ECS Elitegroup KN1 Extreme motherboard

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The enthusiast market and community have grown by leaps and bounds in the last 5 years or so, and with the popularity of overclocking and high performance computing platforms have arisen many familiar names in that genre including Abit, Asus,… Go To Full Article

Free PC3200

@ 2005/08/24 read/post comments(0) has teamed up with OCZ Technology to give away an OCZ PC-3200 Gold 1GB (2x 512MB) Dual Channel DDR Kit. Direct Link: Go To Full Article

Antec TX1050B SOHO File Server Case - photo show

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Antec, a name that when thought of says “Quality”. My first experience with Antec was when I built my first computer. I purchased the 1030B case, the beige one. Yeah that’s right beige, that’s all they had! The case was… Go To Full Article

VL System M-Play 202 Media Center VFD

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It seems my running stretch of HTPC-oriented reviews is not quite over yet…VL Systems just dropped their hot new M-Play 202 Media Center VFD onto our review bench! This device is squarely aimed at the build it yourself crowd, and… Go To Full Article

Antec Overture 2 ATX Desktop Case - photo show

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Today on the review bench is Antec’s Overture 2 ATX Desktop case. Being that this is the second “Overture” desktop case, we will also take into consideration what changes have been made since the original. If you don’t already know,… Go To Full Article

Setting Up a Dual Display Desktop

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Dual display configurations are not difficult to setup and offer an economical alternative to upgrading to a larger monitor. The convenience of such a monitor arrangement can be reaped in both business and personal applications, and once you experience working… Go To Full Article

Sparkle nVidia 7800GT Graphics Card

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The 7800GT today that we are looking at is the little brother of the 7800GTX and we shall see how much of a performance hit is incurred by crippling the core of several pixel pipelines and vertex shaders. Go To Full Article

Google released own brand of instant messenger

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GOOGLE IS PLANNING on introducing it's own instant messaging service which will allow users to make calls over computers a la Skype, according to the Wall Street Journal. The service will be called Google Talk and is expected… Go To Full Article

BenQ to market P50 PDA phone under Siemens brand

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BenQ is likely to begin selling its P50 PDA phone under the Siemens brand name in Europe in late September or early October when the company officially takes over Siemens’ mobile handset business unit, the Chinese-language Commercial Times reported today. Go To Full Article

LinkStation Network Storage Center

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The LinkStation Network Storage Center from Buffalo Technology offers an easy and economic backup solution and adds 120 to 400 GigaBytes of network-attached storage. Basically, the LinkStation is a hard drive inside a self contain enclosure. You can place it… Go To Full Article

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