ASUS Extreme Radeon X1800 XT TOP

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Ironically enough, the tale of the R520 GPU used in ATI’s Radeon X1800 shares many similarities with NVIDIA’s ill-fated NV30 GPU, which was found in their GeForce FX 5800 line. Both GPUs were based on… Go To Full Article

The RAID 6 Storage Bodyguards

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Redundant Array of Inexpensive/Independent Drives (RAID) is the general solution for requirements in which performance, storage capacity or data safety of a single drive isn't sufficient. While this usually is the case in server systems, workstations and high performance desktops… Go To Full Article

Intel Gets Ready to Leap Ahead: Changes Logo, Motto

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Intel Corp. Is going to release its new processors and products at the forthcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but in addition to that it will, as expected, change its logotype and introduce “Leap Ahead” motto that is meant to convince… Go To Full Article

Protocase SL100 Case

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"My immediate impressions of this case were stunning. The case looks amazing and the metallic red colouring gives it that extra je ne sai quoi. The lettering on the edging was perfect and it was coloured inside and out,… Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 & 64 Pro

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How Manufacturers Test Heatsinks & Thermal Compound

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Have you ever wondered how a heatsink manufacturer tests its new heatsinks to ensure what you buy will do the job? Each processor manufacturer lays out specific maximum temperature thresholds, desired running temperature ranges, and preferred C/W ratings for the… Go To Full Article

Mid-Range to High-End Buyer's Guide, January 2006

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Please remember that the final cost is for a complete computer system, including display, speakers, keyboard, and mouse. Speakers and displays in particular are things that you may or may not need to upgrade, and you can always choose to… Go To Full Article

CPU Cooler RoundUp

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Thermalright HR-01 & SI-120, Sunbeam Tuniq Tower 120, Zalman CNPS9500, Titan Vanessa L-Type, Noctua NH-U9 & NH-U12, Scythe Katana and Asetek Vapochill Micro. EN: Go To Full Article

The Year 2038 Problem

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Early UNIX programmers had quite a sense of humor. In their documentation for the tunefs utility, a command-line program that fine-tuned the file system on the machine's hard disk, a note at the end reads "You can tune a file… Go To Full Article

Asus' Monstrous Looking 7800GT Dual Graphics Card

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"Asus' latest entry into the world of dual graphics card is its 7800GT, which is based on the latest line of NVIDIA GeForce 7 series of GPUs. While the card appears to be nice, it in fact falls flat due… Go To Full Article

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