Antec Fusion Media Center Case

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If you have read any of my reviews then you know I love Antec products, they are excellent in design and performance, today for review I have another of Antecs' great products the Fusion Media Center PC case. I have…

CaseBuy Tech EZ Power Supply Tester 3

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Diagnosing a faulty power supply can be a difficult process, but thanks to Casebuy in the past couple of years it's been made an easier process thanks to their EZ Power Supply Tester. Recently they've released their third incarnation of…

MSI K9A Platinum Motherboard

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Features on the K9A Platinum come just short of the 40 point maximum that is possible on our chart. Performance is right there among the best of the AMD AM2 platform so far. The retail bundle of the K9A Platinum…

Asus P5NSLI Motherboard

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We really like the P5NSLI for what it represents. It may be a pain in the butt to set up with the current BIOS, but everything seems to have a learning curve these days. Since the nForce 570 SLI Intel…

IBM wins hybrid supercomputer deal

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IBM has won a deal to build a supercomputer at Los Alamos National Laboratory that will pair more than 16,000 AMD Opteron processors with more than 16,000 Cell processors to try to reach a new computing milestone for the company.

Dell To Sell A Lot of AMD Chips Soon

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Intel, of course, can say, "And how many Conroes don't you want now?" and Dell can say, "And how much more marketshare would you like to lose?" In some ways, this will be a frustrating time,…

AMD releases 5200+ Athlon X2 chip

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CHIP FIRM Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) said it has released an Athlon 64 X2 dual core chip dubbed the 5200+. We all know that these numbers are meaningless but AMD also said HP has released a business…

Apple unveils Core 2 Duo Imacs

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Cupertino (CA) - Apple today launched the second generation of Intel-based Imac computers, which now integrate Intel's mobile Core 2 Duo processor with "Merom" core. There is also a new high-performance model with a 24" screen that lifts the Imac…

ATI RD600 for DFI only ?

@ 2006/09/06 read/post comments(4)
The future of Intel Core 2 based chipsets is uncertain right now as the industry is shaken up by various new business projects, such as the merger between AMD and ATI. The word in Taiwan, where I live and…

CoolMax CUG-600B Green Power 600W Power Supply

@ 2006/09/06 read/post comments(0)
Today's increasing energy costs are driving consumers to look for ways to make their money go further. A new power supply can help you achieve savings depending on how efficiently the unit can convert AC to useable DC power. With…

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