Evercool Mini Water Cooler @

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Evercool is the top 5 cooling fan manufacturer in Taiwan, we specialized in PC Thermal Solutions, especially in CPU cooling field, our main products including CPU Coolers, DC Fans, Heat Sinks, H.D.D. Coolers and System Blowers. Computers having a quick… Go To Full Article

Scythe LCD Master Review @ Buddha's LAN Room

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Ever forgotten your clock speed, the name of your PC, the date and time, or wanted to see CPU and/or RAM usages on your box? Who the hell wants to have to right-click to get all of the… Go To Full Article

Mushkin PC3200 Level II Black @ Controlled-Insanity

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Our tested Mushkin DDR proudly kept up with some of the industry's best memory, and at a fraction of the cost!! If your into the flashy LEDs then spend the extra $50 or so on them, but if your into… Go To Full Article


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LanTool is an advanced network administration environment that incorporates a compact design, yielding a low memory footprint, for unmatched speed and performance. It allows easy access to information on your networks. Remotely restart, shutdown, hibernate, suspend and… Go To Full Article

Optical Mouse Used As Cheap Motion Sensor

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Dr. Tuck Wah Ng, a member of the Faculty of Engineering at the National University of Singapore uses an optical mouse as a cheap non-contact motion sensor in his research. If a resolution of a little less than 60 microns… Go To Full Article

SolarPC Announces the $100 Personal Computer

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SolarPC has announced the $100 personal computer. Steve Ballmer's idea for reducing piracy was great after all, since this computer runs on Linux (DSL Distro). 'The design and construction of the SolarLite is consistent with the goal of an environmentally… Go To Full Article

950W Power Supply Units Sneak into Market

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A Japan-based company has started to sell its power supply units with maximum output of up to 950W, which is the world’s highest performance for desktops. As modern central processing units and graphics… Go To Full Article

Sunbeam Theme Thumb Screws @ A True Review

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If you like to work on your rig, then you understand the convenience of a thumb screw. Until now, thumb screws did not add a lot of flare to your computer case. At best, you could get colored… Go To Full Article

Tyan Tomcat S3098G2N-G @ Phoronix

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Measuring in at 9.0” x 7.5”, Tyan’s S3098 (i845GV) is one of the smallest motherboards to ever enter our testing labs. Although it may be small, will its performance also be diminutive? Go To Full Article

Print function added to Madshrimps

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I've added a "print this article/howto" function to the site, you can find the link at the top of each article/howto under the editor/author names. Please give it a try and tell me if it works okay;…

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