Corsair Announces Availability of Cerulean Blue Vengeance High-Performance DDR3 Kits

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Corsair, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the availability of a new blue version of their award-winning Vengeance family of DDR3 memory modules. Vengeance DDR3 memory is optimized for overclocking… Go To Full Article

The Windows browser ballot: the winners and the losers

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On 1 March 2010, the EU Browser Choice ballot came into being. Rather than Microsoft being allowed to bundled Internet Explorer with Windows, it would offer all European users a choice of the "12 most widely used web browsers that… Go To Full Article

Intel Completes McAfee Acquisition

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Intel has completed its US$7.68 billion acquisition of security vendor McAfee, the chip maker has announced. The all-cash deal makes Intel a security industry powerhouse, giving it a broad range of consumer and enterprise security products. Intel had been working… Go To Full Article

PNY GeForce GTX 550 Ti Listed in Europe

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One of the first partner-branded NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti graphics cards surfaced, listed on a European online store, priced at a little over €159. It is carrying PNY's part number GMGX55TN2H1IZPB, and doesn't carry the XLR8 branding. Based on… Go To Full Article

GameConnect FurMark 1.9.0 released, is ready to generate new heat waves

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The new FurMark does basically what its predecessors do but at another level thanks to multiple improvements aimed at making any and all OpenGL 2+ supporting graphics cards sweat like never before. Version 1.9.0 also comes with support for the… Go To Full Article

Windows 8 Beta Could Launch September 2011

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Ever since the successful development and launch of Windows 7, Microsoft has become ever tighter-lipped about Windows development. Sure, it dropped the bomb about releasing Windows 8 for ARM, but that's it. Nothing on features or timetables (other than 'three… Go To Full Article

Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview Sports Host of New Features

@ 2011/03/01 read/post comments(0) has been overhauled, and finally gets the vertical preview pane layout I've been adding to using a plugin for years now. People tend to call it the iPad mail layout, but that's incorrect; the vertical preview pane layout… Go To Full Article

Corsair renames 25nm SSD for less capacity

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Corsair Memory has announced that it will rename its SandForce units with 25nm NAND flash circuits to avoid the misunderstandings competitor OCZ has been criticized for. The SSDs have the same SF-1200 controllers but with less capacity available to the… Go To Full Article

Chrome 10 gets 66% better performance, 80% lower CPU usage

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Google is moving along with Chrome quickly and with version 10 we expect a big performance improvement. In the new beta of Chrome 10 that has rolled out we see a boost of 66% with JavaScript, while CPU load is… Go To Full Article

Intel's server processor Poulson gets 54MB cache and 8 cores

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Intel will invest 3.1 billion transistors in the latest server processor in the Poulson family. The processor giant presented the new Itanium grade server processor, code-named Poulson, at ISSCC as the biggest upgrade of Itanium ever. The specifications include 8… Go To Full Article

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