ATI/AMD Catalyst 6.12 Released

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This release note provides information on the latest posting of AMD's industry leading software suite, Catalyst®. This particular software suite updates both the AMD Display Driver (version 8.321), and the Catalyst® Control Center (version 6.12). This unified driver has been… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX and GTS in SLI

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Several weeks have passed since we first began our analysis of NVIDIA’s new generation of DirectX 10 video cards. Launched on November 8, 2006, the GeForce 8 series have become the leading performers out of all single GPU solutions, NVIDIA… Go To Full Article

Ultra X-Wind CPU Coolers

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With processors becoming more and more powerful, they will tend to generate more heat. The air cooling solutions are showing the after affect of this, typically being larger and louder to offer adequate cooling for the faster processors. Ultra recently… Go To Full Article

MSI GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB PCI-E: Performance Analysis In 2560x1600

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"It will be an unusual article this time. The fact is our testlab got hold of several video cards based on RADEON chips of various series, plus a new card based on GeForce 8800 GTX. But they all came from… Go To Full Article

ZEROtherm BTF95 CPU Cooler

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ZEROtherm is taken care from 1999 of cooling to air and solo lately has been inglobata also in the Retail market. Sin from the albori tries to offer solutions that they put Hush in Association of Bologna, trying to guarantee… Go To Full Article

ABIT SG-95 Motherboard

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The abit SG-95 is a mATX board which targets budget segments. It features SiS 622 and 966L chipsets. It has some nice features such as 16x PCIe support for latest graphic cards, HD audio, DDR2 667 support, and SATA RAID… Go To Full Article

[M] Scythe Quiet Drive HDD Cooler and Silencer Review

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The original Scythe Silent Box has been discontinued, in its place this superior, lower cost Quiet Drive will take over the task of keeping your hard drives quiet and cool. Can this compact box reduce high pitched noises or will… Go To Full Article

Mouse Benchmark - compares 17 rodents

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With the launch of the world's first independent benchmarking system for mice, buying a desktop rodent will no longer involve guesswork and luck. Sujoy Roy has been analysing hardcore data and investigating the real world at a fundamental level since… Go To Full Article

Samsung squeezes DRAM and SRAM into OneDRAM

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SAMSUNG says it has developed a prototype 'fusion' memory chip that can significantly increase the data processing speed between processors in mobile applications. Dubbed OneDRAM, the chip is will find its way into mobile phone handsets, game… Go To Full Article

Quad FX's power cost is insignificant to me

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Two FX74 means that at the end of the month with 750W or 1KW PSU you might have to pay a bit more for your power bill. But here is the ultimate answer to those guys. If… Go To Full Article

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