MSI K9A Platinum - The Most Promising CrossFire Dual GPU Motherboard on AM2

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MSI, the leading mainboard manufacturer, announces CrossFire Dual GPU Motherboard for Socket AM2 CPU – MSI K9A Platinum. * ATI® RD580 Xpress3200 chipset * Supports socket AM2 for AMD Athlon™64 FX/X2 and Sempron™ processors *…

The Wit and Wisdom of Bill Gates

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As the personification of both Microsoft and geek success, Bill Gates has had plenty of opportunities to pontificate on a wide range of tech-related topics. Sometimes his insights have proved visionary; other times, well, not so much. Following is a…

Fighting Microsoft's piracy check

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One of the listed methods is to install the "905474.exe" program. This "crack" was also suggested by CNET readers providing story feedback. The file, named after the number for the support article for WGA on Microsoft's Web site, is…

HIS X1300 Pro IceQ Video Card

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The HIS X1300 Pro IceQ may not be the fastest video card on the market but after benchmarking it using some of today's most played games we were able to establish if it was worth the money to invest in…

Foxconn NF4SLI7AA-8EKRS2 Motherboard

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FOXCONN has done a good job with the NF4SLI7AA-EKRS2 motherboard. The board supports CPUs up to the 8xx series, with the 9xx series requiring a nForce 5 for Intel board instead or a 975 board from Intel Otherwise, for the…

AOpen's Core Duo Flagship i975Xa-YDG motherboard

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The i975Xa-YDG is AOpen's most ambitious MoDT motherboard, designed for Intel Core Solo/Duo with ATI Crossfire dual graphics cards capability and a host of performance oriented features. It also has a standard socket 478 heatsink retention bracket, which means big,…

SyncMAX PC2-5300 DDR2-667 Express Memory

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The SyncMAX PC2-5300 Express memory has been certified to run in a dual channel configuration at speeds of 667 MHz with CAS latency timings of 4-4-4. The memory can also be run at 533 MHz (PC2-4300) with tighter CAS 3-3-3…

Asus En7900gt Video Card

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The Bang for the buck tradeoff on the ASUS EN7900GT is excellent. At a MSRP of $299 the EN7900GT TOP can hold its own with the latest games and is ready for today's demanding applications. The next iteration of Microsoft…

Razer Launches Razer Krait Gaming Mouse

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San Diego, June 19, 2006 – Razer™, a leading manufacturer of high-end gaming peripherals, announced that the revolutionary Razer KraitTM, a mouse built for speed without compromising on the benchmark precision that Razer™ is known for, is now available for… Go To Full Article

EA FIFA World Cup Case Mod

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The spectacular BF2 mods that Olly knocked out for EA were enough to entice the gaming giant to come back to him for a promotional rig as the World Cup approached. With footie fever gripping Germany, why not come up…

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