DDR2 Industry Slow in 2005

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Although DDR2 was first made available back in March 2004 when Intel introduced its 915/925 series of chipsets, it hasn’t been accepted as the top performer over DDR since that time. The reason is obviously the unviable Intel platform with… Go To Full Article

Ahanix MCE601 D-Vine Home Theater Case

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Home Theater PC’s are a relatively new. But obviously Microsoft knows when to get on an emerging market with their release of Windows XP Media Center Edition. In 2003, Microsoft even used an Ahanix home theater PC case during Bill… Go To Full Article

Logitech Formula GP Racing Wheel for the PC

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The Formula GP is the entry-level racing wheel Logitech currently offers to the racing game community. The shape, design, and placement of the spokes convey a competition-feel as it closely resembles aftermarket racing wheels. On top of that, the bright… Go To Full Article

Athlon 64 3000+ Venice Core Overclocking

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In the past few CPU reviews we have taken a close look at the 3500+ Venice core Athlon 64, and the 3200+ Venice core. We found each CPU to be a good overclocker, and to be reasonably priced. The Venice… Go To Full Article

Logitech V200 Cordless Notebook Mouse

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When it comes to peripherals, there are two companies that stand out above the rest: Logitech and Microsoft. Both companies produce excellent peripherals that are durable and reliable, but not as affordable. It’s almost a tradition where users and the… Go To Full Article

Thermalrock Eclipse ATX Case

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The bays come with rubber grommets already installed. Using the provided thumbscrews gives a quick and tool-less hard drive installation. Installing hard-drives after the motherboard is a good idea, as they stick out into the motherboards general area. However, the… Go To Full Article

Tul Announces business partnership with Infineon Technologies

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TAIPEI, TAIWAN (June 8, 2005) – Tul Corporation today officially announces the beginning of a business partnership with Infineon Technologies – the world’s leading provider for semiconductor and memory products. This partnership is initially dealt on Infineon’s DRAM for Tul’s…

How AMD's Pacifica handles memory

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* YOU CAN FIND the first part of this article on AMD Pacifica, here. Part Three will be published tomorrow. FIRST A LITTLE primer on memory management on x86 hardware, vastly simplified for sanity and brevity. In the good… Go To Full Article

Shuttle slips SLI in a shoebox

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SHUTTLE HAD A LOT of new goodies at the show this year, but they all kind of looked the same. There are three main chassis in the stable. The guts were all new though, and some were astoundingly cool. Need… Go To Full Article

ATI Reports Preliminary Third-Quarter Results

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MARKHAM, Ontario, Jun 06, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- ATI Technologies Inc. (ATY)(ATYT) today announced that revenues for the third quarter of fiscal 2005 are expected to be about $530 million(1), approximately 5% below the low end of the revenue range… Go To Full Article

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