Ultra Memory and HDD Cooler

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The Ultra Hard drive cooler is an excellent cooling product, temperatures on my hard drive dropped dramatically once installed. If Ultra fixed the minor cabling mess and designed it to allow for a hard drive to be… Go To Full Article

SunbeamTech has new Partner - TUNIQ

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News received just now that SumbeamTech has a new partner - TUNIQ. New products to be released shortly are ATX case and CPU coolers. … Go To Full Article

New WaterChill 12V pump with integrated reservoir and USB/Software Control Pan

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The NEW WaterChill 12V DC pump system with integrated reservoir and USB/Software-based control unit is the first of its kind. Packed with features and design that ensure every consumer with the markets best usability and developed especially for water-cooling this… Go To Full Article

Microsoft expands low-cost Windows to Mexico

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Microsoft is also working with Infonavit, a state-owned mortgage agency that helps low- and moderate-income Mexicans purchase homes. Under a new program, home buyers will be able to finance a PC by including its cost on a mortgage. … Go To Full Article

India closes in on $100 PC

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In about three months, a little-known company called Novatium plans to offer a stripped-down home computer for about $70 or $75. That is about half the price of the standard "thin clients" of this kind now sold in India, made… Go To Full Article

Chaintech VNF4 Ultra Zenith VE

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Since its introduction, nVidia’s nForce4 chipset coupled with AMD’s successful socket 939 Athlon 64, has been greeted with enthusiasm and been a very successful product. Both gamers and non gamers alike have hailed it for its stability and performance under… Go To Full Article

Waterblock Homemade with heat pipe

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Another reflexion which this project inspired to us, it is to know if the presence of wings in the waterblock would not improve the performances yet, the contact with water would be still better and would allow a more important… Go To Full Article

Seagate 400GB Pushbutton Backup USB 2.0/FireWire HDD

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All of us have movies, pictures and/or music that we treasure and would hate to lose. You may have already heard or read it a thousand times, but you really should back up any data that is important to you.… Go To Full Article

SLI Stands for Silly

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But don't listen to me. Place your order now, and let's see how high the market will go on these babies. Maybe I should look into a 7800 futures market. Go To Full Article

ABIT Fatal1ty AN8 SLI S939 Motherboard

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We took a look at ABIT's Fatal1ty AN8 nForce4 Ultra motherboard a short while back and were generally impressed with its performance and overclocking potential. The AN8, however, only supported a single x16 PCI-Express slot, so running a couple of… Go To Full Article

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