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PALO ALTO, Calif. — Sept. 14, 2005 — Airgo Networks, Inc., pioneer and world leader in high performance wireless technology, today announced its third generation True MIMO chipset with support for data rates up to 240Mbps. For the first time… Go To Full Article

ATi R520 Slated For Oct 5th Launch

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Many AIB partners have received the ATi Radeon X1800XL (R520XL) card samples last Friday and the die size seems to be larger than the R520 sample we received previously. Go To Full Article

MSI RX700PRO-TD128E Video Card review @ Xtreme Resources

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"While the release of new high end cards may have shaken the top-end market a little bit, the battle in the mainstream market still rages with the X700 series from ATi and the 6600 series from nVidia. There are many… Go To Full Article

Quake 4 Hands-On Preview

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Quake 4 needs no introduction. We recently had the opportunity to play parts of the singleplayer campaign and test multiplayer. Go To Full Article

ATI Setting the Record Straight: Leaked R520 benchmarks

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Traditionally, I don't post in this forum. Although I have massive respect for the work that goes on with Beyond3D - I always feel that the forum is best left to enthusiasts in the general public… Go To Full Article

Destroy Your Computer in 7 Easy Steps

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Most of us, at one point or another, have had to modify the insides of our computers. Whether it was adding a new memory stick, fixing a cable, or even more advanced stuff like actually building the computer. Every time… Go To Full Article

Noiseless Power Supplies from FSP and Topower

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We would like to introduce to you two noiseless power supplies of the highest quality: FSP Zen and Topower TOP-420NF. Are you assembling a silent system? Then a fan-cooled PSU may become the loudest component. Check out these two great… Go To Full Article

Two Million Multi-GPU Platforms Sold – NVIDIA

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NVIDIA Corp.’s general manager for platform division, Drew Henry recently said in an interview that the company had shipped approximately two million of chipsets that supported the company’s multi-GPU SLI technology that allows two graphics cards to work in parallel…

Pace of Moore's Law to Slowdown – Industry Experts.

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Forty years after the Moore’s Law was proclaimed by Intel Corp. co-founder Gordon Moore, the law comes under fire of industry experts and executives who cite both technology and economical reasons. Still, while technology just needs some additional research and… Go To Full Article

Msi Nx7800gtx Sli

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"While we have a lot of praise to bestow upon the MSI NX7800GTX-VT2D256E, there isn't much we can say that we haven't already done so for the 7800 GTX in general. It's fast, occupies one slot, and with… Go To Full Article

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