Arctic Cooling Copper Lite Socket A Heatsink

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Still got one of those Socket A processors? Need some help cooling? Check out our review of Artic Cooling's Copper Lite for Socket A processors! Direct Link: [M]… Go To Full Article

ATI X800GT spotted

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WE JUST LEARNED that ATI has its own GT part. Nvidia has 6600GT, 6800GT both shipping and is about to start shiping first of its series seven GT, Geforce 7800GT. ATI on the other hand will soon introduce,… Go To Full Article

Tech Support Gets Creative

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I am going to share with everyone a huge fiasco I found myself in with the folks at Creative Labs. If you remember, I reviewed a Compaq GX5000Z gaming system last November. This is a desktop system developed by Compaq… Go To Full Article

OCZ Gold PC3500 GX 1GB Dual Channel Kit

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The Gold line from OCZ now targets gamers who require plug-n-play low latency memory. The memory is rated with low voltage and runs timings of 2-2-2-5. It also overclocks quite well after giving it some juice. … Go To Full Article

Firefox add-on Greasemonkey slips up

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The Mozilla Foundation is making available an update for a critical security flaw in Greasemonkey, an extension to the Firefox browser. Greasemonkey is a popular add-on used to customize the design and behavior of Web pages.… Go To Full Article

Gateway 9310XL System Evaluation

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Our second OEM system up on the chopping block is the Gateway 9310XL, a gaming-oriented home PC with a cool BTX design. Join us as we take a look at this PC and Gateway's emerging position in the gaming arena. Go To Full Article

Codename Panzers Phase Two Multiplayer Demo

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Thermaltake Golden Orb

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Most of you already have seen the original Golden Orb from Thermaltake and are familiar with their legendary Orb series. Now it’s time for the second coming of their Golden Orb Cooler. Those of you who were at Computex have… Go To Full Article

ECS KN1 SLI Extreme

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At this year's Computex in Taiwan, ECS announced the big brother of the successful KN1 Extreme Motherboard - the ECS KN1 SLI Extreme. It is based on NVIDIA's nForce4 SLI chipset and aims at delivering an affordable SLI motherboard, while… Go To Full Article

Viewsonic 4ms TFT monitor

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ViewSonic call their 4ms technology ClearMotiv. How does it work? Well, simply, the monitor pre-charges the pixels in the screen with voltage (either higher or lower, depending on whether the next colour is brighter or darker). By pre-charging, it can… Go To Full Article

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