Gigabyte GTX 260 Super Overclock

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It might seem silly to post a GTX 260 review this late in the game, and it would be if this were any other GTX 260. But what sets Gigabyte's latest iteration apart from the competition is an aggressive overclock… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte TweaKING Fest in Paris Next Month - Massman & Leeghoofd Present .BE

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On October 26-28th Gigabyte is hosting an overclocking/benchmarking event in the heart of Paris. Powerusers from all across Europe has been…

After 22nm Intel goes to 15nm

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Last week at IDF, Intel did mention that they're aiming at 15nm after 22nm. Global foundries, AMD’s only CPU manufacturing hope is also planning to transition to production of 22nm chips in 2012 whereas probably two years later, they plan… Go To Full Article

Tuniq Intros Propeller 120 CPU Cooler

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Propeller 120 measures 128×127.5×145mm, weighs 590g (excluding fan), and features four 8mm U-shaped heatpipes. Dubbed as one of the best performing fans on the market, the 120mm MFDB (Magnetic Fluid Dynamic Bearing) fan blows downward and works… Go To Full Article

Intel to launch Core i9 CPU with Tower Heatpipe Cooler

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Intel unveiled a small booth on the prototype of a new heat sink box composed of four heat pipes bent into U and numerous aluminum fins. It is very lightweight and is only compatible with the fixing of socket LGA… Go To Full Article

Asus' SaberTooth 55i board gets unboxed

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SaberTooth 55i, the first product in the Asus TUF series is just about to be rolled out but before you can get your hands on one, you can enjoy a little unboxing gallery of the new motherboard. Seen below, the… Go To Full Article

More NVIDIA Nvidia GT300 Details - Fermi Codename Revealed

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The codename is Fermi, after the renowned nuclear physicist, Enrico Fermi, the man behind Chicago Pile-1, the very first artificial nuclear reactor. While AMD have gone for green, Nvidia have gone explosive - perhaps indicative of their respective strategies.… Go To Full Article

Risen in graphics card benchmark test - Radeon HD 5870 on top

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The setting of Risen is based upon the almost completely new developed DirectX 9 engine which is visually similar to the Genome Engine used in Gothic 3. Render techniques like improved Depth of Field, Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, Cascade Shadow… Go To Full Article

OCZ Z Series 850W PSU Review

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Since 80 Plus began their certification program to help us consumers find the most efficient power supplies out there, power supplies have sought to make the most of the program by making their units more and more efficient. Before too… Go To Full Article

Patriot Viper 2 Sector 5 DDR3 2GHz (PVV34G2000LLKB for Core i5)

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Now with the LGA 1156 platform, Dual Channel DDR3 is all the rage. While your older high voltage DDR3 kit will work, it will need to run in under 1.65v to ensure you don't end up killing your CPU. So… Go To Full Article

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