ASUS P7P55D PRO LGA1156 ATX Motherboard Review

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Thankfully, the P55 Chipset has proven itself to be worthy supporter of Lynnfield and a worthy successor to the wildly popular P45 for LGA775 CPUs. Choosing a P55 motherboard will prove to be a challenge simply because so many do… Go To Full Article

Modding Howto: Most S775 Push-Pin CPU Coolers Will Fit S1156 Motherboards!

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Intel's been so cool, insist on introducing yet a new cooling assembly, the new socket 1156 motherboards. But why should one change his old radiator out, or just the narrow range of Socket 1156 coolers for its new Socket 1156… Go To Full Article

DUH! News of the Day: AMD Will Release New Video Card in Q3 2010

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AMD just launched Radeon HD 5870 and HD 5850. The cards have impressed us in many ways with top notch performance and impressive energy efficiency when idle. The Radeon HD 5700 series isn't far off now, and after it we… Go To Full Article

Need for Speed: Shift - Benchmarked

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Drivers or not, across NFS Shift is not greedy and remains very playable with details pushed up even on a small card like the Radeon HD 4670… Go To Full Article

How OLED Displays work using a Glowing Pickle

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OLEDs are nothing more than an electrically active organic material sandwiched between an anode (a electron-expelling electrode) and a cathode (an electron-receiving electrode). When an electric current runs through the system, the anode sends electrons to the cathode, creating a… Go To Full Article

TV hack bypasses HDCP

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I just bought a new LDC TV featuring various useless things amongst which an optimized time to switch from the various HDMI inputs, also called Faster HDMI Switching. Although I did not care much about this feature because it happens… Go To Full Article

Sapphire HD 5870 in stock at for €365

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For those looking for their next big VGA upgrade; Tones has got some 10+ samples of the HD 5870 in stock! SAPPHIRE HD5870 Radeon HD 5870 1024MB GDDR5, DisplayPort, HDMI, Double DVI, Crossfire ready, Retail The HD 5850 is… Go To Full Article

Windows XP Goes Gold (under Windows 7)

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Microsoft announced earlier today that it has completed the development--or rather "finalized the code"--of the virtualized version of Windows XP for the upcoming Windows 7 operating system hitting shelves later this month. Windows XP Mode, free to those who purchase… Go To Full Article

Nvidia fakes Fermi boards at GPU Technology Conference?

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First is that the second set of digits on the first line says 0935A1. A1 is for first silicon, something that, when coupled with a direct quote from Jen-Hsun of, "You are currently looking at a few day old silicon"… Go To Full Article

Nvidia 'demonstrated' a non-functional Fermi dummy?

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These detailed pictures have started a rather speedily rotating rumour mill claiming a conspiracy theory that Nvidia does not in fact have a working Fermi sample and the entire architecture only exists on paper. To cover up for this, Nvidia… Go To Full Article

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