Cool Case Mods Overview

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Think you missed a cool case-mod when it was posted on the internet? Don't worry because this website made a nice compilation of the best handywork out there. -- "Case mods or computer case modifications are the…

e-VGA 7900 GT CO Superclock beats 7800GTX and Radeon X1800X

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EVGA 7900 GT CO Superclock card is definitely the winner here. It is faster than both of the cards and it probably deserves €100 extra that you need to pay to get it. It is probably the fastest single slot…

HIS X1900 XTX and HIS X1900 Crossfire Edition

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These two cards from HIS are really fast. If you want the best from ATI then these are the cards to get. The HIS X1900 XTX provides the best value since it is cheaper than it's slightly slower brother. The…

No parts, just promises at AMD 65 nm bash next week

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WE TOLD YOU that AMD was going to launch 65 nanometre part next week, but we were a little off. What it is actually going to be doing is talking about, and updating people on, the 65…

Kingwin Supernova HTPC Enclosure

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The Kingwin Supernova is a full featured HTPC case. The black case will tie into just about any home theater setup you currently have. The Supernova also comes in silver. The LCD display is a fantastic feature on the Supernova,…

5-Way 20" Widescreen LCD Roundup

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Proving that artificial tests aren't everything, we found this the best display for gaming, hands down. Playing our dark Quake level, we were able to pick out more detail than on any other display. There was a great differential of…

Titan Eagle GPU Coolers

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Today, video cards are getting faster and more powerful. Because of this speed and power there is more heat. The manufacturers of these cards provide you with just enough cooling power to get back. So, that is why we rely…

Plexi Bending Tutorial

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Master Modders Sheldog23 show us one of his secerts for making a custom modded case. Quote: I get asked all the time "How did you bend the Plex for your UTMod?". After trying to explain it to people and describe…

16 Water Cooling Kits Compared and Tested!

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Today we are going to offer you an unprecedented collection of 16 water-cooling systems from such well-known names as Asetek, Aucma, CoolerMaster, Gigabyte, Promodz, Thermaltake, Titan, Zalman and 3RSystem. Find out what systems are the best buy for the buck…

Zalman HD-160 and Accompanying Products

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Zalman hasn't had much of a history in case design per se, but their presence in the cooling industry is now practically ubiquitous. Starting especially with the fantastic 7000 series CPU coolers, and also with the outlandishly extreme TNN500A 100%…

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