Sapphire Radeon X550 DDR2 256MB PCIe

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With limited choices of low-end PCI-Express cards in the market, the Radeon X550 is a much better alternative than integrated graphics or Radeon X300. Priced between the X300 and X600, the X550 has same number of pixel pipelines and vertex… Go To Full Article

Ultra Fire Heatpipe AMD CPU Cooler

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Not to call Ultra liars but I wanted to see how heavy this heatpipe really was. Ultra has the heatpipe listed as 535 g, this must have been shipping weight because it weighs less than that even with the larger… Go To Full Article

Project R2-D2 PC

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One of our forum regulars, TheGreatSatan, has completed his amazing R2-D2 project. This project features an excellent gaming level PC built inside of a custom made, life-size R2-D2 Replica including a VapoChill unit! Project URL // Go To Full Article

Creative Gigaworks ProGamer G500

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As its name suggest, the set is a 5.1 speaker system designed primarily for the PC gamer and offers a claimed 620W of power- that’s a lot of wallop for a set this size. It's a no-nonsense affair… Go To Full Article

SilenX LUXURAE Hard Drive Silencing Solutio

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Review URL: Go To Full Article

Comparison Testing of 22 Hard Disk Drives

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This market is dominated by a handful of vendors that together offer the majority of 3.5" drives for desktop computers: Hitachi, Maxtor, Samsung, Seagate and Western Digital. Vendors such as ExcelStor also play a supporting role in this market, but… Go To Full Article

ATI’s Crossfire: Best Overclocker on the Market?

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Yes, ATI Crossfire AMD is the first ATI motherboard to support dual-GPU graphics. However, the most important feature is the enthusiast level board supporting that option. NVIDIA captured the AMD market by catering to the AMD Enthusiast. The ATI Crossfire… Go To Full Article

Nvidia nForce 430 and Geforce 6150 Graphics Performance Revealed

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Just one week ago Nvidia lifted the embargo on their new line of AMD integrated chipsets which marks their first such product since the nForce 2 IGP. During their absence ATI has cleaned up on the IGP market for AMD… Go To Full Article

Call of Duty 2 Demo

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And a new demo for Call of Duty 2: Go To Full Article

MSN takes on Google AdWords

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update In a move that counters Google's successful advertising programs, Microsoft's MSN unit on Monday launched its own paid-search advertising program in France and said it plans to begin testing the system in the United States next month. … Go To Full Article

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