AMD vs. Intel : The Gloves Come Off

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t’s amazing how much the landscape of the processor market can change in a rather short period of time — two years ago AMD was faltering as Intel was steam-rolling over it. Even with the successful introduction of numerous chips,…

I-Star Nitro AX Tower Case

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It strikes you when the case is first removed from the box: this is one sleek tower with a hefty 5mm aluminum front plate decoration. This case could easily mesh with audio equipment in the living room. If black bores…

Arctic Cooling Accelero X1 VGA Cooler

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With an expected availability of around the end of February 2006 and a proposed MSRP of around $33 USD, I think it's a pretty good value. I found them to be high quality units with a solid feel and very…

Corsair TwinX2048-4000PT PC4000 DDR500

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The modules take on a different approach from XMS Pro Series where Corsair concentrated on the XMS aluminum heatsinks and integration of activity LED's. The package consists of two 1024MB memory modules which have been implemented using…


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OCZ's EL DDR PC-3500 GX XTC Dual Channel memory is the latest addition to the extreme-speed Gold GX series family. Some of the key features of this new product are its speed and timings (it runs at 433MHz with the…

Evercool STC-01

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After an interesting battle among the thermal interface gladiators, we have a verdict. Evercool has earned its place in the thermal interface market. Though not the best performer, the Sidewinder STC-01 is hardly a loser. It sports…

picoPSU-120 12V DC-DC ATX Power Supply

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The picoPSU has received a good deal of attention since it was shown off at CES just a few weeks ago. Pictures of the tiny 120W unit have been featured on numerous websites, but what about the performance? Testing revealed…

Scythe Ninja CPU Cooler

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The Scythe Ninja is a solid and good performing cooler that will do the job for all CPUs. You will need to pick up a fan for anything faster than an Athlon 3200+ or P4 3.0 GHz. Those building lower…

Best Blonde Joke Ever!

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This joke is one of the funniest I've EVER read. You HAVE to check it out.

S775 Heatsink roundup

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Zalman CNPS9500, Thermalright SI-120, Noctua NH-U12 & NH-U9 vs Stock cooling. Temperatures and dBA values measured. Not tested inside a case.

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