Seasonic S12-500 power supply

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Now, as I've gotten older and wiser in my years I've learned a fair share about power supplies. First off that wattage numbers can lie to you. A lot of cheap power supplies like to advertise their 'peak' wattage, not… Go To Full Article

Ultra XL PC3200 Low-Latency Memory

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Yes, its yet another memory maker trying to enter the low-latency stream. A few years ago, there were quite a few memory makers, but since the introduction of low-latency TCCDs from Samsung, the market seems to have exploded with these… Go To Full Article

Intel Readying Dual-Core Desktop Dothan

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It’s a known fact that Intel has failed to deliver a viable desktop solution since it launched its Prescott microprocessor. In addition to delivering a poor and expensive solution, the abundance of technologies with its 915/925 chipsets left the platform… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake PurePower TWV 500w PSU

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The choice of 500 watts of power provides a PSU with just the right amount of power for all virtually all todays requirements of modern computers from the office to home desktop use. And with you only needing to plug… Go To Full Article

TITAN Bianca TWC-A05 Watercooling Kit

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TITAN isn't always fast with product releases but when they do have something new, it's always pretty promising. Continuing the line of girls, the external watercooling kit named Bianca is released. Go To Full Article

Intel Pentium 4 670

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When Intel launched the i945 chipset and the Pentium D 820 dual-core CPU, they also released their newest 600 series single-core processor, the Pentium 4 670. This processor runs at a blazing fast 3.8GHz and sports all… Go To Full Article

DVD Decrypter bites the dust

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“DVD Decrypter is a free tool that allows you to decrypt and copy DVDs to your PC's hard disk,” he said on his site, once upon a time. A “certain company" has “decided they don"t like what… Go To Full Article

Apple to Move to Intel Processors in 2006

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Around 30 minutes into the keynote Steve Jobs put up this slide: .............. The slide started half an hour of discussion on Apple's move to Intel's x86 processors. Starting in the middle of 2006 and being… Go To Full Article

TFT 17" AG Neovo Review

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AG Neovo is new come in our region on the market from screen TFT. Their products at the base are intended to the professionals, but some consumer goods are also with the program such M17 which we have in test.… Go To Full Article

ThermalRock Eclipse Case

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This product screams unique looks, has countless features, & swappable media storage. The innovative media storage area is fantastic, offering quick access to blank media or a game play disk. Also, there are plenty of drive bays; 4x5.25", 2x3.5" (Ext.),… Go To Full Article

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