Thermaltake Schooner Fanless VGA Cooler

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Where I can see the Thermaltake Schooner being best implemented is an HTPC environment. Silence is of course a key consideration in an HTPC, but you still need to address cooling. By taking a good part of your graphics card's… Go To Full Article

Blue Tango Classic Bluetooth Audio Transceiver

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Since it was first released, Bluetooth's main role has been to provide an effective and universal wireless alternative to much of the peripheral wires connected to computers. In my opinion, it has been very successful at that.… Go To Full Article

Logitech G7 laser Cordless Gaming Mouse

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A $100 mouse might make some folks shudder, but this will be the last mouse you will need to buy. I can’t imagine Logitech out doing the G7 but I’m sure they are already working on something that’s faster, better… Go To Full Article

Asus EN6600GT Silencer Videocard

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The Asus EN6600GT Silencer offers users an excellent mix of performance from its GeForce 6600GT core and silent operation thanks to its passive heatpipe cooler. The videocard is based on the GeForce 6600GT core and is backed by 256MB of… Go To Full Article

DFI LAN Party UT nF3 Ultra-D

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Overall the DFI LAN Party UT nF3 Ultra-D is a very powerful socket 939 AGP motherboard. While it may seem to tail the K8N Neo2 Platinum in terms of performance, the potential of the nF3 Ultra-D is unlimited. The overall… Go To Full Article

Intel plans nine flavors of 'Montecito' Itanium

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Intel is expected to begin the introduction of its "Montecito" processors with three models running at 1.6GHz and 1.4GHz, but by the end of the first half of next year, at least six more are scheduled to arrive. … Go To Full Article

A Secret Disclosed: AMD Sempron 3000+ for Socket 939 Review

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Inexpensive Sempron series processors for the high-performance Socket 939 platforms begin to emerge in the market. Learn more about this evasive processor in our exclusive review! Go To Full Article

The Battle of the Gaming PC Titans

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Over the past three months we have brought you some of the best custom- built gaming systems available on the market as we set out to find the ultimate systems for the hardcore gamer. This exclusive user group seeks and… Go To Full Article

SilverStone SG01B MicroATX Case

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We like small form factor PCs, and we've certainly written our share of reviews of those tiny, oblong PCs made famous by Shuttle and copied by a host of manufacturers. Sometimes the tiny, proprietary PCs like Shuttle's XPC line are… Go To Full Article

Dual Pentium M motherboard revealed

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SO, WHAT DOES THE NEXT gen Intel platform look like? You have been hearing about Pentium M based parts such as Sossaman, Woodcrest and others along with names like Napa and Napa 64. Well, they are pretty, and… Go To Full Article

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