Jaht JCS-102UBM KVM Switch

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This Jaht JCS-102UBM KVM switch is a very good KVM switch which can support up to 2 PCs with just one monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker and also microphone. I have tested it personally with the switching of two Go To Full Article

Msi 7800gtx (nx7800gtx-vt2d256e)

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The flagship card from MSI is put through its paces today and we get some twin action going as well. Review URL: Go To Full Article

GSkill F1-4400DSU2-1GBFC "budget" performance memory

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GSkill has released their "budget" line of performance memory and we take a look today to see how well they do. Review URL: Go To Full Article

Anti-aliasing and Anisotropic filtering explained

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Multi sampling is a slightly more developed and intellectual approach to the problem. Multi sampling was introduced with DirectX 8. Rather than creating a larger, virtual image to calculate the samples, cards that multi-sample take the colour averages from the… Go To Full Article

Athlon 64 FX55 Overclocked 1GHz to 3.6GHz!

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With 4th of July upon us we decided to fire up the phase change cooling, and put our San Diego core FX55 to the test. Our goal was a GHz Overclock, and we made it! Full details are here.… Go To Full Article

Leadtek 6600GT Extreme Graphics Card

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Leadtek’s midrange product line, which consists of 6600 and 6600GT graphics adapters, is puzzling to say the least. For instance, there are seven variants of 6600 and 6600GT cards from Leadtek. A positive aspect to this would be the fact… Go To Full Article

CoolerMaster NotePal Notebook Cooler

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It is ironic that laptops these days are not recommended for use on a lap; those who try may certainly get a burn or an "unpleasant feeling". Cooler Master promises to solve that problem with the NotePal and also help… Go To Full Article

HighSpeed PC Tech Station 2 Review

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Today we take a look at HighSpeed PC’s Tech Station 2, a great way to keep your “out in the open” PC organized. Here's a quote: Much like the original, the Tech Station… Go To Full Article

Nexus Breeze 400 Mid-Tower Case Review

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"With a panel removed we see one of the case’s key features which is 1/2 inch wave foam applied to the interior surface of the case. Nexus Canada reports that this material has similar properties to Nexus Damptek… Go To Full Article

Nvidia Forceware Tweak Guide

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I've gone through and revamped my Nvidia Forceware Tweak Guide for the 77.72 drivers - better late than never! Fortunately I now have a shiny new 7800GTX on hand to test out the new features and document them all so… Go To Full Article

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