XFX 7950GT 512mb 550M

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Ah yes, our good friends at XFX have done it again. They have brought my PC back from the brink of the junk yard. Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to get any more performance out of my… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA's Tesla GPU Computing Launch

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The basic unit of the current Tesla line, the Tesla C870, should be very familiar to anyone who's seen the GeForce 8800. It's essentially an 8800 GTX--a 575MHz core clock and 128 SPs at 1.35GHz--with 1.5GiB of GDDR3 RAM. Of… Go To Full Article

ASUS Arctic Square CPU cooler

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What a beauty the Arctic Square is at first glance - Shiny to look at (see, the box art was right!), and no rough edges to the touch. Of course, what constitutes a good-looking piece of hardware is a very… Go To Full Article

Tagan Silver Power 600w

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Tagan PSUs are not necessarily the most revered in the world of hardware enthusiasm but their flashy looks and LED fans have always drawn a crowd. Today I have with me the Silver Power 600w from them which promises excellent… Go To Full Article

Nvidia's Quest to become a Platform Company

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For years the competitive landscape between the major PC semiconductor companies was quite predictable. NVIDIA was in a somewhat of a horse race with ATI -- a horse race where the winner was the one who didn’t break a leg.… Go To Full Article

Intel shows off 2 TFLOPS processor at 157.16W

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INTEL'S ANNUAL Research@Intel Day here in Santa Clara kicked off in high gear, with Chipzilla letting out boffins from the lab to see the light of day. Intel has its fair share of ''Blue Sky'' projects but probably the most… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Announces Tesla General Purpose Processor Platform

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Today, NVIDIA reveals that it is not behind when it comes to general purpose GPU, or GPGPU, computing. Earlier this year the company announced its complete unified device architecture, or CUDA, Technology, which laid the groundwork for GPGPU programming for… Go To Full Article

3RSystem iCEAGE CPU Cooler

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From those beginnings 7 years ago the 3R Product Line has grown to include a full line of mini tower, full tower and mini/slim cases. 3RSystem also markets Poseidon brand water cooling systems, and they have just launched their iCEAGE… Go To Full Article

ATI, Nvidia Condemn 3D Graphics Benchmarks, Again

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The two leading developers of standalone graphics processing units – ATI, graphics product group of Advanced Micro Devices, and Nvidia Corp. – have both issued statements claiming that two recently released DirectX 10 benchmarks either favour competing hardware or degrade… Go To Full Article

750W-1000W PSU shootout

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Since the release of NVIDIA's top-of-the-range G80 graphics processor, we've had graphics cards that can drain 200W from computer's PSU - and demand 400W if used in pairs. Since the kind of CPU you'd use on a PC with a… Go To Full Article

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