XFX Geforce 6600 DDR2 Review

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The cards overclocking is with out a doubt the cherry on top and makes the price all the more attractive. Though the card doesn't quite reach 6600 GT speeds, it comes extremely close, close enough to not be noticeable to… Go To Full Article

Intel Dempsey reviewed, challenges Opterons

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GERMAN WEB site Tec Channel has reviewed a 3.20GHz Dempsey dual system which has a front side bus of 1066MHz and four FB-DIMM DDR2 533 channels. According to the review, applications which run in cache like rendering and raytracing,… Go To Full Article

Two serious security flaws hit Microsoft Windows

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EEYE DIGITAL SECURITY said it has discovered two critical security flaws which affect Windows XP, W2K, NT 4.0, and Windows Server 2003. Microsoft will fix the problems in a November update. The flaws affect Enanced Metafile… Go To Full Article

Socket 939 Opterons single and dual core

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We have learned that a full lineup of 7 total new Opterons are now available for purchase. These included single and dual core models that reportedly are getting to 3GHz on air cooling. This could be just the Christmas present… Go To Full Article

TechConnect's AMD Athlon64 X2

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The X2 really is only meant for working professionals who actually use their computers for more than just office work (no offence to office workers). Graphics designers, coders, multimedia artists and online journalists (ahem) will on the other hand enjoy… Go To Full Article

Xtreme Resources Computer System Benefit Raffle

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This is a friendly reminder of Xtreme Resources Computer System Benefit Raffle. The site has put a great system together through parts donated by many of our wonderful members. The proceeds from the raffle are going to one of our… Go To Full Article

ZiffMedia Devours Filefront

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Once upon a time, there was a coalition to defend end-user interest and fight demo exclusivity. Two years later and 3DGamers are proudly part of the IGN network and Filefront has been flogged to Ziffmedia. Now you can guess demo… Go To Full Article

Matrox DualHead2Go Notebook Multi-display Breakout Box

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"The Matrox DualHead2Go is black box about the size of a paperback book that enables laptop and tablet PC users multi-display functionality from twin side-by-side 17" or 19" LCD monitors. The DualHead2Go works off of the analog video output from… Go To Full Article

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 review

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Pro Evolution Soccer – loved by most for being quite obviously the best football game on the market, but hated by some for being one of the most frustrating games you’ll ever play in your life. FIFA is often criticised… Go To Full Article

Ajigo MF043044 Athlon64 Heatsink

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Ajigo Corporation makes heatsinks, and some of those coolers have become the default AMD socket 754 and 939 coolers. The Ajigo MF043044 is a stacked aluminum fin and copper base heatsink that first came into the FrostyTech test labs as… Go To Full Article

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