ASUS EAH3870 TOP Overclocked Radeon HD3870 Graphics Card Review

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As the big brother to the HD3850 TOP card I expected it to perform about 10-20% better, and in general that is about what it did. It offers solid performance in today's demanding games without draining you of the extreme… Go To Full Article

Xfx 9600gt Xxx Sli

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When NVIDIA released the G80 core in late 2006 the enthusiast world rejoiced. New levels of image quality were in reach with a single card that used to require two or more. The mainstream market anxiously awaited its share of… Go To Full Article

MSI P6NGM-FD review

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In this review, we are testing an MSI product. Lately we are reviewed a series of both graphics cards and motherboards from MSI. In this review, we are dealing with their P6NGM-FD motherboard. The MSI P6NGM-FD is bases… Go To Full Article

55nm 'GeForce 9800 GT' launch set for July

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VR-Zone's report makes a decent amount of sense, though, because it asserts the 9800 GT will be based on a 55nm version of the existing G92 graphics processor. The current, 65nm version lies at the heart of today's GeForce 8800… Go To Full Article

[M] MITRON Duplus HDD Selector Review

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This small device from Mitron allows you to switch between two different hard drives. Can be useful in some situations where you don't want one OS to see the other system. Also for family PC with one disk for the… Go To Full Article

Eee PC 900 Unboxed

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12GB SSD , 1GB DDR2 , Intel Mobile CPU & Chipset , WiFi 802.11b/g , 1.3M Camera Go To Full Article

Nvidia to kill 8800 GTS

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Since it now launched the 9800 GTX, Nvidia plans to kill the 8800GTS series. After all, both cards are based on the same G92 chip, but the new and bigger 9800 GTX supports Hybrid Power, Three-way SLI and has a… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Geforce 9600GT drops in price

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When the Geforce 9600GT was launched the biggest problem we had with it was the price. The original €150+ price was simply too high as for additional 20 to €30 you could get yourself much faster 8800GT based card.… Go To Full Article

How to Overclock the ASUS Eee PC (XP/Vista)

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Overclocking the Eee is the best way to improve its performance. Many people add extra RAM, faster RAM (which is a waste of time, more on this later), and cut down their OSs (see here) in order to squeeze every… Go To Full Article

AMD leads Formula 1 supercomputer championship

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If you are looking simply at the number of cores, Intel is in a disadvantage, since Itanium 2 processors are still used by some teams. The 2009 Supercomputer championship, however, could be very interesting, since Intel will roll out its… Go To Full Article

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