Google's Chrome Declining In Popularity

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After launching in a blaze of publicity that even warmed Slashdot, Google's browser grabbed a 3% share of the market, but has been slipping ever since, and now accounts for 1.5%. Google has also stopped promoting the browser on its… Go To Full Article

Nvidia Problems Hit HP Desktops

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HP has revealed faults with 38 different models in its slimline PC range, sparking speculation that Nvidia's faulty GPU problems have spread beyond laptops. HP's official statement says the problems are 'attributable to the computer's motherboard" and that affected machines… Go To Full Article

DHL "lost" 21,600 Xbox 360 consoles: Microsoft seeks more than $2 million in damages

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The software maker filed a complaint in the District Court for the Western District of Washington in Seattle, claiming that mailing company DHL Express should responsible for losing valuable cargo that contained 21,600 XBox 360 game consoles. The shipment was… Go To Full Article

Geforce GTX goes 40nm - New Names Revealed

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So starting off with the high-end, these will be named – as previously announced GTX 270 and GTX 290, although the GTX 260 and GTX 280 will co-exist. Performance parts are to occupy the 230-250 slots and add the prefix… Go To Full Article

Asustek Computer Plans to Introduce Eee-Branded Mainboards.

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In a bid to further popularize the Eee brand among different types of end-users, Asustek Computer has reportedly decided to add mainboards into the lineup. The reasons for the decision are completely unclear since Asus Eee is mainly associated with… Go To Full Article

Corsair Power Supply Units Roundup

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Today we are going to talk about four power supply units from a well-known manufacturer of computer memory – Corsair Company. We will discuss solutions targeted for different market segments and ranging from 450W up to 1kW capacity. … Go To Full Article

Mounting an external antenna on Asus Eee PC 900

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This man added an external antenna to his EeePC 900. Initially, he mounted it on the side of the unit, but found that the location caused it to no longer fit in its carrying case, and made plugging in USB… Go To Full Article

More Thermalright Ultra-120 TRUE Copper Details

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Thermalrights Ultra-120 True Copper will be on sale this month .The price is 100~110USD and only have 2000 PCs available. Features: ● Use high quality copper material for consistent heat absorption and transfer. ● Utilizes…

Windows 7 gets a name: Windows 7

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Mike Nash, corporate vice president for Windows product management at Microsoft, had the honor of announcing the official name of the new client Windows: Windows 7. Nash noted that he was excited to show a new product β€œto the world… Go To Full Article

AMD 780G vs. Intel G45 vs. NVIDIA GeForce 8200

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After nearly a month of struggling with problems, we finally published our review of Intel's G45 in the first part of this series we hastily called the IGP Chronicles. Part I looked at Intel's G45 and compared it to its… Go To Full Article

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