PowerColor Radeon X800 GT

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While it may not be the latest and greatest, the PowerColor X800 GT is a great investment if you are short on cash and want to play your favorite games. With insane overclocking headroom, PowerColor's X800 GT is more… Go To Full Article

Albatron 6600GT (single and SLI) Review

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As a reviewer it is easy to always use the high-end stuff you get to review and forget about the mid-end and even low-end cards. Today though, I will test the Albatron 6600GT, a mid-level performance card that promises a… Go To Full Article

OCZ Gold GX PC3200 XTC

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Lots of memory manufacturers have tried their hand at custom heat spreaders, but most don't usually make much of a noticeable difference. Being the innovators that OCZ are, they have delivered a very unique new spreader, that incorporates a honeycomb… Go To Full Article

X-Micro Video MP3 400 Player

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There are many MP3 players on the market but only a few can do it all. Well, this one is loaded! It comes with a 65,000 color OLED display, is available in 256MB/512MB/1GB sizes, supports a number of different media… Go To Full Article

Corsair 2GB Secure Digital 133x

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We added the Flash Voyager simply as a scale to help put the numbers in perspective. Flash media (in it's current state) will never be as fast as a flash drive, so what it boils down to today… Go To Full Article

DHzer0point Ati 0.511 Video Drivers Released

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The DHzer0point drivers based on the Catalyst 5.11's are here, we've made some changes to our internal optimizations, cleaned up the chaff extensive testing done with FEAR, Quake4, as well as the oldies but goodies, Source based games, UT based… Go To Full Article

Sapphire Pure Innovation PI-A9RX480 Motherboard

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Tell me, isn't that one of the purdiest boards you've seen seen since the Soyo Dragon KT400 Platinum? I "borrowed" the full board pics from Sapphire since the top is pretty reflective and honestly, their shot looks better than any… Go To Full Article

Sapphire X800 GTO Ultimate

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ATI have had on the market for some time their X800 GTO card which was designed to eliminate the 6600 GT and create a new price point in between their low-end X800 GT and X800 XL cards. The X800 GTO… Go To Full Article

Liquid Metal Thermal Material Destroys Aluminum Heatsink

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"Coollaboratory Fl├╝ssigmetall" is a thermal interface material that should not be used with aluminum heatsinks, according to the manufacturer. By that innocuous warning on the product one would assume it causes some minor oxidation over time, or reacts with unanodized… Go To Full Article

x86 - Here to Stay?

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Quote: Since PCs are used for gaming, and consoles are getting more and more PC-like abilities, it is likely that this may end up as a battle between the two different approaches to computer design, with each company representing… Go To Full Article

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