NZXT Precise 850W & 1000W Power Supplies

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The NZXT Precise 850W & 1000W Power Supplies are really targeted at the hardcore market. Fact is, your average computer user is not going to require an 850W or 1000W power supply. If however you are a serious hardcore gamer,… Go To Full Article

Creative Block - The future of Creative Labs and the sound card market

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While the market for ever faster and better graphics boards continue apace, and we see new markets opening up for calculating physics and the like, the lot of sound processing, for gamers in particular, seems to have become an almost… Go To Full Article

ULTRA ChillTec Thermo Electric CPU Cooler

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Peltier, or TEC coolers have been mostly limited to the hardcore, enthusiast segment of users, the main reason being the power consumption issues of the TEC itself, lately though, there has been a trend by a few companies to bring… Go To Full Article

Compro VideoMate V600 External TV Tuner - HDTV up to 1680 x 1050

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This is the heart of the newest VideoMate device. It contains the brains, chipsets and conversion electronics to make everything show up on the monitor. With the ability to handle both NTSC and PAL outputs, this device will work anywhere… Go To Full Article

HighSpeed PC Top Deck Tech Station

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If you're a PC enthusiast that loves to build and rebuild systems on a regular basis, you know how much a pain a case can be. Some just avoid cases all together and build their PC's without a case, but… Go To Full Article

Futuremark Launches Its Business Operations in China

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Futuremark Corporation announced today that it has started business operations in the rapidly developing China market. Futuremark signed a representation agreement with Alliance Digital, a leading China business development, sales, and support services firm. Futuremark is the world's leading provider…

Logitech MX Revolution Wireless Laser Mouse

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The MX Revolution is the third Logitech mouse that I have had the opportunity to review, the others being the G5 and the G7. While this mouse shares many characteristics with those two, there are some impressive improvements with this… Go To Full Article

Mushkin HP 580AP Power Supply

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In our continuing search for what we consider to be outstanding power supplies we can add the Mushkin HP 580AP to that list. Thanks to its four separate 12-volt rails this unit is able to maintain near perfect voltages on… Go To Full Article

PowerColor Radeon X1550 512MB Videocard

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PCSTATS reviews the budget oriented Powercolor X1550 512MB PCI Express videocard for basic Windows Vista compatibility. You do not have to blow a lot of money on a new videocard if you don't play games. PowerColor has put together a… Go To Full Article

DRAM prices expected to fall

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THE PRICE OF DRAM, which always wibbles and wobbles like there's no tomorrow, is on a bit of a downward wobble at the moment. Those clever folk at Gartner say the price of 512-Mbit DDR2-based chips has tumbled by 44… Go To Full Article

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