ASRock P45R2000-WiFi P45 DDR2/DDR3 Motherboard Review

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Our good friends at ASRock feel your pain. Building practical solutions for tough problems into motherboards is what they are best known for, and they have just released what may be the answer to your problems, an Intel P45 board… Go To Full Article

NZXT Performance Power 800w PSU Review

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NZXT Corp is relatively new to the computer hardware business. In the short time since their founding in 2004, though, they have made quite a splash in the PC chassis market. Two of their first cases, the Guardian and the… Go To Full Article

XFX GeForce GTX 280 XXX 1GB video card review

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XFX's XXX range of graphics boards always have plenty to offer performance-wise over a reference part, and things are no different on this occasion. Starting out with this board's core clock speed, we see a 68MHz increase to give us… Go To Full Article

OpenGL Benchmarking On Linux Reaches New Heights

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We have been covering the Linux benchmarking scene since 2004, but one area we have never really been satisfied with have been the OpenGL tests that are available. There are now plenty of free software games that are available for… Go To Full Article

XFX Motherboard Roundup

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Every hardware enthusiast should know the name XFX as they are synonymous with the fastest performing Nvidia products on the market. Whether you are shopping for the ultimate graphics card or the highest specification motherboard it is hard to go… Go To Full Article

More AMD Deneb 45nm Benchmarks

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The person that posted the Deneb Super Pi scores on the Chinese forum a few weeks ago has posted some more Deneb benchmarks: Cinebench; 3DMark Vantage; Fritz Chess; Sandra; Winrar; & Everest. Unlike the Super Pi results, which showed Deneb… Go To Full Article

SuperPi 1M record broken today in Live OC Session in Spain

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With the higher multiplier on the new Intel E8600 CPU the world records of almost all popular benchmarks are broken; Today a group of overclockers in Madrid are pushing their hardware with LN2 live on stage. Reaching speeds up to… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA 9500 GT Clocks Synced to PCIe Speed (Similar case as with 9600 GT)

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TPU is the first to expose GeForce 9600GT’s performance linked with PCIe frequency. And this time we find out that even a 9500GT do have this features. Go To Full Article

Thermaltake DuOrb Heatsink Review

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Anyone with a compact computer case will tell you that finding a good heatsink can be a daunting task. After tracking down the best heatsinks available for your budget, there's the question of heatsink heights to factor in. This is… Go To Full Article

GMC H-70 HTPC Case Review

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GMC is a Korean manufacturer who focus almost entirely on the design and production of HTPC cases. We have reviewed several HTPC cases from them in the past, as well as several unique tower cases, but today we will take… Go To Full Article

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