Corsair Twin2X 1024A-5400UL DDR2 Memory kit

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In this review we will be taking a look at Corsair's 1024A-5400UL Twin2X memory kit. This memory is rated to run at DDR2-675 at 2.1V with 3-3-2-8 timings. This translates roughly as running a CPU at 253MHz FSB with a… Go To Full Article

Coolmax 500W SLI Power Supply

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Coolmax 500W SLI Power Supply Video Review #584: "If you're in the market for an SLI Power Supply and are on a budget you will definitely want to check out the Coolmax 500W Power Supply. With 500 watts of… Go To Full Article

PCs falling victim to Windows flaws

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One of the problems affects the Microsoft Color Management Module, a component of Windows that handles colors. The other relates to the JView Profiler, part of Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine. The vulnerabilities could be used to commandeer a PC, Microsoft… Go To Full Article

AMD socket 939 motherboards list

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We just though you might find this handy if you are choosing a AMD socket 939 processor motherboard. Our list of the motherboards available for AMD socket 939 processors are from Abit, Asus, Biostar, ECS, Epox, Gigabyte, MSI & Soltek… Go To Full Article

Intel offices raided by European Commission

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INVESTIGATORS from the European Commission raided several premises belonging to Intel. The raids are part of an investigation the EU is conducting into alleged antitrust breaches by the chip giant. Officials also visited the officers… Go To Full Article

AMD Socket A slides into oblivion

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SOURCES SAID Socket A processors are become rare birds - and that means people are dumping motherboards to get rid of their stock. Apart from, of course, those lucky people who have their mitts on the CPUs and can… Go To Full Article

Five Tips For Buying a Laptop Computer

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Purchasing a laptop is a large investment, and one that can be complicated by all of the options, manufacturers, and technical mumbo-jumbo that needs to be sifted through. Before you spend a lot of money on a laptop, it is… Go To Full Article


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Combining the power of the RADEON X800 XT visual processing unit, Theater 200 video decoder and the MicroTune MT2050 tuner, the ALL-IN-WONDER X800 XT gives the product user the most stunning visual multimedia experience possible. Utilizing technology that is light… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Big Typhoon

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It's been a long time since an air cooler has impressed us, and the Thermaltake Big Typhoon delivers in a big (no pun intended) way. We've seen massive coolers before, but in the past, not even the biggest… Go To Full Article

I-O Data UHDL-160GB Network HDD Review

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I'm running five computers on my network and as the unofficial IT guy in my home, I've got to stay on top of all of that food generated and find a place to store it until it's time to get… Go To Full Article

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