Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC-4000 1GB Kit

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The Crucial Ballistix Tracer memory is specifically built for performance enthusiasts and case modders who want to push the performance envelope while adding flash appeal to their boxes. Ballistix Tracer memory features a black PCB, black integrated heat spreaders, and…

ATI delays shift to 80 nanometre

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So, RV535, ATIs 80-nanometre mainstream part, RV560, ATIs 80-nanometre performance part and RV570, ATIs other 80-nanometre performance part are delayed at least till end of summer, we think September at the earliest. It has to be about…

New ATI board for Intel spotted

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ATI is still making chipsets for Intel boards. It will ease the Intel chipset shortage especially in integrated area and we know that ATI has a little bit better integrated core than Intel. It will be more Vista ready, that…

PowerColor X1900GT Launched

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The X1900 GT brings forth an enthusiast graphic card for the price-conscious with a suggest retail price of USD349; by far the lowest of any X1900 cards offered to date. The single-slot monster uses the ATI Radeon R580 core, with…

Conroe runs on super cheap i865 AGP mobo

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Over at HKEPC, they tested the next generation Conroe - Intel Core E6700 - is tested on an Asrock 77i65G motherboard. This is a i865G motherboard with ICH5, which means that it was meant for last generation's Pentium but is…

SiN - Most Expensive Game Yet?

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Prepare to burn the wallet hard with the upcoming Sin Episodes by Ritual Entertainment. Each "episode" release will cost $19.95 US by Steam (boxed versions to be more expensive). With 9 episodes total, gamers… Go To Full Article

Power DVD 7 : No AVIVO nor Pure Video

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As you certainly know, Power DVD 7 is out. We tryed the Deluxe edition with Both ATI and NVIDIA cards. Even with the hardware acceleration enabled, there is no improvement in CPU usage. It's the same with and without.…

HIS ATI Radeon X1300

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So you can see that HIS’s implementation of the ATI X1300 series card kicks for its category and price range. Not to mention the silent passive cooling is a treat. This is a great card for a gamer that has…

nMedia HTPC 300SA

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My first experience with nMedia was when I was asked to do a custom HTPC build with one of their HTPC 200 cases, although I had a few issues with it (the low height being one of them) I wouldn't…

ASUS P5N32-SLI Deluxe Motherboard

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ASUS delivers a one-two punch to the competition by releasing the P5N32-SLI Deluxe, using the Intel version of the nForce4 x16 chipset. Just how well does this stack up to its AMD counterpart?

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