Thermaltake Max 4 Hard drive Enclosure

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I would recommend the A2295 Max 4 to any one who is looking for a functional easy to use way to backup their important files on a regular basis. The ThermalTake Max 4 is a must have for all households…

The Costs of Dual Core . . .

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1+1 = 1? AMD probably can't put out more than, say, 12.5 million CPUs a quarter from Fab 30. They might improve marketshare a bit more simply because fewer computers get sold the first quarter of…

Piezoelectric Fans Could Be The New Way To Cool

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Piezo fans work on a simple principle. The piezo fan has a flexible blade, typically made of mylar, that is set into motion by a piezoceramic bending element. This bending element functions due to an ultra low power oscillating current…

Noctua / Coolink Tower Heatsinks

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These Noctua / Coolink heatsinks are fundamentally fine products. The combination of a copper base, multiple heatpipes and many aluminum fins in a tower configuration has become something of a cliche, a well-proven one. Although they are good performers, they're…

R580 Architecture Interview

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In an effort to dig further into ATI's thinking behind the design of R580 and gain a greater understanding of the decisions that have lead to this process we decided to put some questions to them. In replay we have…

Quick and Easy NAS: Iomega StorCenter 250GB

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It seems like every few weeks there's yet another network storage drive on the market. In addition to pushing for faster, cheaper, and more capacious devices, companies also employ other less visible strategies for differentiating its products from the competition.…

It is official: Pixar has been sold to Disney

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The rumors went flying this weekend, but Dekortage writes "It is official: Pixar has been sold to Disney. Steve Jobs will join the Disney board, and John Lasseter is now Disney's Chief Creative Officer. So, dear Slashdot, does this mean…

How To Choose An Open Source CMS

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Content management specialist Seth Gottlieb has written an easy to understand how-to on selecting an open source CMS. Gottlieb is also responsible for the whitepaper 'Content Management Problems and Open Source Solutions' which summarizes 15 open source projects and distinguishes… Go To Full Article

Intel 'on track' to debut 45nm CPUs in Q2 07

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Intel has become the first company to produce a working chip fabricated at 45nm, the chip giant claimed today. The part is a 153Mb SRAM memory chip containing more than 1bn transistors and measuring 119mm². And it's fully functional -…

AMD and Intel CPU roundup: 40 processors compared!

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Based on the fact that our regular processor tests focus on innovations or high end products, we decided to write this article to give you an overall view of AMD and Intel processor performances. We compared 22 processors from the…

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