SilverStone PSU Muffler

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Quote: Computer power supply keeping your computer from receiving the quiet status that you want? SilverStone has recently released a PSU Muffler to help out with this, so let's see how well it performs. Link: Go To Full Article

ATI’s New Feature Rich All-In-Wonder® X1800 XL, With Avivo™, Now Available

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Amazingly fast Radeon® graphics and award-winning Adobe® software enhance new multimedia offering MARKHAM, Ontario/ Munich, Germany – November 21, 2005 – ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT) today announced All-In-Wonder® X1800 XL is now available in… Go To Full Article

Corsair Begins Shipment of New 4GB Ultra-Durable USB2.0 Drive

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Fremont, CA (November 21, 2005) – Adding to its award-winning Flash Voyager USB2.0 drives, Corsair Memory today announced immediate availability of a new capacity – 4GB. Enclosed in the Corsair proprietary all-rubber Flash Voyager housing and boasting water-resistant/temperature tolerant properties,… Go To Full Article

Kingston HyperX KHX7200D2K2/1G (DDR2-900 SDRAM) Memory Modules

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Our new DDR2 SDRAM review is devoted to top overclocker’s memory modules from Kingston. Let’s find out if this solution manages to overcome the 1GHz bar and get side by side with the today’s leaders in overclocking DDR2 SDRAM segment Go To Full Article

ASUS Quietly Launches Overclocked RADEON X1800 XT

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Chinese subsidiary of ASUSTeK Computer this week unveiled the EAX1800 XT TOP graphics card that is based on the ATI RADEON X1800 XT graphics processor and features increased clock-speeds, something which was expected to be made by ATI’s add-in-board partners… Go To Full Article

XFX GeForce 6600 GDDR2: GeForce 6600 Rejuvenated

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Along with EVGA and BFG Technologies, XFX is among NVIDIA’s most loyal partners and its graphics cards come only with GeForce series GPUs on board. We haven’t had a chance to test an XFX device in our labs, but now… Go To Full Article

Maxell goes to 1.6TB with holographic disc

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Maxell and InPhase are bringing a revolutionary technology to market - holographic media. With storage capacities achieving 1.6 TeraBytes per disk and data rates as high as 120 MBPs, holographic technology is a true breakthrough in optical media. These features,… Go To Full Article

Quake 4 Multiplayer Benchmarks (NetDemo)

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It seems that the Multiplayer mode is actually quite heavier than the Singleplayer. The results show that the framerate in multiplayer mode is about the same as in singleplayer mode with 4xAA turned on at the same resolution! Go To Full Article

Google is Skynet?

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"Maybe Google will end up becoming the first sentient AI, if storing and finding association patterns between data is the essence of conscious thinking. The amount of information that Google has at its disposal is staggering, and poised to continue… Go To Full Article

Laser Etching a Laptop

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I didn't really plan using a $20,000 laser cutter on my 17" Powerbook to etch a 19th-century engraving of a tarsier, a nocturnal mammal related to the lemur (also the vi book cover), but it seemed like it had to… Go To Full Article

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