a range of other chips tomorrow, it's been confirmed. Go To Full Article

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