MSI K9N motherboards suffer random shutdowns

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AFTER ASUS and its teetering problems with several AMD based motherboards, Foxconn's 30-minute BIOS reset affair, it seems that MSI also suffered from some headaches in relation to nForce5 chipset. One of the problems is very similar to the MacBook…

PhysX Performance Update: City of Villains

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While we still think that on paper, the AGEIA's PhysX technology has promise, we find ourselves in a situation similar to where we were a few months ago with Ghost Recon and the City of Villains beta. On the positive…

Foxconn arrives on VGA market

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The line-up is pretty much everything Foxconn is producing right now, from the highest of all ends 7950GX2 to a lowly 64-bit 7100GS. The pricing is expected to be highly competitive – they go in line with recent price drops…

ATI’s Intel Chipset Sales Tumble Dramatically

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ATI Technologies, a leading developer of graphics technologies and core-logic solutions that is to be acquired by Advanced Micro Devices, said it would miss its revenue estimates by up to $140 million as a result of lower than expected sales…

Thermaltake announces Soprano VX Chassis - Simply Classy

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If you are a fashionable enthusiast, you will be drawn in by the extraordinary elegance the Soprano VX irradiates. Thermaltake Technology’s new Soprano VX chassis utilizes the full mirror finish and generous curves in its design. The chassis retains the…

[.BE] Forcom evenement 9 september

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Some good deals to be had for our Belgian readers:

Thermaltake W3 Chipset Water Block

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Watercooling a CPU or a graphics card is nothing out of the ordinary these days. With the arrival of Core 2 Duo, people have started to put emphasis on cooling their chipset too, in order to achieve higher overclocks. As…

ASUS P5W64 WS Professional Motherboard

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Evolving the ASUS P5W series of mainboards to what we presume is its pinnacle, the P5W64 WS Pro seems to be almost the perfect mainboard for the power-hungry high-end PC user that wants to run Core 2 Duo or upcoming…

Zalman Fatal1ty FC-ZV9 VGA Cooler

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As GPUs have become more powerful, heat has become a true concern for mid-range and high-end videocards. Couple this with the fact that many manufacturers have begun overclocking their videocards at the factory and you aren't just burning up framerates!…

Ultra X2 550 Watt Modular Power Supply

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Needing to clean up the mess of wires in your computer case? Stop right here and take a peek at this power supply from Ultra Products! Will it pass the real world test? Let's find out!

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