Konvekt-O-Matic PRO and PRO LC Passive Radiator

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The Konvekt-O-Matic PRO Series is the consequential evolvement from the well known and renowned (and often copied) proven innovatek Konvekt passive Radiator principal - the first of its kind and specifically designed passive Radiators for Watercooling. The innovative design has… Go To Full Article

Seagate 120GB Momentus 5400.2 PATA Notebook Hard Disk

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Till today, notebook users have to content with a single hard disk and often a small one at that. Hard disk sizes of 40GB and 60GB are not only unheard of but actually in common use! … Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Volcano 4005 Heat Exchanger

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Thermaltake released this as an add-on accessory for their Bigwater Liquid Cooling kit recently. It is meant to replace the default CPU block in the kit and act as a heat exchanger by removing heat from the CPU and passing… Go To Full Article

Building yourself a Macintrash

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A couple weeks ago I found myself in possession of a dead G4 from work (which hopefully gets replaced with a PC). The idea occurred to me to make it conform to ATX but the thought was fleeting, I don't… Go To Full Article

Nvidia to cut GeForce 6800 prices

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Nvidia will launch its GeForce 7800 GT on August 11 priced at US$449, according to sources at motherboard makers, reinforcing previous reports about the launch schedule. In addition, the sources stated Nvidia will cut the prices on its GeForce 6800… Go To Full Article

Lian Li F1: The Desk As the Computer

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Every once in a while, a new product so different enters the computer market such that we actually have to deviate a bit from our normal article categories just to write about it. Since the summary of this article on… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon x800 GT Reviews

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Today Guru of 3D brings you a review on the new Radeon x800 GT. The card my friends is an affordable, and considering the good framerates it can accomplishing in games, and one hell of an attractive piece of gaming… Go To Full Article

Cell Microprocessor Architecture Explained

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"Nothing has created more media hype and anticipation than the next generation of gaming consoles from Microsoft (Xbox 360) and Sony (PlayStation 3). At the recently concluded E3 tradeshow, both of these devices were showcased to the audience and amazing… Go To Full Article

Foxconn Intel i945/i955 Dual Core Motherboards

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Legit Reviews looks at three leading dual core motherboards from Foxconn and see how they handle the latest Intel processors. With the market moving toward dual core CPU's, you need either an i945 or i955 chipset based board to correctly… Go To Full Article

Super Modder BeWiz is interviewed at

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That's right the modders that has one of his on the front page of the new CPU magazine had been interviewed by us, We… Go To Full Article

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