Building A Home Media Server

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Ars Technica guides you through the process of building a home media server, with plenty of storage: "The money saved by buying smaller, cheaper disks is offset by the fact that they still have to be connected… Go To Full Article

Windows Vista Performance Guide

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Anandtech has an in-depth look at the new features and performance numbers of Microsoft's latest OS: "When Vista first entered widespread public testing about a year ago, a series of screenshots were circulated showing the worst-case scenario… Go To Full Article

Intel Quietly Adds Low-Voltage Core 2 Duo Chips into Lineup

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More powerful chips released for the mobile market: "The new mobile Intel Core 2 Duo microprocessors L7000-series have thermal design power (TDP) of 17W, which is two times lower compared to typical Core 2 Duo chips that… Go To Full Article

Pioneer Preps BluRay Drive for PC

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Pioneer is set to launch a less costly BluRay device, their first BD-ROM had a $1000+ pricetag: "The Pioneer BDC-202 drive can playback, read, record and re-write DVDs (12x speed for DVD±R, 6x for DVD±RW, 4x for… Go To Full Article

Hynix Leaps Ahead Its Memory Shipments

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They upped their market share from ~15 to ~20%! "Hynix Semiconductor has become the world’s second largest producer of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) in the fourth quarter of 2006 after increasing its quarterly shipments by nearly… Go To Full Article

DFI LANParty UT ICFX3200-T2R/G Mainboard on ATI RD600 Chipset

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X-Bit labs takes an in-depth look at 'build for overclockers' DFI RD600 motherboard: "By simply adjusting the processor Vcore and Vmem you can only reach about 400MHz FSB speed. Further overclocking will require at least increasing the… Go To Full Article

Review Overview 01/02 AM

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- HDTV: Dell W3207C 32" LCD HDTV - CPU Cooler: CoolIT Systems Eliminator Cooling System - CPU Cooler: Akasa EVO 120 AK-920 Low Noise Heatsink

Inno3D “i-ChiLL” Series Adopts ARCTIC COOLING Solutions

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NV Silencer 6 brings quieter and cooler performance for pre-overclocked nVIDIA graphic solutions – Inno3D “i-ChiLL” series Pfäffikon / Switzerland, 01.02.2007. The Swiss… Go To Full Article

How To Paint steel, Aluminum, Plastic, and Acrylic

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A guide posted at on how to get the best paint effect on the above mentioned materials: "This guide will cover prepping and painting of steel, aluminum, plastic, and acrylic plus more. I'm sure some people… Go To Full Article

[M] Coolermaster X Craft External Hard Drive Enclosure Review

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A-Star hooks up his Samsung HDD externally using Coolermaster's latest product: "X Craft is Coolermaster's first external hard drive enclosure, their design team has come up with a sleek device that allows you to hook it up… Go To Full Article

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