Intel’s Xeon Chips Set to Acquire 1333MHz Bus

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After using 800MHz processor system bus (PSB) for years, Intel Corp. is now expected to release chips for servers that feature busses clocked at 1066MHz and 1333MHz next year, the company revealed recently. Higher speed busses will be available on… Go To Full Article

AMD Set to Adopt New Interconnect Architecture, DDR3 in Three Years

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The world’s second largest maker of x86 microprocessors, Advanced Micro Devices, disclosed plans to introduce enhanced multi-core processors that support built-in DDR3 memory controller as well as to present platform initiatives that allow more than 8 physical chips to be… Go To Full Article

Small but Stylish: SONY VAIO VGN-T2XRP-S Notebook

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We would like to introduce to you an economical, yet sufficiently high-performing configuration with a wide screen display, which won’t call for an upgrade in near future. This is a notebook from SONY based on the Ultra Low Voltage processor… Go To Full Article

SilverStone Releases ST56F PSU: Powerful and Silent Power Supply

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Introduction Equipped with a brand new design and the latest components, the Strider ST56F is the first SilverStone power supply to boost overall working efficiency of greater than 80%. Thanks to this high efficiency, the ST56F produces less wasted… Go To Full Article

Breathing Life Into Older Computers

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" Many people in the information technology world collect computers like I do. Taking a quick inventory of computers I have I noticed that there are rather older computers that aren't being utilized for anything. Linux can easily breathe life… Go To Full Article

NewFlash: Modding / Misc

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Holiday 2005 PC Case Buyers Guide @ World Cyber Games 2005 @ Singapore Matrix Orbital MX610 @ Panasonic ToughBook CF-29 -…

NewFlash: Motherboards / CPU / Video Cards / Memory

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OCZ EB DDR PC-4000 1024MB Platinum Edition @ Bytesector e-GeForce 7800GT Review @ HardwareHell HIS X800GTO IceQ II Turbo PCIe Review @ HardwareHell NVIDIA…

NewFlash: Cases / PSU / Cooling

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PrimoChill X-QPack H2O SFF Case Review @ Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro CPU AMD64 Cooler Review at 3DXtreme SilverStone FN81 and FN82 Review Thermaltake…

Empty DIY XBOX 360 retail box sold on eBay for $611

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This is the PREMIUM BUNDLE BOX only. It would include bonus accessories, if it were the actual PREMIUM XBOX 360! DOES NOT Come with 20GB Hard Drive, Console, HD Cables, Wireless Controller, Headset! In other words for those of you… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Reports Xbox Glitches

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Some owners complained that their systems were crashing during game play, sometimes with error messages popping up. On, a site dedicated to Xbox gaming, a member called jsgongwon reported that he could not finish the first… Go To Full Article

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