New Zalman and Asetek coolers

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All in all, neither of these coolers has really blown us away, as it were, and certainly neither is a substitute for watercooling your high-end chip. Both get marks for being quiet and powerful, but we were just hoping for… Go To Full Article

The Battle For Graphics Supremacy

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The recent launch of the NVIDIA 7800 GTX could signal the beginning of the fall in price of the 6800 series. However, this is usual stuff and always happens every time a company releases an updated product. The thing to… Go To Full Article

Evercool VC-F117 NightHawk VGA Cooler

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We will take a look at it's performance along as ease of installation. Not to mention we will pair it up against the Zalman VF700Cu VGA Cooler to see which heatsink ought to compete for the performance crown. Go To Full Article

Creative Labs X-Fi: The Last PCI Sound Card? Should you buy one?

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If you have a current Audigy 2 solution and you are only a casual music listener or gamer, the answer is likely no. That user would likely opt for the $129 basic version, which is too much for the gain… Go To Full Article

Abit AW8-MAX

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The AW8-MAX is a silent performer with the looks of a turbo charged Japan drift car. Given that this motherboard allowed us to push our setup beyond the limits yet keeping it a silent as possible, we are very impressed… Go To Full Article

Iwill DN800-SLI dual Xeon SLi DDR2

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I would have to say we have a high performance dual Xeon based motherboard that really is aimed at the 3D creation market. But on the other hand we could have and enthusiasts gaming rig as well ( a very… Go To Full Article

ABIT AW8-MAX i955X Motherboard

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Today, we are proud to present a comprehensive review of the latest Intel motherboard from ABIT - the ABIT AW8-MAX i955X motherboard! Come and check out the bells and whistles of this fascinating new motherboard!… Go To Full Article

Boogie Bug modding accessories

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There are several new products for computer modifications and lighting released o*n the market every passing day, which means that case modding is still very popular with no end in sight. Case modding is the new (or sort of new… Go To Full Article

Wipeout Pure (PSP)

@ 2005/08/20 read/post comments(1)
Wipeout Pure is a fun racing game set in the future, 2197 to be exact, where cars are ancient history and everybody drives cool hovercrafts. Not only that, but the races are in excess of 1000 km/h through crazy environments,… Go To Full Article

Ultra-Cord retractable USB 1.1 cable

@ 2005/08/20 read/post comments(0)
Once you've gone retractable you won't go back to traditional cable again. That's because those days of untangling long cables wrapped in impossible knots will be gone. This Ultra-Cord 59-inch USB 1.1 device retracts and expands to… Go To Full Article

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