AMD Athlon FX-60

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What happens if the fastest core speed is combined with the most advanced technology - in this case featuring dual cores? For single threaded applications, the obvious answer is nothing much but fortunately, it appears that we are finally getting…

Zalman VF900-Cu

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Zalman releases their new VGA cooler designed as and improvement over the VF700 series. This new cooler contains more fins and two heatpipes to help wisk heat away from your core. To find out if this cooler has what it…

ECS KA1 MVP Extreme

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As RD480 is observed (NorthBridge) is the one in charge to handle slots PCIe 16x that becomes in 2 of 8x when being in Crossfire, the card of Network Gigabit, the memory channel for when cards are used hyperMemory has…

Tagan TG530-U15 and TG530-U22 power supplies

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Power demands have shifted around a bit, but the ratings of the higher wattage PSUs for the last few years have been outrageously higher than practically any computer could use, then or now. Usually, people buy PSUs like that either…

Intel’s Cooler Partner Shows Off Liquid-Cooling Solution

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Intel Corp.’s new generation microprocessors that are based on the Intel Core micro-architecture are expected to dissipate much less heat and consume much less power that the currently used Netburst-based chips. It does not mean that eventually processors will not…

Plextor Unveils “Shock Proof” External Hard Drives

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Plextor Corp., a leading maker of digital media equipment, has unveiled its PX-SP series hard disk drives that come equipped with special jackets that absorb drops or bumps and provide higher reliability for everyday use, according to the company’s claims

Intel Celeron M 3.0GHz Beats AMD Athlon 64 FX-60

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Mobile Yonah (Core Duo) processors overclocked in desktop mainboards have been considered capable of demonstrating the performance level we could expect from the upcoming desktop Conroe CPUs. Some time ago, we found out that this comparison cannot be regarded as…

Sytrin KuFormula VF1

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Once again, Sytrin brings yet another great product to the market and the KuFormula VF1 Plus is one of the top graphic card coolers with good cooling performance. However, the whole setup is bulky and it is definitely not for…

HD DVD launches

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HD DVD has officially launched, inaugurating a new high-definition format war with Blu-ray. Toshiba, maker of the first HD DVD players, has managed to ship 10,000 of them to stores across the country, where they will no doubt be snapped…

Super Talent Introduces Fully Buffered DIMMs

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San Jose, California – April 18, 2006 -- Super Talent Technology, a leading American manufacturer of DDR and DDR2 memory modules, today announced its new DDR2 Fully Buffered DIMM (FB DIMM) modules. The…

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