New interactive AMD Athlon 64 product ID guide version 2.0

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The interactive product ID guide for the easy identification of all AMD Athlon 64 processors was completely revised and is now online in the new version 2.0 Beside some processor updates it's now also possible on the basis… Go To Full Article

HIS Crossfire cards hit our labs but no motherboards?

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Given these details and the lack of forthcoming Crossfire board samples from companies like ASUS, ECS, Gigabyte, MSI, Sapphire and Shuttle who we work closely with, some of them have said we most likely won’t see Crossfire board products from… Go To Full Article

ATI Driver Update: OpenGL Performance

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ATI has never been known to have strong performance with Open GL, and the early reviews of their X1000 showed no change from the previous generation. One of the key architectural improvments over the last round of cards though was… Go To Full Article

Super Flower 480watt Plug N Power

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Checking out my favorite computer store, the average price of a PSU is $107. And of those, many lack the features you’ll find with the SuperFlower Plug-N-Power unit. With an expected price tag in the low mid-range, we’ll see if… Go To Full Article

Dell 2405FPW

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The first impressions can be really summarized with only one word: huge. Being a previous owner of a Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454 (an excellent 19” CRT monitor which has served me well for the past three years, and continues… Go To Full Article

Innovatek Premium XXS Watercooling Kit

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Innovatek is o*ne of the pioneers in the watercooling industry, being o*ne of the first companies that offered watercooling products for the PC enthusiasts. No wonder, like most of the oldest companies they are a company located in Germany, a… Go To Full Article

Corsair 2GB TWINX PC4400 DDR550 Pro Series

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After reviewing 1GB of Crucial's PC3200 Ballistix memory and 1GB of OCZ's Gold PC3200 memory we continue the trend of enthusiast RAM with 2GB of Corsair's PC4400 TWINX Pro Series memory. The keyword here is enthusiast as the TWINX comes… Go To Full Article

AMD, Intel way behind IBM on power tower front

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Since I have a co-worker who designed VRMs.. he has told me that the lower the voltage the more Coulombs of charge is nessary to overcome the circuit resistance. VRMs sourcing oover 150 amps need a bigger pipe with more… Go To Full Article

Half Life 2 Lost Coast HDR Performance: Crossfire vs SLI

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Valve released the extra Half Life 2 level Lost Coast yesterday evening, and with an 32X SLI setup, and Crossfire setup already humming we decided that some benchmarks revealing HDR on and off performance were in order. It was a… Go To Full Article

Acer Aspire E300-7NB73 PC

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However, the case on this Acer is pleasingly compact, in the main thanks to the use of a microATX motherboard. Design wise, it’s quite attractive, with a futuristic sort of ‘Star Trek’ look to it (but in a… Go To Full Article

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