Gateway FX400XL Evaluation

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Gateway's latest swing at the high-performance system industry comes packing the punch of Intel dual-core technology, a 6800 Ultra, and 5.1 surround. Does this system have a glass jaw or is it a contender? Go To Full Article

Intel's Socket 478 dies amid weeping'n'wailin'

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IT WILL soon be time to stand at the grave of Intel's 478 pin socket and weep tears and wear weeds for the death of the long lasting pins. Sob. That's pretty clear from week 36 roadmaps seen by… Go To Full Article

Red Shark 2 Demo

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IDDK has released a playable demo of Red Shark 2, giving you the chance to try out the arcade helicopter shooter developed by G5 Software (thanks: 3DGamers). The sequel will offer three types of fighting helicopters (Ka-50 Hokum, AH-64A Apache,… Go To Full Article

Western Digital Caviar RE SATA 320 GB Hard Drive

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This review will be taking a look at Western Digital's Caviar RE SATA 320GB hard drives (WD3200SD). These drives pack 320GB of storage in a 3.5" SATA drive. It may seem like a lot for a consumer-level hard drive, but… Go To Full Article

OCZ Technology EL-DDR PC3500 Gold GX Memory

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By the looks of OCZ's PC3500 EL Gold Edition GX memory, and more specifically each 512MB module's CAS 2-2-2-5 timings, we're right on the money with that assessment. By default the OCZ PC3500 EL Gold Edition GX DDR memory is… Go To Full Article

nVidia ForceWare 81.26

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The second beta of the 8x series has been leaked by Asrock. New Features: NVIDIA Direct Access allows you to directly configure display settings without using the buttons on the physical display. Link: Go To Full Article

NVIDIA tells us the truth about CrossFire

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ATI's competitor NVIDIA has sat down and put together a presentation dealing with the shortcomings of CrossFire. Problems like limited resolution and game issues are listed. Not only do they cover the CrossFire video cards, but also problems with ATI's… Go To Full Article

ASRock 939Dual-SATA2: With AGP and PCIe

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The ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 can already be had for just under $75 mail order, making it a real bargain compared to similarly-equipped products from AMD's current processor series. The main reason is that in addition to all of the usual ingredients,… Go To Full Article

IE flaw puts Windows XP SP2 at risk

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flaw has been discovered in Internet Explorer that could enable a remote attack on systems running Windows XP with Service Pack 2, eEye Digital Security has warned. The flaw, which also affects systems running Windows XP,… Go To Full Article

Power Distribution within Six PCs

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Under this extreme load, the total power draw peaked at about 220W. Neither the +5V nor the +3.3V lines drew appreciably more power during the test. About 90% of the power was drawn though the +12V line. … Go To Full Article

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