DisplayPort - A Look Inside

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I think a lot of that comes from people not understanding exactly what DisplayPort is all about, other than a reason to get more money out of consumers. DVI is just fine, right? And HDMI is DVI’s replacement, isn’t it?… Go To Full Article

How-to: Change your boot and logon screen in Windows XP

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For those of you out there that like to customize everything in Windows XP, here are two utilities to change your boot splash screen and logon screen: BootSkin and Logon Loader. Watch this video in this post to find out… Go To Full Article

Antec NSK-3480: 80-Plus Case

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Antec has updated its popular NSK-3300 with a new power supply and some tweaks to improve airflow and cable management. The power supply is its 80-Plus EarthWatts, making the NSK-3480 the first 80-Plus certified case on the market. Has Antec… Go To Full Article

Zalman CNPS8700 LED Heatsink

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Zalman created a solid foundation for their company when they introduced the sunflower design heatsink to the American market, and since then they have provided us with a number of items that have kept our computer running far quieter than… Go To Full Article

AMD DTX Small Form Factor System Sneak Peek

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When AMD first revealed their plans for the DTX open industry standard, the intent of that early briefing was to explain AMD’s vision for interoperable small form factor systems. As it stands today, most SFF systems from large companies like… Go To Full Article

VVIKOO GeForce 8600 GT Turbo

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VVIKOO is a new videocard manufacturer based in Paris offering both NVIDIA and ATI cards. One of their first products is the GeForce 8600 GT Turbo, which is an overclocked version of NVIDIA's 8600 GT. The card comes equipped with… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte Radeon HD2600XT DDR3

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Gigabyte’s Radeon HD2600XT with DDR-3 and passiv cooler. This silent sample is very interesting for low noise systems and little money bags. More about temperatures and performance you can find in the article. Go To Full Article

ASUS P5E3 Deluxe

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Earlier this month we featured an exclusive preview of DeviceVM's SplashTop Technology, which is an instant-on Linux desktop environment that within five seconds of turning on your PC you could be inside a Firefox-based web-browser or talking… Go To Full Article

TrustedReviews sold to IPC Media

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One of the biggest hardware review sites in the UK, TrustedReviews has announced that they've been bought up by IPC Media which is the UK's leading consumer magazine publisher. Go To Full Article

Team Fortress 2 and Portal: 8800 GTS/GTX/Ultra Vs HD2900XT

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For part II of our Orange Box evaluation, we're looking at performance and image quality in Team Fortress 2 and Portal. Watch as the ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT continues its successful performance streak with these two Source engine based… Go To Full Article

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