PolarFlo TT Chrome GPU Block Review

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A nice change from the SF blocks to the TT series is the barbs. The SP blocks came with plastic barbs that were designed so that when they were installed it created a seal by deforming the threads. This made… Go To Full Article

Tech-Mods Memory Giveaway II

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Well and Corsair are at it again, we would like to give you a chance at winning 1 full Gbyte of XMS4400C2.5PT (2x512mbs) Matched set. *Matched pairs for today's hot dual channel motherboards. TWINX modules… Go To Full Article

Samsung SyncMaster 920T High-Contrast 19" LCD Monitor

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We recently reviewed Samsung's high-contrast SyncMaster 711T monitor and today we continue the 1000:1 contrast ratio trend with the 19" SyncMaster 920T. The 920T looks quite promising as it is cramed full of 'Magic'al features: MagicStand, MagicColor, MagicBright II, and… Go To Full Article

Sunbeamtech Transformer reviewed

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The Sunbeamtech Transformer computer case is the next progression up from the Samurai and the feature are a plenty. From the three 80mm fan and two 120mm fan to the massive side-panel window. Retailing for about $100.00 you still get… Go To Full Article

Corsair XPERT PC-3200 Memory w/Programmable LED Display

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The Corsair XPERT DDR PC-3200 Memory comes with a programmable LED Display. This display is very unique & useful showing a frequency, voltage, temperature & more. The included software enables total control over what's displayed as well. It's fast memory,… Go To Full Article

OCZ ModStream 520 Watt PSU

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Since August 2000 OCZ has been determined to provide enthusiasts with 110% satisfaction in all their products by being enthusiasts themselves and knowing what customers want. Jessica sent over one of OCZ's new ModStream 520 watt (620 peak) PSU's for… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake PurePower 680 Watt PSU

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Thermaltake continues to expand their PC power supply product line, which now includes the Purepower 680 watt PSU. Yes, you read that right – 680 watts maximum total output power! The Thermaltake Purepower 680W is ATX12V v2.0 and EPS compliant… Go To Full Article

Commandos Strike Force Movie, DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil New Screens and more

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- Commandos Strike Force Movie - DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil New Screens - The Sims 2 University Ships … Go To Full Article

CMOS virtually immortal, Intel claims

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PAOLO GARGINI kicked off the Developer Forum this afternoon by discussing how Intel regards nanotechnology. Gargini, who directs technology strategy for Intel, said that cost was not the limited for CMOS technology. In 1993, he said a fab cost… Go To Full Article

How much Ram? Beefy Peltier? Black being better for cooling?

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I'm forced to evaluate my PC's performance and determine what, if anything, needs upgrading....... After receiving my big paycheque the other day, I've decided to spend it on cooling my XP 2500+. Recently, as… Go To Full Article

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