Everex StepNote LM7WE

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The Everex StepNote LM7WE looks to be a perfect match for the budget-minded business traveler or student that prefers work to play. Fairly lightweight and portable, we expose it to the techFEAR USeR Experience

Brando Optical USB Mouse With 2 USB Port Hub

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Back in April we reviewed a unique product from a company we had never heard of. The SADA/IDE to USB 2.0 conversion cable from Hong Kong based company Brando caught our attention so we gave it a try. After reviewing…

AlphaCool XP-Light CPU and NB-SLI Water Blocks Review

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The XP Light in itself isn't the most extreme thermal friendly cooler block on the market. It doesn't carry quite the flash of the Apogee, but it does make for an attractive acrylic block. The mounting bracket, while easy to…

Making Of a PCB - Golden Elite Factory Tour

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The Golden Elite plant is the first in a series of expansion on the SEZ property. When completed, the plants will take up 385,000 square meters of production space and employ over 10,000 people. Currently the property has two factories…

Dell 19" UltraSharp 1907FP LCD Monitor @ Techgage

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The first piece of hardware most people think about is the processor. Secondly, the choice video card is just as important. The one item that most people overlook, or at least doesn’t give much time or consideration to, is the…

Motorola SLVR L7 Review

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If you're into something that speaks elegance, class and intellect, you wouldn't want to miss owning the Motorola SLVR L7. Its chestnut faceplate on charcoal black, finished with a touch of silver is almost comparable to Mona Lisa's mischievous smile—something…

Ultra Aluminus Case Review

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While there are already a large number of computer case manufacturers on the market, it is always interesting to look at a newcomer. The market is dominated by a few companies, like Thermaltake, CoolerMaster, and Antec, but a number of…

Thermalright HR-05 Chipset Heatsink Review

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Overall, the Thermalright HR-05 is an impressive chipset heatsink. Thermalright did the right choice by following the foot steps of the High-Riser series and the result speaks for itself. Although the size of the heatsink is massive, we couldn’t believe…

Beefy Systems Review

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Being the geeks that we are, we became curious as to what those office workers in Counter Strike Source are running in their rigs. With pistol in hand (as any good tech always carries around) and the print screen key…

SyncBack Backup Utility Review

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Question: Just how many PCs do you use during any given day? More importantly, do you struggle with keeping a handle on which files are up to date and where? If you work on your PC outside of…

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