Asus Extreme N6600GT - SLI Part 2

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The Asus Extreme N6600GT does what I think it set out to do. It gives the middle-of-the-road gamers on a PCI-Express system a card to drool over, it offers good overclocking headroom for tweakers, and it allows for expandable performance… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600

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NVIDIA release their latest mid-range notebook GPU - the GeForce Go 6600. We preview the technology behind NVIDIA's new mainstream mobile part, with an indication of what you can expect in terms of real-world performance. Go To Full Article

Are Samsung TCCD IC's Dead? @ Legit Reviews

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Have you heard the rumor about the lack of Samsung TCCD IC's on the market? We sure have! Today we get to the bottom of things and contact the people that are in the know for the answers and not… Go To Full Article

New Windows vulnerabilities rounded up in Microsoft's February security update

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A slew of bulletins has been released by Microsoft in its February security update. There are twelve updates this month - ranging from a vulnerability in SharePoint Services, which could allow cross-site scripting, to a cumulative security update… Go To Full Article

Shuttle SB95V2 SFF PC, small, quiet and powerful?

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Opting to offer maximum performance in a small form factor PC Shuttle has just launched their SB95V2, featuring Intel's latest 925XE PCIe chipset. We configure it with top-of-the-line components and take it for spin, here's how it fared. Go To Full Article

Leadtek WinFast PVR 2000 tv pci card

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Leadtek is mainly known for its excellent video cards, but it's been focusing on other products in the past years (for example, a Video-Phone device that allowed the company to enter the video market several years ago and Leadtek's TV… Go To Full Article

A.C. Ryan MORF Kit

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Our power supplys are a key component in our case today, and they also all the most clutter out of all of the components required. A.C. Ryan's solution to this is the MORF, MORF is a complete kit for modifying… Go To Full Article

Foxconn NF4UK8AA-8EKRS nForce4 Ultra Motherboard

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If the buzz and excitement over the new nForce4 boards coming out is any indication of how successful NVIDIA's new chipset will be, then we just might have another nForce2 on our hands. If you wanted the best in Athlon… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA’s Forthcoming Intel Pentium 4 Chipset Passes Certification

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NVIDIA Corp.’s upcoming core-logic for Intel Pentium 4 processors code-named Crush 19, or C19, has already been certified by PCI Special Interest Group and is currently in the PCI-SIG’s Integrator’s List, according to the organization’s web-site. The certification confirms NVIDIA’s… Go To Full Article

TCCD chips taken hostage

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GET ONTO the main floor and listen up, people. It's nine in the morning, and we have a new threat to the security of the world overclocking economy. Samsung is discontinuing its TCCD memory chips, we learned exclusively just hours… Go To Full Article

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