Western Digital Goes Flashy With Lighted Hard Drive

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Western Digital has had the right touch when it comes to creating products that address demands that are outside the focus of, let's say, traditional storage companies. One example is the Raptor hard drive family, which was the first to… Go To Full Article

The troublesome birth of ATI's R520 "Fudo"

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Yields are now very good and you should expect to see a massive quantity of X1800XT on shelves in about four weeks. Yes, it's late; yes, was delayed and, yes, it's not available instantly but, still,… Go To Full Article

IBM to use more AMD chip as Fab 36 starts

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IBM will move into more SKUs using AMD chips in 2006, claimed Ruiz. Microsoft’s support had been incredibly important. The launch of Vista 64 will have a big impact on AMD. Fab 36 will double AMD’s chip… Go To Full Article

ATI RADEON X1300 PRO: Entry-Level Gets a Decent Performer?

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ATI Technologies’ RADEON X1300-series products are here to replace the company’s RADEON X300 product family and add some performance and features for users who buy really affordable standalone graphics cards. ATI’s new RADEON X1300 PRO 256MB can definitely offer relatively… Go To Full Article

Dynatron P22 Intel Socket 775 heatsink

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When I first pull the P22 from Dynatron out of the plain brown it came in I was thinking that this cooler would just barely beat out the Intel stock cooler. By the time I got to the end of… Go To Full Article

Corsair TWINX2048-4400 PRO

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Does anyone really need 2GB though? Our answer is yes. Even if your system is fine at 1GB, I can tell you that Microsoft will probably say something like "1GB is the recommended amount of ram a user… Go To Full Article

X800 GTO and GTO2 to X850 XT Mod

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More and more people have reported success in modding the Connect3D X800 GTO to 16 pipelines, that's why we have updated our article with a special Bios, which has been customized to enable 16 pipelines on these cards. Go To Full Article

Thermaltake 520w PST modular PSU

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I think the mini PST is actually an excellent idea that enables you to connect other stuff such as lights and other accessories with out stretching the cables up to the PST or vice versa, it has 2 x 3… Go To Full Article

XG Magnum 500W

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Having a quality power supply is the most important thing to keep in mind when building a computer system. XG is here with their new Magnum power supply that uses copper heatpipes to help in cooling. … Go To Full Article

Samsung makes DDR2 chip on 70 nanometre process

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THE CHIP WING of Samsung Electronics claimed it has finished developing a 512Mbit DDR2 memory device on a 70 nanometre process. This, Samsung claimed, is the smallest process technology applied to a DRAM device. Samsung already produces DRAM chips… Go To Full Article

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