Intel Core 2 Duo Processors Revisited

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Two processor cores are the reasonable minimum for most desktops today. Most processors we are going to review today fall into the magical price range of "up to $200" and can be used in a $500 PC performing much better… Go To Full Article

Zalman CNPS 10X Quiet, really Quiet ? (FR)

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With CNPS 10X Extreme Zalman had surprised us with a heatpipe tower format very effective and interesting with a PWM Mate. The brand is back with a new version of the CNPS 10X is this time featuring the Silence, where… Go To Full Article

IN-WIN Commander 1500W Power Supply Unit

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IN-WIN brings yet another punch to the power supply world with the addition of the 1500W Commander Series PSU. Supercharged with enough wattage and stability to satisfy the most enthusiastic gamers, the 1500W PSU brings back the performance and reliability… Go To Full Article

3 x 30" LCD Screens and one Radeon HD 5870 : Eyefinity Explored

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French Deputies Want Labels On Photo-Altered Models

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A number of French deputies are proposing to pass a law requiring all published photos that were modified by means of an image manipulation program to include a statement indicating that 'the photo was altered in order to modify the… Go To Full Article

Photographic key duplication

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[Ben] and his associates over at the University of California at San Diego came up with a way to duplicate keys using a picture of them. They developed an algorithm that uses measurements from known key blanks to extrapolate the… Go To Full Article

AMD 6-core "Thuban" CPU Confirmed

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The new six-core processor is believed to be a 364mm2 processor and have 904 million transistors. For comparison, the Phenom II X4 956 BE has 758 million transistors and the Core i7 965 from Intel has 731 million transistors.… Go To Full Article

SATA-IO presents mSATA

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When SATA interface arrived there were many who wondered how we ever stood with the clumsy PATA format and the large and wide cables. The SATA cables and connectors were just a fraction in size, but now, many years later,… Go To Full Article

Club 3D Radeon HD 5850 1Gb Listed at €203

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Chiptakt: 725MHz, Speichertakt: 1000MHz • Chip: Cypress LE (RV870) • Speicherinterface: 256-bit • Stream-Prozessoren: 1440 • Textureinheiten: 72 • Fertigung: 40nm • Maximaler Verbrauch: 170W (Load), 27W (Idle) • DirectX: 11 • Shader Modell: 5 • Bauweise: Dual-Slot • Besonderheiten:… Go To Full Article

WebGL in Firefox nightly builds, demoed with 3D Spore model

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The latest Firefox nightly builds now include Mozilla's implementation of WebGL, an emerging standard that aims to bring 3D graphics to the Web. Although the standard is still at a relatively early stage in the draft process, it is rapidly… Go To Full Article

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