Small Details on Motherboards

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In order to face competition more and more motherboard manufacturers are adding extra small features to their motherboards, such as fancy boxes, diagnostics display, two BIOS chips, etc. Take a look on what you can find today as small extra… Go To Full Article

Chaintech AV-710 Audio Card

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The Chaintech AV-710 is a budget 24 bit audio card. It really gives out the 7.1 Channel performance by the 24 bit with 192KHz sampling rate. Overall, the sound was very clear compare to those 16 bit or… Go To Full Article

UTT Memory IC's Explained

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For startes do you know what UTT stands for? It stands for UnTesTed memory IC's. This means that after the IC's were packaged they were NOT speed binned and offer no ratings from the factory. This is done so...… Go To Full Article

GECUBE RADEON X800XL PCIe 512MB Graphics Card

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Info-Tek Releases GECUBE RADEON X800XL PCIe 512MB Graphics Card Low Noise and High Efficiency Memory Create the Perfect Gaming Experience Taipei – May 5, 2005 --Info-Tek Corporation, production supplier for the leading global graphics… Go To Full Article

Got some Demos here for your weekend

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Demos - Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo Demo - Monkey's Adventures Demo - Funky Farm Released/Demo … Go To Full Article

Power Supplies Get Smarter

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The Power One power supply from Sky Hawk features a unique function, which goes by the name of Audio Standby. The three other power supplies from Coolermaster, Thermaltake and Sirtec display the power output in real time. Read on to… Go To Full Article

Socket 478 Head-To-Head

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I'm not quite sure if the recent surge in CPU coolers is due to some kind of upsurge in air cooling or if it's just one of those unexplainable coincidences that we have to put down to some strange, latent… Go To Full Article

Intel panics and announces Merom

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INTEL HAS FINALLY let the cat out of the bag and announced the Merom clan. I say finally because it is pretty much an open secret that they are coming. Intel was forced into this by a lack of current… Go To Full Article

Nvidia Intel SLI not performing

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BACK IN THE MISTS of time, at CEBIT, we were present at Nvidia's official announcement of Nforce 4 SLI for Intel. Nvidia told us back then to expect boards within a few weeks from that announcement. Yeah right.… Go To Full Article

Titan Vanessa L-Type Heatpipe CPU Cooler

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Here is the Vanessa L-Type, it is a built around a 25mm heatpipe. It uses what I would call a "tree" design, as it has a central supporting pole and pieces which go out from there. The heat is transfered… Go To Full Article

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