Flexiglow Cyber Snipa Game and Mouse pads

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With an incredible amount of First Person Shooter games available for the PC today, gamers everywhere have been stuck with the standard bulky keyboard in order to maneuver around the battlefield. Thanks to Flexiglow, there is finally a solution with… Go To Full Article

Chenbro Gaming Bomb II - photo show

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Hunting around on eBuyer for the cheapest chassis you can find might save you a few quid, but they are often flimsy, prone to rattles and vibrations, with inadequate ventilation and more often than not, power supplies that will last… Go To Full Article

Computer Memory Basics

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Memory is an essential component in any computer system, and as with most things, bigger and faster are always a good thing. But, if your budget doesn't allow for a few GBs of the highest performance modules out there, having… Go To Full Article

Nexus Breeze

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We have tested a case which goes over its 2 years of existence and which, however, is almost unperceived past, Breeze of company NEXUS. However its qualities are undeniable, as you will be able to show in this article: Case… Go To Full Article

Intel to move to common CPU architecture

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IDF — Intel CEO Paul Otellini announced today in his keynote address at the Intel Developer Forum that Intel will be moving its future CPUs to a common architecture. He said the architecture will incorporate the best of the current… Go To Full Article

ATi CrossFire for Intel processor platform

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No doubt about it, in the race to deliver a dual GPU PCIe graphics solution to the market, NVIDIA not only convincingly beat ATi Technologies out of the stable door, but some might think that, since the launch of its… Go To Full Article

Windows XP x64, Promise and Reality

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Though not yet available in retail channels, Windows XP x64 is a tempting solution for enthusiast users. We discuss its pros and cons and compare how it and conventional Windows XP handle 32 bit applications. Shortly… Go To Full Article

Editing your digital images without the mystery

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Welcome to Ars Workshops, and thank you for paying at the door. While you're taking your seats and SPITTING OUT YOUR GUM, I'll explain a little what the Ars Workshops are all about. This is the first of a series… Go To Full Article

Zalman CNPS9500 LED: the Power of Air, the Efficiency of Water

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We would like to introduce to you a real masterpiece of the air cooling art designed by Zalman. This new baby, which was first showcased at the Computex 2005 has now reached our lab and simply impressed us with its… Go To Full Article

Foxconn 925XE7AA Mainboard: High-End Networking Platform at Your Home

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We would like to introduce a very interesting platform from Foxconn based on Intel 9256XE Express chipset. This mainboard is an ideal solution for those users who work with networking technologies and try to build a server in their home.… Go To Full Article

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