GeForce 7600GS AGP Confirmed

@ 2006/05/25 read/post comments(2)
"Pricing is expected to be around the same $120-150 price range as the PCI Express version of the 7600GS. Standard PCI Express 7600GS’s come with 12 pixel pipelines, 5 vertex shaders, and 256MB of GDDR3 in a 128-bit configuration. It…

More GeForce 7950GX2 Details and some Preliminary Benchmarks

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DailyTech earlier reported that consumers will have to wait a little while longer for the 7950GX2 QUAD SLI adaptor, but details of the card were not revealed. We already know that the card should be the fastest single card video…

Half-Life 2: Episode One GOLD GOLD

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Episode One offers a new single player experience created by Valve, and is designed to be four to six hours in length. Stepping into the hazard suit of Dr. Gordon Freeman, you face the immediate repercussions of your actions in… Go To Full Article

AMD falls by a buck, Intel goes below $18

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INVESTORS decided to cash in and sold AMD stock today - the share price fell by 95 cents to stand at $30.84 at press time. But Intel's price, although it only fell five cents on trading, went below $18 -…

Nvidia Confirms GeForce 7600 for AGP Systems

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Leading graphics chip supplier Nvidia Corp. on Wednesday indirectly confirmed existence of plans to release at least one GeForce 7600-series graphics card for previous-generation systems with accelerated graphics port (AGP) bus. This confirms earlier reports about Nvidia’s intention to allow…

Dell Strikes Back - HardOCP Visits Dell

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Dell has made some major changes in their XPS line since the last time we took a look at their products. While we found that “bloatware” and support issues seriously affected our customer experience when we purchased an Dell’s XPS…

Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2 Preview

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So what has Microsoft wrought? The company has completely rethought the productivity application user interface. Gone are the menus and toolbars from every previous Office version, replaced with what Microsoft calls a "results-oriented" user interface. That's not just marketing talk,…

Nvidia Forceware Tweak Guide *Updated*

@ 2006/05/24 read/post comments(0)
Given the significance of the new Beta 91.28 Forceware Drivers and the introduction of the new Nvidia Control Panel, I have decided to add an extra page to the Nvidia Forceware Tweak Guide. I provide an overview of the new…

ATI Catalyst 6.5 Drivers Available

@ 2006/05/24 read/post comments(1)
Catalyst® 6.5 introduces a new option for Overlay Theater Mode. The new option, Standard Dual Mode is available for Radeon® X1x00 series of graphics cards. This new feature now allows users to playback video using hardware acceleration when it is…

nForce 500: nForce4 on Steroids?

@ 2006/05/24 read/post comments(0)
NVIDIA is introducing the nForce 500 product family that features full support for the new AMD AM2 processor series along with a bevy of features. Some of these features are new, some address issues with the nForce4, and some are…

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