Zalman CNPS8000 Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler

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Today HardwareLogic looks at yet another cooling alternative from Zalman, the CNPS8000. While not in the same league as the CNPS9500 series when it comes to overall cooling performance, the CNPS8000 is all about silence, and it's…

First screen made of concrete

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While screen technology is currently about new resolution and glossy colours, Innovation Lab have been co-operating with Christoffer Dupont, student of engineering; Lene Langballe, student of architecture and Dalton Beton (a Danish manufacturer of concrete components) on a screen made…

AMD talks about processor shortages

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Over the last few weeks, reports of AMD processor shortages have run rampant. Dell has said they have had a good supply of chips from the CPU maker, but others have said that the company's higher-end parts are difficult to…

Intel P965: The Double Mint Twins Gone Wild

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During testing it became obvious that we had two boards that stood out from the rest of the group and not because they were different. In fact, they grabbed our attention because they followed the cookie cutter process only with…

Directly Unified: Nvidia GeForce 8800 Architecture

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It has long being rumored over the Web that the new generation of graphics processors from the leading developers would have an architecture completely different from everything we’ve ever seen on the market as yet. Today we’ve got a chance…

Ubuntu: The Imperfect Operating System Alternative to Windows?

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Now I know I'm going to be chastised for saying this, so I might as well get it out in the open: Ubuntu needs to be more user-friendly. Although the operating system has a beautiful interface, and is quite easy…

Tagan Turbo Jet 1100W Power Supply

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With 1,100W of power, and 20A to each of the four 12V rails, you can be sure that you will have plenty of power for a long time. The Tagan Turbo Jet 1100W TG1100-U95 power supply has everything you can…

Antec Notebook Cooler S

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This review is going to take a look at Antec's new Notebook Cooler S. This is a lightweight, portable cooler that is designed to go where you go. If you are picking up and moving your workspace, Antec thought it…

Ultra X-Finity 500W APFC

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I think we can safely conclude that this is an excellent power supply. But, performance isn't the only factor that adds up to a power supply, it is an overall balance as well. Today, there are countless high

Foxconn 975X7AB Motherboard

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Foxconn has always made a quality motherboard; hell, I have a few that are acting as servers right now they are that stable. The only knock I could ever give them in a review was their inability to overclock; apparently…

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